i love your faces jongup

anonymous asked:

Ahhh that dream was cute!! I dreamt that Jongup, Jae and I had to go on this crazy ass adventure through some enchanted forest. But apparently I'm v bad at cute dreams because Jongup almost got us killed in the beginning and after that I was an asshole to him lmao. After we got through it, we celebrated, Jongup tried to hug me and I literally told him "not you" and hugged Jae instead (accurate portrayal of when I switched biases from Jongup to Jae lmaooo). I felt so bad when I woke up xD

my god, are you serious? jongup and jae, my bias and wrecker? I WOULD COMBUST.  PSHSFH IM LAUGHING, I can just imagine jongup’s crestfallen face as you said ‘Not You.’ ( he did almost get you killed though) 

well, dreams do tell some truth. this is exactly like when jongup said ‘Me,’ when I asked who my bias was in my dream. Amazing. 

ps I bet jongup got (attractively) jealous after your rejection