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Kiyoshi Teppei: Headcanon meme

- Sleep headcanon

The type who snore but his snoring is so adorable so nothing happens. Drools and talks a little in his sleep. He doesn’t move much, but because he sleeps on a a small futon and he would fall. He sleeps on his stomach.

- Sad headcanon

If it’s a minor thing, he’ll spend time with his friends. Hang out, take a walk, maybe play basketball. If it’s something more serious, he’ll stay at home with his grandparents. ‘Cause they always give him good advices.

- Happy headcanon

Ayy Kiyoshi is happy most of the time. He would probably sing some old song and smile like a fool. Which will disturb Hyuuga, but hey it’s okey!

- Angry/violent headcanon

Kiyoshi getting angry it’s complicated, but violent?? Impossible. If he’s angry he would be those who don’t want to discuss. And prefer to calm himself. If he’s too angry, he’ll give the cold shoulder.

- Sex headcanon

The type of person which when is horny, his voice becomes more deep, like a lot. And he says simple things while doing other very lewd, like saying “[Name]-chan you look very cute today” while he’s masturbating them. And the little shit acts completely normal.

- Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon

He’s a little maniac with cleaning, because he doesn’t want his granny to clean anything. Very neat, it’s very nice living with him.

- Romantic headcanon

The kind who fall in love at first sight. And probably after spending a while watching his crush (not in a creepy way) he would approach them and end up being besties and they would fall in love with Kiyoshi cause he’s a cutie patootie and it’s impossible not to fall for him.

- Family headcanon

Very familiar!!! He loves spending time with his family. His grandparents mean a lot to him and being with them and the people he loves is like his treasure. He’s much more relaxed than usual around them.

- Friendship headcanon

Even Hyuuga fell to his charms. He gives the best hugs when a friend needs it, and the best advices. He’s a great friend who will do great things like buying you an ice cream when sad or something like that, even doing something he don’t like a lot but you do, cause he’s such a love.

- Quirks/hobbies headcanon

In canon, his hobby is playing hanafuda, so I guess he likes card games. I think he also likes knitting, his granny taught him and since then he made his own scarves and make for his friends too.

- Likes/dislikes headcanon

He likes Naruto and nobody is going to say otherwise. He also likes magical girls anime (like Madoka Magica or Sailor Moon). He doesn’t like scary movies, especially the Japanese ones (and especially the ones with rats).

- Childhood headcanon

Sweetest child in the woooorld. The typical child who helps old ladies cross the street and carry the shopping bags.

-. Old age/aging headcanon

The friendliest old man in the neighbourhood. In his late 20s, he let his beard grow.

- Cooking/food headcanon

Nothing fancy, he’s good but not outstanding. Oh well, he makes the most beautiful bentos.

- Appearance headcanon

Although he’s a big guy, he has a sweet aura which calms everyone (except Hyuuga). Not always shaves (his face). Likes to dress with pink and shirts with messages.

- Random headcanon

I think he likes lolis (similar to Riko y'know) HAHAH.

- Any other question of your choosing

notice i love you senpai.