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So I saw the chibbi sketches you did of Bendy, Boris and Alice, and they're amazing! But... where is Alice in all the madness between Bendy and Boris in this AU? How does she play into it? Ps I love your art!!

Marini4: Hey ho! Thank you!! :D Alice Angel will once available even in the ask box once she made an appearance in the comic ^_^ 

As it stands in this AU, Alice Angel is a singer and celebrity, Bendy’s ex girlfriend and Boris is a huge fan of Alice.  Here’s design of Alice :)

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Your personal drabble idea is fabulous! I would like to request one, if that's alright? My name is Enn, I am very short (5'1) with dark brown hair and green eyes! I've been meaning to write something about a first time father Ivar, but haven't been able to because ahhh feels. Thank in advance if you decide to do it=]

Hello! I hope you like this. Please enjoy <3

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Your lovely kid was playing upon one of the furs on the floor. He was the living image of his father, the only difference his eyes. They were green, like yours were, like nature was. Ivar loved them. You were observing your little son as you were sprawled on Ivar’s lap. He was caressing your back, tracing imaginary patterns back and forth your skin.

He remembered when you went into labour.

He had been scared. You were his everything. You were his dear Enn, who had taught him what love meant, who had stood on his side on his highest and lowest. He had heard stories and knew the dangers of the situation. You had insisted that he didn’t need to worry. But after all what had happened to him, how could he believe you? Did the gods deem him worthy of happiness?

He had his answer when he held in his arms a healthy child. The warmth of the little body was already calming his soul. Your hand found his and squeezed. All suffering was gone at a stroke, joy drowning you both.

“You should rest, Enn.” He whispered.

“Promise me you will stay.”

He nested himself on the bed you were resting in, his kid between his arms. You pressed your lips on the newborn. You settled on his side and went to sleep. Ivar watched you and the child, eyelids closed, your breaths complementing each other. A sight he’d never forget.

It had not been easy to reach this peace. He wanted to take loads off you, but due to his legs it was a difficult task. He tried too hard, still the results were not visible.

You soothed his sorrows with a kiss on his temple and reassuring words.

“It’s not useless. Each effort you make is a great help, Ivar. I wished you could see.”

“I can’t even carry the child around.” He muttered in frustration.

“My dear husband… You always have the fire ready. You hunt when I can’t go to the market. And our son loved falling asleep on top of you. You don’t need to move around…”

You gave him the little child. He was moving his arms, reaching for his father’s face. Ivar poked his nose, and you giggled at the sight. The kid imitated you. The childish laugh echoing in the hut was his new favourite sound.

You hummed a song you heard from Ivar as you looked at your child.

Ivar sang the baby at nights.

He had a sweet voice. It was a big surprise, to see he still haven’t revealed everything about himself, but it made you happy to discover his little secrets one by one.

His songs talked of the gods, of the story of ancient warriors and shieldmaidens, of the magic forests where witches and trolls hid. And he had a particular song, talking about a dark haired and green eyed fairy who stole a man’s heart. You never asked him about it, but you had your suspicions.

“Isn’t our baby the most precious thing you have ever seen?” You asked.

“Yes. I don’t think anything can compare.”

You sat up and straddled him, and look at him in his blue pupils. Your fingers touched his cheek, and the baby looked curious at his parents.

“Are you sure?” You smiled.

“What do you mean?” You placed his hand on your belly. He looked at you intently, in disbelieve. Could it be possible? “Enn?”

“There might be another precious thing growing here.”

“Truce?” he offers, tilting the box toward him.

From Ships Passing by @shions-heart


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Hey Jack do you know that Ben and Ed is getting a sequel are you going to play it when it comes out? i love your LPs of the first game

Well aware! Been talking to the devs about it since they first started making it. They added some JSE stuff to it too ;) looks really fun


i am physically and emotionally crying he revealed his real name and identity to the summoner he trusts them THAT much AND HE VOWS…TO FIGHT FOR THEM…….AND WITH A WIDE SMILE WHILE HES AT IT IM SO…………………..

I was watching @therealjacksepticeye play Night in the Woods, and I love the friendship between Mae and Gregg!!
(Gregg is my spirit animal tbh)