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Big Fight

Prompt: one shot about Bruce and Batmom getting into a big fight, which causes Damian to think they’re getting a divorce and he runs away from home

Words: 511

AN: This is fluffy crack, just a warning, cause this took a turn I was not expecting. But I love it. Enjoy!

You had thought the house had been empty. You’d been so sure, but you suppose the note in your hand proved you wrong. You’d never wanted a piece of paper to combust before, but right now, you could go for it.

You and Bruce don’t fight often, but when you do, they’re typically pretty bad. As a result, you do your best to never fight in front of the boys. To your knowledge they’ve never seen you fight, and you’d prefer it stay that way. They shouldn’t have to listen to their parents blow off steam and then work things out.

This past fight had been one such fight. Talia had attempted to kidnap Damian, and Bruce hadn’t wanted you involved. He had said that he’d handle everything. You reminded him, that the two of you had been partners longer than Batman had been around, and that Damian was just as much your son, as he was Bruce’s. That fact alone meant you were involved, and you’d be damned if that woman ever touched a hair on your son’s head again.

Bruce’s arms are wrapped around your waist, his chin resting on your shoulder, as he reads over your shoulder. “He can’t have gotten far.”

You roll your eyes at that, “Bruce, he’s an heir to a billion-dollar fortune. He also has access to the Batplane that’s hidden in the secret hideout under our house. Or I suppose he could use the Batmobile, or one of the many motorcycles, or the Zeta Tubes.”

There’s this moment of silence before he says, “Not my brightest moment.”

You nod, “And you’re supposed to be the World’s Greatest Detective?”

He just grins and kisses your neck, “We all have our moments, let’s go find our son.”

“Where do we start?”

He shrugs, “The tracker I put in his clothes.”

“You track our children?”

He shrugs, “Our kids are impulsive, reckless, and sometimes a bit stupid. Of course I track them.” When the man has a point he has a point.

Damian is still on the property, you find him deep in the woods surrounding the house with Titus by his side and a pack full of dehydrated food. Apparently your youngest had decided to go mountain man on you.

You and Bruce sit down on either side of him. You sit there for a moment, and Damian refuses to make eye contact. You’re thinking of something to say, when Bruce just blurts out, “You mother and I aren’t getting a divorce.”

You can’t help but smile, leave it to Bruce to take the direct route. Wrapping an arm around his shoulders and say, “Your father and I love each other very much, But sometimes we fight, it’s good for a relationship.”

Damian just stares at you before asking, “Yelling at each other for two hours is healthy?”

You nod, “The other option would be me throwing plates at him, but the city of Gotham frowns on that.”

Bruce nods, “And your mom has really good aim too, she’s nailed me with a pillow before.”

You just grin and pinch his shoulder. Damian just grins, “So the two of you are okay?”

Bruce nods his face growing serious, “I love your mother with everything I have.”

You kiss the top of Damian’s head, “And I love your dad. We’re a team, the original team. We’ve been around longer than batman and robin. That, along with ten years of marriage, trust, and the occasional fight, keeps our relationship healthy.”

Damian nods, “Okay.” Then he turns to you, “But if you do get divorced I get to live with you, right?”

The look on Bruce’s face sends you and Damian into a fit of laughter before you lean over and kiss him, and Damian climbs on his back. You love your family.


All right, I’m gonna go ahead and call pre-boarding for all Zabvronians with elite status. Ah… Oh. No, wait. That’s… that’s only me. Suck it, coach trash.

Forbidden Fruit - Part Five

A/N: First attempt at Sons of Anarchy fanfiction. It’s been awhile since i watched the show, so i’m sorry if my characters aren’t in character. This is part 5 of 7. Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks to my beta @thorne93. You rock.

Characters: Reader x Jax, Chibs.

Warnings: a little violence, language, fluff. Angst.

Wordcount: 943 (I know it’s short… sorry)


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anonymous asked:

I love this blog!!! Can you please do a Fluff with V? I'd really enjoy that. If that's not to much to ask. Thanks!!!!!!!

Thank you so much! 

You and V locked eyes with other intensely on opposite sides of the couch. He scooted towards you slowly, his eyebrows knit together in concentration. When he was about a foot away from your cross-legged figure, he held up his secret weapon with a devilish grin: a Japanese-style, fold-out fan. He raised the fan slowly, making you frown and tense up. Before he could get the first attack, though, it finally happened…

You blinked.

With a whoop of victory, V leaped off the couch and bounced around energetically. You groaned playfully, pretending to be distraught over your loss at the staring contest. You huffed with faux indignation and crossed your arms.

“I just let you win.”

“Aw, Jagi! You’re so cute when you’re angry,” he grinned, scurrying towards you. He forced himself on the couch next to you, nuzzling your neck with his head. He wrapped his arms around you. However, a couple loose strands of his extremely fluffy hair tickled your nose, making you giggle more. You pushed him away from you, but he protested, holding you tightly for an anchor on the couch.

Since V was stronger than you, the two of you ended up toppling onto the floor in a heap. Your head landed perfectly on his chest, and you took the opportunity to cuddle close to him. He responded with a squeeze to your waist, pulling you against him happily.

After a bit of this, you broke the silence.

“Taehyung,” you murmured.


“Wanna make some food…?” you asked.

“Hmmmm…” he hummed back, pretending to think about it. He hugged you closer. “But I’m so comfy.”

You giggled at him. “But we can have food. And then we can watch a movie and eat and cuddle,” you offered, nuzzling his chest lightly.

“Okay,” he beamed in consent. The two of you stood and made a beeline for your kitchen. While V rummaged through your fridge, you pulled out the ingredients to make pan-fried chicken.

“What are you making?” V bounced towards you, resting his head on your shoulder. You had pulled out flour and parmesan and were mixing them together.

“Fried chicken,” you smiled, leaning into him. You could almost see the excited gasp and giant rectangle smile that accompanied it, even though he was behind you. He held you tightly and kissed your neck repeatedly while rocking you back and forth slowly. You laughed and let him rock you.

You finished mixing and asked him to put the flour back in its place in the cabinet. He obliged you, but you heard a yelp from behind you and a muffled thud. You whipped around and gawked.

V had lifted the bag and promptly dropped it on the floor. However, it had spilled flour on his head, face, and dark shirt and jeans. He was shaking his head and hands in a catlike manner in an effort to get rid of some of the powder. He looked up at you, his mouth slightly open in his blank expression. He looked so pathetic, you just had to laugh at him.

So you did.

Your flour-ed boyfriend looked down at himself and then back up at you.

“You know that I really like you, right, Jagi?” he asked suddenly. You stopped laughing for a second, caught off guard by the question. You realized what he was up to as he hobbled close to you.

“Oh, no no no!” you protested in a fit of giggles. You tried to back away, but he snaked his arms around your ribs before you could get away. He wiggled a bit, making sure to coat the front of you with the flour. You groaned while you laughed, especially when he rubbed his hair against yours.

He finally stopped, pressing his forehead against yours. You grinned at each other, but the smiles faded as he stared at you longer than he thought he would. You thought he was up to some sort of shenanigans again, but he closed his eyes and kissed you softly. You returned his kiss, surprised but happy. He held you gently, and you felt like you were melting into him.

He pulled away from you, though, and kissed your cheek.

“Jagi,” he murmured. Your heart pounded against your chest so hard, you thought he could feel it. He started to say something, but stopped himself.


“How about that chicken?” he asked, an innocent expression on his face. He broke out into another grin, but it seemed that there was a hint of nervousness behind it. He released his hold on you, trying to bat away some of the flour on his chest.

“You can jump in the shower,” you offered, succeeding in not stuttering. You turned away from him, pointedly cracking eggs for the chicken.

“You can come with me,” he teased. You laughed as he kissed your cheek and left for the bathroom.

“I’ve got some pajamas that might fit you,” you called in the direction of the bathroom. “They’re on my bed if you want them.”


You had just finished eating your chicken, and you and V were watching your favorite movie. He kept glancing between you and the screen, until he finally grabbed your side, slid down so he was lying down, and pulled you on his chest. You cuddled up to him, staring up at his face.

He looked really happy. He rubbed his thumb on your shoulder, using his other hand to wipe some of his barely damp hair from his eyes. You laid your arm across his stomach blissfully and tried to watch the movie, but you were distracted by his face. You stared at him for a few moments, feeling something well up inside you:


You froze on the word, but you relaxed after accepting it. That was okay with you. Loving V was okay…

“[F/N],” V smiled without looking at you, “it’s kind of hard to watch the movie if you’re looking at me.”

“Maybe I like looking at you more,” you breathed. He returned your gaze and kissed your forehead gently. You scooted yourself upwards, pressing your lips against his carefully. He kissed you back, and you could feel a small smile on his lips.

“Taehyung,” you grinned. He hummed in response, his smile growing wider. He rubbed his nose lightly against yours. You returned the gesture, kissing his cheek afterwards. You tried again this time, a more serious expression on your face.

“Taehyung, I… love you.”

V stopped in surprise, his usual blank face showing itself for a moment. His rectangle smile came back, though, and he held you close in a tight hug.

“I love you too, Jagi,” he almost giggled. He gave you quick kisses all over your face, with you laughing all the while. He pulled you in for another kiss on the lips, the movie completely forgotten.

I hope you liked it! I’m sorry it’s a bit long; I get a bit carried away with these ^^;

Admin Bibi <3


Prompt: You and Barry live a happy life until he does something drastic to ruin it all.

Pairing: Barry x Reader

Warnings: The Flash spoilers

Words: 1469

A/N: I got this idea shortly after watching the trailer for season three of The Flash. I’m not sure what Flashpoint is exactly going to affect in the show, so I made up some of the stuff.

Six Months Ago
You fell backwards, landing on the bed and Barry following you, your lips yet to break apart from each other. A giggle erupted from your throat and into the kiss, Barry pulling from you to look into your eyes.

“I love you,” he whispered, his face too serious for you, but you smiled anyway.

“I love you,” you replied with a wide smile. “I’m proud to call you my husband.”

But Barry shook his head. “I love you to the moon and back.” And then he huffed as if that wasn’t enough. “My love for you… it’s something people have so much trouble finding. Y/N, I’ll do absolutely anything to be with you, to be happy with you, to have you in my arms and to wake up to you in the morning. If I were to ever go back in time, I wouldn’t change a thing.” He prevented you from saying anything by desperately kissing you.

You rested your hands on his cheeks, too weak to push him away for you to say something, but it wasn’t long before the two of you were interrupted by a loud “EW!” coming from the doorway.

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With Us (Sirius)

Requested- Heya it’s the nonnie with bad internet😂 the request was (if you have time of course) to do one where the reader and Sirius were both convicted and it’s set when they both meet Harry for the first time/ that scene in the shrieking shack. Thank you!❤️💕

- - - 

You ran along with Sirius, you both in your animagus forms. You were in the Forbidden Forest where it was so dark that you can barely see the ground. He, the huge black dog, barked quietly at you, motioning his head to a certain direction. Your eyes followed, and you saw a few silhouettes of three teenagers. You knew in an instant that they had what Sirius was looking for, the traitor who was the reason you and Sirius were in Azkaban, Peter Pettigrew in his animagus form. You nodded towards him, ready. Then Sirius ran to the tall boy with ginger hair and bit onto the boy’s leg, dragging the boy through the tunnel underneath the Whomping Willow with him. You followed carefully as you finally entered the Shrieking Shack.

“Let go of me! What do you want with me?” The boy shouted. Sirius placed the redhead at the corner of the room and stepped away from him. Within seconds, he turned back into his human form and took the boy’s wand. The redhead screamed, pointing at him, “you! You’re- you’re Sirius Black! Merlin’s beard! How did you-” You turned back to your true form as well at the same time. The boy opened his mouth, “and you- you’re y/n y/l/n! Oh no- you are going to kill me aren’t you! Oh no-” 

“Shh,” you hissed, sensing footsteps coming. “They’re here, Sirius.” He heard the footsteps, too, and hid beside the door.

“Ron must be here, Harry.” You heard a female voice, “wands out.” Then together, they entered the room and saw their friend, “Ron!”

“It’s- it’s a trap-” Ron warned, but they were too late to react. Sirius shouted “expelliarmus” and seized both their wands. You got hold of the girl, keeping an eye on Ron. 

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Alone Time Part 3

 Part 1 - Part 2 

It had been a week since you and Hoseok had fooled around. You had been super busy with work and he with recording music. You could not wait to get your hands on him again. The memory of his mouth in you made you quiver. Every night you touched yourself to the thought of it. You wished he were there to watch you, just like before. You could still remember how his lustful eyes looked at you. Your fingers would pump in and out of your pussy as you thought about what you wanted to do to him.

All day at work, you thought about pleasuring yourself. You closed the door to your office, and under your desk, you slipped your fingers into your panties. You played with your clit and thought about Hoseok’s tongue. You could hear your co-workers coming back from work so you stopped, deciding that you’d finish at home.

As you unlocked your front door and kicked off your shoes, you also stared to undress yourself. You stopped, startled by the sounds you heard coming from farther in your apartment. You pulled your shirt back down as you crept closer to the sound. You could hear heavy breathing coming from J-Hope’s room. You heard him mutter your name mixed with a string of curse words. You could feel yourself becoming wet. What was he doing in your apartment?

You peaked around the doorframe, and you saw Hoseok’s naked body. His abs gleamed with sweat as his hand traveled up and down on his member. His eyes were closed and his brow was furled.

“_________… mmmm shit,” he muttered. Shocked, you stayed quiet and watched him. It gave you time to study his body. You noticed how his jaw clinched every time his hand moved, how his hips slightly bucked upwards as he threw his head back in pleasure, and how the muscles in his arms flexed when he gripped himself. Your hand traveled into your pants as you watched your best friend masturbate. Your fingers brushed your clit, and you gasped from the pleasure. His eyes sprung open and met yours.

The surprise on his face quickly turned to a smirk.

“Do you like watching me, Jagi?” He gestured for you to come closer, and you obeyed. His hands reached out for you. He grabbed you and brought you closer, his lips meeting yours. He nipped your lower lip, causing you to moan into his mouth. He took advantage and used the opportunity to slide his tongue into your mouth. You both fought for dominance as you deepened the kiss.

He pulled away from you and held you at arms’ length. His eyes met yours, and then they roamed down your body.

“You’re so beautiful, Jagi. Do you know how much I love you?” His fingers grabbed your hips and slid your jeans down your legs. You moaned and stepped out of them. Next, he ripped your shirt over your head. His fingers lingered on your skin.

As he removed your bra, he whispered, “Do you know how much I need you?” He pinched your nipples lightly, and you jumped a bit at the sudden pleasure. He pulled you forward, and you straddled him. Your breasts pressed up against his bare chest, and you shivered.

He ground his hips against yours, his member pressed up against your clothed sex.

“Hoseok, please,” you begged. You’d wanted him for so long that all your self-control had left you. “I need you, please.” He smirked at you and stopped grinding his hips. He moved to lay you down on the bed, sliding your panties off as he did, leaving you both naked.

“You’re so wet, Jagi. Are you excited? Do you want me?” he cooed, already knowing the answer. He spread your legs and bent lower to taste you. His magical tongue swept across your core, leaving you breathless. He moved his tongue to your opening as his thumb played with your clit. Your hips bucked on their own. Your moans echoed off the wall on his room. You could feel yourself getting closer to the edge. His thumb moved your clit in circles; the faster he went, the closer were to an orgasm.

Suddenly he stopped and looked up at you.

“I love you, Jagi.” His face was serious. His eyes met yours, and your breath left you lungs.

“I love you too, Hoseok,” you replied. His face lit up with a blinding smile. You pulled him forward and kissed him. He deepened the kiss and flipped over so you were laying on top of him. “Now can you please make love to me?” you sighed.

“Anything for my girlfriend,” he smirked, lining himself up with your opening. He slid into you slowly, his hands brushing across your back.  He pulled you closer to him and make you lay your head on his chest. He planted his feet on the bed and moved his hips up. He moved slowly, lazily sliding in and out of you. You moaned loudly, your eyes shutting. He gradually started to speed up. You sat back up and rolled your hips, and you bounced up and down on him. His hands roamed your body until they finally reached your breasts.

He moved his hands to your hips. He held them as he slammed into you, bringing you down onto him with each thrust. You could feel the coil in your stomach was starting to unravel. He pulled out of you and moved you so you were on your hands and knees. He slammed back into you, making you gasp. You breasts bounced as he fucked you. He reached around you, and his fingers brushed your clit.

Your orgasm came crashing down on you, and Hoseok followed soon after. He laid down, and you fell forward onto him, too tired to move. As you drifted in and out of sleep, you could feel his hands moving you and cleaning you. You finally fell into the deepest sleep you’d ever had.

When you awoke the next day, you rolled over and reached out for J-Hope, just to realize he wasn’t there. You climbed out of bed and pulled on one of his oversized T-shirts. You padded though the house until you reached the kitchen. Your eyes landed on Hoseok. You watched as he struggled to balance cooking eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Hearing you laughing behind him, he turned around and smiled at you.

“Good morning, Jagi.”

“Good morning to you, too,” you giggled. “Do you need help? We both know I’m the better cook.” He sighed and handed you the spatula.

“I just wanted to do something nice for you.” You pulled him into a hug and kissed his cheek. “I love you,” he said, cupping your cheek.

“I love you too,” you said, smiling. “Now maybe we should do something about the burning food.”

Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed it.

 I’m sorry it took so long. 

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Master Post

Thighs and Sighs

Request: Okay I have this idea for an imagine where the team had a day off and the reader gets drunk and starts telling her bf Bucky how great his thighs are and how much she loves them and the team start teasing him about it and flUFF SORRY IF ITS TOO LONG ILY

there was a loss in the family. I was uploading this story and somehow it got lost/deleted from my drafts. this was all i could salvage. im sooo sorry @whoever requested this. :( hope you like it!!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: ~500

Warnings: sebbys thighs are not for the weak hearted.


The moon shone upon your skin in the darkness, illuminating your grace…and drunkenness. The whole team was outside the patio, enjoying a nice glass of anything alcoholic. Each had their own preference, but you didn’t care. Anything that was more than 50 proof was good enough. Sipping peacefully from your cup, you sigh with content. There aren’t many nights when you can chill with everyone like this. It was refreshing to be able to lay back and appreciate your friends.
But most of them were pretty weak compared to you. They had only drank a few glasses and were already passed out, some even snoring. You, on the other hand, were wide awake. Or at least you thought.
Bucky didn’t drink that night, sacrificing his night off to watch over you, know that you got pretty uncontrollable when you were intoxicated. He saw your flushed face and drooping eyes and thought that you were extra cute drunk, especially when you hiccuped sharply. He smiled at the sight of you, struggling to sit up properly. He stood up and wrapped his arms around your shoulder, guiding you out of your chair.
“C’mon, let’s go inside, babe,” he whispered gently, standing on your right. He smoothed your unruly hair.
“No, I’m not even tired,” you slurred. Your eyelids felt heavy and your cheeks hot. “I’m fine, Bucky.”
“I don’t think so, you’re pretty wasted,” he laughed.
But you weren’t ready to leave. So you turn your head to the right, and see Bucky’s thighs in his tight jeans.
Damn, he looked fine as hell. He meaning his jeans. Maybe it was because you were drunk, but Bucky’s normally amazing thighs looked extra sexy. The way it bulged and stretched in his pants, umpf. You bite your lips at the thought of his thighs. Yum.
Bucky sees you eyeing his thighs and shakes his head with amused disbelief.
“Oh my god, Buck. You’re thighs are so…” you trail off, losing your train of thought.
He looked at you with an amused smile, intrigued by your comment. “My thighs are what?”
You stare at his godly thighs and grab them with both of your hands whispering with a fascinated tone, “They’re so good.”
“Thanks?” he laughs. He’d seen you wasted on many occasions, but you had never commented on his thighs. “You’re thighs are good too.”
“No, but yours are just…wow,” you say in a low voice, taking in the glorious thighs. “I’m so lucky.” You tear your eyes from his thighs and look up at him with a serious face. “I love your thighs.”
He scoffs at your silliness and kisses the top of your head, “I love you too.”
“Not you, I said I love your thighs!” you cry angrily. “You’re not even listening to me.”
Watching you mumble on about his thighs, Bucky sat back down and let you savor his magnificent quads.

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Dazed and Confused

Word Count: 679

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, drugs

A/N: Written for the @holywaterbucketchallenge , @demondean-for-kingofhell , and @kazchester-fanfiction ‘s Road Trip Challenge. My prompt was “Dean tittered maniacally. “I dig you, man!” I dunno what the hell I was thinking here. I’m sorry. Also, thanks to @nichelle-my-belle for the title. 

“I’m starving.” Dean complained, sitting across from you in the diner booth and tapping his hand on the table. A witch had been snatching couples and Sam was convinced it was happening at the diner, the last place all the couples had been spotted. “We should get pie if we’re gonna be here all damn day.”

“You wanna get a whole pie and share it with me?” You perked up at the mention of pie; it was a love you both shared. “The cherry looks great.”

“Baby…” He grabbed your hands in his and gazed into your eyes, face completely serious. “This is why I love you.” You laughed and he caught the attention of your waitress, ordering for you both.


“Where the hell are they?” Sam was pacing Bobby’s living room. “They’ve been gone for 12 hours and they’re not in the diner but the car was parked outside.”

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All of Me (GabrielxReader)

Request: Can I submit a request for a super fluffy piece based somewhat on the John Legend song “All Of Me”? Also, I adore your blog and your pieces!!! Keep up the super-fantastic-awesome work!

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=518WB1IcjPI

Warnings: Fluff, Season 9 spoilers-ish

Thanks for the Request! Sorry its a bit short.

Enjoy My Flock of Followers

Your name: submit What is this?

You found a cheap motel to hold up in with Gabriel. Metatron was after him for his powers to help him win the Heaven civil war. Gabriel didn’t have his powers like he used to and needed to eat, so that’s why you suggested to go out to get some grub. The constant running and hiding was taking its toll on you.

When you back to the dusty motel that had wood paneling all over and shaggy green carpet, you noticed Gabriel laying on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. Heaven was blocked off to him and he took it hard.

“Got food.” You sat down at the wood table opening the bag. A blast of salty and starchy smell filled the room. Gabriel took notice and wondered over. You handed him a burger and placed the fried between the both of you to share.

“Never get used to this….cheap fast food.” He mumbled dipping some fries into the ketchup.

“We’ll it’s the best we got.” Your tone was a little more darker than you meant it to be. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay. I shouldn’t be so….” Gabriel tapped his chin trying to find the word.

“Picky? Ungrateful?” You suggested light heartedly. He smiled at you before stealing some of your french fries. “Hey!”

“Love you too.” He smirked with a mouth full of fries.

“Thought you didn’t like fast food.” You cleaned up your area of the table, throwing away your trash.

“You don’t seem to mind it.” Gabriel crumpled up his trash and threw it right into the trash bin. “And what’s good enough for you is good enough for me.”

“How sweet.” You got up and moved to the bed laying down. “Cuddle?”


Gabriel laid down on his back and you rolled over to your side facing him. You rested your head on his chest with your legs intertwined his. He gently stroked your hair kissing your forehead softly.

“Do you think we’ll be alright?” You paused glancing up to see his whiskey eyes. “I mean Metatron is really determined to find you.”

“Meta-douche is going to have to try a lot harder.” Gabriel snaked his arm around your back, rubbing your arm.

“What if he does find us?” He seemed troubled by your question.

“What are you suggesting?”

You let out a sigh, digging your face into the nook of his neck. “Maybe without me, you’d get further.”

“Never say that again.” Gabriel snapped. “Without you I’m nothing. Sometimes I wonder if you were created specifically for me.”


“I’m serious. You leaving wouldn’t help. I love you.” You looked up to see his serious face. “I love how you curl your toes when you are frustrated. I love how your eyes get all big and bright when you see me. I love how no matter what that you’re always there.” You snuggled up closer, staring up at him. “I love your tender lips.” He kissed them softly. “I love the way you flare your nostrils when your upset.” He gave you a quick peck on the tip of your nose. “I love everything. Even if the world ends tomorrow, I have you, and that’s all that matters.”



To my cute bunny Suho, I am happy that you have made another year [25th] of living in this world and I thank God about it. Thank you for simply existing in this world, most important thing for me. You may not be the one who shines out the brightest in EXO but you will always be the BEST who can lead the group. You are born to lead one of the popular KPOP groups in Korea and it’s also because of how dedicated, serious and hardworking, caring, understanding, intelligent, sweet, soft spoken, kindhearted and all good qualities in this world is in you. I know how it was tough for you on how EXO have decreased to 9 members but there you are still standing for your group and is loyal. I will always be your number one fan. You may not be my very first bias in EXO but now you will always be MY ULTIMATE BIAS. You have stolen my heart from Sehun, Kai, and Chanyeol [my first three bias] lol . I don’t know there is just something in you that can’t be just unloved. In just few months of somehow getting to know you, one thing I discovered is that you are not hard to love. I love your wit, your caring heart, how your face suddenly turns serious if you find something that’s not right, I love your maturity, and intelligence, I love how you sometimes not care about your image by making funny faces or just looking dumb sometimes..idek if you do it on purpose or— lol. I actually have lots of funny and cute images that I can post here but Tumblr limits to only 10 sets of images and I’m kinda busy so this is all I can do *cries* And my only wish for my Junmyeonnie is good health, happiness and long life. Stay strong, Suho! FIGHTING! Don’t let anyone steals your very genuine smile and you will always be THE EXO’S FUNNIEST! <3

I love the way you love your candy, and I love the way you kiss me in the elevator before we go back to one of our rooms. I love the way you stare at me, and even though I get self conscious, I feel beautiful by the way you admire my being, my soul, my body, and my mind. I love the way you like your shower water cool, warm, not hot. I love your little tendencies of carrying around a bottle of mouthwash, Purell, and having to rip off the plastic wrappers on drinks. I love your passion for being the best, your drive to succeed, your hunger to be on top. I love your taste in clothes, music, restaurants, hotels, houses, and everything in between. I love that you can always put me in my place and tell me when I do things wrong. I love that you are so patient with me, and I love sleeping in your arms. I love that you are continuously a gentleman, taking care of me better than anyone could. I love the way you handle all of your belongings, your money, your way of life. You are so on top of things, so wise beyond your years, so capable. I love how technologically advanced and educated you are, and I love that you can do a Rubik’s cube in a matter of minutes. I love that you give me your old t-shirts, and I love wearing them to bed every night. I love that you ask me how I’m doing, and you are genuinely concerned with my emotional state and how my day is going. I love listening to you talk on the phone about business, your serious face, doing what you do best. I love when you have moments of childlike giddiness and you wrap me in your arms and squirm around and you make that cute little face that makes you look like a little kid. I love when you impersonate voices and make puns and continuously make me laugh until my face hurts. I love watching you floss and use your facecloth before bed. I love your pajama bottoms and I love your stubble on your face just before you shave. I love that you never give up on me, even on days when I feel like giving up. I love Sundays walks with you in town. I love spending the “golden hour” of the day with you, or for that matter, any and every hour of the day. I love watching your powerful body run in the most glorious form I have ever seen. I love all your little surprises you have given me, whether it is a surprise knock at my door or a surprise box of chocolates. I love that you ordered one of every dessert the first time we went out to dinner. I love your sleepy look in the mornings. I love when you kiss a part of my body that is causing me pain and you say, “Leave my baby alone.” I love that you love photography. I love going grocery shopping with you, and fantasizing about a future home together. I love that when things happen with you, they become our special things. I love our fist bumps. I love my skin against yours. I love your kisses. I love your everything. I love us. I love you. So much.
—  Writings about the young man who has changed my life forever.
I love you, not because you love me, i love you and there’s no reason behind it. I love all of you, not just your good side but also all your flaws and all the things that you’re trying to hide. I don’t mind you being crazy and weird. I love it when you’re being protective and territorial. I love it when you’re jealous and selfish when it comes to me. I don’t mind you being so childish and immature. I love staring at your face when you’re serious and busy doing your stuff while taking a stolen photo of you. I don’t mind you being so bipolar and moody. I don’t care if you’re always busy when you have tons of work, i’ll love to be at your side holding your hand, giving you little kisses just to lessen your stress. I don’t mind it when you’re being hot headed and stubborn and i love debating with you and i know, you’ll keep on insisting what you want and what you know and you’ll win in the end. I love it when you’re pissed and irritated for some reasons, i’ll always be there to hug you and make you laugh. I don’t mind tracing all your broken pieces and be there by your side while putting them back together. I love listening to your stories and I don’t mind hearing your rants at 3 am in the morning. You are the love of my life, the the beat in my heart. I don’t mind hugging and kissing your scars and all your dark side. I love your imperfections. I love how you showed yourself in me and i want to tell you to please don’t be afraid, i am just here for you. I don’t mind you being this way and that way. I love everything about you. Because that’s what makes you and those are some things that made me fall for you. I love you in any and every way.
—  i love all of you
Demon!Luke pt.9
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“But you shouldn’t.”

“Luke.” You mumble in return, wondering why he was so stubborn. If he were so sad about it haunting him for God knows how long, why wasn’t he accepting your forgiveness? 

“I d-don’t know why you’re forgiving me! I ruined you! You d-died because of me! I practically killed you!” He screamed, pulling away from you and stalking to the other end of the room. Luke began to pull at his hair, eyes completely black and face turning red.

“I hurt you! Don’t you understand that? You’re supposed to hate me! I took you away from your family! I did so many things I can’t make up for and it fucking hurts me everyday!” Luke cried. You were slightly scared but put on a brave face, but you knew he could see right through it.

“Luke, it’s okay.”

“No, Princess! It isn’t okay! You’re supposed to hate me!” He began to walk towards you and you flinch back. Luke’s face shows hurt at your reflex.

“Hit me.” He murmured, eyes still black and intimidating.


“Princess. Hit me. Punch me, slap my face, kick me in the dick - I don’t care. Hit me.”

“Luke, I said no.”

“I’m not asking you, Princess. I’m telling you to.” You shook your head at him, again. He frowned and manipulated your hand to move and slap him.

“Luke!” You shrieked when your hand came in contact with his cheek in a very rough manner. He recoiled slightly from the blow, his cheek turning a light pigment of red from the slap.

“I deserved it. I’ll always deserve it.”

“Luke, I already forgave you.” You say in a warning and exasperated tone.

“You shouldn’t have. I don’t deserve it. I couldn’t save you in time; I was basically your cause of death! On top of that, I took you from your home. I took you from the place you grew up in and absolutely loved - I can’t make it up to you after all that!” You actually have come to terms with what happened - you getting kidnapped and not ever being able to go back home again. But you don’t think that Luke understood that, even if he could read your mind.

“Luke, please calm down. When I said I forgive you, I meant for everything bad you’ve done to me.” You grab his arm and then lead him to the bed that was in the room, making him sit down on the edge before you joined him.

“But Princ - ”

“No, Luke. Can you just listen to me for once?” He pursed his lips and you took that as your cue to continue speaking.

“Honestly, I don’t really care about what happened in my past life. Because you know what? I don’t remember it and that was in my past.” Luke nodded at you, licking his lips.

“It’s just - whenever I look at your face when you’re afraid, it takes me back to that day and I can’t forget it. I can do so many things, but the one thing I really want to do is erase my own memory but I can’t.” His eyes were back to blue but they were glossy and a tiny bit red from crying. Soon enough, sobs racked through his body once again.

“Aw, Luke.” You say to him, pulling him in for another hug. Luke made you move so that the two of you were lying down, but this time he was on your chest.

“We were so happy together - you were the reason why I was so happy all the time. Then, then you left me. And it was my fault.” Luke murmured against your chest. You wanted to tell him it wasn’t his fault, but you couldn’t because you were thrown back into a memory.

“Luke! Give it back!” You cried, chasing after a retreating figure.

“Never!” He yelled back. You try and pick up your pace but he was always faster than you.

“But Luke, it’s my ice cream!” You scream and nearly trip over a tree root. You stagger slightly before regaining balance. Once you did, you saw that he was no where in sight. Luke always did this to you when you were playing around. You’d do something clumsy and then he’d disappear while you did it, then caught you off guard.

“Luke, this isn’t fair after the hundredth time!” You call out. You heard his laugh from directly behind you but when you whip around to try and see him, all you saw was a melted ice cream on the ground. Mist was pouring in out of nowhere and it was eerie but you knew he was doing it on purpose. Luke loved to see your face when you were afraid. He thought it was cute and loved the care taking it came with it. Aftercare consisted of you cuddling against him while he stroked your hair was what he absolutely adored. He adored everything about you.

“Luke, this isn’t funny anymore! And why’d you melt my ice cream?” You call. Luke’s breathing fanned over your shoulder but you knew it was just an illusion. You’ve fallen for it so many times.

“Fine. I’ll just sit here till you’re done fooling around.” You mutter to yourself. You stopped sitting and stood up about a minute later, already knowing that Luke wouldn’t stop till you let him scare you.

“You’re so cute when you’re scared.” Luke’s words rolled across your skin and goosebumps rose around your body. You peaked over your shoulder to, again, not see Luke behind you.

“Where’d you go?” You call out, turning slowly around in a circle. You could see shadows passing around and you knew it could only be Luke’s. The heavy fog made you squint heavily, and when you were least expecting it, a certain someone tackled you to the ground.

A squeal emitted from your throat once your back hit the ground. Your fall was surprisingly a lot less rough than you’d thought it would be, but it still caught you off guard.

“Gotcha!” Luke said, and the fog vanished immediately. His hands come in contact with your sides and begin to tickle you. 

“Luke! I g-get it! Let me go!” You holler loudly. He grinned broadly at your cute laughter, going even faster than before.

“L-Luke! Please, stop!” After a couple more tickles, he finally stopped and kissed your nose. You pout at him as you tried to catch your breath after laughing so much.

“You’re so cute.” Luke mumbled, still smiling and looking down at you. He leaned in and began kissing your entire face, causing you to giggle and try and push him away. He planted one last long kiss on your mouth before pulling away from you, a grin taking over his features once again.

“Luke, you got your germs all over my face now! Ew, there’s even some spit, too.” You grumble, but you both knew it was an act. You love it, and he does too.  

“I love you so much.” He said to you, face now serious. Your head snapped up to look at him. You’ve never said that to each other ever since you two started dating.It was sort of a silent mutual agreement that you guys love one another. It showed in your actions, but not once in the one year the two of you’ve been dating have either of you actually said it.

“I love you too." 

The memory vanished and you were soon welcomed back to reality. Luke’s face showed happiness but a longing; nostalgia.

"I-I miss it. I miss being with you in that way.” He mumbled. You couldn’t remember that, any of it, but you wished you did.

“It’s gonna be okay.” You said to him, beginning to play with his hair. You ran your hands through it, massaging his scalp and all. It calmed him down. 

“Maybe, eventually. But it won’t be the same if I don’t have you.”


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Broken Promises - The Epilogue

The conclusion to a Dean x Reader/ AU! angst series

A/N: This is it guys. The end. I’m actually tearing up writing this because it was my first actual angst fic, let alone series. I’m sad to see it go, and I hope I wrapped it up to your liking. I won’t be linking all the parts on here, as I plan on making a Masterlist. Let me know what you think, I hope you enjoy, and thanks for riding on this rollercoaster of emotion with me. Love ya’ll. xo

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You sat in your favorite chair in your backyard, watching your son and his friends playing tag with one another. It was already his 3rd birthday, and your heart swelled as you watched your son’s cheeks flush scarlet from all the fun he was having.

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Rejet Fes 2014 Event

Love Message Session with Eguchi Takuya voicing as Yuki Serikawa from the drama cd SACRIFICE

Ono Yuki: Hey! I have something to ask you. Do you like anyone by any chance? I, truthfully speaking… Have someone I like. I’ve love this girl for such a long time now. Yes, I’m talking about you. Just kidding! Let me guess, did you believe that just now? Man you’re really easy to tease. Huh? Are you pouting now? I thought you knew, that I always had this type of personality. Come on. Lift up that sour look on your face. *Kiss* I love you. I’m being serious now because it’s you. So please remember this.

a blessing in disguise ~ Chapter 36

Authors note: Hii hope this chapters okay, again I haven’t been in too much contact with my writing side. Kind of been all over the place and I’m also a bit stuck aka writers block has hit me hard. Anyway hope you enjoy this chapter :) follow me on twitter if you like @xmissmex

a blessing in disguise ~ Chapter 36

I walk into the club with my arm around Hayley, I guide her to a private area where they aren’t random people. I sit down on the couch, pulling Hayley to sit next to me. “You know-"I start to say but I stop. I want to tell her I truly care about her but I don’t want to sound sappy and stupid. "What?” she softly asks looking at me while she pushes a strand of hair behind her ear. “Nothing” I shake my head, deciding not to tell her my thoughts. “So are we going to sit here all night?” she asks me curiously. “No, well kind of. Do you not want to sit here?”
“No, I mean can’t we have some fun?”
“Just wait until everyone gets here.”
“Okay, is Luke coming?” she smiles, making my eyes narrow down at her. “I don’t know, nor do I care.”
“Oh come on, you’re not seriously going to be like that are you?” Hayley asks,
“I am going to get a drink, are you coming?” I change the subject. Here is the thing, I don’t want her getting too close to Luke, he can work his charm better than I can work my own charm with Hayley. He is better than what I am, he is probably better for her but that doesn’t mean I am going to let him wiggle his way in and take her from right under me. “I don’t see the big deal about Luke being a friend.”
“Friends with benefits is always great but only when it doesn’t have to do with my girlfriend.” I comment as I stride to the bar. “Who said anything with friends with benefits?” Hayley asks, “You don’t need to say it, it is obvious what would happen.”
“I can be friends with someone without having the benefits part.”
“Mhm yeah okay, tell that to him.” I roll my eyes sitting down on the stool, Hayley goes to walk away but I grab her and pull her towards me. “ah-ah you’re not going anywhere.” I shake my head, “Harry-”
“no, shh, new subject.” I whisper as I pull her into my lap, “Fine.” Hayley sighs before we get talking just the two of us.

“Where is your girl hm?” Niall asks me as he places another beer down on the bar. “With your bloody friend.”
“he is your friend too.” Niall notifies me, “Not exactly, no friend of mine chats up my girlfriend.” I shake my head as I eye the two of them. “Well staring them down wont do anything, go up to them.”
“You know you make a great point, but here’s the thing. If I go up to them, I will tell him to f*ck off, and then I will have to deal with Hayley being mad at me, and I don’t want that.” I reply picking up my glass and putting it to my lips. “Wow Harry, you finally care about someone enough to not want to piss them off. You really love her, don’t ya?” Niall laughs. “Why do you always seem to be the one to comment that I love her?”
“I enjoy watching your face light up when I mention Hayley and then I love seeing your face completely change from being lit up to being serious and annoyed because I say you love her. It is the truth you love her, but you don’t like admitting it to people or showing it in public, I know how you work.” Niall answers me while kicking his feet against the stool, “I do show I love her.”
“I bet half the people in here don’t even know you two are serious.”
“Now that isn’t true.” I shake my head, Niall looks at me as if he is accepting a challenge to prove me wrong. He turns to the bar tender who is pouring a drink. “Hey, who do you think is dating that girl over there?” Niall asks,
“The one sitting with that guy on the couch?” the man questions,
“Yes, her.” I answer,
“My guess is she is dating the guy sitting with her, or they are getting to the dating stage.” the bar tender answers honestly, my body already tensing. “See lad, I told you.’ Niall clicks his tongue proud to have proved his point so easily. I go to comment but my attention goes towards are couple just a few meters away. "I hate you.” the woman shouts before throwing her drink on the man. “You never spend time with me, you are always somewhere else but with me.” she adds before the man just walks off, leaving the poor lady on her own. She walks over to the bar, sitting right next to me, quietly sobbing. “Erm.. are you okay?” Niall asks kindly, “Yes.” she lies before sobbing louder. “What happened?” Niall asks seeming concerned and wanting to help the lady. I shake my head at him, you never ask a sobbing woman you don’t know, what is wrong or what happened. “I think I just ended a relationship.. he never spends time with me, he doesn’t care.” she sniffles looking at me. I look towards my drink, breaking our eye contact before I turn and look over at Hayley, she is standing now. Standing by Luke, laughing and smiling. That should be me, she should be laughing and smiling with me by her side not him. Instead of allowing her to be with him, I should spend time with Hayley, make her laugh and smile brightly. “Excuse me for a moment.” I clear my throat, sliding off the stool and walking over to Hayley. I sneak up behind her with a smirk on my face. I wrap my arm around her from behind before placing my lips close to her ear, “I love you.” I simply whisper, feeling a shiver go down her body. She turns to face me, “I love you too.” she smiles,
“Come outside with me.” I smile, she thinks for a moment before nodding. “I’ll be back Luke.” Hayley smiles before I take her hand and lead her outside. “Do you want to leave?” I offer,
“we just got here.” she pouts,
“I know, but I just don’t want to be with everyone.”
“I want to be with just you.”
“Why?” Hayley questions making me sigh. “I just do, do you want to come with me or not?” I huff unable to keep my calm. “I’ll just say goodbye.”
“I’ll meet you here, hurry up.” I instruct, kissing her cheek. I wait outside for Hayley, thinking of where we can go. She comes back out and I give her a smile. “Do you want to go to my house?” I ask her. I have a small plan, I don’t know how she will react to it though. “Your house? It isn’t furnished.” she chuckles as I take her hand. “Mm I have a couch.”
“If that’s where you want to go, and you really should work on getting furniture.” Hayley comments and I agree with her. “I’m working on it. So how was your talk with Luke?” I question calmly, wanting to know every detail without directly asking for every detail. “It was good, he was telling me about the places he got to visit while he toured with you. He went to all these different places.” Hayley exclaims happily, seeming to be interested in where he has been. “mm cool, I have been to those places too.” I comment,
“Yeah but you don’t tell me about your career. He showed me a few pictures of Sydney, he showed me the Sydney Opera house, and there was a bridge he showed me a picture of.” Hayley comments, “Yeah that’s the Sydney Harbour Bridge, funny enough I have been there before, more than once.”
“That is pretty cool, he told me about the time Sydney held the 2000 Summer Olympics."Hayley adds, only for me to roll my eyes . "I swam in the water by the bridge, I was unaware of the fact that there were many sharks in that area, and shark attacks had happened.” I inform Hayley, trying to get her attention away from Luke, lets be honest, I couldn’t care less about Luke’s adventures. Hayley chuckles, “Bet you wont go swimming in that area again.”
“Hm probably not, next time I will just go to the main beach.”
“Luke said that the main beach is really good for surfing.”
“I’m sure it is.” I mutter, annoyed at how she is so happy to be telling me about Luke and what he said. “He said that-”
“Okay I get it, he told you all about his adventures and all about his home town. It is interesting I know, I have been there, I have heard all his stories before.”
“You asked me how the chat was, are you really that jealous?” Hayley giggles, playfully hitting my arm, “I am not jealous.” I coldly reply before getting in the car. “You are, you are jealous.” Hayley continues as she puts on her seat belt. I groan while sticking my key in the ignition. “Why would I be jealous?”
“I don’t know, you tell me.”
“I much rather we not get into a pathetic argument over him.”
“I don’t get why you have such a problem with me and him being friends.”
“I don’t, lets leave it at that.” I comment while I grip the steering wheel tightly, my body tensing, fighting back my urge to snap. I arrive at my house and step out of the car, walking towards my house with Hayley behind me. I push the key in the lock and turn clockwise before having to turn anti-clockwise to completely unlock the door. I step inside, my shoes hitting the floorboards. I walk to the area where my living room is, my couch shrink wrapped and sitting in the corner. “Want to help me move it?” I turn to Hayley, she nods before we walk over to the couch. I use my one hand to pick up the bottom of the couch while Hayley uses both her hands. We move the couch to the centre of the open area, “Do we take this off?” Hayley asks gesturing to the shrink wrap, protecting the couch. “No we will leave it for decoration.” I sarcastically reply,
“Well it looks rather lovely.” she shrugs cutely, giving me a glare that turns me on. “Take it off for me.” I instruct,
“What did you last slave die of?” she crosses her arms, “Disobedience.” I smirk before walking closer to her and pecking her lips. “What do I get in return?” Hayley asks me with a smirk, “hmm what do you want?”
“mmm ice-cream.”
“Wow such an easy bribe. I can give you something better than ice-cream.” I bite my lip cheekily, “What’s that?”
“You’ll find out once you take the wrapping off the couch.” I reply not revealing my bribe. Hayley takes the deal with taking the wrapping off the couch. “This is a nice couch.”
“It is, you should help me decorate the rest of my house.” I hint. I can decorate the house myself, well not literally. I of course would pay someone to do it for me, but I want Hayleys opinion on things, I want her help. “You should paint the walls they are boring.”
“I was thinking of brown.”
“No, too dark, do a feature wall.”
“And that is?” I ask curiously as she places the wrapping on the floor. “It is when you paint one wall that draws all the attention. So you should paint the wall the TV is going to be on brown or whatever.” Hayley explains, pointing to the wall in front of the couch where I plan on putting a TV. “That is a nice idea.” I nod my head, picturing the feature wall in front of me. I sit down on the couch, petting down the spot next to me for Hayley. I look into her eyes, not a word leaves her lips, her eyes captivate me, drawing me into her gaze. Her eyes move to my lips before they meet my eyes, we both move closer, leaning in slightly before our lips touch, I tease her a little just pressing against her lips lightly, before connecting them together slowly, Hayley moves closer to me before I attempt to deepen the kiss, needing her to allow me entry. She gives in before our lips move perfectly in sync together, creating sparks that ignite within. Her hands rest on my chest while my two hands position at her waist. I want to have her in my arms closer to me, but my shoulder isn’t pain free when it comes to movements. I pull away before my lips kiss her neck, I want her, I can’t help it, I want her right now, dislocated shoulder or not. I move back to her lips, the kiss slowly becoming more intimate, our hands getting more touchy with one another. I slide my hand gently up her back, my finger clasps her bra before I pull at it lightly, just to tease her. Hayley pulls away from my lips suddenly, “we can’t.” she whispers making me let go of her bra, my hand leaving her back. I tilt my head to look at her, a little confused. I don’t want to seem pushy but I do want her, I can’t help it. “Why not?” I question, licking my lips. “I.. If we do, I want to take it slow.” she whispers cutely,
“We can go slow.”
“On the couch? It’s too small.” she then adds,
“Do I need to go find a bed right now?” I ask, Hayley chuckles,
“When you have a bed, maybe we can?” she suggests,
“you realize I am going to go get a bed tomorrow now?” I question Hayley,
“don’t push it.” she smiles before kissing me sweetly, “mm okay, but I want to talk to you.”
“Is this good or bad? If it’s about sex no.”
“No it isn’t about sex. I just want to, I don’t know how to explain it.” I sigh,
“What is it?” Hayley asks, looking at me with her captivating eyes. “I-I, okay well, f*ck I’m going to sound stupid but just bare with me. I’m trying here.” I mutter, “I love you, and we always argue over things and I know I am an arse, but something today made me realize something. Don’t interrupt.” I shake my head as Hayley opens her mouth. “I am not the perfect boyfriend you want, I have never claimed to be that prince charming, but today while at the club I saw a couple, they were arguing or whatever. The woman was upset that the guy doesn’t spend time with her. Then I realized; while I was at the bar, you were with Luke. Luke was spending time with you, not me. I want to be the one spending time with you, and maybe not literally, we don’t need to spend every f*cken second together, but I want to spend time with you. I want to be with you. F*ck this is hard to get out, why the f*ck am I doing this? Okay anyway.. So I guess what I am trying to say, or ask is; will you move in with me?” I somehow mumble out, Hayleys eyes widen and her jaw drops. “Harry..are.. Are you serious?” she stutters, “If I wasn’t serious I wouldn’t have asked.” I reply, worried she will say no. “I-I want too, but my parents would never- yes. Yes I’ll move in with you.” she shakes her head away from her thoughts. “Really?” I smile,
“Yes.” she nods, before I can think I find my lips crashed against hers. She pulls away, “I love you.”
“I love you too.” she grins before kissing me passionately,
“Mm I want you.” I mumble against her lips, she smiles into the kiss before pulling away. “First time living together needs to be at least on a bed.” Hayley comments,
“Mm fine, I guess I better get furniture ‘ey?” I chuckle,
“What kind of furniture?”
“whatever you want, I can’t exactly afford furniture; I don’t work.”
“Doesn’t matter. I want your opinion.” I reply, I don’t care she doesn’t work, I don’t care if she doesn’t pay anything all I want is to live with her, and show her my love; everyday.
“Hayley, I want to know something.” I softly say, “and what’s that?”
“what’s the deal with your pills and stuff?” I ask curiously, wanting to know the whole story. “Harry-”
“Hayley just tell me.”
“I don’t want too bring it all up.”
“It’s just me come on, you can talk to me about anything, and we never talk.”
“You don’t tell me about your past, I don’t know why you are trying to make me tell you.” she defends,
“Hayley okay let’s make a deal. You answer and tell me about the pills, you can ask me about anything in my past.”
“Anything?” Hayley asks, and I nod. I don’t like bringing up my past but I want to know her story with the pills, so it is only fair I share something of mine. “I don’t even know where to start.” Hayley sighs, I pull her into my lap, my back resting on the arm of the couch, my perfectly fine arm draping to support her back. “Start from the beginning.” I reply, she lets out a breath before beginning. “Everything was okay at the start when I was taking the pills, my chest wasn’t as tight and it was easier for me, but once school started back up, it all went down hill. My sleeping pattern was messed up, the pills were making me gain weight, and I was feeling the side affects of them; but I was told that I had to have them, I had to just deal with everything. So I did exactly that, I dealt with everything. I bottled things in, I kept my weight problems to myself, the side affects, the tiredness, and the restlessness. I had it under control, until it came to exam time, that’s when I completely just lost it. I was tired all the time mainly because of the pills and when I was tired my chest was hurting because I wasn’t 'looking after myself.’ so when it was late at night, when I was stressed, tired, studying and had pains in my chest I would just take the pills, resulting in causing me more problems than I had intended. When my mum counted my pills because she suspected something, she was furious to find too many missing. So I had no choice to tell her about things. It wasn’t until then that someone cared. When I was complaining about the side affects nobody listened they told me to just deal with it, so I dealt with things. I dealt with them in a way that I thought was helping, but it wasn’t. So that’s the story in a nutshell.” Hayley softly explains. “I have a feeling there’s more to the story. How long did it go on for?”
“It took a month before my Mum counted my pills and found out.”
“But why did you take them and miss-use them?” I question a little confused. “I needed to study, I was stressed and what do you do when you have pain? Take a pill. I just happened to take more than one. I thought it would help with not just the pain but the stress, and everything.”
“That’s silly Hayley. Don’t do it again. Why did you stop taking them completely and how long ago did you stop?”
“I stopped because I couldn’t handle the side affects, I couldn’t handle the constant feeling of needing something to be able to live my life. I stopped taking them just before you and I got together.”
“But it’s bad to suddenly stop taking them, isn’t it?” I question worriedly,
“It can be, the only thing that happened was the first week I had chest pain, then I was fine up until the other week when I fainted and when I got breathless.

"what side affects?”
“They weren’t consistent, sometimes I’d get blurry vision, weight gain, nightmares, and other irregular effects that weren’t constant, they just suddenly got me.” Hayley explains,
“Hayley, there’s nothing wrong with gaining weight”
“To me there is.”
“Hayley, your weight doesn’t define who you are, it isn’t about your weight, your looks, your height, your intelligence and what not, it’s about who you are. So what the pills make you put on weight? Promise me something.” I reply while I draw circles on her hip. “What is it?”
“You’re going to take your pills responsibly, and you’re not going to miss-use them”
“I am not making any promises.” Hayley replies.
“Hayley you need to take them.”
“no I don’t, I don’t need to rely on pills to live my damn life.”
“no, like you said yesterday you’re my boyfriend not my parent. So don’t sit here and try make me take my pills.” Hayley snaps on me making me huff. I tilt my head back not sure how I am going to deal with her and not taking her pills. Usually I don’t care about what everyone else does, and if they listen to people. But when it comes to Hayley I care, I care a bit too much even though I don’t show it. “Hayley-”
“I’m done with this conversation.” Hayley mutters and I drop the conversation. “Now my turn to interrogate you. Why are you so cold hearted?”
“Well that’s nice.” I roll my eyes,
“What made you get to how you are? Something happened to make you get into one night-stands, alcohol, not caring and being so tense.” Hayley comments and I gulp. She’s right, something or actually a few things have made me this way, things that I don’t share with people. “I just did” I shrug,
“Tell me.” she presses as she moves around in my lap so she can face me. Her question kind of hits my heart hard, it’s a question I have never really been asked and a question I don’t want to say out loud but I did promise I would answer any of her questions. “There are a few things.”
“Tell me one, the main one that started it all.” she replies with her eyes gleaming into mine. I take in a deep breath. “Well.. It started when I really liked this girl, back when was 15. I wasn’t 'popular’ enough for her, she wouldn’t give me a chance. Just before I turned 16 I asked her out, and she said yes. I thought she was being genuine when she said yes, but in the end she turned out to be fake. I had feelings for her, she was perfect to me, I would walk her to class, walk her home, give her my jacket, hell I walked home alone in the rain without a jacket because she had it. I got her flowers, gifts, I basically did everything to be the best boyfriend. Back then I was in a band that wasn’t the one I am in now, she used to joke about me and the others, basically make fun of the fact that we would sing instead of playing the sports. She wanted the captain of the football team, but had me instead. Looking back I realize she is the girl that could have everything and it still wouldn’t be enough. Anyway after me doing everything for her, being the best I could be, she basically broke my heart, cheated on me with 3 other guys, 1 time she basically did it in front of me, straddled a guy in front of me and sucked his face off. She dumped me in the most brutal way, in front of all our friends. After that night I went straight home, got into the alcohol cabinet, and drank until I passed out on my bedroom floor. After that I got into the state of mind that I was never going to fall for a girl, I would just have one night stands to fulfill my needs and pleasure. I wouldn’t care for any girl that came my way, wouldn’t give them slightest affection in the world because they were nothing to me. What made it worse was when I was formed into One Direction. The media tore me about in articles, they still do. When the articles started I had only slept with 5 woman. I wasn’t as bad, at that stage I was just slowly spiraling down. As soon as the articles started to be written I started to become the person they were describing. If they have to write a story, I may as well make it true. So I did, I gave them the story they wanted to a certain extent. Drunk, carefree, emotionless, misjudged, stupid, and heartless Harry is what they got.” I explain, slightly opening up to Hayley. While I was explaining I didn’t seem to notice her take both my hands and intertwine out fingers together. “I’m sorry she did that.” she softly says,
“I’m not.”
“But just because she did that, doesn’t mean you need to be emotionless, and cold hearted.” she adds,
“I do, she isn’t the only reason Hayley.” I announce in a mumbled tone. “What are the other reasons?”
“I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I answered your question, so no more.” I reply, I don’t want to relive the memories an the torture of telling her. “Harry I want to know what lies beneath that skin of yours.”
“Blood, vessels, veins all that stuff is beneath my skin.” I reply with a smirk.
“not literally idiot.”
“Look, you know I’m not the sappy, emotional; lets tell my whole life story, kind of person.”
“okay, I get it.” Hayley nods before we go quiet, silence filling the empty room. I lean in closer and kiss her sweetly. “Harry?” she pulls away,
“Don’t you think that we should know each other well if we are moving in?”
“we do know each other. No I’m still not telling you all my deep, dark, mysterious secrets.” I comment knowing exactly where she is trying to go with this. She sighs before giving me a smile. “What are you smiling about Hm?”
“nothing, I better get home before my mum blows my phone up, thinking I’m doing something stupid.” Hayley rolls her eyes making me chuckle. “She knows you’re safe with me.”
“I doubt that actually.”
“Well I’m hurt by that.”
“It’s true.” she defends,
“You do know that I wouldn’t let anything happen to you, intentionally? Right?” I ask her, looking deep into her beautiful bright eyes. She looks away for a moment before looking down. “Hayley, you know I wouldn’t put you in any danger.” I firmly state, a little upset that she thinks I would let her get hurt. “I’ll believe it when I see it Harry. We haven’t been put in the situation where you need to protect me.”
“So you don’t trust me?”
“No, I trust you. But I need to see that you’ll protect me.”
“Well isn’t that some bullshit.”
“That’s like me saying, 'hey I trust you not to cheat on me but I’ll believe it when you prove you don’t cheat.’” I remark looking directly at Hayley.
“Harry I love you.” Hayley sighs before silencing me with a sweet and rather passionate kiss. “mm no you can’t.. Shut.. Me up.. Like” I mumble between kisses until I give up and kiss her deeply. What she does to me isn’t fair. How she can easily shut me up with a kiss, how she turns me on unintentionally, it isn’t fair at all. Hayley pulls away before she leans against my chest. I wrap my arm around her, before kissing the top of her head. “Do you have any food?” she mumbles, “No, we can go get some.” I offer, but she doesn’t move. “Hayley?” I hum, “That means I have to move.” she sighs. “you have to move anyway because my shoulder’s hurting.” I reply before she gets off of me and stands up. “Want to come to the store?” I ask and she nods with a yawn. “Sleepy.” I chuckle, she’s rather cute when she yawns or when she is sleepy. “Mhm.” she nods before taking the lead out the front door.

I carry most the grocery bags inside, Hayley holding a few. We place them on the kitchen counter top before we distribute the items we got between the fridge and the pantry. “Where’s the bottled water?” Hayley asks as she rummages through a plastic bag. “Here babe.” I draw her attention to me, gesturing towards the 20 bottles of water situated in the box beside me. She nods before grabbing herself a bottle of water while I continue putting things away. We didn’t get too many groceries just the minimum. Drinks, cereal, bread, milk, a few random snacks, just until tomorrow when I or we can properly get all the food we desire. Hayley huffs as she sifts throught her bag. “What are you huffing about?” I question as I snap the cap off of her water bottle. “I can’t find my damn pills.”
“Thought you weren’t taking them?” I comment, “don’t piss me off about them.” she quickly shoots. I bite my lip as she continues to search for them, something telling me that she’s tense, for an unknown reason. She pushes her bag away before grabbing her phone that sounds. I walk over to her and grab her bag. “If you weren’t so tense you might be able to find them.” I softly say kissing her cheek. She huffs before looking back into her bag. After a few moments she pulls her hand out, finding her pills. She grabs her water before taking a pill and sitting on the couch. “Enjoying the TV?” I joke as she look at the blank wall. “Mmhm amazing show.” she replies, “Move.” I instruct wanting to sit by the arm rest. “So nice.” she mutters before moving. I sit down and place my legs up on the couch, before I gesture for Hayley to rest on me. She lies herself down, resting on my chest.

My p.o.v

I hear Harry’s heart beat beating, a sound that seems so relaxing and soothing. My eyes start to feel heavy, my body drowsy. “I’m sleepy.” I mumble as I get more comfortable, “I can tell.” he begins to say, my eyes closing before I could hear the end of his sentence.

I slowly awake to Harry’s voice. “She fell asleep, she’s with me it’s okay.” his deep voice echoes slightly, I go to say something but I stop as my eyes begin to close. “She’s asleep, yes she took her pills.” Harry adds, stopping me from falling asleep. Harry goes quiet moving a bit. “Who was that?” I sleepily ask,
“your mum, she wanted to know where you were.”
“Oh what time is it?” I yawn not moving from my position on him. “Midnight, do you want to stay here?” he asks me and I nod, I don’t feel like moving, or going home.