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what's your favourite thing about shirabu? just wondering, since there's a lot of him on your blog ^_^


(I could rant for 3 hours probably, but you asked for The Favourite Thing so I gave that some thought..)

I think the reason why he stood out to me when I first read the manga: his design combined with his tough and salty attitude.

But what really really gets me is that he is sorta… scary.

He is one of those people who are driven by a spark, have a clear aim in their head, and do everything they can to achieve it. (Just look at those eyes they give me chills all over) He has this obsessive personality that speaks to me, without being corrupt or sly.

He has a pure, real fascination with Ushijima and Volleyball. He doesn’t pride himself as being the most important, he doesn’t strive for attention or praise (he’s seems confident and practical like that; knowing when his plays are good, knowing when he fucked up Big Time) - He plays to see that sort of power happening in front of him, because of him.

And he has a mental strength and discipline that my past self can relate to (that’s a story for Another Time) which leaves a very bittersweet feeling.


Another thing that just won’t let me go: his inner conflict and doubt which was never clearly answered.

“Faced with such amazing raw potential, wouldn’t the setter’s will be superfluous and wholly unnecessary?”

It is a way of showing that he gave up part of himself to get what he wanted. It is a conflict, it is hard, he seems like he is suffering and out of place or nothing special- amongst The Big Guys, the Miracle Boys- where his actual flashy skill is not required.

But he tries to keep up and pushes himself harder, and he is not less important than the others on the team. It is something he wanted, he decided that for himself and did it, and I think there are people who don’t think it is worth it or a good idea. But the reasons for why he chose this could be so multifarious! It makes me want to explore his personality, past and future. This right here is something that fascinates me!

tl;dr Shirabu is complex! And completely underrated~


Requested:  If its not too much of a bother can i have #55 and #84 for the drabble game with jungkook please and thank you. (I hope i dont come of as rude i love your blog.)

You didn’t come off rude at all:) Thank you for requesting♥ I honestly LOVED writing this, I was so excited when I saw those two quotes being requested so thank you so much

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 778

“Stop saying you love me when you don’t mean it.”

“I wish I could hate you, I really do.”

You aren’t simply a good friend, you have become part of my soul. We’ve been through so much together yet you’re so oblivious to the obvious signs. When life became a storm you were the boat that kept the salty water from entering my lungs. You were always there for me as I was for you. We said we’d always be there for each other and neither of us has broken that promise. You were love when I needed it and I thank you for that. You may have been the love when I needed it but it had stayed with me. I’m hopelessly in love with my best friend and it’s eating me up inside.

You flung yourself on Jungkook’s bed once you entered his room, him following you soon after landing right beside you.

“I honestly hate you.” 

“No you don’t, you love me, you can’t hate me.” Jungkook laughed staring up at his ceiling along with you. If only he knew how true those words really were.

“Well I wish I could. I wish I could hate you, I really do.” You say bluntly, so much emotion behind those words yet Jungkook never caught on. He sat up leaning on his elbows and looked down at you.

“What’s wrong? Why so mean today?” Jungkook’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion as he looked over your features. He noticed the cold look on your face, your eyes boring into him and he couldn’t be more confused. You just rolled your eyes and sat up, pulling your hair up in a high ponytail, back facing Jungkook.

“I’m not being mean.” You simply say

“Then what’s wrong.” You took a deep breath in and closed your eyes.

I’m in love with you.

“Nothing. It’s nothing.” You stand up patting your back pockets in search for your phone. You noticed it’s lying on Jungkook’s bed. Reaching for it, it get’s snatched away and held in the hand of the boy in front of you, eyebrows not knitted anymore as he has a hard stare held on his face.

“You’re not getting your phone back until you tell me what’s wrong.” Jungkook now stood up, his height now towering over you as he took a step closer, you took a step back on instinct. “Why would you want to hate me? We’re best friends (Y/N). You know I love you-”

“Stop saying you love me when you don’t mean it.” You snapped, eyes angry and frustration was soon filling in them but most of all hurt resignated in them. Jungkook was able to see that right away.  

“What are you talking about? Of course I love you (Y/N).” Jungkook took another step forward which you took another step back, legs hitting his dresser  blocking you from moving back anymore. Seeing his opportunity Jungkook took another step towards you, arms on each side of you resting on the dresser completely blocking any move for escape. 

You lowered your head, staring at your now more fascinating fingers than looking at the boy who was so close to you. You closed your eyes and took in a big breath slowly letting it out.

“You don’t love me Jungkook…not in the way that I love you.” 

Jungkook’s eyes broadened, body becoming numb and rigid as realization came flooding in. The looks, the way your cheeks would flush whenever he looked at you for too long, you were always there for him and did whatever you could to make sure he was okay, But you were just being a good friend..right? 

Your head was still down, fumbling with your fingers. Jungkook stayed right where he was, hands sliding closer towards each other until his arms were wrapped around your waist. Your breath hitched in the back of your throat from the sudden contact of skin. All Jungkook could do was stare, stare at the girl who he’d grown so close with. How could he have not seen the signs? How could he be so unaware of everything that was presented to him? He backed his head up a little but still keeping a hold on your waist and keeping a close distance between you two.

“Look at me.” His voice was deep but it came off in a whisper. 

You raised your head, eyes going to his. He saw the fear in your eyes yet you couldn’t determine the look in his. It was something you’d never seen before when he looked at you. It was unknown and foreign yet you welcomed it. His hold on you tightened as he brought you even closer, lips only grazing each other when he spoke.

“I love you too.”

For You

Title: For You 

Prompt: @curlyxtomato : And hey, can we see more Lucifer? Fluff and maybe smut (if you feel comfortable with that)? ❤ I don’t wanna be rude or anything, but I just love your writing since I discovered it recently :)  What do you think about something like them meeting through the Winchesters and the reader doesn’t like him at all (because of what happened to sam etc.) but he finds her very interesting and pleasant to be around? And so he kind of tries to win her over?

 Summary: You didn’t like Lucifer…well, you assumed you didn’t.  After everything you had heard about him.  He was surely a bad guy, a mean, selfish, sadistic person who didn’t deserve your friendship.  But that thought is about to change.   

Warnings: Language….I dropped a few F bombs.

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You weren’t sure what to think of him.  You had heard the stories, how he tried tricking Sam, how the time in the cage changed Sam, how Lucifer tortured him, all that.  There honestly wasn’t a single story that you had heard of him that made you think he had a shred of decency to him.  So you did what any normal person would do, you distanced yourself from him.  You pushed him away, refused to be alone with him, and didn’t speak with him.

But still, you couldn’t help but wonder…  Ever since he had been ordered by Chuck to remain with the Winchesters, act as their guardian, he hadn’t done anything bad.  No tricks. No lies.  Nothing.  Maybe he had changed?  Could he change?  These questions tumbled around in your mind, but there was one that always popped up to the front, one question you couldn’t deny.

Why the hell is he looking at me like that?

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For You (Part 2)

Title: For You 

Prompt: @curlyxtomato: And hey, can we see more Lucifer? Fluff and maybe smut (if you feel comfortable with that)? ❤ I don’t wanna be rude or anything, but I just love your writing since I discovered it recently :)  What do you think about something like them meeting through the Winchesters and the reader doesn’t like him at all (because of what happened to sam etc.) but he finds her very interesting and pleasant to be around? And so he kind of tries to win her over?

 Summary: You didn’t like Lucifer…well, you assumed you didn’t.  After everything you had heard about him.  He was surely a bad guy, a mean, selfish, sadistic person who didn’t deserve your friendship.  But that thought is about to change.  

 Warnings: Fluffy fluff fluff

Part 1

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Things had changed between you and Lucifer since that day.  You weren’t as standoffish to him, and he seemed to be pleased with that. You weren’t best friends by any means, but you at least didn’t leave a room when he walked in, you would greet him good morning, thank him for helping on hunts and such.

It was strange to you to be on quasi-friendly terms with Lucifer.  He still was the devil, but when he was around you, he was…different.  He seemed more relaxed, more at ease.  You weren’t sure why it was, but it was there.

But something weirder was starting to happen.  Lucifer used to just float around the bunker, not doing much of anything…but now, he was actively seeking you out.  He wouldn’t disturb you or anything, but he would sit next to you, or just watch you work on something.  Sometimes it was annoying, like when you were cooking…cause it made you mess up a bunch of times.  Other times, like when you were reading or watching TV, it was kinda nice to have him there, to have the company.  

Little did you know he was about to become a bit more bold.  

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Not being rude , I honestly love you , but doesn't your boyfriend get upset when you post nudes online ?

1. No because it’s my body and not his
2. Nobody who can see a photo can touch me
3. I don’t post them so people will flirt with me I post them because I’m cute

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Hey, sorry if this is rude to just ask you but I really love your warrior cat characters are purebreds and I was wondering what bred you think Foxleap would be?

he should be a gray tabby…but the only breed that i can think of that comes close to his coloration is a somali/abyssinian

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hey!! i hope you're having a nice day, i know you're watching 3-gatsu no lion and reading hachimitsu to clover; have you been inspired by the artstyle in any way? (oh and im so sorry if this question is rude in any way;; i love your art it always makes my day!)

Yeah! I have definetly been inspired by it. Especially on the style of inking and drawing certain things but honestly rather than anything about style, i think i got a lot more inspired by Umino ’s Emotion over all else type of storytelling. Like especially with her earlier work hachikuro i feel the artist is very visible? Her art is not flawless by any means and it feels sincere in that way. Like in some parts you can see where she tried new things that went well or not so well and how she experiments around kind of publicly?? Or like freely throwing away stuff like anatomy and realistic sets in favor of things that communicate personality and feeling or atmosphere better. So yeah, most of all I’m inspired by her stuff’s power to communicate emotion and strive to do the same!

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Doesn't it feel a bit weird being a fan of people you indirectly kinda know? Like there's the whole new realness effect here. (hope you don't find it rude, i love you and your blog a lot)

Nahh, I definitely don’t know the actors but also i feel closer to them than American actors, I mean I’m a big fan of the show and I am grateful for what Tarjei, Marlon, Henrik, Ulrikke you know the whole skam squad has put into this amazing show, but nothing more than that? I care for them even though I don’t know them and I want them to be happy, but I don’t fantasise about them or anything.
I’ve never been one of these crazy screaming bra-throwing fan girls anyway haha! But since they’re my age, my nationality and I’ve met several of them and that I know people who are friends with them is probably a reason why I’m so quick to defend them and to shut down inappropriate questions etc. It has definitely given me a new perspective on being in a fandom? And that actors are real people?

Short answer: I don’t feel weird reblogging gifs of them but I feel very weird when people write fanfiction/fantasise about the actors

Breaking News:

Just because a character is flawed doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to love them. And just because you love a character doesn’t mean they don’t have flaws

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Sorry to bother you love, but i saw an anonymous say to you that you're fat? Really loved your answer to that rude message. i checked out your instagram and believe me you're not fat (eventhough there is nothing wrong with being not skinny) i think you're absolutely stunning. Keep on going, much love XO M

thank you so much, this is so kind of you. stay amazing 🌹❤️

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Imma start doing this for every fanart I post from now on~ I wanna give a shoutout to the ones who reblog and type hilarious or really touching tags! You guys really make my day and I love to go through each and everyone of it! Be sure to type random stuff in the tags as I will lurk to find my favourite!

shout out to: @floraphil@vlamcake@merlin–loves–arthur​ :’D

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wtf? That was fucking rude of that twitter user . Anyways i love your url and the blog that it takes me to. Hope you had a lovely day! - alannah

i dont really give a shit its fine ahaha i mostly think its fucking hilarious

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I apologize at sounding rude. Thank you for responding with such polite answer. Well, hopefully we'll see an update one day. Until then thank you for the lovely expirience your blog gave.

I don’t think it was rude at all, it’s a valid opinion for sure! Thanks for your patience.

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❝ And you don't think I felt pain, ❞ her voice sharp, piercing to the ear. ❝ But I couldn't let myself feel. I couldn't. Becuase once I did, ❞ her wet eyes looking at the strawberry blonde, ❝ It...It hur—. ❞ The sound of her voice breaking shut her up. It had been a year since the dead of Ace, and the pain was still fresh. ❝ I had to look after you. I promised him that. Just know that I love you and I only wanted the best. I'm sorry if I hurt you, Rosa.❞

    ♪ |    This was sudden, unexpected but more than that it had been a piercing blow to the musician’s already bleeding heart, however she couldn’t quite decide which had been more painful:

    Witnessing her sister finally break and fall apart after a year of burying her feelings or knowing she, herself, had been the cause they were hidden for so long — That she was deemed too weak and pitiful, the rest of the crew felt they had to dismiss their feelings to look after her.

    The thought simply didn’t sit well with the hummingbird whose selfless heart always ached for others’ sorrows and placed them above her own.

    ❝— A-and you think I wanted that? You think I wanted any of this? That — that I wanted you to conceal how you really felt for me? That I needed looking after!❞ she cried out in retaliation, mirroring tears streaming down pale cheeks.

    Rather than shut her feelings off, she would have rather her sister opened up to her but instead each of the girls had suffered on her own, in isolation; Rosa shutting everyone out, and Sahar shutting her own feelings out. 

    ❝…How could you think for a moment that I don’t want the best for you too?❞ wasn’t it why she had distanced herself from her family to begin with? So she wouldn’t burden them with her tears while they were already hurting. ❝I’m sorry you felt you had to look after me… I’m sorry I couldn’t do the same for you.. I’m sorry you thought you didn’t deserve to mourn him too.. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…