i loved all the call backs they were so nicely done

Sometimes it’s nice when a customer stands up for an employee (especially if they’re receiving an abuse from another customer!) but sometimes a customer has to mind their own business and leave us alone!

At my store, we are all very friendly with each other and treat each other like family. We also have an extremely sassy group of people. So, often we are joking around and saying things like “oh I’m gonna fire you!” or “If I were doing your job, I’d have been done by now!” And nobody is ever offended by it because we are all aware of who we are and we all love each other and plus we don’t even have the ability to fire people so generally our sassy threats are just empty threats anyways. 

Anywho, so one day the line up was extremely long, everyone just showed up at once and overwhelmed the single cashier we had so of course she called for back up. Our other cashier we had was notorious for being slow (she’s been working there for 28 years and she knows who she is so she just goes about her business and we all just let her do whatever she wants) So my supervisor at the time made it up to cash before her and rang a few customers out before the back up cashier even made it to the register. So the supervisor “yelled” over at the cashier and said to hurry up, and that she was really slow. The cashier took it well cause she knew she was joking and also nothing ever phases her so she was smiling and joking around with her customers too. 

Later that day our manager comes over and says she received a phone call about a supervisor mistreating her cashier, and that the cashier was doing a fine job. It’s nice to see a customer sticking up for a cashier but like you don’t know the situation?? And now it’s just made everyone uncomfortable because the manager had to talk to each of them even though she also knows we all joke around and the cashier was so embarrassed because she also took it as a joke and wasn’t hurt by it but now it’s turned in to a whole situation.

Maybe if the customer had tried to say something at the actual time, then they could have explained themselves but instead she called in later and labeled it “abuse” and spoke to the manager about it so yeah. That sucked for the two of them.