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BTS Reactions To You Accidentally Giving Them A Boner


You weren’t very fond of people waking you up. Seokjin unfortunately learned this the hard way when he had done it accidentally only to have to face your wrath. However, he had learned with time and progression through your relationship, that there was a way to get you to wake up happy.

He had begun his work in the kitchen when the smell of delicious food sprung you to consciousness. You were practically drooling as you made your way to the kitchen in nothing but Seokjin’s shirt and a flimsy pair of underwear.  

“Good morning Jagi,” he cooed as he heard your approaching steps. 

“What are you making?” You asked excitedly as you spotted him.

He looked back and was just about to answer when he finally turned to look at you. He could feel himself growing hard as his gaze was suddenly drawn to your exposed legs. The sight of you in just his shirt was irresistible but Seokjin being the gentleman he was, waited until after you ate before making a move. 

You had just begun to wash the dishes when he suddenly reached over you to shut the tap off. He pressed his body behind yours and held you close to him as he whispered into your ear, “I want dessert Jagiya.” 

“O-oh yeah? What did you want to eat?” You stuttered as you became aware of his growing bulge pressed against your ass. 

“You,” he breathed before he turned you around and rid you of his shirt. His hands quickly coming into contact with your exposed skin. 

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In Yoongi’s eyes you were always attractive. However, it was moments like these; when he saw your eyes burning with passion, that he found you to be absolutely breathtaking. 

Your hands typed furiously against the keyboard, in a rush to get all your ideas for your next article down. You scrunched your eyebrows together and unconsciously bit your lip in concentration, absolutely driving Yoongi insane. 

He didn’t realize how big of turn on this side was of you until he felt a stir in his pants. Fuck.

“Are you almost done?” He asked from where he was lying on the bed, his voice a bit hoarse. 

“Mhm,” was your only answer as you continued to type away. 

Yoongi bit the inside of his cheek, willing his body to calm down. Now was not the time…but he couldn’t help himself. Before he knew it he found his way behind your chair. 

Your eyes shot wide open the second you felt his lips against your neck.

“Yoon-yoongi what are you doing?” You asked a bit breathlessly, as he had instantly gone for the spot you were the most sensitive.

“Can’t you take a break baby?” He whispered hotly against your ear.

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“Like this?” You asked Hoseok hesitantly. 

You were beyond nervous. Hoseok was naturally good at dancing, but you on the other hand, could hardly walk without tripping. Which is why you hadn’t understood why Hoseok had asked you to help him practice the dance duet he had been working hard on choreographing. 

“Your body seems a bit stiff Jagiya,” he pointed out and you felt yourself deflate just a little.

“I’m sorry Hoseok. I don’t think I’m the best person to help you with this,” you sighed a tad bit defeated.

“Of course you are Jagiya! Don’t give up,” he encouraged with a bright smile, “just relax.”

You were curious as to what he was up to as he walked closer towards you and grabbed you by the waist.

 “Okay let’s practice another part,” he suggested, “let my body lead yours ok?”

Within seconds he had your bodies blended against one another and he had yours moving to the speed of his. Just as he turned your body, so you’d be facing him, he felt himself stir. 

He usually was pretty good at controlling himself but the sight of your sweaty body against his in the mirrors reflection, must’ve played quite a number on him. He couldn’t help it as he leaned closer towards you and drew you into a passionate kiss, completely stealing your breath away.

You were breathless as you pulled away and looked up at him a bit amused by the sudden attack of his lips, “uh-is that apart of the choreo?”

“Just between you and I,” was all he said before he leaned in to kiss you again, a bit more rougher and messier this time. 

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Namjoon bit on his bottom lip as he stared at you intently from where he was seated. He couldn’t believe how easily you had managed to excite him. You hadn’t even intentionally done it. You had come over with the intention of watching a movie with him when you suddenly helped yourself to a banana. 

At the sight of your lips encircling the banana, any thoughts in Namjoon’s mind of a fluffy movie night was thrown out the window. 

“Namjoon?” You tilted your head in curiosity as you caught on to his intense stare.

Namjoon cleared his throat, a poor attempt at trying to calm himself down. It was too late, the desire to feel your body against him was too strong. 

“Are you done with that banana?” He asked, and you noticed that his voice was more hoarse than usual.

You looked at him, confused by the question, “…yes? Why?”

His eyes darkened as he gave you a small smirk, “because I’d rather have your lips wrapped around something else.”

It didn’t take much time for you to understand what he meant by that, Namjoon didn’t even really give you much time to think either. Before you knew it, he had you pinned under him on the couch.

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Jimin quietly cursed himself. Why had he thought that it’d be a good idea to have you sit on his lap?

He loved keeping you close but right now, he seriously regretted his decision. Especially since all the other members were gathered in the dorm’s living room with the two of you. You were just trying to get comfortable, but your constant movement had him getting hard, fast. The swelling of his dick was out of his control.

Your eyes widened the second you felt his bulge pressed up right against your ass. You turned around and sent him a questioningly glance.

“It’s because you keep moving,” he whispered, trying hard not be heard by the other members.

“Sorry,” you apologized, but you couldn’t help but feel a bit amused by the situation. Especially, when you saw Jimin close his eyes as he concentrated on calming himself down.

A sudden playfulness washed over you as you intentionally moved your ass a certain way against his bulge. You let a small smile grace your lips as you heard him release a soft hiss. 

“Are you okay?” You asked feigning innocence and that was the last straw for him. 

Before you knew it, Jimin had excused you both before leading you to his room only to have him press you up against a wall the second the door was closed.

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“Stay still,” you giggled as you pushed Taehyung down on the bed and crawled on top of him, straddling him. 

“Uh Jagiya, what are you doing?” He muttered as a flush began to bloom across his cheeks.

You couldn’t help but laugh, “don’t get all excited now.”

“I’m not,” he lied. He could already feel himself stirring in his pants, this was the affect you had on him. 

“Taehyung look at me,” you smiled, “I want to see your eyes.”

“My eyes?” He asked confused, but turned to look at you anyways. His excitment only growing at your close proximity. 

You nodded your head and leaned down so there was only a few inches between your lips and he contemplated kissing you. 

The second you saw the speck you had been searching for you grinned fondly, “ahh there it is! I love the mole under your eye so much.” 

Satisfied, you moved to get off his lap but Taehyung flipped your bodies instead so you were the one under him.

“I told you not to get excited Tae,” you jokingly chastised. 

“It’s a little too late for that…because of you I have a big problem now. it’s only fair that you help me with it,” he smirked as he licked his lips, the shyness from a few seconds ago completely gone.

You let out a small laugh before you drew him in for an intense kiss.

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Fuck. Was the only thought running through Jungkook’s mind as his eyes were glued to your body.

Why had he thought this would be a good idea?

Jungkook hadn’t fully thought it through when he asked you to join him for his workout. Of course he knew stretching was important, but was it even legal for you to look this good as you did?

You had no idea about the affect you were having on him as you began your exercise with squats. Jungkook was restless and couldn’t seem to focus on anything but you and eventually there was a stir in his pants and he inwardly cursed. He no longer had any control over his body as his mind began to fill with lustful thoughts. 

You had just been going down for another squat when you felt Jungkook wrap his arms around your waist drawing you close to him. Your eyes began to widen as you felt something poking you from behind and finally realized what it was.

“Baby, I don’t think this was a good idea,” was all he said before he turned you around and captured your lips in his. 

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I hope you enjoy<33 Special thanks to admin k for some of the ideas<3

~Admin Coffee

Sterek AU: Forever Be My Valentine

The fourteenth of February marks the day Stiles’ vocabulary vanished leaving just a single word to be uttered in response to Derek’s proposal:

                                                    Y E S!

However, the shocked filter doesn’t last long as a veritable torrent of, “Derek”, “I love you”, and praises in both English and Polish tumble from his lips. 

“I can’t believe you did all this. And here I thought the only romantic bone in your body was mine.” Stiles’ salacious eyebrow waggling falters slightly at a firm, yet loving, swat to the ass by his chuckling fiancé.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” Derek smirks, nosing his way down his jawline to his favorite spot on his neck just below his ear, eliciting a delicious shiver.

“Oh my god, that was terrible,” Stiles chokes on laugh. “Thank god you didn’t lead with that or I would have reconsidered my answer.”

Stiles let out a yelp as Derek nips at a tender spot.


Stiles tilted his head giving him more room to explore. 

“Mmm. Yup. Truth is you had me at ‘This is private property.’ There were many very public things I wanted to do to said property.”

Derek eyes flash as he emits a playful growl as his hands slide down to grasp his ass and quickly hoist him up. Stiles’ legs automatically wrap around his hips as a surprised moan barely has time to escape; lips becoming entangled with his own. Blunt teeth gently nibble Stiles’ bottom lip, tongue soothing over the indentations, silently pleading for entrance; a satisfied rumble answers when it’s granted. Derek pulls back just enough to gaze into honeyed eyes filled with love and eternal mischief, slowly engulfed by blown pupils. His right hand cups his jaw, thumb gently traveling across the path of moles to plump, reddened lips.

“Feel like doing some trespassing tonight?”

Stiles tosses his head back, whole body shaking with laughter. “Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Derek grins brightly at that thought “Not having any second thoughts, are you?”

Stiles’ arms tighten around Derek’s neck, pulling him into passionate kiss that leaves them both breathless.

“Not on your life. I love you so much, Der.”

“Love you too, Stiles.”

The night was filled with saccharine whispers, breathless moans, praises to deities that may not exist, content groans, laughter and love. Stiles may have trespassed all those years ago, but they have since established a home in each other. 


Happy birthday my love ❤
I hope you’ve had a fantastic day with the people you love; you deserve the whole world. You’re a ray of sunshine, thank you for being yourself and always following your dreams, you inspire me so much everyday and I look up to you. I want to see you being happy and showing that cute gummy smile we all love. Thank you for always loving and taking care of us, I’ll always support and love you. Also, thank you for opening to us, you’ve helped me a lot even though you don’t know me. I’m passing through some rough moments in in life and you’re the light that lights my way. Thank you for always working so hard to do what you love, thank you for taking care of us, thank you for loving us, thank you for always giving your best to everything you do, thank you for staying strong and believing in yourself, thank you for never giving up, thank you for your songs, they’ve helped me a lot, thank you for being you. Thank you. I love your beautiful, bright eyes that shine with passion, I love your nose, I love your gummy smile, I love your cute little mole you have next to your nose, I love your face, I love your hands, I love your body, I love your pale skin, I love your personality, I love your being, I love you. I hope you continue doing what you love everyday because if you’re happy, I’m happy too. I hope someday I can finally meet you and thank you for everything you’ve done and much more. Always remember to sleep well, eat well, laugh a lot and be healthy, please. Again, thank you. For everything. I love you so, so much.

— I

Request: Hey. I’m not sure if you’re taking requests, but if you are could you something with Tommy (Fionn’s character) where the reader was a nurse on a ship that got shot down in the mole and he helps her up and they flak in love and he’s like trying to protect her and help her off the beach and can you tag me in it? I love your writing btw. It makes me smile all the time just so much (requested by @emily-ily2 )

A/N: I didn’t want this to spoil too much of Dunkirk, so I only wrote bits about the end.


You were currently regretting your decision to volunteer as a nurse to help the injured soldiers on the beaches of Dunkirk. The ship you were on was currently going down, having been successfully hit by a bomb off the Luftwaffe circling overhead.

Men were screaming around you as they attempted to get off the ship, jumping over the railings into the oil filled water below.

Seeing no other option, you followed suit and jumped overboard. The oil was slimy against your skin, weighing down the material of your nurses uniform.

You stayed back and attempted to help as many men as you could get out of the oil spill, but you were starting to grow tired.

Another bomb was dropped, followed by rapid gunfire. Arms were suddenly grabbing your waist, pulling you down under the water. You fought against the arms, before realizing they were protecting you from the gunfire.

When your lungs began burning for air, the two of you surfaced above the water. Turning to your rescuer, you noticed he was a young soldier. He had dark brown hair and green eyes, with sharp cheek bones and thin lips. His face was full of oil, which you were sure was on yours as well, but he still looked unbelievably handsome.

You thanked him quickly, before turning back towards the ship. You began swimming again, trying to get back to help, but the soldier once again grabbed you.

“I have to help them!” You yelled back at him, fighting against his hold.

“You can’t! We need to go now!” He shouted, one hand moving to point at the skies. You looked up and immediately noticed why he looked so panicked.

The German plane had been shot down, but he was heading right for the oil in the water.

“Come on! We need to move.” He said again, keeping his arm around you as he swam you both towards a small boat a little ways away.

You began swimming with him, allowing him to pull his arm away so he could swim faster. The both of you made it right as the plane exploded behind you, causing the water to go up in flames.

“Take her first!” The soldier demanded, pushing you closer towards the boat with a civilian and a pilot holding their hands out. The civilian pulled you onto the boat, while the pilot grabbed a hold of the soldiers hand as the boat began moving.

The boat managed to get away from the oil and fire in time, and the pilot pulled your rescuer into the boat. The soldier coughed up some water, catching his breath slightly, before he was moving towards you.

He grabbed one of the spare blankets, wrapping it around your shoulders as you shivered. You smiled gratefully at him, watching as he took a seat beside you.

“Are you alright miss…?” The boy trailed off, silently asking for your name.

“Y/N” You responded, pulling the blanket tighter around your body. “And yes, I’m alright. Thanks mostly to you.” You smiled, reaching out and placing a hand on his. “What’s your name soldier?”

“I’m Tommy.” He replied, sending you a small smile in return.

“Tommy. I owe you my life Tommy, thank you.” You told him, before squeezing his hand and then removing yours. His hand darted out, grabbing your retreating one and lacing your fingers together.

“You were so busy saving everyone else, it was the least I could do to save you.” He said, clutching onto your hand.

“Are you alright?” You asked worriedly, noticing how jumpy he was. His hand was clasping onto yours as if you were his lifeline, which made you worry more.

“Yes, It’s just been a long couple of days.” He told you, eyes darting to the skies. You understood then, pulling him up on his feet.

“The war is behind us for now. We’re going home, you’re safe for now. The war is going to follow us eventually, but for now we should enjoy the calm moments while we can.” You told him, keeping eye contact the whole time. “You should go below deck, get some rest. You’re dead on your feel.”

“Will you come with me?” He asked, not wanting to be apart from you. He had only just met you a little while ago, yet he felt connected to you. In a way he was asking for more than just you going below deck with him, but you didn’t need to know that yet.

“Sure.” You replied, pulling him along with you. As the two of you made your way below deck, you noticed Tommy had made eye contact with another soldier.

Pulling you beside him, the two of you slid down the wall. Tommy sent the other soldier a small nod, before closing his eyes and resting his head against the wall.

You relaxed against him, laying your head against his shoulder. His arm rested around your shoulders, head resting against yours. The two of you fell asleep like that, the worries vanishing for the time being.

Maybe something good had come out of you volunteering for the rescue after all.

Suddenly you weren’t regretting anything, as long as Tommy was by your side you felt safe.

come what may || stiles stilinski

word count: 1563

warnings: mentions of sex. cute and adorable stiles stilinski

prompt: based on this song

author’s note: once again, my old blog was deleted so this is just a repost. enjoy!

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beauty mark | choi youngjae

prompt: “sunshine” - sometimes sunshine needs a little sunshine himself.
pairing: youngjae, you
genre: fluff
word count: 928
description: [drabble] Youngjae comes home, and his makeup covers up something important.
note: my (late) post for Emjae’s ficfest.  something short and cute, I hope you like it!

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Hi, Love your creations, but where did you get the freckles? Literally any of them, or the ones u use the most, they look amazing!!

Thank youuuu!!! <3 Here are the freckles on my current sims:

1. Face Freckles Add-On by @missfortunesims
2. These are part of my Aoki Skin Overlay
3. Frecklezilla by @savagesimbaby
(I honestly love these so much you have no idea. these are not just freckles but moles too <333)

Do you want me to like… do a freckles haul or whatever you call those? I could like go in game, pick my favourite ones and list them all here???

BTS Reaction - Birthmark on your leg

Request: BTS reactions to them finding a large mole on your upper inner thigh ( very close to your certain area ) oh my god why am I like this? 😂 

i’m just going to make it be a birthmark

Jin: Would ask if it’s from birth or i you should get it checked out. very happy to heart that it’s not new

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Yoongi: Probably wouldn’t really care abt it tbh. might find it cool/interesting

Originally posted by cyyphr

Hobi: probably kisses it when stuffs happening if he knows you’re insecure about it. Loves it

Originally posted by jaayhope

Namjoon: Like Yoongi, he won’t care too much. just notices it and continues on with whatever he was doing

Originally posted by bts-jimin16

Jimin: if you’re insecure about it he’ll definitely rub it when you two are cuddling. loves it cause it makes you super unique.

Originally posted by marikit257

Taehyung: Finds it interesting. might tease you abt it or say it looks like something but doesn’t mind it being there at all  

Originally posted by agustddarling

Jungkook: probably wonders if it’s natural but won’t ask. doesn’t think it’s a big deal that you have a birthmark

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- Liv

Wanna one reaction when they found out that their gf used to have a fan account dedicated to them


He’d be laughing all day at you because of this, but he’d be very happy about it too. He loves the fact that you appreciated him for a long time and that he is now together with you.

“I’ve made the best choice in dating you.”

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He would look on your laptop and find your tumblr about him. A lot of photos and appreciation for his vocals, that would make him so happy to read it. He’d be glad that you liked him this much.

“That’s why I love her.”


He’d be shocked to see it at first. He would think “When did you have the time to post this much?”, but wouldn’t mind at all that you supported him before going out with him. He’d still tease you sometimes because of it.

“She’s so cute.”


He’d laugh his ass off at your captions about him in every photo. He knows that he is irresistible, but to the point that you’d have a fan account dedicated to his three moles on his cheek would be too much.

“I was thought that my moles are cute, now it’s confirmed. What a loser she was for doing this.”


He’d be surprised to see your fan account about him, dedicated to his beautiful face. He is aware that he is a true visual, but it would still make him surprised that you liked him so much.

“She has good tastes in men.”

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He wouldn’t be too surprised knowing that you were his fan at the beginning. He would look through your tumblr and wouldn’t believe his eyes at how much you liked him.

“So I’ve been her daddy since then…interesting.”

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He’d be so happy about it. He’d look through your fan account and see that you used to ship him with a lot of people. He’d find it funny, but also a bit weird.

“Hey! Do you want me with Guanlin or you?”

“Of course I want you to be together with me. What are you thinking?”

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He would laugh about it. He’d think it was weird that your fan account is all about his tooth, but he’d be glad that you like him as he is.

“So cute.”

Originally posted by woojinie


He’d be happy to find your fan account. You liked him for a long time and that would make him really happy. He’d find it really cute too.

“Yes good.”

Originally posted by winkdeep


He’d be surprised that you have a fan account about him. You didn’t tell him about it until now so it will be surprising for him. He’d find it funny that you used to fangirl over him all the time.

“I’m glad you picked me.”


He’d laugh thinking about it. He’d feel a little weird thinking that you used to be a fan of him, but now he’s happy that you’re his girlfriend. He’d also feel really good when he sees a post about you liking his rap.

“What a good girl.”

You said that you want to kiss my forehead every night before I fall asleep, an act of lullaby so I could take a nap peaceful and deep..

You said that you envy my eyebrows that you won’t get tired glancing at it every single time when I’m so mad and in heat…

You said that you keep drowning with my eyes, too soulful you get jealous with other guys, every time they see me smile even for a mile…

You said that my nose are not big nor small but perfectly suits my facial features, you can’t resist but to take pictures…

You said that you can’t stop yourself from caressing my face and pinch it sweetly that put my heart in race…

You said that you keep wanting to touch and kiss my lips that makes you crave for more of every bits…

You said that you find the moles in my face a constellation, a direction to find your way in my destination…

You said that you love to slide your fingers in my hair because you know how much I calm and care…

You said that you don’t wanna see me cry ‘coz I’m precious, that you just wants to hug me tightly when I’m sad and nervous…

And you said that you want the best in me and you’ll do everything for me…

You said those words too powerful that it makes me believe that each is an existence of hope.

…but where art thou now?

Taehyung Scenario: Special Things To Come.

Request: I actually wanted a scenario where she was scared of giving birth even though he tell her he will be there but just feel not ready for what life would bring 

Genre: Fluff / Family

The birth of your baby was scheduled to be in just twenty four hours and you were literally a big ball of nerves.

Stroking your belly you tried to calm down, keeping calm was important at this point because being your pregnancy at its final stage it could mean anything could trigger it. You have even read of women that sneezed to then have their water broken, and you couldn’t let that happen, for the sake of your baby and your family you had to be calm and not cause something that would set forward the birth time and just keep with the plan.

Breathing in slowly you tried to focus on the TV, Cupcake Wars was always fun, but it didn’t seem to ease your nerves one bit. Taehyung was out at the moment, the manager had called to tell him about a last minute meeting to which he had to attend, Taehyung was a bit apprehensive on leaving you, maybe sensing how his presence could calm you a bit and then leaving would make everything more difficult. But at the end he had to go, he had to be in the meeting without fail for the good of his team. Taehyung apologized, promising that it wouldn’t take that much time and that he would come back as soon as he possibly could.

It had been nearly four hours since that, you constantly looked at the time and at the multiple texts Taehyung had sent, asking how you were doing, telling you that he would be back soon. The last one said he was on his way home.

Letting out a sigh of relief you closed your eyes, maybe a little nap would help you kill time until he arrived, his smile had always had something, a power if you will, that made you breathe better. You needed that right now. 

Multiple thoughts run across your mind without you being able to stop them. What if something went wrong? Would the baby be healthy? How could you make it better? Would you be a good mother? Beyond plain nervousness you understood that what you felt was fear. Giving birth was a scary thing, not because you didn’t want to start a family with Taehyung but because you knew everything would change drastically, suddenly this new life would depend on you, and what if you weren’t enough?

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Welcome New Admin W!

We are beyond excited to introduce ANOTHER new admin to our family: Admin W! She is unbelievably wonderful, and we are so lucky to have her on the team. Here are a few words from our lovely Admin W to all of you:

Admin W

Haaaiiiiii, my widdle glitter babies!!! Admin W(onder Woman) is a Jongin, pink & sparkles enthusiast who giggles a lot & loves KaiSoo too much because Jongin is spectacular hago, Kyungsoo is fantastic hage & together KaiSoo is amazing, unbelievable haja! Come scream at me about KaiSoo while I cry over Jongin’s moles (lol, this new admin is such a mess) ♡ KAISOO SARANGHAJA!!!

As always, thank you for your support!~ ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

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You're by far my favourite person in the Cary on Fandom. Your art is amazing , and I'm a little obsessed with the way you draw Simon's moles. I hope you're having a great day , you deserve the best!

THIS IS THE SWEETEST AAAAH!!! (sorry if all I do is screaming (digitally :D)  today, but sometimes I can´t help myself :D)
Thank you so so much for sending me this dear nonny, it means a lot to me! I´m glad you like Simons moles, haha! Hope you´re having a lovely day too, lots of love! <3

Tell her she’s beautiful.
That there’s nothing in the heavens or the universes that competes with her beauty.
Tell her every detail that you love about her, from the freckles at her right hip to her mole just below her left ear.
Tell her how much you love her.
Show her it too.
Fight for her when she says she’s done and is crying her heart out.
Tell her how stupid you were and how beautiful she is even when she’s in her worst state.
She chose you to stay with.
So just prove to her that she made the right decision.
—  Just tell her, even if she’s not yours.
Forever and always

Gif credit to the owner

Jonghyun fluff n’ smut

Slowly, the leaves of autumn began to drift down to the ground, coating the paths with their brown, amber and olive colours. The last time you gazed outside so closely, you were watching Jonghyun leave to go on tour and now, you were waiting for him to return to the home you shared together. Each second felt like hours going by; it seemed like you had been waiting for him, the love of your life, forever. All you wanted was to hold him close to you once more, inhale the scent of his hair, run your hands up the smooth skin of his arms, to look in to his eyes and see his breathtaking smile. Speaking to him over skype wasn’t enough to satisfy your need for him; you wanted him there, cradling you to sleep at night. Suddenly, you saw a glimpse of his facial profile walk down the street and turn to open your gate. Your heart leaped out of your body.

Instantly, you sprinted out of the room, flung the front door open and threw yourself at him. 


 You cried, squeezing his body tight. You felt his smile on your neck as he nuzzled his face in to you.

 “Jagiya. Oh I’ve missed you terribly.” 

Gently, he began to sway you side to side. 

“I’ve missed you so much.”

You kissed his cheek, never feeling so warm before even though it was chilly outside.

 Making you giggle, he picked you up like his bride, smiling at you widely and carried you back inside.

To your surprise, he carried you up the stairs and headed straight to your bedroom. 

“Kim Jonghyun! Home for a minute and already taking me to bed!”

 You teased, laughing, overwhelmingly happy that he was back in your presence. Life just wasn’t the same without him; he was your other half, the key to your heart. For a few precious moments, you toyed with each other’s hair, running your fingers through his fluffy dark blond hair and getting lost in his sparkling brown eyes before indulging in that exquisite kiss. It was a kiss so passionate, it took you from beyond your bedroom, soaring up to heaven and further. His hands held your face as he played with your tongue, pouring his heart to you with no words, only his sweet lips. The feel of his skin made you breathless, running your fingertips up his back, up his shirt. You couldn’t help but smile in to the kiss, feeling goosebumps cover his body, telling you that he was feeling as blissful as you were. Hurriedly, not wanting to stop kissing you, he pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his beautiful toned body. The sight of it made your pulse race.

 “You’re so perfect oppa.”

 You whispered before kissing his chest, the cute mole just below his neck.  

“I never want to be away from you again, I missed you so much it hurt.”

 It hurt you too. It hurt to wake up and not see him sleeping soundly next to you like an angel. Climbing up on to your knees to face him, you let him remove your top so your skin could press against each other, radiating your heat on one another. He wrapped his arms around you, protecting you from whatever may hurt you because he loved you with every beat of his huge, golden heart. Your lips locked once more, caressing and kissing, connecting with each other. The world stopped when he was with you. Together, you faced the world, joining hands and leaning on each other’s shoulder. Slightly tickling your skin, his hands trailed up your back and unclipped your bra. It fell from your body, bringing you closer, your breasts pressed against his chest, your nipples hardening as you fell deeper in to arousal. Jonghyun placed magic kisses down your jaw bone, your neck and across your chest. You closed your eyes, letting Jonghyun love you. Finally, you could accept love in its truest form. When you thought of the word love, Jonghyun handsome, charming smile came to your mind. As he kissed your breasts, making sure not to miss an inch of skin, you kissed his forehead, thanking god for bringing such a sensational man in to the world. Taking care, he laid you down amongst the soft cotton pillows on the bed you shared together. He whispered how much he loved you in your ear, making your heart expand as he removed your jeans, wanting to hold the woman he treasured close and admire your body which he treasured like diamonds.

Carefully, you rolled on top of him in just your panties and began to kiss his magical body, moving downwards slowly and drawing love hearts on him with the tips of your fingers. You loved to caress his silky smooth body with your lips. He was a man to be worshipped; all of his perks and flaws made him perfect to you. He came in to your life and changed it for the better; he was an angel of fate. When you looked up from his torso, his eyes sparkled like crystals, gazing in to yours like you were the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on.

 “Jagiya, don’t ever leave my side, don’t ever break my heart.” 

He uttered, his voice pregnant with emotion. You beckoned for him to come to you. He sat up, his puppy eyes never leaving yours. Sweetly, you took his hand and placed it over your heart to he could feel it thump, thump, thump. 

“I live for you oppa. When your heart stops, mine will too.”

Closing your eyes, treasuring every moment, you eased down on Jonghyun’s manhood. He filled you like he was designed for you, the two of you moving together like the trees in the whistling wind. He moaned as his whole length went inside. Jonghyun tilted your chin up so you looked in to his eyes whilst he began to move, causing you whimper. The feeling was incredible, better than anything you’d felt before. No one else had ever made you feel that way, so comfortable, so precious and protected. Biting your bottom lip to ease the intensity of the sensation his manhood was giving you, your fingers entwined with his, fitting together like a puzzle. Holding his hands was a symbol of your two souls bonding in to one. Making love to him healed up the cracks in your heart as it was breaking without him. He wiped away every tear, every ounce of pain so easily and made things better. The emotions you were both feeling, happiness, love, arousal, gratefulness, it became so much to take. A soft laugh escaped your lips as you noticed a pool building in Jonghyun eyes. You wiped the tears away before it trickled all the way down his flawless face. Kissing his damp cheeks, he moved more passionately, giving his whole self to you which felt beyond wonderful. With each thrust, he brought you closer to a mind boggling orgasm, one that you thought could only exist in mills and boon novels. Your head reunited with the pillows as he switched positions with you, wanting more control as he was coming closer to the finish line. Once more, he held your hands tight within his, his palms becoming hot and clammy, your hips curling up to meet his strokes. His tongue chased and teased yours; Jonghyun kisses blew you away. Your heart was beating so fast, you thought it was going to explode.

 “Agh, I think I’m going to cum.” 

He groaned, squeezing your hands tighter and plunging inside you harder. 

“Oppa! Please!” 

You begged him, needing his love liquid so desperately. It brought you ecstasy when he spilled the last of himself inside your body and as a result of his cum, your orgasm hit you like a crashing tidal wave.

 “Jonghyun! Oh, Jonghyun!”

 You cried out loud, not caring if the whole world could hear you. Your whole body was brought up to the heavens. Jonghyun rested his head on your chest, curling up next to you as the two of you came back down from your extreme high. 

“That was perfect, it was everything and more.” 

You finally spoke after your body had rested. Jonghyun smiled warmly before kissing your lips with his silky ones. Admiring your face, he moved the lose strands of hair behind your ears. 

“I always dreamed of the girl I’d fall so madly in love with and now I’m looking right at her thinking what did I ever do to deserve her. You’re so beautiful Jagiya. Promise me this is forever?” 

How could he ever think that you’d leave him? He was your rock; your one and only. You wanted to spend the rest of your life waking up to see his handsome face. Faintly, you pressed your lips on his forehead, then his cheeks, his lips. Kissing him still made your tummy flutter.

 “Forever and always, Kim Jonghyun.”

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" youre so cute when youre half asleep like this.. " with taehyung?

“mm” you breathed, rolling over to meet the chest of your boyfriend, taehyung.

“good morning sleepy head” he giggled, it resonated through you- the tone itself was like an echo and you loved it.

“what time is it?” you pushed your hair off your face.

“It’s 7am” his voice was chipper.

You groaned, “it’s way too early” you rolled back to lay on your back when Taehyung grabbed you and rolled you back over to lay on him.

“I was comfy” he muttered, kissing your forehead.

You opened one eye to see his hair sticking out everywhere, you smiled. He always managed to look so adorable and handsome on a morning. With his voice thick and raspy from sleep.

“You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this” he used his pinky finger to move some hair off your forehead.

He stared down at you, wondering how he managed to end up dating someone like you.

“baby I have to go to practice soon, I won’t be home until 2am ish” you lifted your head at his voice.

“But that’s so late” you whined, you know he loves his job but sometimes you missed him too much to handle.

“will they let me visit you?” you prodded his mole and his smile that you loved so much graced his face.

“what time do you have to be there for?” you wrapped your arms around his waist.

“10am” he smirked.

“why am I awake” you half cried, half whined.

“I just wanted to watch you sleep, I didn’t expect you to wake up” he defended himself, at the same time he curled himself around you like a cat.

“I don’t want to move ever” you closed your eyes, relishing in his smell and warmth.

“me neither” he hummed, the tune itself was melodic.

“you’re so warm” you snuggled deeper into him, he laughed breathily.

“am I just a something to cuddle” his voice was mocking. Still half asleep, you pushed him down onto the bed. Pinning him slightly.

“What are you doing?” he mused. You crawled onto him, so that your head rested on his abdomen and your stomach was between his legs. He grabbed the comforter and pulled it over you.

“perfect” he whispered, you didn’t know what he was talking about until you heard the click of his camera.

“why?” you stressed, squishing your face into his lovely tummy.

“because you’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this” he echoed his earlier statement.

“Yeah, I’m a freaking peach” you bit out, just wanting to catch some more sleep with him.

“awe baby, you’re so mean” his hand rested over his heart he pretended to be shot. You grabbed his hand lightly and kissed it.

Looking up at him, you tried your best puppy eyes. “sleep for ten more minutes with me, then I’ll make us some pancakes with strawberries” you persuaded, watching him fall into the idea of pancakes with soft, juicy strawberries.

“hm “he pulled you up his body so that he could wrap his arms around you properly, “ah this is the dream” kissing the tip of your nose lightly. You felt the imprint of his lips much after he’d fallen asleep again.

a/n: drabbles are open!

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hello can I have a ship please if you aren't too busy? :3 I have short, dark blonde hair, blue/grey eyes and a few moles on my cheeks. I'm 5ft3, a little bit shy, especially around new people, though when I'm around my friends I'm much more relaxed and overall a lot happier :) I love writing and drawing, as well as watching a lot of anime and reading tons of manga. also I've been playing violin since I was 6 and I love cats and houseplants! thank you :) x

I pair you with: Yuzuki Fuwa!

You wanna watch anime with someone? She’s your gal. You wanna read some new manga? Here come tons of recommendations. She would love to draw with you (mostly manga) and maybe get some pointers from you to help write her stories better! Even though she can be entergenic, she would love the relaxed type that you are.

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, you have to send this to your favorite followers. (how many that is, is up to you!) ( this is non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 💕🌸☀ (I can think of a lot of things that are positive for youuuu. hope you're having a good day!)

it’s gonna be hard, sweetie lol hope you’re having a good day too!

I like that my bias is jinyoung (i got good taste *coughs*)

my hair

my moles

i like the fact that i can do well under pressure

I like my piercings ~ 

That’s pretty much it! Thx for sending this, love you ! <3 


Heart beating fast, the temperature increasing. Blushing cheeks.
Sparkles all over my head, the feeling you get when you drink champagne.
Goosebumps every now and then, shaking hands and bitten lips.
All because of her, every time my fingertips touch her skin.

Fireworks, that’s what I felt inside the first time I opened my eyes and saw her laying beside me, her bare skin hiding under the black sheets. She looked beautiful; perfection is what they call her.

“Baekhyun? Hmm–what are you doing?” She said with that sleepy voice I love. “That tickles!” Maybe she felt a tickling sensation but the way I felt whenever my fingertips followed the path the moles of her back created was nothing compared to that. I was a getting drunk, drunk in her. I felt high as if I could touch the stars, those stars that were tickling in the bottle of champagne that carried her name. Does it make sense? I figured, of course it doesn’t. That’s love. 

It doesn’t make sense.

“Hmm– Baaek.. why do you do that?”
“Because I love your little moles jagi… they are perfect”
I knew she wouldn’t complain after the kissed I pressed on her cheek, curling her beside me, fingers tracing imaginary figures on her arm as her head rested on my chest. She loves cuddling this way in the mornings, and so do I. 

That’s the first word that crosses my mind every time I see her. It doesn’t matter where: the first time of the morning, or when I pick her up for dinner, or when she goes to work, or when she’s just having one of those lazy days. She is perfection, every little thing about her is perfection. Her moles are like stars are to the skies, perfect. But she doesn’t know it. I can’t understand why she doesn’t think those little freckles on her cheeks, or the moles contrasting on the skin of her arms and back, aren’t a sign of perfection to her. But it doesn’t matter. Because I can… I can remind her everyday how perfect she is, as long as I am in this world.

“Baek? Why do you have that funny look on your face?”
“It’s just… that I haven’t told you how much I love you today, have I?”

A/N: So I managed to write something today. This was an old request and I hope the anon who submitted it reads it! I love you all and I hope you love yourselves too xd No really, whenever you feel insecure remember that someone out there loves you exactly for all that, those little things that make you, you.

Laugh It Up (Wade Wilson x Reader)

Wade Wilson proves to need his muzzle outside of the bedroom when a night out with your friends goes awry…

Warnings: Language (I mean, it’s Wade Wilson.)

Word Count:1205

“This should go without saying, but since you’re actually eight years old,” I said before turning to look him straight in the eye, “please be on your best behavior.”

“Oooh, I love it when you play mommy. If I’m not does this mean I get a spanking?” He bent a little to poke his butt at me. Couldn’t say that I was very surprised; telling Wade Wilson to behave was like telling water not to be wet.

I rolled my eyes. “By best behavior I mean I’d like to still have friends by the end of this dinner. I think you can handle that.”

“Ugh, sounds boring. C’mon, mommy, make me wanna be a good boy.”

“Fine. If you behave tonight I’ll let you do that thing you’ve been wanting to try in bed.” I looked at him with a raised brow.

He gasped. “You mean…”

I nodded. “Yup.”

“You swear?”

“Are you gonna go easy on ‘em?” I held out my pinky for him to pinky promise.

“I will go easier than me in a whorehouse.” He hooked his pinky with mine, and on that agreement, we headed into the restaurant for what would hopefully be a nice night of dinner and drinks with my friends.

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