i love your long hair


why can’t girls just be nice to one another? like fr???? I see so many girls bringing other girls down. honey you are NOT a “cake face,” a “hoe,” a “bitch,” or a “skank” for wearing the clothes you like or the makeup that makes you feel beautiful! post selfies! tell other girls you like their lipstick! start loving yourself and others! and I’m not just talking about white cis girls. ALL WOMEN NEED TO START RESPECTING EACHOTHER. I can not tell you how many times I’ve been called a bitch or a slut just for wearing clothes I think are cute! honestly I am tired of all the women on women hatred. every time I see a girl I try to compliment her! a simple, “I love your hair!” or, “cute shirt!” goes a LONG way! let’s stop hating eachother and ourselves please. ladies you are ALL beautiful! WOC, trans women, everyone!

Sisters in the snow

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I remember it like it was yesterday, although it was decades ago.

My sister and I had been fighting again, like we did so often, like I suspect most sisters do at that age.

This fight got more heated than usual. I screamed an obscenity at my sister before turning to storm out of the room, but then my neck suddenly whipped back painfully and I realised she was yanking my hair. In pain and shock, I spun around and slapped her hard across the face.

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curlzformetal  asked:

how does one draw beards, besides selling their soul to Satan?

no soul-selling! it’s pretty simple

well, what i’m gonna show you is pretty simple

so let’s take these baby-faces:

having the jawline/chin/etc down pretty accurate is important! because the beard grows from there!

dudes all have a specific growth pattern on their face. when doing a 5 o’clock shadow, you can pretty much just follow that and fill it in with a gray/their hair color at a low opacity

with the growth pattern and jawlines and mind, it’s pretty easy to make a readable beard by doing little lines that follow those patterns! i never do a straight line to draw beards. it’s an option, but it’s tough to make look natural lol–i don’t even do that for comics! but once the hairs are curved along the jawline, i think getting rid of the visible jawline helps show thickness/structure to the beard itself

as beards get longer, you can lengthen the lines and make them have more minds of their own, as they begin to stop conforming with the face!

so that’s about it. if you want beards with a little more texture, remember that beards grow in layers. they grow just like hair! but…on..on the face.

as a beard might.

Elfcup and Dwarfstrid  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

What its like dating Dick Grayson

-Him being very affectionate. He loves to give forehead kisses, neck kisses, kisses on the cheek and his favorite is kisses on the nose because he loves the way you scrunch up your nose afterwards.

-Him carrying you to bed from the couch when you fall asleep after binge watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

-You love his long hair very much and can’t help running your hand through it. Whenever you do, he seizes your hand and kisses it very gently.

-Him calling you ‘babe’ or ‘sweetie’.

-A lot of hot make out sessions.

-Him waking up before you and watching you sleep.

- “Were you watching me sleep?”

- “Yeah, you look so peaceful. I like watching you sleep.”

- “Okay that is very creepy. No idea why Bella didn’t find it so when Edward said it to her. Remind me to build up a wall between us so that you stop doing that.”

-Him constantly using cheesy pickup lines on you.

- “Your eyes are blue like the ocean. And baby I’m lost at sea.”

- “Dick?”

- “Yes?”

- “My eyes are brown.”

-Him talking shit and yelling at the screen whenever you two play video games.

-Dancing at 3am in the living room to old romantic songs when both of you are in your pjs.

-Him whispering very inappropriate things in your ear at inappropriate times.

-He’s the one who hogs the blanket during the night.

-Whenever he goes out on patrol at night, you stay up all night worrying on the couch even though he insists that you should go to sleep.

-He calls you during patrol at the worst times.

-“Hey babe, what’s up? What are you doing?”

-“Just grabbing a snack. Why are you calling during the patrol?”

-“Oh it’s very quiet. As quiet as a- *something crashes in the background*”

-“Dick?? What the hell was that?”

-“*grunts* Construction, babe.”

-“Want me to prepare the first aid kit?”

-“Yes that would be preferable.” 


I have so much to do but I have no self-control. THIS MUSICAL IS SO GOOD!!! Please listen if you haven’t gods, it is just amazing. I’ll be drawing the other characters and maybe animatics later but I got things to finish :’((((


In this endless world, I was searching for you… 

Yes, I am finally posting some HTTYD art that i’ve mentioned drawing a few days or weeks ago…

I am aware that Toothless’ face is not like this, but please understand that this was one of the first attempts i’ve made to draw him and even though it’s not accurate I quite love how his expression came out, haha

Hiccup water you doin’, you’re doing Toothless a frighten

If you guys want to see some more HTTYD art, let me know!

I promise that i’ve improved both Hiccup and Toothless xDDD

PS:…yes I was looking at those dog meme’s when I wrote Toothless’ dialogue


Hakyeon :

★such a gentleman
★he’ll run you a bath
★has special bubble bath that he only uses for this occasion
★lavender to relax your muscles and calm you
★he’ll sit with you in the bath, holding you to his chest and kissing all over your shoulders
★won’t actually talk about what happened until the morning after
★he wants all of his focus on making you feel loved and happy
★let’s just say you’d be rich if you got paid for every ‘i love you’ he said to you
★washes your hair
★if you’ve long hair, he’ll dry it for you and put it out of the way so you can sleep well
★you’d normally drift off into dreamland after this sort of activity
★but on the rare occasion you two still have energy
★he’ll put on your favourite movie, get snackies and you’ll just have a real cozy time in eachother’s arms


★not much gets done after he’s pounded into you at a million miles an hour
★if you’ve got energy left he gets offended
★and takes you again to make sure you’re properly fucked out
★if you’re gonna do it, do it right right~
★for real, he can’t just leave you with one orgasm
★he needs to see you destroyed
★only then will he know he’s done good
★he’ll rap you in the bed covers and push any hair out of your face
★his eyes will stay on your face
★he’s so confused with your sexed out look
★you glow???
★doesn’t verbally tell you he loves you
★he’ll stroke your skin
★your hair
★your lips
★and whisper about how he’ll always be there for you
★and that he’ll protect you from everything


he’s my bias so don’t mind while i go ham
★this bub has your aftercare routine down
★he’ll have everything already prepared and ready to go
★imo he goes hard or goes home
★so you’re going to be s o r e
★your lower region is numb in the most incredible way
★he’ll rub cream all over you
★and smother each area in 'healing kisses’
★don’t laugh at him for doing this
★it’ll make him go into the 20 minute talk on how his kisses actually help you heal
★he’s memorized your face cleaning routine
★he’ll sit you on the bathroom sink and clean you
★then he’ll bust out our favourite shirt of his and lets you wear it
★once back in bed and he knows you’re comfy
★he’ll go get food
★10/10 it’s fruit
★'it’s healthy and it’ll get your energy back’
★you can’t complain
★because he lays you in his lap and feeds you
★while his other hand plays with your hair
★this is the time when you discuss the most important things
★and by that i mean he’ll tell you ever little detail of their comeback plans
★most of the time you fall asleep half way through him talking
★who wouldn’t
★his voice is beautiful
★like he could read the phonebook and i’d listen


★another member that goes hard or goes home
★so after he’s done you’re kinda just a shaking, moaning mess
★he won’t move from atop of you until your breathing has returned to normal
★i think it’ll take him a while to get out of his dom mode
★meaning even though you were sore as fuck, his praise got you aroused all over again
★devil man
★'your hole always makes daddy feel so good’
★'you look so delicious when you’ve been destroyed by my cock’
★w o n s i k s t o p
★ you teasing little fuck
★once he’s out of his dom mode prepare for nuzzles
★his deep voice will just send you right off to sleep


★fucking you into the sheets makes this guy hungry
★'you have to eat lots for energy after such aggressive exercise’
★so while you’re in the bathroom cleaning yourself up
★he’ll order so much food for the two of you
★seriously, it’s like a banquet
★he’ll lay it out on the bed and he’ll feed you
★this precious bean
★he’ll try to be sexy to turn you on again so you can go another round
★but he looks like an idiot
★he’ll be weird with his praise to you
★with a mouthful of noodles he’ll tell you that you’ve made Daddy proud
★which causes you to laugh
★after you’ve eaten all you can
★you’ll both settle down in bed and cuddle
★he’ll hum your favourite song to you to help you get off to sleep


★like wonsik he’ll stay over you as your body spasms in pleasure
★won’t pull out
★he fucking loves cock warming
★his cock buried in you and his face pressed to your neck is his fave position to sleep in
★he’ll lock your fingers together and rub his thumb over your skin
★the softest 'i love yous’ will be spoken
★pls don’t try move because he needs to stay close to you
★if you do need to move for the toilet or to swap your position he’ll just whine until he can get close to you again

what dating Lee Minhyuk would be like;

Originally posted by jeonfhan

  • I think Minhyuk is the type to subconsciously pull you closer to him while he sleeps.
  • mutter sweet sentiments in your ear while hugging you from behind.
  • He adores that you cling to him on a morning, though he hates to see you pout when he has to leave.

“I know baby, but I have to go” he’d pout with a exaggeration to make you smile.

“Your smile is my favourite thing”

  • He was cheesy, there was no doubt about that.
  • he smiles uncontrollably when you complement him, he just cant help it
  • he’s infectious, his entire personality is infectious
  • he’d tell those horrible but yet lovable dad jokes that make the members crease in cringe
  • despite his showmanship, you love his sensitive side
  •  he isn’t afraid to admit that he’s wrong, he loves to know more about things and learn.
  • he’s justifiable, reasoning and responsible.
  • though sometime she is forgetful.

“Uh have you seen my keys?”

  • he’s so passionate about the things he loves. You’ve seen him sing in the studio and it melts your heart because his soul is poured into it.
  • He’s easily embarrassed

“Baby please stop dancing in the middle of the shop. you know I have to keep a low profile while I’m out”

“I’m not doing anything” you’d laugh while attempting to twerk on the cereal shelf.

  • He’s charismatic. whether its screaming at the members for stealing the last slice of pizza to posing for the photobook pictures.
  • Minhyuk, I think, would love to play with your hair. Long, or short, he will find a way to plait it and brag.
  • He saves all of your selfies, the double chins, the ugly ones, the gorgeous ones and show you off to the members.
  • meme. say no more.
  • he’s innocent, he gives off the  aura of innocence
  • until he acts like he does in fighter, strutting up and down your hallway with the blue steal pout.
  • he’s weird. But its the admirable weird. he makes you want to sit there and do unnecessary stuff because its fun.
  • you watch everything that he does. so when it comes to the things where he’s sexy, charismatic- he usually dancing in the background with some sort of jig which really makes you question him.
  • when he goes away, he’ll be the type to FaceTime you when it is night time for you

“Baby, you need to sleep”

“i don’t care if its nice to see my face, you need to sleep”

“Want me to sing?” Song off key to make you laugh.

  • He’s been the shoulder you needed when you needed to cry.
  • he was there for everything, every laugh, tear, pain and anger.
  • when he wakes up on a morning, he is completely unaware of everything in existence.
  • when he is asleep, his eyes are open slightly.

okay, it’s about to get a tad NSFW:

  • he’s got the sweet and innocent vibe going on, so I think he would be the type to follow your lead. Let you set it.
  • lip biting, because when isn’t that ever not hot on minhyuk
  • he has that stare, you know the one, where he’s completely and utterly piercing into your soul.
  • he’s teasing, avoiding what you want to do purposefully to make you whine.
  • he’s a menace, flirting sexily when around the members to make you blush
  • basically, you’re newly weds without the newly wedded part.

“Aw baby, you thought I was just cute” with a smirk and eyes that smoulder.

he is the type to sneak out of his dorm and go get vender food with you at 3 am in the morning, even though he’ll be tired the next day.

  • he coddles you
  • idolises you, treasure the ground you walk on.
  • he gives you his jumpers, lets you sleep in his shirt and boxers
  • hes cheeky

“I’m Lee Minhyuk! I can do what I want, when I want” he says as you tell him to have another bowl of rice.

“only because I want to” he’d state with defiance.

  • He’s caring, you’ve seen how he is with the members and its lovely.
  • he’s pure af
  • I think minkyuk is the type where he’s try to stay awake with you, to talk about anything and everything, but he’d fall asleep because youre just so darn comfortable.
  • he can be cocky
  • he can be sexily arrogant
  • but minhyuk? He’s selfless

“no no, you eat first”

“Baby? How much sleep have you had?”

“It’s ok, I can do this for you”

a/n: I hope this okay for you anon, I think minhyuk would legit just be the cutest ever because he has the type of personality where he’ll love to do everything. He’ll be interested in anything that you do, if you like to read? Then he’d ask you to read to him. He’s precious and more people should love him.