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youandthemountains  asked:

You know I have to ask Poe for that character ask? But if its too obvious/you've already done it, then Shao or Mylene

Give me a character and I will answer:

I did Poe Dameron yesterday!

As for Shao and Mylene, I love them both so I will do both said Zeke Figuero probably I mean whaaaaat….

Shaolin Fantastic, Noted Heterosexual™

  • Why I like them:  He’s a tiny bird nerd orphan child who just NEEDS TO BE LOVED. Someone give the poor kid a hug, jesus christ. And he’s putting himself out there as this badass who Does Not Care but he cares so much – he looks at Zeke and he sees not just this kid who can do something for him, but just this basically decent guy in love & he HELPS HIM OUT when he didn’t really have to and he gets all soft & gentle sometimes (lol around Zeke, mostly) but he also has a good relationship with the rest of the Kipling brothers because HE’S SO LONELY, YOU GUYS. He’s a poor lonely child who keeps pigeons. Someone help him.  
  • Why I don’t: I mean he’s not great about women, is he? He’s got his reasons, obviously, but– yeah, he could stand to be less of a douchebag to Mylene, for instance. I mean there’s That Boy Is Mine but there’s also being a misogynist dick and…maybe back up from that line there, Shao. 
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie):

I MEAN. The giggles. The snuggling right up in there. The play-biting. Shao what the fuck. What the fuck

  • Favorite season/movie: I’mma do favorite episode: the last one, just for the final DJ battle, and the prep before it. Just such AWESOME SCENES and such great back and forth between Shao and everyone: him and Ra, him and MYLENE, even. Love it. I MEAN, THIS IS EPIC:

  • Favorite line: 


  • Favorite outfit: Oh man in general I love how committed he is to the red + white aesthetic, and the red jackets in general are gr9 (but especially the one he wears for the final dj battle, where HE AND THE REST OF THE BROTHERS ARE ALL MATCHING OMG), but I like the red t-shirt from that rooftop scene above SO MUCH. 
  • OTP:  


  • Brotp: I mean i know Shao/Zeke won’t ACTUALLY HAPPEN like a romantic thing so I’m ok with it being a BROTP too. Like LET THEM BE FRIENDS FOREVER. Let them both live & keep collaborating & being happy & hugging. GIVE SHAO A HUG. 
  • Head Canon: I think before The Get Down Brothers, Shao had no one and nothing in his life he genuinely loved except for his pigeons; I mean he’s LOYAL to Grandmaster Flash and he works for Fat Annie etc etc, but he doesn’t care for anyone else for their own sake. EXCEPT FOR HIS PIGEONS. I mean it’s sad but also – he really loved those birds, right? And before Zeke he’d never introduced them to anyone. But he’d named them all and would tell them about his day and stuff.
  • Unpopular opinion: I mean IDK if it’s popular or unpopular, but I just generally feel that while he IS 100% entirely in love with Zeke, he’ll never a) DO anything about it and b) even actually acknowledge it to himself. 
  • A wish: I JUST WANT HIM TO SURVIVE. And get a hug from someone nice & who loves him & wants to take care of him NO NOT YOU FAT ANNIE. 
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: I’m honestly worried he’ll die or go to jail for the major contrast of Zeke going on and being ~famous and successful~. Like ~not everyone can make it~ kind of thing. It would bum me out.
  • 5 words to best describe them: tiny, bird nerd, lonely, talented 
  • My nickname for them: Noted Heterosexual™

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word count : 3 008

pairing : dean x reader

warnings : FLUFF, mention of blood, mention of murder, fluff, 

A/N : I think this one is my favorite, I love it and there’s so much fluff omg. The beginning is slow but I really love the teenager part and the adult one too. And I thought that Dean was the official nickname giver (Cas, Sammy, Zeke, Zach, …).

You were six. You woke up one night hearing screams. You walked into your parents room, scared, when you saw the blood. It was everywhere.

Your father was leaning over your mother’s corpse, which was tied to a chair. He kept stabbing her, and blood splatered the walls. You let out a small scream, but he heard you and, knife in hand, he approached you.

It was at that moment that you felt yourself being lifted up by the armpits and held by a bearded man. The man behind him branded a sword and cut your father’s head off. You cried in the man’s coat for an hour, but he never let you go, not even when you entered the black car parked outside. After a while, you calmed down and listened to them talk :

“John, what are we going to do with her ?”

“We’ll leave her at the nearest hospital, they’ll take care of her.”

“We can’t do that, she’s like five, and her parents were just killed by a shifter.”

“Then what do we do with her Bobby ?”

“I could keep her”

John sighed before telling the old man holding you, Bobby, that he could keep you. You hugged Bobby tight and only let go when the car stopped. He caried you to the motel room where two boys were sleeping. One looked older than the other. John woke up the oldest and told him to go share the bed with his brother.

Bobby put you down on the bed and tucked you in. You fell asleep quickly in your soft Cupcake pyjamas and woke up in the car the next morning. Your head was resting on the oldest’s lap in the same way that the other boy’s head was.

“Hi, I’m Dean.”

“I’m Y/n, I’m six, how old are you ?”

“I’m ten, but Sammy’s six too, he said, pointing to the sleeping boy. He’s my brother. We’re the Winchester’s. And I’ll call you Cupcake, because I like your shirt.”

You nodded and smiled. He smiled back and asked you if you wanted to play tick tack toe. You played for hours. He’d let you win each time.

It had been two years since you’d seen the boys, two years at Bobby’s house. Bobby had invited them for your birthday and John had let them come since he was on a hunt. You were waiting for them in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. You ran to the door and opened it. The boys were here, in nice clothes. Sam had grown a lot in two years and was nearly as big as Dean.

“Hey Cupcake ! We missed you, Dean said with a grin. Actually, you’re too big for Cupcake, now you’re going to be… Sparkles!”

“Hello Y/n !” Sam said with a goofy grin.

You hugged them both and made them come in. You all sat at a table and ate the cupcakes Bobby had helped you bake.

“Sam, I made you a monster out of wood and paint and Dean, I made you a bracelet with little skulls on it.” you said, hoping they would like their gifts. When Dean’s face lit up, you finally smiled, which made him blush.

“Thank you Y/n! We made you a bracelet too! I carved the flowers and Dean carved the skulls.”

“It’s beautiful, thanks boys.”

Dean pulled you into a big hug and whispered “I love it” in your ear.

You all played outside for the rest of the afternoon. John called to say that he couldn’t pick them up today, so Bobby said they could sleepover. The only problem was, there were only two beds in the house, your matress and Bobby’s double matress. You all decided that Bobby would sleep in your bed and you and the brothers would sleep in his.

You ate supper and all went upstairs. You put your pyjamas on and the three of you talked to try and agree on who went where in the bed. In the end, you agreed that Dean would sleep in the middle, you and Sammy on either sides. You slipped into bed next to Dean and you all said goodnight to each other. During the night, you were cold so you wrapped your arms around Dean and fell asleep with his arm as a pillow. In the morning, when Bobby came in to wake the three of you up, he smiled when he saw his three favorite children hugging while still asleep.

They were about to leave when you ran towards them. You hugged them both and kissed Dean on the cheek before saying goodbye one last time.

At first, you’d thought “wow, he’s hot” while staring at the guy ordering coffee in front of you. Then he’d grabbed the coffee and his sleeve had fallen off, revealing his skull necklace. You thought it was familiar, but you didn’t give it much attention. It was only when you sat at the table next to him and heard him talk to a “Sammy” on the phone that it all clicked into place. Dean was here.

“Dean ? Is that you ?”

“I’m sorry, do we know each other ?” he said, confused.

“Uh, I think so…” you said, tucking your hair behind your ear as you always did when you were nervous.

That’s when he saw the bracelet you had. The one he and Sam had given you for your birthday. The one with the tiny skulls he’d carved himself.

“Sparkles ? Wow, you’ve changed so much !”

“It’s Y/n actually, you said, chuckling. I’ve missed you guys so much!”

“Yeah, I missed you too sp- sorry Y/n, he laughed. Wanna go on a walk ?”


It had been seven years since you’d last seen them. Bobby saw them at least once a year, but you never got the chance to because of school.

“So, you’ve changed.”

“What, you mean I’ve changed since I was eight ? I sure hope so, you teased. You have too by the way, I didn’t even recognise you.”

“Yeah, I guess. Okay now so, Cupcake was when you were six, Sparkles when you were eight, so now you’re, uh… Cutiepie.”

“Why ?” you laughed.

“Because you’re cute and-” he cut himself off.

“And what ?”

“Nothing Cutiepie, don’t worry about it.”

You walked deeper into the forest and stumbled upon a picnic table. You both sat on it, waiting for the other to talk.

“So, what are you doing here ?” you asked

“Dad’s on a hunt, and Sammy’s at school, so I came to get a coffee.”


“Y/n, you have to know, I did miss you, but we were just so busy…” he trailed off.

“Don’t worry about it Dean.”

There was a comfortable silence for a few minutes until he talked.

“What are you doing tonight ?”

“Uh, nothing, why ?”

“I don’t know, I thought that, if you’d like to, we could spend the night here, watching the stars.”

“Here ? Like on this exact picnic table ?”

“I guess…”

“I’d love it Dean, you said, giggling. I’ll just call Bobby and tell him I’m staying at a friends house.” which is what you did right after. Bobby said okay and you said goodbye.

You and Dean walked to the nearest fastfood and both got a burger. You shared french fries as you told him about what had happened to you during those seven years and he told you about what happened to him. You watched the sunset in awe. When night finally fell, you both lied on the wooden surface and watched the stars. He grabbed your hand and held it with no explanation, but you didn’t mind.

After a while, you whispered “Dean, why’d you keep the bracelet I made you for so long ?”

“Because I love it Y/n, and I love it because came from you. Why do you have the one we made you still on your wrist ?”

“Same reason. God, I didn’t realise it’s cold at night, I should’ve brought a jacket” you joked.

He let go of your hand and slid his arm under your head, pulling you closer. You laid your hand on his chest and lifted your head up to kiss his cheek. You felt him smile as your lips softly touched his skin. Before he could say anything, you rested your head on his shoulder, your mouth a few centimetres away from his neck. He gently kissed the top of your head and you both fell asleep, his hand pulling you closer by your waist.

In the morning, you woke up alone.

You looked around, but Dean was gone.

You were cold and scared, you didn’t know how to get out of the woods.

You heard a branch crack behind you. You turned around to see him, tiptoeing awkwardly with something in his hands.

“Dean you scared the living shit out of me! I thought you’d left me here alone in the middle of the woods!”

“Oh Y/n, I’m so sorry, he said rushing to you and hugging you tight. I didn’t want to wake you up. I got breakfast.”

“Okay, you’re forgiven. What did you get ?”

“Pie ! Oh and on the way back, I made you something.” he said handing you a small bouquet of wild flowers.

You kissed him once again on the cheek and lingered for a few seconds, knowing this wouldn’t last. John never stayed in one place much, and Dean always followed because he couldn’t let his little brother down. Your eyes got teary so you looked away.

Dean got the pie out of the small bag and cut it into pieces. He gave one to you as he bit into his. You laughed when you heard him moan as he was experiencing a culinary orgasm.

“God, I love pie.” he said, smiling.

Your mouth gaped a little as you realised what he had meant.

Okay now so, Cupcake was when you were six, Sparkles when you were eight, so now you’re, uh… Cutiepie.”

Why ?” you laughed.

Because you’re cute and I love pie.”

Dean interrupted your thinking by holding your hand and squeezing it. You ate pie in a comfortable silence until his phone rang. His dad was calling him. Dean hesitated but answered. All you heard was :

“Hey dad, how was the hunt ?”

“How’s Sammy ?”


“Can’t we stay for once ?”


“Yes sir.”

Your heart sank. He was leaving.

Neither of you said a word after the call. You just grabbed your bouquet and his hand and walked until you were out of the forest. He let go of you when the Impala with his brother in it drove by. You didn’t say a word, you just watched him walk towrds the car. He opened the door and paused. He looked blankly at the floor for a few seconds, then started running back in your direction. He cupped your face and smashed his lips onto yours. “I’m so sorry Cutiepie.” he said, his jaw clenching. You kissed him one last time before he left and walked back to Bobby’s house.

27 years old. You were finally 27 years old, yet you were still alone. You were at a bar, alone, for your birthday. Well, you weren’t exactly alone : a man with blue eyes and a trenchcoat sat next to you, not even drinking.

“Hey, what’s your name ?” you asked.

“My name is Castiel.”

“Oh, nice name. Cas-ti-el, do you want to talk me ?”

“Uh, I’m waiting for my friends actually.”

“I like your eyes, Cas-ti-el. Please talk to me, it’s my birthday and I’m alone.”

“Okay. What do you want to talk about ?”

“You. I like you. I like your eyes. Want to make out ?” you said, slightly intoxicated by the tequila you’d just downed.

“Uh, sure.” he said as he leaned in for a kiss. Your lips mooved in sync and you forgot where you were for a few seconds.

“Hey Cas, nice.” a familiar voice said behind you.

“Yeah, buddy, good for you.” said a softer voice, as familiar as the first.

You downed another shot before turning around. Except you were looking at someone’s chest where a normal person’s head should’ve been. You tilted your head up to see the man, but your vision was getting blurry. You stumbled onto him and he catched you in his arms. The rest, you didn’t remember.

You woke up with a headache. Three men were talking and you were on a motel bed. One of the three, not Castiel nor the giant, approached you. He rubbed your back in a soothing way and talked to you.

“What’s your name sweetheart ?”

“Shh, too loud.”

“What were you doing all alone at that bar ?” he whispered.

“Having fun, wasn’t that obvious ?”

“Okay, I’m going to let you sleep some more and don’t forget to hidrate.”

“Thank you, kind stranger” you whispered, grinning.

“It’s Dean. And you’ll be sweetheart for the moment, since you won’t tell me who you are.” he said as you fell asleep.

When you woke up the second time, near six pm , feeling a lot better, the nice one was gone. You listened to the two talk and understood that the giant’s name was Sam.

“Castiel, where am I ?”you asked

“We took you to a motel. What is your name ?”

“I’m Y/n, uh Y/n Singer.”

“Singer, as in Bobby Singer ? As in you’re Y/n from Bobby’s ?” Sam said, amazed.

“Sam ?, you squinted. Wow, you’ve changed so much, you’re so so so tall.”

He laughed as you hugged him tight.

“Wow, it’s been like, twenty years since we’ve seen each other ! I missed you so much !, he said as he pulled you into another hug. Dean’s is going to be so happy! He always wanted to go to Bobby’s to see you. You know, he was hoping it was you when Cas told him your name, but when he didn’t see your bracelet he lost hope.”

“Oh right ! The bracelet broke a few years back so I took what was left of it and made a necklace out of it.” you said, pulling the object you treasured the most in this world from underneath your shirt.

It was at that moment that Dean came back with a pack of beers and pie in his hands. He saw the necklace and understood. He rushed to the bed where you were sitting and kissed you with all his might. His hand brushed through your hair and you pulled him closer. You’d been waiting thirteen years for that kiss, you weren’t going to let him go that easily. You stopped once you were both breathless. He held your head in his hands and kissed your nose, whispering “Cutiepie”. He pressed your lips against his a final time before saying “No, you’re my Sweetheart now.”

You heard someone cough behind you. You’d forgotten you weren’t alone. Both of you turned to see Sam, confused, and Castiel, calm.

“Am I missing something ?” asked Sam.

“Dean is kissing the female who kissed me last night. She is now his sweetheart, Castiel said in the most innocent tone. What do you not understand ?”

Sam chuckled at the angel and Dean blushed. Dean then told his brother that he’d explain later and grabbed you by your waist as he lead you to his car. He drove for fifteen minutes, holding your hand and squeezing it. You had no idea where he was taking you. Finally, he stopped, in front of a store. It was one of those movie renting stores, and you giggled as he pulled you in by your hand.

You managed to decide on a movie very quickly, to your astonishment.

Except for the man working there, you were all alone. As Dean rented the movie, he passed his arm around your shoulder and kissed the top of your head. Dean started driving again and you talked about the last ten years until he parked a few metres away from a motel. He paid for a room while you bought candy from a vending machine.

Dean put the dvd in the box and snuggled up next to you. His arm was around your shoulder and yours on his waist. He’d kiss your cheek occasionally or pull you closer. He wasn’t expecting anything from you, or if he was, he was very good at hiding it. You both got bored with the movie after an hour. You pressed your lips against his, feeling him grin. He  placed soft kisses down your neck, and when he stopped, not sure if you wanted him to go lower, you pulled him into a passionate kiss. He tugged your hair as you moaned. He pressed you against the bedhead and started pulling your shirt off, when he paused.

“Y/n, are you sure you want to do this ?”

“Dean, I’ve been waiting for this since the first time you kissed me, don’t make me wait any longer.” you said, pulling his shirt off completely.

He was about to to make a sarcastic comment when your stopped him, kissing him so he’d shut up.

The next morning, you woke up, half expecting him to be gone, but he was there, snoring, his arm resting on your stomach, your legs entangled with each other. He was cute like that, with his hedgehog hair and freckles. You gently got up, dressed and went to get breakfast, walking to the nearest shop to buy pie. When you came back, Dean was calling someone. As soon as he saw you, he hung up and rushed to hug you tight.

“Dean, I-I can’t breathe.”

“Sorry Sweetheart, I thought something bad had happened to you or… that you’d left me.”

“Now why would I do that ? You’re the only one that lets me win tick tac toe, remember ?”

“God, I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”