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7. W/ Young!Sirius 

Okay so I combined two prompts again coz i can. Also, I know I said I wasn’t going to include prompt 8 in this but as I was writing it I just went ‘fuck it, it suits’ *throws glitter up in the air* *sprinkles it over your head* here you go, mah nonnie

8. “Why are you so jealous?”, 7. “I hate how much I love you,” 14. “Just be my best friend and not the guy I just confessed my love to,” and 5. “Well. Yell, scream. Say something! Anything!” 


You couldn’t pin point the exact moment you knew you were in love with Sirius Black. It was more of a slow realisation than an epiphany. First, he was the jerk on the Hogwarts Express that you met in your first year. Then, he was the jerk who stuck up for you when some Voldemort-infatuated Slytherins bullied you over blood. Then, he was the sort-of jerk who is kinda nice, clever and witty, who made you laugh at the most cringe-worthy of jokes. Then he was the sort-of jerk who became your best friend, and you adopted three other children who followed you around like a shadow. Finally, he was back to being the jerk you were in love with and perhaps this was the stage you loathed the most.

You hated love. You hated loving him.


Shit. You stopped, sighed, and spun on your heels.


“W-What just happened?” Sirius’ eyes glittered, two stars against an obsidian sky.

“I poured an entire bowl of some good quality punch on Melanie Bishop’s head….” You resumed walking and Sirius followed, much to your dismay.

“I know,” he chortled, “And–trust me–it was a sight to behold. Never letting that go anytime soon…” he paused, hesitating. Then – “but why?”

“You saw the way she was acting!” you snapped, “She was being a bitch! The girl needed to cool down before all that plastic went to her head…”

‘Bitch’ was an understatement. Melanie had been all over him. Perfectly manicured fingers combing through his hair, sprawling across his chest, sliding over his shoulder as though she were branding him hers and it was driving you insane. Not only because her polished cackle was like nails scratching against a chalkboard, or her obnoxious flirting was assaulting your eyes, but because he was yours. Sirius Black belongs to me.  

It is a selfish thought and you want to slap yourself in the face for even thinking it but whenever Sirius spent time with someone else, it killed you slowly, softly, one small blade piecing your heart at a time. 

“But the (Y/N) I know wouldn’t do something like that…” He had a point. You were a schemer, not an ‘in the moment’ type of girl.

“Yeah, well, maybe I’ve been hanging around you lot too much!” you turned the corner sharply. 

“I don’t think it’s that…” Sirius sent you a scrutinising stare, studying every line of your face. He wouldn’t ever in a million years guess why I had acted so br– “Are you jealous?”

Well, shit.

“No!” you snapped. Sirius continued to stare. “Y-Yes…”

Jealousy was such a petty thing that, most often than not, pitted girls against each other at a time when they should be united. But it was too late for apologies. 

“Why are you so jealous?”

“If you’re such a genius, you figure it out!” you barked.




“Sirius, please!”


“Oh would you stop that!”

“(Y/N),” Sirius’s face had softened, his smile genuine, “Please tell me why…”

“Sirius, please leave me alone…”

“(Y/N), please…”

You stopped walking, almost making Sirius crash into you. Spinning around, you dug your nails into your palms and gritted your teeth.

Oh, fuck it.

“Because that girl’s shallow interest in you is…well…its shallow! She doesn’t know how you like your toast or the way you sit in a chair, limbs flowing all over the arm rest, because you’re mother used to smack you with a cane if you didn’t sit upright. Or the way you hum when you’re doing something you love, or your interest in motorcycles and how, one day, you’d like to dissect one and rebuild it so you can claim it your own. Or how you tap your fingers when you’re thinking, and how you know seven languages but only because you wanted to learn how to swear in seven languages!”

Sirius watched with wide eyes, lips parted in stunned silence as you continued to vent.

“Sirius, I know all these things about you, all your little nervous ticks and mannerisms, but that girl only knows what she sees. She wants you naked, in her bed, so she can say that she slept with Sirius Black. But I want you, by my side when the whole world collapses, because I’m bloody in love with you. I love you so much, my whole body aches with the pain of it. I love you Sirius. And I hate you. I hate how much I love you.

Silence. A horrid, cold silence crashed over both of you as you stood in the hallway. A portrait behind you snorted, awakening from its slumber, and complained about the noise.

“There it is. Right there. And now, oh god now, now you’re going to hate me. You’re going to hate me and you’ll never want to see me again.”

Still, more silence.

“Oh, and now you pity me. You probably hate the sight of me so you feel awkward and you’re trying to think of something nice to say to let me down easily. If that’s the case, I don’t need that. I need…I need you to be my friend. Just please be my best friend right now, not the guy I just confessed my love to.

Sirius stared at you, something unreadable in his eyes, and you wanted to punch him in the face with your own face, anything to replace the shame burning your cheeks and Sirius’ incomprehensible gawk.

Well? Yell, scream, say something. Anything!” Nothing. Apparently, there were no words to be said. So, you would just have to leave him there, rooted to the floor in the hallway, completely bewildered. You turned, and then, you heard Sirius whisper something to the air.

“Have you ever seen yourself when you wake up in the morning?” Sirius suddenly asked. You turned to gape at him, slightly offended.


“When your hair is all disheveled and your cheeks are rosy. I love that,” His voice grew as his confidence blossomed, “And your voice is all husky and sleepy and Merlin I could just listen to you all day. Or when I borrow a book from you, and I’ll be reading and find some random, dried flower between the pages because you plant them there but you forget about it. I have a collection of them, under my bed. They remind me of you. And when you talk about something you love, you get really passionate and wave your arms about in the air, like you’re filled with so much passion, you’re going to explode.”

Sirius stepped closer to you, took your hands, and held them, his thumbs brushing over your skin. “See, you’re not the only one who loves the little things. I love them, too. I could go on forever about all your little quirks and habits. But, the truth is, I’d rather tell you after I kiss you because now I know for certain that you love me, and I know for certain that I love you. So can we please kiss because I’m dying to taste your lips.”

Without another word, you stood on the tips of your toes and kissed him, passionately, held him captive between your lips as you poured every single emotion into him. Magic sparked the air and hummed in your veins as he pulled you closer, you wrapped your arms around his neck and he held onto you as though he were trying to merge your souls together. As your lips danced with his, it was then that you realised he was subconsciously speaking to you the words scribed across his wild, reckless heart.

I’m yours. And you’re mine.

Sirius Black was yours.

no more prompts please

Trinkets of Treasure-Newt Scamander x Reader

Trinkets of Treasure
Request: Newt x reader. Newt has bought the reader a necklace for their wedding anniversary. To only have the niffler steal it

A/n: Another imagine done, I hope this is alright. I’m still working on finishing requests and I may be writing some based on my own angsty ideas in the future (and one of these may or may not be influenced by a song from Hamilton *wink wink*). Thank you all for being kind and I’m sorry that my writing isn’t as frequent as it once was. On my to do list for imagines I have a ton of ideas and requests that will eventually be done, including a few continuations of the Hogwarts headcanons, the valentine’s day imagine, part two of Tickled Pink, and a few others that may have multiple parts as well. I’m trying to write as often as I can, but unfortunately life is a thing that likes to push me down. Anyways, you are all so lovely and I hope you are all having a wonderful day and night. Enjoy!

No warnings just fluff :)

Newt frantically paced back and forth across the floorboards of the bedroom that the two of you shared. He furiously ran his hand through his locks, muttering and whispering under his breath. Your melodious voice filled the room as you were happily singing a tune in the shower and getting ready to head out to a restaurant downtown to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Normally your sweet song would calm Newt down instantly, but right now, he was in a full state of panic.

Knowing that your anniversary was right around the corner, Newt had gone out and purchased a divine necklace for you as a gift. A being as lovely and beautiful and understanding as you deserved something just as special as a gift, and he had searched for the perfect one for days. He even enlisted in Queenie’s help, begging her to read your mind to see what you wanted, in which she only replied with, “She’ll love whatever you give her sweetheart. She does love you after all.”

Newt had selected the necklace, after about a week of looking and deciding, and had hidden it where you would never find it. Now the day had arrived I which he would present it to you, except he couldn’t present it if it wasn’t anywhere to be found.

You were the most important person in his life. You never yelled at him for spending too much time with his creatures, and you never got cross when he accidentally almost burned the house down while trying to cook, and oh Merlin, you were so stunning and smart and kind as well. He still couldn’t believe that he had managed to steal your heart like you had done with his. He remembered the night he proposed, as your eyes brimmed with tears as you broke into a smile, and he remembers your wedding day, and oh how radiant and stunningly elegant you were. Everything about you was perfect, and he was mentally scolding himself for screwing things up today.

“Where did I put it, oh Merlin why can’t I do things right,” he mumbled to himself with hints of panic. He sometimes felt that he looked like a plain fool next to you, and in times like this, those harbored feelings from within him were only amplified. He just wanted to make today perfect for you. He didn’t want to let you down.

He once again began to sift through drawers and his memory for the location of the necklace. He pulled a wooden drawer open off the desk and began to flip through the excess notebooks and papers, hoping that it would be there. Defeated, he continued to look around the desk, on the shelves of the closet, even under the bed but he was still met with nothing.

“I must have misplaced it. Oh Y/n is going to be disappointed if I don’t get her something.”

You hadn’t asked for anything and you didn’t expect anything but Newt’s love and affection, but Newt felt that you not only deserved a gift because you were his lovely significant other, but you had also gifted him something as well. Your gift was simply a new handmade coat, but to Newt it was everything. He was going to get a gift for you regardless, but he would feel incredibly guilty if he was empty handed. As he was shuffling through his pockets, he heard the shower shut off.

You would be out soon, and he still hadn’t found it. He was beginning to panic once more and his head felt fuzzy from all the anxiety. He was scrambling once more around the room when he heard a click to the right of him. He paused and turned, only to see one of his latches on the case standing up like a building. He had neglected to get it fixed still, and at that instant moment, a realization dawned on him.

The Niffler.

“That shifty bugger,” he spoke as he unlatched his case entirely in a flustered fashion. He stepped into the shed and began to head out in search of the furry thief. He mentally slapped himself, for he should have looked there first. His brain was so scattered that he had forgotten to add the Niffler as an obvious suspect. It was clear as day now that the Niffler had taken it, for this beast was the exact same one who had attempted to steal your wedding ring when you took it off to help Newt prepare medicine for the others so that it wouldn’t get messy. He jogged through the enclosures since you could be out any minute.

After a bit of searching and a few greeting to the other beasts, he found the Niffler scurrying back towards his nest with various objects in his hand, including the necklace.

“Bugger,” muttered Newt once more as he sped up to chase the Niffler, who had now caught sight of what Newt was trying to do. He retreated to his nest and placed the necklace inside his pouch with the rest of the coins that at in his tiny paws. Newt sighed and lunged toward him, yet the Niffler still narrowly escaped. Newt Stumbled slightly as he watched the creature once again escape with the necklace and around to the side of his home. When the Niffler paused and scanned the area, Newt caught him and started to tickle him in an attempt to grab the necklace back.

“You are a tricky pest you are. Do you know how much stress you’ve caused me today?”

Newt continued to tickle him as coins spilled out. He wasn’t angry at the creature, just extremely annoyed. By now Newt was begging to have the necklace back.

“Please give it back, it’s for Y/n. I’m trying to make today special and -,”

“Newt? Are you in here?”

He turned with the Niffler still in his hands, and he did not see the necklace plop to the ground. You stood wondering the case in search of Newt, and it was then Newt understood how much time had passed. Your eyes met his and you smiled and headed over to where he was still awkwardly holding the Niffler. You stopped in front of him with a questioning look on your face as you tried to hold in your giggles.

“Newt darling, what in the world are you doing?”

“I am, um I’m…”

“Are you giving the Niffler more attention than me on our wedding anniversary?” you said as you smirked at him and pretended to be offended.

“Merlin, no love I just was looking for this.”

“Newt I was kidding.”

“But I wasn’t. I really was looking for this.”

He set the Niffler down gently and handed him his coins in an apologetic fashion. The Niffler let out a tiny purr and nudged Newts hand lovingly and with gentle assurance before scampering back to his treasure trove. Newt held the necklace he had been searching for and held it in his hand. He took in your breathtaking beauty and his cheeks flushed before he spoke.

“Love, we’ve been married for some time, hence today’s special meaning, and you’re just so kind and sweet and you’re everything I could ever imagine to find in someone, so I wanted to get you something special. I…well…the Niffler found it first and this wasn’t how I wanted to give it to you because I wanted to do it at the restaurant but…you’re just so unbelievable special to me and I wanted to get you something that was almost as spectacular as you are.”

He presented the necklace and you gasped. It was insanely beautiful, and you didn’t feel deserving of its beauty. Its chain glistened and its gemstone was (your favorite color), and all around its exquisite and artistic craft was beyond gorgeous.

“N-Newt this…this is gorgeous, but I don’t deserve this,” you spoke while trying to hold back a few tears, as you were touched by the wonderful man you had married.

“Of course you do Y/n, you’re my lovely darling and you deserve everything. Here, let me clasp it on you.”

You pushed your hair aside and he leaned in close to put it on. You could feel his breath on the back of your neck and you felt the same butterflies that had occurred while you two were still dating. When he was finished, he turned you back around to take you in. Your eyes were highlighted with the gleaming jewel, and he enveloped you in his arms for a kiss. His lips softly pressed into yours. Your arms found their way around his neck while his found your waist, closing the two of you in a bubble of your own world. His kissed you passionately and he didn’t hesitate to deepen it. He pulled you closer into his chest, breathing in the scent of your shampoo and perfume. Your lips were one with another, effortlessly molding into each other while his heartbeat increased. It had been years since your first kiss, yet this one was just as magical, if not even more. With a low groan your lips parted and his eyes swelled with adoration and love as he whispered a sweet ‘I love you.’ You giggled and held his calloused hands in yours still, and his fingers graced over your ring.

“C’mon dear, it’s almost time for our reservation,” you added as you kissed him briskly again.

“Yes, let’s head off,” he paused to wrap and arm around your waist to lead you out of the case and to your promised dinner, “I love you my darling, and happy anniversary.”

“Happy anniversary, and I love you too Newt.”

He kissed your rosy cheek and led you out of the case to your destination, and you could both agree that your love would blossom more each day and stronger with each moment.



The Boy Next Door

Request:  hi! could you please do a fluffy scenario where you are one of bts’s members neighbor (i really don’t care who) and you have a cat but he has a dog, and one time your pets meet and something funny happens, like the chase each other maybe…

Okay. I got carried away with this one in a completely different direction, but I hope you like it. I can write a different for you if you’d like! Don’t hesitate to ask! P.S. I put a link to a short video that should help visualize 😉

Pairing: Min Yoongi X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count:  1307

Living next to Min Yoongi, you had naturally high standards when it came to men. Which made it hard for you to date. Especially when you had a huge crush on the guy next door. Yoongi was not only extremely attractive, but very talented as well. You could hear him play his piano in the middle of the day, creating beautiful music. You could just imagine his fingers dancing over the keys, perfect posture as he read the music he was playing. You smiled to yourself when you heard the familiar music playing on the other side of your wall. Your cat jumped up onto the couch next to you, curling up next to you as you set your book on your lap.

“Murry.” You whispered softly as he purred, rolling further over onto his back. Murry was the cutest cat you had ever seen. He was a rare breed of cat called the munchkin (he was basically the corgi version of a cat). He had light brown hair with random white patterns all over his body. His amber eyes were huge and his little ears appeared a tad flattened, making him look sad.

You sighed when Murry jumped down and made his way over to your front door, asking to be let out. Reluctantly, you got up and slowly walked over to the door, opening it to let him out. Standing there for a second, Yoongi’s door swung open and out came his dog. You watched your cat’s eyes widen before he turned and ran in the other direction, Holly chasing after him.


“Murry!” You both shouted after your animals at the same time as you watched them disappear down the street.

“Shit”  Yoongi mumbled, grabbing his coat from just inside the door and rushing down the steps. You sighed, doing the same and running into him as you stepped off the last step.

“Oh sorry!” You blurted, stumbling into him. He laughed, catching you before you fell on the ground.

“It’s okay.” He held onto you until you were stable on your own feet.  "I’m Yoongi.“ He smiled, offering his hand for you to shake.

"I know.” You said quickly, straightening yourself out. “I mean… Nice to meet you! I’m Y/N.” You added, feeling your cheeks heat up as you took his hand to shake it.

“Nice to meet you too, Y/n.” He said with a sweet smile. You smiled back before looking in the direction your pets disappeared in.

“Well I suppose we should go after them.” You sighed, taking a slow step that way.

“Yeah,” He said, looking around.

The two of you walked in silence, hands in your pockets as you walked. “Holly!” Yoongi called out, hoping his dog would come running.

“Murry!” You called, laughing immediately after. Yoongi looked over at you, amused.

“What?” He asked.

“Murry is a cat.” You responded. “Kitty kitty kitty!” You called out in a sweet voice. Yoongi smiled, looking at the ground.

“You’re cute.” He said quietly, kicking a rock. Your eyes widened and your heart about beat out of your chest. You swallowed hard before answering.

“Really?” You choked out, in shock. He laughed, looking up at you.

“Yeah, you’re always reading or playing with your cat when I see you.” He smiled, stopping to turn toward you. You stopped, turning as well. “You’re super pretty and you’re so sweet with your cat.” He explained. “I probably sound really creepy now.”

“No, no!” You blurted, shaking your head with a smile. “It’s nice to be complemented.”

“I’m glad I didn’t creep you out.” He smiled his gummy smile. You never thought a person’s smile could be so beautiful and genuine.

“I love your smile.”

“Thank you.” His cheeks turned rosy and his eyes darted away from yours. “Maybe it would be better if we go back home and wait for them to come back.” He offered. “You look cold.”

“I am.” You replied. With that, the two of you headed back toward home. You each told stories about your pets as you meandered down the dirt path, giggling at the funny things your animals did.

“Home at last.” Yoongi said with a content sigh. “Do you want to come in? I can make some warm tea. After all, it was my dog who chased off your cat.” He smiled.

“I would like that.” You giggled, following him up the steps to his door. He opened it, letting you walk in first as he followed in behind you.

There it was. His piano. It was beautiful. You wanted so badly to see his fingers dance across those perfect white keys. “Do you play?” He asked, pulling your coat off your shoulders. You shook your head, pulling your arms out of the sleeves.

“No, I just… Will you play for me?” You asked. He let out a little laugh.

“Sure.” He sat down on the bench in front the instrument, looking back at you. “What do you want to hear?” He asked, staring at you. His eyes ran over your figure, studying you and making you feel a little self conscious.

“Um..” You giggled nervously, quickly looking away. “Whatever you feel like playing.” You smiled, tucking hair behind your ear and rocking back on your heels. He smirked before sighing and turning back to the piano.

“Hmm,” he pondered, ghosting his fingers over the keys before he started. Goosebumps covered your skin as he played.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyHaRCMbx6A) You were astonished at how amazing it sounded. His fingers fluttered over the keys as he looked over the piano and moved his head along with the music. He was playing from memory with effortless perfection. Everything you imagined of him playing was wrong; his posture wasn’t perfect and he didn’t even keep his eyes open, let alone follow music out of a book.

When he finished, he turned to look at you again, catching your dorky fangirl smile. “Yoongi, you’re amazing!” You exclaimed, making your way toward him.

“You think so?” He asked, eyes glued to you as you sat next to him on the bench.

“Yes! You’re so talented!” You were smiling ear to ear as he stared at you.

“Thank you.” He blushed, looking down then back up at you. “It means a lot.” You smiled sweetly, suddenly embarrassed about your fangirl outburst. You looked down, playing with your hands.

When you looked back up, Yoongi’s face was nearing yours. Your breath hitched when his lips were mere centimeters away from your own. Your eyes fluttered shut when you felt his hand slide into your hair, cradling your face with one hand.

Then the moment was ruined when you heard scratching at the door and Yoongi pulled away. “Holly,” he whispered. Getting up, he opened the door and let the little dog in.

“Well I should go see if Murry found his way back.” You said quickly, jumping up and walking to the door.

“Are you sure? I haven’t even made tea yet.” He said, furrowing his eyebrows. You pressed your lips together, putting your coat on.

“Oh yeah. It’s okay.” You said, rushing to get out the door.

“Okay.” He said softly, “well I hope Murry is home.” You smiled briefly, reaching for the door. You heard him sigh as he grabbed your hand before it could reach the door handle. “I’m sorry.” He whispered, pulling you into him. His lips pressed gently against yours, making every cell in your body go numb.

Yoongi pulled away with a nervous smile on his face. “Yoongi.” You whispered, in shock of what just happened. When your brain finally caught up, you smiled and pulled him in for another kiss. His hands slid around your waist as yours got lost in his bleached locks, lips moving slowly against his.

Maybe you would stay for tea after all… 


Group: UP10TION

Member: Wooshin

AN: It would have took me a really long time to write a scenario, since I’m not that good at it. So I hope this format is alright? If not I can write a scenario! However first Soulmate! writing! I chose where you could see all but one color!

  • you were okay with not seeing the color brown
  • well that’s what you told yourself when you were younger
  • it didn’t really matter back then
  • because you were too engrossed with learning each of the other colors not focusing on the missing one
  • but
  • now
  • you think brown is so stupid
  • that this whole thing is stupid
  • why could you see all bright colors of the rainbow
  • but not the color of the trees and some of the houses?
  • it ticked you off beyond imaginable
  • just because you couldn’t even imagine what this brown looked like
  • people had tried to explain it to you
  • but of course your brain couldn’t think of something even close to what they were saying
  • you would just have wait
  • wait until they came
  • they as in your soulmate
  • you were also kinda ticked at your soulmate
  • why did they have so much power over you?
  • but you couldn’t really be that mad because you knew were withholding a color from them
  • you couldn’t help but to think
  • what color were you holding?
  • blue? green? purple?
  • all your friends had their color wheel and life complete
  • what was taking your soulmate so long?
  • what if you didn’t have a soulmate?
  • what if they don’t want to meet you and stayed inside all day avoiding you?
  • all this crazy talk was really making you crazy
  • so you needed to go to the grocery store anyway plus it would help ease your mind focus only on your list
  • while in the grocery store you couldn’t help but to feel a nagging sense but you didn’t know why
  • so heck you continued to shop
  • buying all things that wasn’t on your list lol
  • “I don’t remember 3 cartons of ice cream being on the list buuuuut they are on sale so I might as well.”
  • it’s time to check out and while your pilling stuff on the counter
  • “paper or plastic?”
  • you could tell that paper was brown because it was that grey color
  • instead of seeing brown you seen grey
  • but you knew the item had to be brown because it was a special grey that intended it was brown
  • in school they taught you all about soulmates and your color wheel
  • they would have these powerpoints to show you what color you couldn’t see
  • each slide had a different color like for example blue
  • and the kids who couldn’t see blue would see the same color grey that you seen when you saw brown
  • so you chose paper just idk you wanted to hold something brown just in case you know
  • you ended up with two bags
  • they weren’t heavy or anything, nothing you couldn’t handle
  • they were just awkward to hold
  • you bid your goodbyes to the workers
  • about halfway home one of the bags started to tear
  • you were trying to hold the bag together with your hand
  • but eventually the bag ripped open letting all the contents slip onto the ground
  • it wasn’t eggs or anything which was good
  • it was a bunch of different things scattered all about
  • “here let me help you! it seems your bag has ripped? it happened to me the other day as well.”
  • someone says laughing
  • you look up and you’re frozen
  • he’s so beautiful
  • his nice tan skin complements his freshly dyed blonde hair
  • his bright orange button down shirt slapping you in the face next
  • paired with this nice blue pants making the shirt pop even more
  • he was just so beautiful
  • you quickly look down picking up your contents with shaky hands
  • you reach for the broken bag
  • and
  • it’s not grey anymore
  • it’s brown
  • you gasp looking at the boy again
  • “ahhh so that’s what pink looks like.”
  • and then he leans down and pecks your rosy cheeks

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Requested: No one asked but here is it

Brother! Danny Zuko x Plus size!reader

Word Count: 662

Warnings: Slight crush on Tom Chisum

     Summary: Reader is Danny Zuko’s baby sister and the guys are all super protective over her, imagine what happens when she has a crush.


You absolutely loved your brother and all of his friends but sometimes you wanted to tear out your hair. They wouldn’t ever leave you alone and it could be such an issue. Your (Skin tone) matched your mothers and you had to admit that you looked much more like her than your father, who Danny had always favored. “Ready for a new year squirt?” Kenickie asks, tossing an arm lazily around your shoulders, pulling you to him for a quick side hug before he let you go.

“Kenick, let go” You groan, pushing him off gentle and he shrugs, lighting a smoke between his lips. You loved the guys, that was all you had to keep telling yourself. “Can I?” you ask gesturing to the cigarette in his teeth earning an all to familiar snort from behind you. “No way” Danny says, his own cigarette poised in his lips making you roll your E/C eyes. “Come on Danny please?” you groan and he smiles down at you “Let’s go squirt” he orders, and as much as you want to refuse, you follow right behind him with the rest of the T-birds.

You couldn’t help but glance at Tom as you passed the jocks in the hallway. It wasn’t exactly a secret that you had a crush on the built blonde but you didn’t want Danny or any of the guys to know that. Tom smirked when he caught your eyes and you looked down immediately. A blush rushed right to your cheeks and you couldn’t help but hurry the boys down the hallway even quicker.

“Hiya Y/N” You hear and you roll your eyes at the voice “Hey Pats” you greet, turning to face the obnoxious blonde with a smile “Are you coming to the track?” she asks and you nod, in truth you hated the way you looked but it wasn’t worth the worrying.

The red top and white tennis skirt issued to you by Coach Calhoun was anything but flattering but you couldn’t help but admit that you didn’t look to bad. The rest of the day was easy, after all, you were just running laps and doing some work out stuff and while you weren’t one for exercise, you had to admit it wasn’t to bad to be outside.

That is until you noticed Tom standing with a couple of other jocks in the bleachers. He waved at you and you nearly tripped over your own feet as you stared. “Hey baby sis” you hear and you tense “Danny!” You squeal turning around to face him, your cheeks turning red at being caught. “No way, you were looking at him?” he asks waving at the object of your affection over by the fence “No” You yell almost to quickly “You were to” he teases, and you grab his hang quickly, pulling him away from the blonde.

“Hey Y/N” a voice calls and you suck in a breath “Hi Tom” you whisper, your face lighting up a bit at his appearance though you would never admit it. “Danny” he greets, and you remember all at once that your brother was still behind you “Danny?!” You whisper yell, shoving your brother in the other direction.

You didn’t realize how short the skirt was until just now and you couldn’t help but feel incredibly self conscious of the exposed flesh of your legs. “So Y/N, I was wondering if you would want to go get a malt with me?” he asks and you nod, “I would love to” you say, your cheeks rosy red as you skipped away, now lets just hope Danny and Kenick would let you go.

                          KYLO X READER || Soul Mate 8

“the voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time”

A/N: Haha, I lied, here’s part eight. Enjoy having your hearts ripped out! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 3.1K+

Warning: chant with me ANGST ANGST ANGST!



There was a lump in your throat, one you couldn’t seem to swallow, he was so…sincere, and it pained you even more to hear the breaking in his voice. Why? Why the sudden turn in emotions? Why was he so hell bent on you and why were you so cruel to him? Me? Cruel to him? With all the negative thinking, something in the back of your mind was tugged, as if there were a shift in the Force calling out to you…begging you to remember something you couldn’t. “I’m sorry. I thought what I did to you was for your own good…but seeing as how it wasn’t…I regret my actions.”

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hc for some chubby neko!dan?

//Lame and probs overdone but dan gains weight (you choose how much idk) and phil convinces him hes still attracted to him with some loving ;) (most of the fics about this is just fluff so i feel like it needs to be smut lol)

Warning!! Smut: Neko! Dan, master! Phil, Chubby! Dan, body praising, praise kink, fingering, daddy kink, etc.

~Dan was slightly insecure, as of late. He had been seemingly gaining weight, which usually wouldn’t be a problem for him. But he had an owner of sorts, one who didn’t just hit him or yell at him like most neko’s were unfortunate in getting, he had Phil. He had Phil who was kind and loving towards him and boy did he wanna keep it that was, and so, he was afraid if he got too big he would make Phil be attracted to him.

~Dan would be walking around, his stomach sucked in, trying to avoid showing his chub off too much to Phil in fear he would be repulsed by it. His ribs poked out slightly at the top, his tummy round and soft at the bottom even as he sucked in. As he noticed his chub more and more, he felt more and more bad about eating.

~Dan ate a big meal one night, Phil had made a romantic dinner of sorts for the two of them, a rarity with dinners between masters and their pets, as masters typically didn’t think neko’s deserves such loving treatment. That’s what made Phil different, what made Dan lucky, and what made Dan the most insecure.

~Dan stood in the mirror after eating, his shirt up and under his chin as he looked down, his stomach fully puffed out, poking the little rolls of excess fat. He wanted them to melt like candle wax and drip off, he hated the little chubby spots under his belly button, the round dough like roll, the little pudge over his ribs. It looked like a lobster’s stomach to him, like a lobster had a baby with the Pillsbury Dough Boy. He kept poking it, his finger making the small amounts of fat shake, his lips down in a pout as he watched the skin jiggle in a way that resembled jell-o in his mind.

~Phil had poked his head in door, coming in to tell Dan that he had a little gift for him, since it was their one year anniversary. His face insatnntly fell at the sight of his beloved kitty in the mirror, his lips pouting as he poked at the cute little rolls. Phil liked his tummy, he thought it was adorable. But apparently, from what Phil saw, Dan didn’t like them. Then he heard Dan’s meak, small voice. Less brazen than usua.

~Dan frowned and whispered sadly to himself as the skin moved still. “Phil’s gonna leave you if you don’t get this fixed..” he whispered to himself, letting his shirt fall down and sighing loudly. “Ugh. i finally get a good master and I’m gonna fuck it up.” He whispered, Phil’s voice startling him.

~”You know kitten’s aren’t supposed to swear.” He joked sadly, genuinely upset by the sight he had seen. He hated the feeling in his stomach, knowing Dan hated his body, and though he did too. “Baby? Why are you poking your tum like that?’ He asked softly, walking closer to him, his feet padding sadly as he walked, wrapping his arms tightly around Dan.

~Dan leaned against him and sighed sadly, his tail curling around Phil’s hip as he sank into the loving touching. “I just..I’m so chubby.” he looked up at him, his big brown eyes innocent and sad, almost guilty.

~Phil pouted and pecked his lips, seeing Dan’s ears go flat to his hair and sighing. “You’re so pretty, kitty. Why do you think I’m gonna leave over your tiny tum?”

~Dan shrugged weakly, not really sure anymore. If anything he felt kinda silly now, so naturally a small blush gathered across his cheeks. “Well..I dunno. If I can’t even like myself, how are you gonna like me?” he asked, his voice sad and soft, almost quivering.

~Phil shook his head, letting out a small sigh and pushing his hand up Dan’s shirt, starting to caress his waist. “I guess I’ll just have to point out every dang thing I love about you then.” he said, turning Dan around and lifting him up. “That’s the only choice.” he said dramatically and smiled to himself as he walked to the bedroom with Dan in his arms.

~Phil laid Dan on the bed, pulling it shirt off and then his pants quickly after, setting them on the ground next to the hamper.

~Phil crawled closer to him, kissing him softly and placing his hands on his hips and pulling back. He pressed three light kisses to each of Dan’s cheeks. “I love your cheeks. They’re so rosy and pretty, and cute and good to kiss.” he giggled softly.

~He smiled again and kissed the side of his neck. “I love your neck. Cuz sometimes if I bite it and kiss just right, you’ll cum just from it. It’s cute.” he hummed. He moved down and kissed his chest gently, nipping his collarbone. “I love your collarbones, because if I wanted to I could literally lick jelly out of them. And I love your chest because it looks so pretty all marked up..” He said.

~He kept kissing down to his hips, smirking. “I love these because they bruise easy and I can mark you as mine better..” He said and moved to his inner thighs. “I love these for the same reason, plus they’re so thick, so easy to grip when I fuck you senseless.” he grinned widely.

~Dan blushed the whole time, unsure of how to reply and staying bright pink and getting redder with each comment on his figure. “Thank you.” he replied simply and felt Phils lips on his. “No need to thank me. But…You’re hard.” he giggled and Dan felt more blood rush to hi cheeks, turning into a full on tomato. “You’re mean!”

~Phil chuckled and shrugged. “Nah..I think i’m nice.” he said and took his cock in hand, slowly starting to pump his length slowly. “Tell me how that feels princess..” He bit his lip, his eyes gazing up and down Dan’s body.

~Dan’s tail curled, his ears flat again as he mewled out from the little stimulation he was getting. “Feels nice. Want more.” he asked, his head already starting to get fuzzy.

~Phil grinned ear to ear, looking into his eyes and kissing him firmly. “Tell me what you want, kitten, or you won’t get it.” He said between short staccato kisses.

~Dan nodded, his legs lifting up and wrapping around Phil’s hips, bucking up into his hand a little, the slow teasing pumps almost hurting he was getting so desperate. “Want your cock..and want you to kiss me more.” he giggled a little. “Can you do that? Fuck me?”

~Phil chuckled, nodding and pulling his hand off and hearing Dan’s small, pathetic whine. “Of course I could, but maybe I don’t wanna.” He teased, hearing Dan whine even louder, his head thrashing back against the pillow. “Fuck me!” he cried out and Phil raised an eyebrow, smacking his thigh a little. “Hey now. Don’t talk back, or I definitely won’t fuck you.”

~Dan nodded obediently, agreeing and closing his eyes. “Please daddy.” He mewled again, almost a whisper. He got hard too easily, he hated it. But Phil, oh god did Phil love it. “Of course baby.” he whispered and grabbed the lube, slicking up three fingers and pressing two to Dan’s entrance. They did this so often, stretching was almost unneeded, but they still did it as a precaution to avoid unnecessary pain for Dan. He pressed them in, slowly pulling them apart inside the younger male and grinning at the reaction he was getting.

~Dan looped his legs around Phil tighter, his back arching up slightly as Phil pressed his fingers into the small bundle of nerves that caused him bliss. “Oh jesus daddy..” he whispered and felt the third one be added, stretching him further and making him mewl again in pleasure.

~Phil grinned. “Good boy.” He praised. “Doing so good for me, moaning for me, making such pretty noises.” He cooed, pulling out the digits slowly and wiping off the excess lube on the sheets.

~Dan watched him pour some into his hand, starting to lube up his length slowly and press his tip to Dan’s hole, giggling a little. “Are you ready?” Phil asked him, pushing in the head of his cock in and out a few times, eager to fuck him.

~Dan nodded, leaning back on the pillow and feeling the stretch of his rim as Phil started to push in fully, moaning quietly at the feeling. Phil slowly started thrusting, moaning out lowly, almost a growl at the tight, warm heat of Dan’s ass. “Yes..” he whispered, gaining rhythm in his thrusts and building up speed slowly.

~Dan moaned loudly, his nails gripping the sheets as Phil hit his prostate dead on and hard. “Shit shit there!” he cried out, his eyes squeezing shut as he started to jolt up the bed, Phil’s thrusts clearly getting harder against him. Their hips slapping messily together, Dan’s spot stimulated and Phil getting the friction hsi cock craved, everything was blissful as they reached further and closer to their impending orgasms.

~Dan started to cum, moaning out loudly as cum sprayed across his lower stomach, his lips parted as soft, gentle and whiny moans slipped out from the pleasure, his stomach warm and curling as he was fuucked still even after he came, the slight overstimulation making him cry out.

~Phil kept going, fucking hard into him and moaning loudly as his movements increased, his hips jerking erratically and snapping back and forth as he started to cum only moments later, his hips almost sore from how hard he was thrusting into Dan, coming hard deep inside his ass.

~He pulled out, already starting to soften as he flopped down next to Dan, yawning tiredly, feeling the neko’s tail wrap around his lip, his leg over his lower stomach and his head On his chest. “Gonna sleep kitten?” he yawned, getting no reply as Dan was already half asleep. Phil smiled and chuckled tiredly, leaning down and kissing his head before falling asleep himself moments later, happy.

"I Love You, I Always Will” Theo Raeken

Request: 9,8,18 with theo raeken

8. “Without you, I feel like, there’s no air and I can’t breathe.”

9. “You said you would love me forever, but I guess forever wasn’t as long as we’d expected.”

18. “If you can say it to my face, than I’ll leave you alone. For good, this time.”

Prompt List: x

A/N: tbh this is probably one of my favourites that I’ve ever written, so I put a lot of effort into this!!


Theo Raeken was without a doubt the person you’d do anything for, and someone you really loved dearly, and there were times where you couldn’t believe that you were with him.

But still, despite all the good, came the bad. He tried, he tried his damn hardest to protect you, but still he wanted his power, and sometimes you felt like he would choose that over you. Theo always treated you right, there was no doubt about that, but when it came to the supernatural, he got way, way too involved.

Scott had made you break things off with Theo before you got hurt, because being involved with the bad guy was never a good sign, nor would it benefit you in the end. All this time, you realized that, even if you loved him immensely, you were never going to be safe being around him.

And as hard as it was to let him go, you had to.

And you did.

That didn’t mean Theo gave up without a fight, and since that day you guys had ended it all, he tried his best to get you back. Today was the day you couldn’t handle it anymore, you couldn’t handle the constant feeling of the rejecting you had to do. You couldn’t handle seeing him nearly breaking into tears, and promising he was going to fight for you.

Today, that was the day you finally broke down because you loved him so, so much that it physically, and emotionally hurt just being around him in such a small space.

“Theo, you can’t keep doing this!” You tried to shout, but you couldn’t, you knew if you did, your voice would crack and you would just have tears spilling from your eyes in no time.

“We can’t just end things like this!” Theo protested, trying not to raise his voice too much.

He knew it scared you sometimes, and the last thing, the last thing Theo would ever want to do is scare you.

“I’m sorry, but we can’t. We can’t, and we won’t. You have to stop. You can’t keep coming here, and begging me to take you back, because we can’t be together!” You insisted, desperate to push him away.

It’s not like you wanted to. You would never want to give up everything you had with Theo, because God, you couldn’t even explain how numb you felt, and the fact that every time you saw him without you, you could literally feel your heart breaking. You just wanted to be with him, so badly, but you knew it wasn’t right. The timing, the stupid timing just wasn’t right for you two.

You said you would love me forever, but I guess forever wasn’t as long as we’d expected.” He murmured, not realizing that you had heard him completely.

You looked up from your gaze at the hardwood flooring and stared at him, staring into his sad eyes that made you feel extremely guilty, so guilty that you had to turn away again, just briefly so you wouldn’t crumble and fall back into his arms.

“I do love you Theo.” You exclaim. “I still love you! I meant what I said when I would love you, forever, but we can’t be together. You know that.”

You managed to raise your voice a little, but still it was heartbreaking for Theo to see you so visibly upset and not able to yell at him because he knew you were going to cry if you even tried to scream a little. You were growing frustrated because you loved him, so much, and it was frustrating not being able to express that to him.

“So why, why are we doing this? Why are we spending so much time apart, and staying broken up?” He persists questionably, as his voice broke.

“You know why.” You breathed out. “I don’t think I should explain it again.”

“Okay fine, but if you can do this one thing for me, I won’t bother you anymore.” Theo insisted.

“What is it?” You ask quietly.

If you can say it to my face, than I’ll leave you alone. For good this time,” Theo uttered. “Tell me that you don’t love me, that you never want to see me again, that you don’t care about me anymore. That every moment we spent together was a lie, and that what we had wasn’t special and it was completely meaningless. That our whole relationship was based off of nothing but infatuation. Tell me that we didn’t, really love each other. I’ll leave you alone if you can tell me all of that.”

“Theo, you know I can’t do that.” Your voice breaks, and you don’t want to say any more because your throat is aching and all you want to do is just go home and cry.

“Say it, because than I know you don’t want anything to do with me anymore. It’ll make it easier for me to turn my back and never think of you again. So please Y/N, just say it.” Theo’s voice was low, quiet, pleading almost.

“I-I can’t.” You stammered, your eyes giving out as it refused to keep your tears in. “Theo you know it’s not true, I can’t say it. Don’t, please don’t make me say it.”

Your heart was beating, so fast you felt uncomfortable. You felt tired and irritable, your makeup staining your now reddened cheeks as you stared at the boy in front of you. The boy that you really loved, and you couldn’t explain why you did.

“Theo, you don’t know how hard it is for me to stop seeing you, because I would never make this decision willingly. You don’t understand how hard it is to see you in class and not be able to go up to you and touch you, or not being able to go out with you, and having to pretend like I hate you when I don’t, and you don’t understand, how it fucking feels not being with you at all. Without you, it feels like there’s no air, and I can’t breathe.” You explain, completely and utterly out of breath, as you finished with a heavy sigh.

“Y/N,” Theo began, but you cut him short with a choked sob as he wrapped you in his arms and embraced you so comfortingly that you closed your eyes and inhaled his scent as you nuzzled your face deeper into his chest.

“I’m sorry,” You murmur, beginning to pull away.

“Don’t be.” Theo says in a hushed voice. “Y/N, please, I would do anything for you, just for you to take me back.”

“You don’t mean that,” You voiced. “You, you can’t give up the thing I want you to, and I don’t ever expect you to do that.”

“I know what you want me to give up, and I will,” Theo exclaimed. “It’s my pride for power, how invested I get with it. That’s it isn’t it? Because I’m putting our lives in danger, and you’re scared that someone’s going to get hurt, and that’s why. I know that’s why you’re pushing me away, why you broke up with me.”

“Theo,” You want to say something, but you don’t know even know what you’re supposed to think right now. Fortunately, Theo interrupted you, continuing to speak.

“I will give that up. I will stop fighting for power, I’ll fix the bad things I’ve done, I’ll do what ever the hell it takes to redeem myself, to others, and most especially you. I will tire myself to no end if it means I get you back, because you don’t understand how badly I need you. Y/N, I fucking promise you, I will go to my wits ends just to make sure I can be with you, and make sure you’re safe and protected, and I’ll stop doing all the things that you want me to.”

Theo rambled on and on, blubbering all these words that, clearly overwhelmed you, but for all the right reasons.

You knew he meant it, because when it came to power, that’s all he wanted, but because he loved you, he was willing to give it all up.

You looked at him, and saw all the sincerity written across his face, as his eyes were filled with such hope and a small smile danced across his face and he looked at you with such faith, that your heart melted seeing how hopeful he was.

You just couldn’t help but nod, pressing a kiss to his reddened lips as he sighed heavily, nuzzling his face into your neck as your hands rubbed comforting circles on his back. His lips brushed against your neck as he gently kissed your skin.

He pulled away and looked at you, trying to find the right words to say, because, you had just taken him back, and he couldn’t describe how happy that had made him because he was going to change this time. He was going to change because he knew it was the right thing to do, and the bonus fact that he could actually be with you, if he did just that. And he couldn’t even explain how much he loved you, and the feelings that surrounded him as a grin formed on his face, and your smile that made his heart burst.

“I love you.” He finally decided to say.

And he said those three words, because as the saying goes ‘it was simple, but effective.’ He chose those words because he knew they had so much meaning, and seeing how your smile widened and your cheeks blushed a rosy pink.

“I love you, I always will.” You say in a whisper.

And you knew that you wouldn’t regret your decision because this was the happiest you had been since you had been separated from Theo. And you couldn’t possible regret taking back the person that was going to be a better person, the person that you loved endlessly.

Because as you promised, you were going to love this boy. You were going to love Theo, no matter what happened, wether you two were together or not, there was no way you could ever lose your feelings for him, and as scary as that was, you had so much hope that your relationship was going to patch itself up and remain a constant this time. You promised that you were going to love him, and that’s what you were intent on doing.


Silent Apologies

Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Characters: Donnie, Leo Relationship: Donnie/reader Request: A Donnie where he thinks the reader is going to kiss him when really she was just taking off his glasses or something and he get scared and ignores her for a bit You sat on your couch, your legs crossed and your book open in your lap as your eyes read along the lines. You were rather enjoying it when you heard a tap at your window. Instantly, you knew who it was going to be. It would be Leo, Raph, Mikey and Donnie. They loved coming around to your because you could order pizza straight to yours and then the 5 of you would eat and watch a movie. You hadn’t been expecting them tonight but you were still happy enough to jump up and run to the window. You could hear it was raining, heavily, so you wanted to get them in as quick as possible. To your surprise, it was only Donnie at your window. Never the less, you threw open the window and grabbed his hand. “What are you doing here? You’ll catch your death!” You scolded, pulling him through your window. He wasn’t wearing all his gear today, probably because of the rain, so it was easier. He laughed nervously as he climbed through your window and you continued to grasp his hand, feeling how cold he was. You noticed that he couldn’t see because his glass were misted up. You giggled and reached up, taking them off his face and cleaning it with your sleeve. Before you could place them back on his face, you saw his mask was wet. Donnie was just staring down at you, a small smile on his lips. He loved how much you cared about him. He found himself craving private times with you because his brothers couldn’t steal your attention away from him. But he did noticed that you favoured him over his brother. Not in a horrible way, nor was it very noticeable. You would always go to him for help and advice, you would sit with him in the lab, you would always back Donnie up even when he wasn’t right (which wasn’t often). Most of all, when they did come to yours and Mikey insisted on Horror movies, you would sit next to him, your arm hooked under his and bury your face in his shoulder. Or when Leo put on a martial arts film, you would sit with Donnie and laugh at the badly choreographed fights but eventually you would fall asleep with your head on his lap. He was watching you now, the way you had pulled him inside because of the rain and instantly told him off for going out in it. The way you cleaned his glasses for him even though he was perfectly capable of doing it himself. What happened next made his heart leap. You went up on your tip toes and wrapped your arms around his neck. It was instinct. Donnie leaned down and pressed his lips to yours in a soft but passionate kiss. He felt you jump at his movement but his hands grasped your sides and pulled your close against him. He had never dreamed you would be so bold, which was why he never thought anything would come of his feeling for you. As he pulled away, he saw your eyes were wide as you stumbled back. His eyes darted down and he saw you were holding his wet mask. Fear flooded through him as he realised why you had lean up to him like that. You were untying his mask! He let out a whimper and started to back away from your wide eyes as reality hit you. “Donnie?” You whispered, your heart pounding hard in your chest. He had kissed you. Donnie just turned away from you and ran to the window, easily jumping out of the window despite the fact he wasn’t wearing his glasses. You ran after him, his glasses and mask in your hand but you were too slow. You reached the window and he was gone. You called his name a couple of times but received no response. For a moment, you had thought everything was falling into place. You had loved Donnie since you had met him all those years ago and that love had only grown. He had kissed you and then ran. A stab of pain made you whimper as you close the window down. You didn’t lock it in case Donnie came back that night, which he didn’t. ———————————————— It had been 3 days since Donnie had kissed you, but you hadn’t heard from him. You were starting to get worried that he didn’t want to see you anymore. You and Mikey texted everyday so you knew they were okay, but not hearing from Donnie hurt you. You sat in your living room, your phone in the palm of your hand and Donnies number up in a new text. Taking a deep breath, you typed and sent a message. “Hi. Your glasses and Mask are still here. –[y/n]” You placed your phone on the side but it buzzed almost instantly. “Hi. Okay. – Donnie” You blinked at the message. You were used to getting more than two word responses from him. You felt hurt. “What do you want me to do with them? I can bring them down this afternoon or do you want to come get them? –[y/n].” “I don’t mind. I could send Mikey up. Whats easiest for you? –donnie.” “It would be easier if you didn’t ignore me. –[y/n].” You were hurt by his last text. He didn’t even want to see you. You waited an hour and there was no reply. You knew he had read it but he hadn’t reply. You sat with your phone in your hand as you started to cry. You unlocked your phone and started to type, your tears blurring your vison. “Look, I don’t know whats going on with you. You kissed me then ran away. Fair enough if it was a mistake or you regret it but don’t ignore me. If you don’t have anything for me, just tell me!” You threw your phone across the room and onto the couch. You broke down in tears, falling to your knees and covering your face. You heard your phone buzz but you ignored it, your whole body shaking. It buzzed then buzzed again until you couldn’t ignore it anymore. Wiping away your tears away, you stumble to your feet and walk over to your phone. To see a number of messages all from Donnie. “I love you, that’s whats wrong with me.” “I don’t know what to do anymore.” “Please, respond.” “I need to know how you feel.” “Im sorry.” “Forget what I said.” You were about to respond when you heard a tap at you window. You jump and turn to see Leo. He instantly saw your red eyes and puffy cheeks as you ran over and opened the window. “Whats up?” You try to make your voice sound normal, but it broke halfway through your sentence. “It Donnie. Hes not come out of his lab for days and Mikey says he was crying earlier. I came to see if you knew why but judging by your eyes, I saw you do.” Leo’s words cause your cheeks to explode. You were about to speak, but he held up a hand. “I don’t know what happened between you two, but I can tell you care about each other very deeply. I know its selfish and you don’t have to do this, but I think you should go see him.” You stare at Leo for a moment, then smile at him to his surprise. “I knew you were a good leader.” You smile at him, making him smile in return. You turned and ran to the table, grabbing your rucksack and placing Donnies mask and glasses in it before swinging it over your shoulder and running to Leo. Leo walked with you down into the sewers and to the lair. You were very nervous, but he assured that it was all going to be okay. You managed to sneak past Raph and Mikey and Leo left you to go the lab on your own. You could hear your heart beating but then you heard a whimper. Donnie. Tiptoeing closer to the door, you managed to open it with no sound and slip inside. You saw Donnie sitting at a table, his shell to you. He was shaking as his sobs filled the air. You creeped closer, silently dropping your bag to the floor and fished out his glasses and mask. Walking up by his side, you perch on the edge of the table, causing his to jump and stare at you with wide eyes, fresh tears running down his cheek. Pulling down your sleeve, you gently wipe away his tears before letting your top pull back up your arms and you caressed his cheek with your palm. His eyes shut as he let out a shuddering breath at the contact. Donnie opened his eyes again when you pulled your hand away. You took each end of his mask in you hands and leaned forward, wrapping it around his face and tying it at the back. Then you place his glasses on him, smiling to yourself as you allowed your right hand to slip down and your palm presses against his cheek. Donnie stood up but placed a hand over yours to keep it in place as he stands in front of you. You spread your legs slightly so he stepped between them. His hand drops from yours to be placed on your side. “Donnie, i-“ You were about to tell him you were sorry for what happened and that you didn’t read all the texts but Donnie shook his head and cut you off. “No, I’m sorry. Ive acted dreadfully to you the last couple of days. I just didn’t see how you could ever love me back.” He looked away as he spoke. You chuckled lightly to yourself, making his eyes snap back to yours, obviously confused. “You know, I was thinking exactly the same thing.” You whisper, before leaning forward and kissed him on the lips with all the passion you could muster. Donnie moaned against your lips before kissing you back, matching you passion. It felt amazing, feeling his hands grip on to your sides like you might disappear at any moment, feeling him craving more from your lips as you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him close, desperately trying to get more. You let out a moan into the kiss, feeling the shiver that runs through him at your moan. He pulls away, breathless, as he leans his forehead against yours. “I-I had to. If we kept going, I don’t know if I could stop.” He chuckled a little awkwardly, loving the sight of your rosy cheeks and breathless laugh at his reason. You giggled and press your forehead against him, smiled and closed your eyes. “Its okay.” You giggled as you feel him pull you close to him. That night was filled with long kisses and silent apologies.

noellehope  asked:

can you do a headcanon where draco malfoy x reader makes up after a huge fight? thanks. xx. loving your blog so far:)

  • lets be honest, its because of how long you guys went without talking to each other after the argument that would cause for the much needed make up
  • he got his act together after a few days and spotted you in the library but what he saw shattered his heart
  • you were in tears
  • crying
  • because of him
  • you were crying to your friends about the fight and about him when he cautiously walked over to you
  • your friends of course stood defensively in front of you, as if protecting you from being hurt even more
  • “Y/N?”, “Love”, “Baby”  he would plead 
  • “Go away, Draco” or “She doesn’t want to talk to you, Draco” your friends would say
  • but of course he would call out your name again and you would reassure your friends you’ll be fine so they would hesitantly walk away to give the two of you some space
  • they actually hid behind some shelves 
  • just in case
  • “what do you want?” your voice would croak as you wiped your tears and stood up to face him
  • you didn’t want to fight. you were just so tired of crying and wondering where your relationship stood as of now
  • “Y/N, love, i’m so sorry” the slytherin prince would apologize
  • he would tell you how much of an ass he is and was and that he didn’t care if you forgave him or not. he just wanted you to know how sorry he truly was
  • but of course he cared
  • he wanted you to forgive him
  • he wanted to hold you again
  • kiss you 
  • talk to you 
  • have you by his side again
  • it was the look in his eyes that started to make your heart swell
  • you could tell he was being sincere and you knew you couldn’t stay mad at your boy for long
  • “I forgive you.” 
  • and god did his face light up because his girl actually forgave him
  • he grinned widely and pulled you in for a tight hug, the words “i’m sorry” being mumbled again, into your shoulder
  • you would smile as he made you look at him, wiping away any wet tear stains that were still lingering on your rosy cheeks before kissing you
  • “I-”
  • kiss
  • “love-”
  • kiss
  • “you.”
  • and he would continue to pepper kisses all over your face to show you just how much he truly did love and care for you

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side note: okay so this is my first time doing headcanons and i apologize if its long, but i hope it did you justice! and thank you for the compliment, love! means a lot x 

Can’t Stand It (Cap x Reader)

AN: So this was a request from @always-a-marvel-addict for StevexReader fluff. NGL, I’m kinda proud of this one.

 Warnings: As always, Language. Oh, and Fluffy Cap with a side of Sassy Clint and Nat.

 Song - Can’t Stand It by NeverShoutNever

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

   “Steven Grant– Jesus Christ can you pay attention for five minutes?” You sighed, raising an eyebrow at your boyfriend of 2 years over the edge of your coffee mug. 
  “Hm?” the Captain inquired, his eyes still trained on the napkin he was sketching on. 
 “Babe.” You snapped your fingers between Steve’s eyes. He glanced up at you, his oceanic blue eyes holding a hint of annoyance- although it was overshadowed by the look of adoration he gave you. Smiling, Steve placed his head on his hand and looked at you. “Hi. Nice to see you back on earth.” You joked.

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Member: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: smut and some fluff and some angst lmao bUT SMUT AYYYYY; song based

Word Count: 1,677

Description: You met Jungkook when he accidentally knocked a carton of eggs out of your hand and now somehow while you grind against his thighs you think back on the relationship

Warning: its a fucking smut and aCTUALLY  a MEsS

this scenario named after this beautiful song I listened to constantly while writing this so you should maybe listen to it while reading it lol (also I’m 18 today (two days ago oops) so this is my birthday gift to anyone who cares to read this)


How did you get here.

Mounted upon the hips of the boy with tangled locks and vehement eyes. His rosed lips moving against your own in fervor, desperate for your unyielding desire. Tongue slipping between suppressed whimpers to taste the arousal dripping from your voice with-”Touch me, please.”

You beg, capturing his flush cheeks within your hands. Jungkook nods, grazing a digit downwards to the vale of your breasts tracing their shadowed contours, memorizing the softness of your skin. He swallows the moan you make when his hand ventures from your chest to the heat pooling between your thighs. Slow and steady he strokes the slickness, thumbing circles to the aching bud. Your head falls back as your jaw slacks and Jungkook swears it is the most beautiful sight he has ever seen so he presses harder, moves a whit faster to witness you breathe his name between curses.

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I Love You Here

Could you write a Kevin/Reader one shot where they get into an argument but make up and it’s super fluffy?

(I had way too much fun writing this one.  Thank you for the request, I hope you like it!)

“Do you need some help Kev?” you walked over to the frustrated prophet and pressed a kiss to his cheek.  “Can I get you anything?  Food?  A glass of water?  A distraction?” you hopped onto the desk next to the tablet he was poring over.  Sliding the piece of stone out of the way, you push yourself in front of him and began running your fingers through his black locks of sweaty hair.

“Cut it out Y/N,” Kevin places his hands on your hips in an attempt to push you away, but it only encourages your actions.  “This world’s not gonna take care of itself.”

“But who’s taking care of me Kev?  And who’s taking care of you?” you pouted and pushed his hair back, pressing a kiss to the boy’s forehead.

“I’m busy!” he shouts suddenly and shoves you off the table, chair swiveling, “I don’t have time for you!”

You stare down at him in shock and his face softens.  Delicately, you move so that you’re standing directly in front of him, glaring venomously.

“Well let me know when you have some time to spare for little old me, prophet,” you spit out the last word like a curse and turn to walk away but two large hands appear at your hips.

“No cutie, I didn’t mean it,” he rubs his thumb in circles around your hipbones and quickly spins you around so that you’re straddling his lap.  Kevin presses a soft kiss to the bridge of your nose and you look at him, unconvinced.  “I love you,” he promises with sincerity.

“Uh huh,” you say, still unsure.

“I love you,” he repeats again.  “I love you here,” he smiles and peppers your forehead with kisses.  “I love how your nose crinkles up when you laugh,” he kisses the tip of your nose.  “I love your beautiful eyes staring at me,” he presses a kiss to each of your eyelids.  “I love the way your cheeks turn rosy pink when I say I love you,” he quickly kisses your cheeks.

“And you know where I love you most of all?” Kevin asks, leaning his forehead against yours.

“Where’s that?” you grin, playing along.

“Right here,” he presses his lips to yours and you smile into the kiss.  His hands trail up and down your sides and you run your fingers through his hair until he pulls away.

“I love you everywhere.  I’ll always have time for you cutie,” he vows.

“Promise?” you question, giggling.

“Promise,” he swears and pulls you in for another kiss.


Write On Me  - CS 

Pick up the pen, put it on the paper. Can’t start again, there’s no eraser. All of my flaws, you got them so right.

“I love you, Emma,” he utters, his eyes displaying just how much so.

Emma huffs out a small laugh at his declaration. She believes him every time but just can’t seem to understand why. After everything that had happened in Camelot and in the Underworld, she still couldn’t fathom that this man would choose to love her.

Looking down at her, his brows furrowed, Killian cannot let another second go by without his Swan knowing how breathtaking she is.   Jumping off the bed, he goes over to the white desk in the corner of the room and rummages through the drawers, eventually letting out a soft “aha!” when he finds what he is looking for.

“What are you doing?”

“Showing you what I love most about you, Swan.”

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HC: Princes reactions to seeing MC dressed in a cat suit.

Requested by: lephrasia


Wilfred: He eyed you from head to toe, checking out every inch of your body that the tight fitting cat suit clinged to. Wilfred breathed in your ear, “I like it. You look…sexy.” He gently ran his fingers along your body stopping on your thigh which he gently caressed. He looked at you with lustful eyes, you had turned him on, “You should wear it more often…when it’s just the two of us.” He said and pulled you into him. Driven crazy with ecstasy, he was unable to hold back any longer and pressed his lips to yours.

Keith: He was speechless when you turned up in front of him wearing nothing but a cat suit. He opened his mouth like he was about to say something but quickly shut it. Sliding a hand down his face, Keith stood up and approached you. Looking closely you could see his cheeks were slightly pink. “Do you like it?” You asked, moving your body around to give him a better view. “…I do.” He muttered, looking a little embarrassed. Keith could hardly take his eyes off of you, he suddenly grabbed you by the arm pulling you towards him and burying his face against your neck, “Whatever happens will be your fault for turning me on like this…” He murmured against your skin making it grow warm. “That’s fine. Do as you please…” You whispered in reply, startling Keith who pulled back to look you directly in the eyes, “I see…” He started to slowly lean in while whispering, “Well, you asked for it…” And then touched your lips with his.

Roberto: “Woah…” Roberto intently stared at your tiny body. He couldn’t believe his eyes when you walked in wearing a cat suit. “So sexy…” He muttered, his eyes still wide as he stood up and hurried over to you. “I hope no one else saw you like this…” Roberto said in a soft whisper as he ran his hands up and down your arms. You shook your head and assured him you stealthily moved about the castle being careful to not be seen. Roberto sighed in relief, there was no way he’d want Alberto seeing you when you are dressed in something so tight fitting and revealing…and cute. Even your midriff was showing. “I don’t know why you are dressed like this but,” He leaned in next to your ear, “I approve one hundred percent.” He said and looked at you with a big grin. “Roberto…” You sexily breathed his name in such a manner that it turned him on and before you knew it he had swept you up into his arms stealing your lips away.

Glenn: W-w-what are you wearing?!“ Glenn stuttered after he walked in on you wearing only a cat suit that didn’t even fully cover your body. "I thought it was cute.” You said looking at yourself in the mirror before turning around to him with a smile. Glenn was awestruck, he marched right up to you and grabbed you by the wrists, “Are you crazy?! What if someone else saw you like this… Like my brother or even worse Yu…” He said, there was a hint of sadness in his eyes. “It’s okay. This sight is reserved only for you.” You said, stroking his cheek helping him to relax. Looking at you more closely, Glenn realized just how sexy you looked standing there in front of him. A devilish gleam now shone in his eyes as he tilted your chin up, “I’m afraid I can’t let you go now…” He breathed sexily, encircling his arms around your body, he held you close as his lips greedily sought yours out.

Joshua: You just had been trying on a cat costume you had recently bought because you thought it adorable when Joshua walked into the room. He didn’t notice you at first since he was still reading the paper in his hands. Deciding to have some fun you called out to Joshua and he replied with a simple hello. Slowly, Joshua raised his head and then he saw you. “W-w-what the?!” He yelled, throwing his paper across the room. “What is that you are wearing?! Where is the rest of your clothes?!” He exclaimed, running up to you, he couldn’t believe you were wearing something so revealing and a cat of all things. “It’s cute, isn’t it?” You grinned, tracing a finger in circles on his arm, trying to be all cutesy.

Joshua started to lose his composure thanks to the way you were looking at him and a slight blush crept over his cheeks, “I-I…Uh…why must it be a cat though?” He asked, shyly looking away but still taking glances at you from the corner of his eye. You giggled and crept even closer and whispered in his ear, “Because they are adorable.” His head perked up at that and looked you directly in the eyes, “Hmm, maybe it’s not so bad…” He paused, his cheeks getting even redder, “When it’s you who are the cat. I could live with this…you definitely are adorable… no sexy…you are sexy…” He said, now rubbing his hands over your body. Desire filled his eyes as he spoke huskily, “You are now my cat and I demand cuddles.” He wrapped himself around you and giving you a tight squeeze before his lips hungrily sought yours out.

Edward: Edward was completely blown away when you turned up in his study with a cat costume on. He had no idea why you were wearing such a thing but he definitely didn’t seem to mind; after all he liked surprises every now and then. “What a sight… I could just watch you all day.” He said under his breath, standing up from his chair he hurried over to you to get a better look. “Do you like it?” You asked, your cheeks slightly red. “I don’t just like it…I love it.” He said, gently caressing your rosy red cheeks. “The picture of beauty is standing before me almost rendering me speechless.” His words were filled with love and kindness, “Though today you aren’t just beautiful you are also, how should I say it? Sexy…so so sexy…” He said, a passion for you shined in his eyes. Edward was unable to turn away, you had ensnared his heart, “No, I can’t wait any longer. Forgive me, my princess.” He whispered, bringing his lips to yours, you both shared in many sweet kisses.

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Uhm How about one sorta based on "Dollhouse" By Melanie Martinez??

This was supposed to be a drabble…

It is set in the 1880s and it deals with an abusive family through the eyes of a child.  I’ve added it to the ‘Inspired’ collection.


Gilbert laughed and darted around his father. He swung his brother behind him and ran between the servants and his nursemaid.

“Gilbert,” his father reprimanded sternly. “Behave.”

He skidded to a stop and straightened his cap with impatient fingers. He grinned sheepishly.

“I will. Jus’ excited, s’all.”

“And enunciate, child.”

He cleared his throat.

"Yes, Father.”

Gilbert watched the servants stream past them with boxes and chests and piles of linens before redirecting his attention to the cobblestone street. It was lined with neat, trimmed houses and gas lanterns. Men and women and even other children bustled around them. He had never seen anything like it. It was amazing.

They had lived in a country estate since Ludwig was a baby and he had no memories of the city. It was bigger than he had imagined. Brighter.

He might even make a friend.

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Nothing's fine, I'm torn (part 12)

Hi guys I really wanted to get part 12 posted tonight, so I know it’s not as long as I said it would be. This chapter gave me major Liam feels, and it might make some of you happy. I know it may seem like it’s all ending, but trust me it’s not ;) I’m only getting started ❤


After a nice half hour shower, I thoughtfully processed all that happened this morning. Harry and I were so close to kissing and he wasn’t even pulling back. Did he want to kiss me? I’m so exhausted, more emotionally than physically. Liam texted me he’d be here soon, and honestly I dread facing him. I dragged him into this mess, and he doesn’t deserve it. As much as I’d like to bring myself to like him, I can’t. He’s extremely handsome, and a real good kisser from what I remember, but I just don’t like him. My heart belongs to Harry and only Harry.

I dry my hair and leave it at that. I have no energy to do anything to it. I simply throw on black jeans and a tshirt. Drinking wore me out. I get a text from Liam that’s he’s outside and I reply “alright, I’ll open the door in a minute.” I have no clue as to what I’ll say to him, I’m honestly so embarrassed for what I did. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s here to tell me off… No, he’s too sweet for that, even though I deserve it.

I make my way to the front door, and there he is, leaning on his car with his arms folded. He looks handsome as always, I wonder if he too had a killer hangover. When he notices my presence he smiles and walks towards me.

“Afternoon Y/N.” He says quietly, almost too quiet.

“Hi Liam,” I reply. I want to hug him, but I don’t know if I should. I go against all odds and embrace him in a hug. A hug that he and I both need. He’s responsive to my hug and wraps his arms around my waist.

“How was your morning love?” He asks as we pull apart. “Extreme, wild, excruciating, you can imagine.” I half laugh. I don’t think he knows that Harry stayed over, and I’d rather keep it that way. I’ve had enough drama for the day or week I should say, possibly for the rest of my life.

“Mine was too. I woke up at Niall’s place. It was a bit weird.” I want to bring up the kiss, but I don’t know if the time is right. We’re still standing on my porch, and I’d rather stand here than in there because I need this fresh air.

“I see Harry brought your car. Who drove him to his place?” I ask inquisitively. I assume Niall did, there’s no way Harry would ride in the car with Liam after what happened. “I did.” He says simply. I can’t imagine how weird that must’ve been.

“Oh, yeah.” I say biting my lip. I can tell my nervous habit is back. I need to address this before it gets any worse.

“Can,” We both say at the same time. “You first.” He tells me. I motion him over to one of the chairs I have sitting on the porch.

“Liam, we need to talk about what happened yesterday. You know… Um the kiss.” I clear my throat as I say the last word.

“What about it?” He shrugs. I am literally scrambling words in my head to find the right thing to say. “You know it wasn’t supposed to happen, right?” I’m feeling a bit queazy. I feel like I’m going to pass out all over again.

“I know, but I don’t regret it. Y/N, that kiss was everything to me, don’t you get it?” I shift a little on the seat and let out a breath of air. “I loved having your lips on mine, that was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. I’m tired of hiding my feelings from you, Y/N I love you. I don’t know how it came to be, but you stole my heart. I love you and it kills me to see how much you love Harry because he doesn’t realize it. Kind of like how you didn’t realize mine for you..” I can’t hear any more of this, have I really done this much damage? His words are pure and sincere and, ugh I just.. I don’t know what to do anymore. I didn’t think he would love me.

“Liam, you know I care about you, I value our friendship so much. You’re an amazing guy who means a lot to me, but..” He cuts me off, giving me an apologetic smile. “But you love Harry, I know. I’d tell you that you don’t know how it feels to see the person you love, love someone else, but we’re on the same boat.” I can see the heart ache in his eyes and face. Why did this have to happen? Liam doesn’t deserve this, he doesn’t.

“I never wanted to fall for Harry, but seeing someone that was technically yours become someone else’s, it’s a different story.” I say truthfully.

“Can I be completely honest with you?” Looking at him, I nod signaling for him to continue. “The reason I fell for you was because of how carefree you are. You’re this beautiful girl who puts other people first. You’d rather see others happy than yourself and that takes true courage. I love how you pout when things don’t go your way, your laugh when someone says something funny, oh and also how you laugh when something isn’t funny at all. That radiant glow that you have, it’s not hard to fall for. You don’t know how bad I got it for you, I’d do anything for you to be mine, but I know better..” His voice cracks at the end and I have to bite my lip to stop the tears from falling from my eyes.

“What do you mean?” I say looking at him carefully. He takes both of my hands in his and plants small kisses on both of them. His touch is gentle against my skin. I can tell he’s fighting back tears and so am I. I never realized how much Liam was hurting, either as bad or worse than me.

“I mean that..” He clears his throat, “I mean that… I guess if I love you, I should let you go.” I break and suddenly I’m full on sobbing. I have never had anyone express themselves over me like that. He gives my palms a few more kisses before putting them down and getting up. He kisses my forehead, and I hear him sniffling. I stay seated on my seat as he walks away. I can’t stop the tears from falling. He doesn’t look back as I watch him go. I can’t let things end like this, no.

I quickly get up from my seat, “LIAM” I yell. He turns around wiping tears from his eyes. My feet move towards him and I open my arms, engulfing him in a hug. I hold on tightly, as tight as I can as I full on sob on his chest. “Hey, hey don’t cry. You’re too beautiful to have tears on your cheeks. Though I love the way your cheeks are rosy.” I look up at him and half smile. I couldn’t bare to lose him, not as my friend.

“Please don’t stop being the friend I need. I don’t want to lose you, I couldn’t.” I plea.

“Are you mad? I’d be an idiot to lose my friendship with you.” My tears subside, and I can breathe normally again. It seems as if crying is all I’ve been doing this whole week. “I have to go now, I have to go to the studio today. I’ll text you in between, okay?” I nod, wiping my nose with my wrist. So unlady like.

With one last nod, he climbs into his car. As I watch him drive away, my phone vibrates, it’s Harry.

“Harry?” I say into the speaker.

“I promised I’d make it up to you, didn’t I? I’m not too far from your house. Be ready.”


“Do as I say, please.” He hangs up leaving me without another word. I’m not even dressed appropriately, can’t I catch a break, just once?..

Dear Future Girlfriend

My favourite colour is red. I love the rosy red that graces your cheeks as you bite your bottom lip, head dipping down. I love the sharp crimson of your lipstick, and the way the colour rubs off on mine. I love the lines of red you paint on my back with your fingernails and the musky shades of red that blossom on your neck that I’ll quickly sooth. 

I want to see your breath taken away. After a good workout, a couple of kilometers covered, a few dozen weights lifted. After a round on the table, in the shower, on the couch. After you witness a particularly funny moment in your TV show. After I sneak up behind you, rest my head in the crook of your shoulder, and wind my arms around you. Because you take mine away every time I see you. Pause. Breathe in, breathe out. Oxygen in, carbon dioxide out. 

Waning and waxing, moons and tides. I want to take my time and map every curve with my fingers. I’ll push you against a surface, horizontal or vertical. Against the soft dip of a mattress or the solid grooves of a wooden door. I’ll wind my hand into your hair, intertwine my fingers with yours, hook my fingers into the loops of your jeans and pull. 

Tick tock. It takes a second for your eyes to snap to mine, another for me to pull you in for a kiss. A minute before I swing an arm over and hit the snooze button, several more until you decide to wake me up with the smell of coffee. A day spent trying to make a dent in your Netflix queue, and another few trying to catch up on all the missed work. A few weeks of intense summer, a few weeks when the rising temperature outside attempts to compete against you. But you’re always hotter. A few months of winter as we curse Canada’s cold climate, a few months spent holding you close under heavy blankets. A few years later and I’m on a knee, promising many more to come. Seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, years. The one thing I’m certain of is that I want to spend time with you.

I want the fancy dinners at some place we find on Yelp and the late night McDonalds runs. I want the 7 am runs and the 7 pm pizza deliveries. I want the crazy nights out (with or without alcohol) and the peaceful nights in (with or without a movie). I want to see the light streaming in through the blinds, the good morning delivered with a stunning smile. I want the whispered good night in the darkness, punctuated by an arm snaking around my torso. But above all, I want you.  

I’m a sucker for contrast, juxtaposition, dichotomies, contradictions in terms, variations on a theme. Is that just a really eloquent way of saying “I’m a fucking mess sometimes?” But you still love me in spite of it. No. You love me because of it.