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the slytherin common room is like a palace. the students hold court there, discuss schemes and ambitions and scandals, at home in such a regal setting yet always with a slight edge stemming from the awareness that outside these walls–outside this dignified, fierce, protective slytherin family–there is an ugly, real, vicious world waiting to tear them apart. but no fear; the slytherins will be there with their experience and cunning honed in their very own fortress to glide through the storm, calm and cool and untouched. these students love each other boundlessly, and this is where they prepare each other for the road ahead.

if the slytherins have a palace, then the hufflepuff common room is like a cozy cottage. somehow, the cushions are fluffier, the fireplace warmer, the sofas squishier, and the atmosphere homier than anywhere else the puffs have ever been. they readily welcome all, the ambience of the room bright and cheery and open. you can feel the love and support in that room–the frankness different from the slytherins’ to be sure–not better or worse, just different with its in-your-face bounce. the hufflepuff common room is shelter in a storm, a reprieve from an exhausting journey, a re-charging station brimming with smuggled food and unending comfort. 

the ravenclaw common room is like a roman atrium, open, airy, and embracing the sky with all its endless possibilities. it is florence blooming during its renaissance, chock filled with creativity, knowledge, and curiosity, the high turrets mirroring the soaring dreams of the students. here they study, work, and review, but also paint, sing, debate, and experiment. the ravens have no limits, no judgment or boundaries, only acceptance and empathy in shared thirst for wisdom. competition for grades is fierce to be sure, but personal ambition never impedes camaraderie and mutual discovery. books are swapped, new portraits revealed, and essays edited by peers. the ravenclaw room nurtures, growing curiosities, sparking new interests, encouraging deeper understanding.

the gryffindor common room is like an artist’s loft, overflowing with windows and half finished paintings and heart. gryffindors do not hide, or don identities or masks or veils; they are just as transparent and candid and true to themselves inside the tower and out. these lions are brave enough to care, and their ferocious love pervades their home base. like the slytherins, they know the true battle never ends; for the gryffindors, there will always be more justice to pursue, more weak to protect, more fights to be won. red is fierce, fiery, bold, burning bright and everlasting, the color of vanquished enemies and flowing sunrises and sunsets. this gallery holds a striking portrait of courage, of opening up to the possibility of wounds willingly, an arsenal of strength for the brutal, pounding battle ahead.

and the great hall–why, the great hall is where all these stunning qualities meet, in a glorious clash of colors, vibrant and unforgettable, melding together to form a place of unity, a haven for all–hogwarts.

My beloved Natasha Bedingfield - These Words ♥ The video is so adorable, the colours are amazing, this had to happen :>> i’ve never drawn anything like this before idk what i’m doing halp

Otayuri Week - Day 1 - Confessions

im so sad i probs wont have time to finish my other days this week i have something i need to prioritize i criii… i’ll post them one day i swear to glob

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Let me love you
  • Never let you go(Nunca te dejare ir): Tauro,Cáncer,Aries,Capricornio,Escorpio,Piscis-
  •  Never let me down(Nunca me decepciones):Virgo,Geminis,Leo,Libra,Acuario,Sagitario

 Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah

 I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah.

 Let me LOVE YOU


I’ve been reading Serendipitous Fate by @skaylanphear recently (for a few centuries now) and our heroes have just started training with Master Fu and ahem ahem….apparently they’ll get hit by a train called Puberty..??!!

Those were my only thoughts while drawing Adrien for the Outfit Prompts! O///O

[#7: A Tank Top]

(i was gonna send you all of this in asks, but it got kinda long, so just enjoy this random set of king au ideas i somehow felt the need to share. also figured you’d greatly enjoy)

ok, so random idea ima ramble to you about based off of a combo of a lot of other ideas. So king au Gavs. Adopted by Geoff after he flees from his homeland as it’s torn apart from war and invaders. All on his own, young, and just barely scrapping enough to live, of course Geoff takes pity on him and takes him in. Especially after it’s discovered gavin has no family left, no friends. Everyone was killed back in his village when the invaders came, that’s why he had to flee.

Or, at least, he thought everyone was dead.

Gavin of course starts becoming close to everyone in the court. Within a few years its almost like he’s always been there. Barely anyone can remember life without the light that he is. They get very few stories of when he was a kid, back in his birthland. But there is one name that always comes up, over and over.


They want to ask more, but Gavin always gets this sad look in his eyes when they try, so they always drop it. Gavin keeps his happy demeanor of course, happy smiles, and they all sort of just… forget about it.

Until, of course, Dan shows up.

At this point it’s been years, six, seven, eight, Gavin’s lost count exactly how many. Gavin’s been just completely ingrained in the court, slowly growing relationships (cough mavin or mavinseg cough). Mentions of his past have become less and less and the name Dan has been forgotten from nearly all of their minds.

The first to meet Dan is Geoff. News has spread of the foreign trickster with with weird words and strange accent. News that has somehow reached Dan’s ears and sent him running to the castle. Just on the hunch, the small idea that maybe. Maybe. It was him. Dan comes in, respectfully asking the King to meet him. Geoff doesn’t trust him fully at first, but there’s something in Dan’s tone, some desperation in it, that has Geoff agreeing.

None of them expected what followed when the two saw each other.

Gavin practically leaped into Dan’s arms when he sees him, once he’s sure it’s Dan, his friend from another life, his close childhood friend. It’s a very tearful reunion, both crying as they hold each other and see if the other is alright, breathless as they tell each other how they survived. They’re both so happy, Gavin at least the happiest they’ve ever seen him. All for someone they’ve never met, never known. Some stranger is able to make Gavin cry in joy (and he never cries) and they all watch, flabbergasted at the scene.

And they just can’t small buds of jealously dropping in their guts.


avinseg tbhy, bc whats better than king au mavinseg? its one of the littest flavors of mavinseg tbh and OOOO YESS GIVE ME ALL THE DANVIN ANGST AND HAPPY REUNIONS,A++++++++++++++++++++++

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