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woop. there he is. there’s my asshole son. can we please talk about that absolute satisfaction on tsukki’s face? can you even imagine how many times he’s seen kageyama and hinata’s quick, hearing them scream and rave about it, hearing others be amazed about it and tsukki just thinks ‘it’s not that great. when will the novelty wear off on these people?’ thinking he just wanna block one just to shut people up about it because it’s becoming so overrated. but of course he can’t do that when he’s on the same team. imagine this boy just waiting for someone else to execute the same attack because he knows he can block it, he’s seen it enough times to be sick of it and he’s run multiple scenarios in his head on how to shut it down. and then the miya twins did it. imagine tsukki just going ‘finally’ and imagine the immense (maybe even dark and a little twisted just look at that face) satisfaction at finally–finally–being able to block that freak quick and proving once and for all that, yeah, it’s amazing, but it’s not that amazing.

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No Son of Theirs (part 2)

Fandom: Harry Potter (Marauders)

Word count: 1331

Characters: Sirius x reader, James and sister!reader

Warnings: asshole parents, slight swearing

Summary: Part 2 to No Son of Theirs. When Sirius’s mum turns up at the reader’s home, she gets an opportunity to shout at her. Part 3  3.5 (drabble)  Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7  Part 8

“Damnit, James!” Sirius cursed as the cards exploded beneath his hand. “How do you always do that? I swear you know which cards are coming up.”

“Nah, I’m just awesome at this game. Like I am at everything,” James shot back, grinning smugly. “What can I say, mate? You’re just not as good at me.”

Sirius gave him the finger. Then he turned to you. You were sat cross-legged on the sofa, a fond grin taking up half your face as you watched them. “Back me up, would you, Y/N? I swear he’s cheating.”

“Well,” you shrugged, “I did tell you that you were never gonna win. Can’t blame me because you didn’t listen.”

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Jungkook; Coughing Compliments

❝Ah, I have such limited time with my laptop but I really wanted to get this down! For any Kookie-lovers, enjoy! 
►1030 words, scenario || fluff

The first thing Jungkook hears once he steps through the door is horrible hacking, deep breaths after that and a groan that sounded like you were being tortured. He sighed with the shaking of his head, sliding past the gap before he kicked the door shut, locking it after he did so. With the bag of goodies he had in his hand, he paced down the halls after kicking his shoes aside.

As he stood in front of the bedroom door, he peeked through the small line between the door and the frame, eyeing you carefully. He could only smile silently when you reached for your phone that was buzzing with a ringtone that he recognized well – it was his verse from your favorite song.

“Yes?” You breathed out, lying down flat on the bed with a bundle of tissues beside you.

“No, I feel great and I’m ready to party.” You muttered under your breath with an incredibly hoarse voice – not ordinary, really.

“Yeah… I’ll try. Jungkook?”

The mentioned fellow had his eyebrows raised up, staring at you intensely as you replied sadly, “No… He’s busy. Call him? Are you nuts? And let him hear me like this? You must have left your brain in the bathroom again.”

When you finally got rid of your phone, reaching for another tissue to clear the path in your nose, he took this chance to enter discretely. You closed your eyes then on after, exhaling deeply with a sigh as you tried to clear your mind and just relax.

He swallowed hard before he kneeled down to level his head with yours, “Babe?”

You scoffed out a laugh, eyes still tightly shut as you breathe out a sarcastic, “Wow, now I can hear him, too.”

With a small frown, he reached over and delicately placed his hand on your cheek, caressing the paleness of your skin with his thumb, “I’m really here, baby…”

“No you’re-“ Your eyes opened tiredly, wishing your mind would stop playing this horrible game with yourself but it seems like your mind went blank. It’s like your IQ fell a few floors down as you flinched from the bed, the deep realization snapped in your gut – did he…

“W-What are you doing here?” You croaked out nervously, licking your lips then on after as you tried to sit up on the bed. He greeted you with a warm smile, sitting down by your side as he rubbed his hand on your thigh, “I got off early and I thought that these,” He held up the bag of treats that would definitely make you happy, “Would cheer you up.”

He lowered the bag down to the bed, shifting closer to place a hand on your forehead, “I didn’t know you were sick…”

He removed his hand from your forehead, mumbling softly, “Just a slight fever…”

You instinctively reached for his hand, gripping onto it tightly with a slight curve down on your lips, “I…I didn’t know you were here…”

He shook his head, understanding what you were referring to, “You were right. There’s nothing to feel sorry for.” He laughed softly as his eyes gazed away from yours, feeling guilty, “I should be…” He glanced up to you or a second, “For not being here for my girlfriend.”

You wanted to interrupt his thoughts, needing to set it clear for him but when your lungs sucked at being lungs, you let out another horrendous cough. You clutched onto your mouth, not wanting to get him infected as you looked away, letting it all out. He gasped and inched nearer, stroking your back as he placed the bag aside, looking at you with such concern in his eyes. Once you let it out, you managed to mumble in between, “M-Mask.”

He swiftly got up and paced over to the drawers, fishing out one of the masks you’d use. After slipping the mask on, you let out an exhale before turning to look at him, “Kookie,” You mumbled from under the mask the best way you can despite the patch of your throat feeling painful from the hard coughing a second ago.

“Yes?” He replied gently, sitting down by your side once more. He reached to place his hand on your shoulder and you could see how worry was the only thing that coated his eyes, “D-Do you need anything? Water?”

He jabbed over his shoulder with his other hand, “Shall I get you some lozenges? Orange flavor?”

You shook your head with a deep sigh, peeling his hand from your shoulder, “I-I didn’t mean for you to feel bad. It’s just that you’re rarely home that… I didn’t want to trouble you.”

He felt an aching feeling his heart when you bit your lower lip like that, meekly keeping eye contact. He squeezed your hand, making you feel the warm aura he’d always carry around with him, “You’re never a trouble – you’re worth every second of my time.”

With a tiny blush that managed to spread across your cheeks, he smiled wider, “Aw, so my sweet talks will make you feel better?”

“Y-Yah,” You breathed out under the mask, shoving his hand away. He chuckled and held onto your hand with both of his, knowing just how well whenever his voice coaxed around you right, you’d be a blushing mess – he liked that. He liked having the only authority of being able to paint your cheeks with a color that match with your eyes with just his words.

“I’m not going to say I’m kidding, you know? Not when it’s true.”

You pointed at the door, “Get out, Jeon Jungkook.”

He pouted at you and laced your fingers with one of his hands, “No,” He used his eyes to point at the plastic bag, “Open the bag.”

With narrowed eyes, you managed to retrieve your hand from his before checking what he got you.

Needless to say, with just the right things he managed to get, you gave him an appreciative look with just your eyes since he couldn’t see your lower half of your face, “I freaking love you.”

He smirked with the wiggle of his eyebrows, “I know.”

A wild Richard Harmon appears! He uses Good Looks and SpongeBob Nails!

It is very effective!

anonymous asked:

What are your all time favorite fics? (If you don't mind answering this type of question)

Liz’s Top 20 Absolute Favorite Fanfictions

(opusamore) (j2wincest-recs)

I don’t mind at all! ♥ Here’s a list of  my personal absolute favorites, out of the total more or less 900 fics I’ve read till now. I may get more favorites in the future, but these are my favorites at this moment, and were from the moment I read them.

You didn’t specify what pairings you wanted to see, so I went with all of them, which are basically wincest, weecest and j2. 20 fics in total on this list so it’s a long one but I couldn’t really make it smaller either. I’ll probably make a “fics that aren’t favorites but are still amazing fics” or “favorites part 2″ or something like that later but for now the top 20 list is below the cut.

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The drama just popped into my feed and lemme tell ya. I was ready to throw some punches. Ugh. I just.. I'm so sorry. I'm white as freaking sour cream, and even I get hella annoyed at things like that in fics. I can't imagine how it would feel on your (or any POC) end of it. In short, people are the worst, we can all do better at making the world a welcoming place for everyone, and I love your freaking face.

queen of being a decent human being 👑😘

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OHMYGSH! You’re so freaking pretty 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕! Ugh I love your face!

❤️😭❤️😭❤️ thank you….. you’re so nice..


But why is your face like that? The Rat edition, pt. I.

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I freak fracking love your crazy face wish hook. It has made my day. Thank you for inspiring me to draw crazy old him.

you are welcome, but it’s really all thanks to COLIN FOR MAKING THE FACE IN THE FIRST PLACE. i rewound like 5 times before i managed to get the right screen shot omg

also please, please do draw crazy wish!hook because that would be spectacularrrrrr

Damon Imagine for @schneetannchen

@schneetannchen -  Can you Do 17 and 20 with Damon please?

A/N: Hope this is okay x sorry it took so long, I was a bit busy irl but I made it longer than my usual imagines so I hope that makes up for it!! :D

Warning: bit of cursing


You walked around the streets of Mystic Falls with Damon by your side. His hand held yours in a comforting grip, it felt nice, with all the madness going on now a days it was nice to be able to walk freely, you had to cherish these moments.

 You glanced over at a cute older couple on their porch, they were sitting on a bench together as the woman held a small baby in her arms. The male had his hand wrapped around the woman as they both stared lovingly down at the baby. “You know, that could be us one day.” Damon commented as he followed my gaze, you frowned at his comment, ‘if he was joking I wear to god’ you said to yourself shaking your head. 

 "What do you mean by that Damon, vampires can’t procreate, and even with adoption would you be willing to try and look after a young child that will have blood running through it’s veins and every vampire and supernatural creature, all of our enemies will become their enemy.“

 You both had stopped in the middle of the path, Damon look down at the ground, his eyes furrowed. "I never thought of that…” His voice trailed off as you rolled your eyes, “Of course you didn’t think, you always speak before thinking and sometimes your thoughts and ideas fucking hurt.”

 You sighed in annoyance shaking your head, “Okay, I know you saved me from dying a few years ago, I’m very grateful that you decided to do so, but that also took some very important things away from me, such as growing old, giving birth, living a normal, human life, I can’t get that back, so whenever you say comments like that, it’s like a stab to the back." 

 You finished, tears threatened to spill but you didn’t let them, you blinked them away and stared at the ground, Damon wrapped his hands around you and it felt good for a few seconds, until you felt like being alone for a while, “Uhm-” You paused breaking out of the hug, “I’m going to go for a while I… I just need to be on my own for a bit.”

Damon frowned as a look of guilt crossed his face, but he nodded and watched as you vamp sped home. Even though most of the time you stayed at the Salvatore house, it was nice to go back to your actual home sometimes, in times like these when you need to be alone or if you just want to get away from anything supernatural, which was really hard since you were a vampire, a supernatural creature.

You walked up to your bedroom and walked towards your bed, you sat down on the edge of it and stared at a few photos you had pinned onto your walls, it was of you, your family and friends, times when you went out drink, or celebrated Christmas and birthday parties, one picture in particular stood out.

You old friends baby shower. You took the picture off the wall and stared at you and your friend in the picture, you were both laughing, looking like you were having a great time. She was a few months pregnant, you couldn’t remember the exact amount of months because it was a good while ago but you remember how excited she was, how you loved to hear her updates to you over the phone and even once go to one of the doctors appointments with her and her boyfriend.

You smiled through the tears you didn’t know were falling as you put the picture back in its original place. You decided to get changed into your pajamas and lay in bed while you let your mind wander. You thought about your life, your future, would you always be with Damon? You loved him but how long until one of your arguments would go too far?

You turned your head when you heard footsteps, it was Damon. You lay there quietly, motionless as Damon walked over to you, he slipped off his shoes and lay down beside you, You curled up into his side as he wrapped a comforting arm around you. “I’m sorry.” 

You hummed in response, Damon sighed at your lack of speaking, “Please, Y/N, talk to me, I really am sorry.” You frowned and turned around so you were facing him. “Do you really love me?” Damon stopped and looked at you confused, “What?” “Do you lov-” “I-I heard you, but, why would you think I don’t love you?”

You shrugged sadly, Damon pulled you closer to his chest kissing the top of your head, “Okay, you love me and you know it, right?” He asked, you nodded, Damon smiled, “You need to know that I will always love you, I know I can be an asshole at times and we sometimes fight, but I really don’t think I could live without you by my side, okay? I love you so freaking much.”

Tears streamed down both of your faces, “Thank you.” You murmured into his chest, Damon gently stroked your hair and waited until he knew you were asleep before falling asleep himself.

A month later Damon surprised you with a two week old Husky, “I know you miss your old life sometimes, but maybe as a start, we could raise this pup together?” You smiled and hugged Damon and the two of you took care of the pup and you love him and Damon, forever and always.

Movie watching descends into making out. You’re not sure who initiated. The lingering feeling of kisses on you neck leads you to believe that it was Abby who started it. You’re on your back and Abby’s torso is over yours, while she kisses you deeply and softly in the way that makes you sure that she deeply cares for you – maybe even loves you.

You love her. You know that. It’s only been a few weeks, but you know. You haven’t even had sex yet, which is not usually the case. You’re a sexual person. You like having sex. It’s fun and you’re good at it, but with Abby you don’t feel like you have to. You want to…oh dear god you want to, but it’s not just because it’s fun. You want it to mean something and that’s not a feeling you’re used to.

When your hand creeps up her shirt, she keeps kissing you although you can feel her breaths get deeper. You run your whole hand flat against her stomach around her side to her back. You leave it there for a while, just happy to touch her skin. But the kisses grow hungrier and your hands start to wander.

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