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Request: Steve x reader where the reader is a virgin because of low self esteem & she finally decides to have sex with him? - @iknowyouwuvme

Triggers: virgin reader, low self esteem, oral sex (female receiving), penetrative sex, after care, safe sex

Word Count: 2800+

A/N: I got a little carried away with this one, thank you for the request.

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There was always something about the gorgeous blond that attracted you to him. Even when you were younger your favourite superhero was Captain America. Your parents bought you action figures and posters that you showed off with pride. There was actually a box at your parents labelled “Our baby’s first love” that contained most of it. So when you had the chance to work with the man himself you jumped.

Apparently, there was something about you that attracted Steve to you.

On your first day he spent most of him time with you. On your first date you told him how much you idolised him. And the first time he met your parents they were all too eager to show him the large box in their basement.

There only one “first” you hadn’t shared with Steve.

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Deserved It (AU)

Pairing: Mechanic!Dean x Reader
Word Count: 1591
Warnings: Smut. Fingering, oral (male receiving), masturbation?, orgasm denial?
Request: @dancingalone21 - Congrats!!! Can I get #1 with Dean? An AU with smut/fluff? Thank youuuu :)
Prompts: 1) Did you…did you just bite me?’

A/N - That gif though… I hope you like it babe

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You’re searching through your cupboards hoping to find what you’ve been waiting for after you long day at work in the office. You’re in dire need of your comfort food, who cares if you put on weight from them, you could always work it off in the bedroom later on. You’re too short to see the top shelf of the cupboard but you think you put it there to restrain yourself from eating them. But those rules are forgotten. You need them but they’re not there.

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