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Warnings: Smut

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Sorry Not Sorry

Brett Talbot x Reader

Requsted by @imagine-s

Summary: You should never bully anyone with potential for the future. That’s a lesson Brett should’ve learn and now he gets to choke on his own words.

A/N: Based on Demi Lovato - Sorry Not Sorry, especially this part of the lyrics:

Now you’re out here looking like regret
Ain’t too proud to beg, second chance you’ll never get
Can’t have this, can’t have this (ah)
And it’d be nice of me to take it easy on ya, but nah

Brett Talbot Masterlist

Teen Wolf Masterlist

You’ve dreaded for Devenford Prep to come at your current school, Beacon Hills.

Before you even went to Beacon Hills you’ve gone to Devenford, along with both Liam and Brett; the second one being the reason you had to transfer schools since his shitty attitude towards you making you throw punches at him and making the principal ‘forced’ to transfer you to a public school when he saw you lunging at the tall and smug wolf on daily basis.

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kitchensink-to-me  asked:

bts imagine where youre embarrassed abt wearing glasses but he loves them? jungkook/taehyung/yoongi?

i use glasses too girlie we in the same club 


Originally posted by jengkook

Please,” Jungkook whines into the phone and you laugh into the phone. “Send a picture, I want to see you in them.” 

“I told you no Kookie,” you sigh as you cleaned your glasses with the hem of your t shirt. “I look so ugly with my glasses, you’ll never see me in them.” you continue and look yourself in the mirror while the phone is pressed against your ear. 

“I hate it when you lie to me like that-” Jungkook says and you’re confused for a second. “I bet you know you look hot as fuck but you won’t share it with me!” 

You laughed and shook your head. Damn, this kid knew how to talk. 

“Fine.” you chewed on your bottom lip. “Give me a second.” You hear him celebrating on the other side of the call hissing yes! You leaned your head to at least look a little cute and take a picture of yourself to send him. After retaking it four times you finally send one with some kind of filter to make you feel alright about him seeing you in glasses. 

You pressed the phone to your ear awaiting his reaction as he receives the image. In anticipation you start biting on the side of your thumb, an unhealthy habit. On the other line you hear Jungkook almost, gasping?

Jagi,” he starts, “I thought you were gonna look adorable but..” 

Your heart almost stops in your chest. You knew you shouldn’t have sent that! Sarah from fourth grade was right, glasses were ugly and nerdy and no boys liked that. Suddenly you felt ten years old again, vulnerable and small like when Sarah and her friends stepped on your glasses and laughed in your face, saying you should thank her for getting rid of those ugly things. You were convinced Jungkook didn’t love you anymore when his voice now raspy interrupted your thoughts.

“-You look so fucking sexy baby,” he almost moans into the phone and your cheeks heat up. “I can’t believe you’ve been hiding this from me.” 

“Are you serious?” you chuckle and heat spreads between your legs from his comments. All your doubt was washed away and now you were breaking out in cold sweat for a whole other reason. 

“Dead serious. Are you home alone?” He asks and you can hear him clicking his tongue.

“Didn’t you have to study?” you tease and raise your eyebrows like he could see you. 

“Is that a no?” He torts back, avoiding your question.

“Of course not. Door’s open.” 


Originally posted by je0n

“Come on!” He yells from the living room. “Let me see you,” 

Taehyung was seated on your couch and you were on the other side of the wall, twisting in front of the mirror. Wearing nothing but a lingerie set you felt exposed. The set was in a dark red, Tae had picked it out. On you, you had matching stockings draping over your legs that stayed attached to your underwear and a pair of black heels. Your hair was worn natural but the scariest thing about what you wore was the glasses. 

Never had he seen you with them and you planned on keeping it that way but this was different. It was Taehyungs birthday and he specifically requested it. If he requested it he couldn’t hate it, right? Sighing and looking yourself in the mirror you felt stupid when you should be feeling sexy. 

“Don’t keep the birthday boy waiting!” He yells again from the other room after you stayed quiet for too long. You inspect yourself in the mirror, turning around to look at yourself from every angle. He’d always say he loved the natural shape of your body and you didn’t know why you doubted him since he was right about many other things. 

“Coming,” you speak softly and anticipation builds as your heels meet the floor with every step you take. Finally you’re in the door frame and Taehyungs eyes burn into your skin. You shudder under his look, his eyes traveling all over your body, admiring you as he, probably unconsciously, palms his crotch. 

Fuck,” he breaths at the sight of you. 

Suddenly his eye stops wandering when he gets to your face and sees your glasses. He visibly squirms at the sight of you in your black frames, making you gain confidence. You had no idea that you in glasses affected him like this and neither did he. 

With a half naked girlfriend in front of him, he ends up getting more turned on by her glasses than her ass, not that anything was wrong about your ass. 

“What are you staring at?” you tease because the silent sexual tension is killing you. He just stares at you with his lips parted.

“Get over here and let me fuck you,” he almost ordered, voice dripping from lust. 


Originally posted by jimiyoong

The sun finally lit on Yoongis face and he blinked, suddenly struck by the bright light. He had been lying sleeping next to you about an extra hour longer than you. Slightly sitting up in his bed with a pillow for support reading a book you waited for him to wake up. He grunts and you look at him and smile at the sight. He looked like a confused puppy, his hair messy and eyes puffy. 

“Good morning,” you shoot him a warm smile and let your hand massage his scalp and feel him lean into your touch. He turns his head to look at you and blinks. 

“You-you’re wearing your glasses,” he stammers, suddenly looking wide awake as he lifts himself with his right arm as support. That’s when you remember you’ve never used your glasses in front of him but you still don’t understand the big deal. He knew you used glasses when reading, so why did he seem so shocked? You shoot him a look that questions his confusion. 

“It’s just,” he bites his lip to stop the wide smile that spreads across his face. “I didn’t know you could look so hot and cute at the same time.” 


A/N: This is my first piece of smut, I hope it doesn’t completely suck ass. Unless you’re into that, then I hope it does. That’s cool too. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Maybe skipping on wearing panties wasn’t the greatest idea, you thought as you felt Harry’s cum making your thighs stick together.


making the most out of the aftershow adrealine.

You could see it in his face when he walked backstage. He was glowing, a mixture of sweat and adrealine, a smug smirk on his face when he spotted you sitting on one of the sofas. His wide eyes were dark and glossy.

All the praising and love did wonders for him, his confidence soothing to the roof, making him all that more desirable. To be honest, it was difficult for you to watch him dancing and going crazy on stage, just knowing that you’ll get to touch him later.

You gave him a sweet smile as he took a hold of your hand, but squealed when he started pulling you through the hallways of the venue towards his dressing room. By this point you knew what was going on, but you could never be prepared for it.

Once reached the right door, Harry slammed it open and thanked the Lord that there was no one to be seen. He pulled you inside, and pushed your body against the cold door. With a quick flick of his wrist, he locked the door and did the same with his lips on yours. His hands were everywhere - pulling you closer by your waist, squeezing your backside, moving up to massage one of your breasts as the other one found a place on your hip.

Nothing could ever beat Harry’s kisses.

The way he can be so gentle and demanding at the same time makes your legs weak. His soft, raspberry lips feel like heaven on your own pair, making it impossible for you to ever get enough of them. As the kisses grew hotter ad heavier, pieces of clothing were removed and thrown somewhere on the carpeted floor.

His expensive floral blazer was the first to go, leaving you at task of popping open the buttons of his shirt. Harry rid you of your skin-tight dress, the fabric now pooling around your feet. His hands roamed around your body immediately, grazing your smooth skin.

“No knickers, huh?” he raised his brows at the sight in front of him.

Over the years, you two have discovered all the things that made the other one go crazy. Quite frankly, skipping on wearing panties was one on Harry’s list.

He knew that neck kisses were your absolute weakness, so he took his sweet time planting soft, wet kisses all around your neck, up to your jaw, then down again to your collarbones. You could feel your breathing picking up the pace, the familiar feeling slowly taking over your body. He moved your bra straps down so he could lay a few kisses on your shoulders before unhooking the clasp and throwing your bra on the pile of clothes on the floor.

His eyes flickered down to your chest, his other hand smoothing the soft skin as his lips found yours again. Your hands were placed on his tattooed chest, slightly scratching as you let them wander down lower and lower. Harry backed you towards the leather sofa in the middle of the surprisingly spacious room, and pressing you gently against the back of it. When he was pleased with your position sitting on the sofa, he spread your legs and stood between them. You felt his hand lifting your chin so he could lock his eyes with your blurry ones.

“Feelin’ naughty today, then? Wanted to tease me like this, yeah?”

His words made you want to roll your eyes back. As much as you loved sweet, lovemaking with him, you equally loved when he was in this mood. In a mood to have his way with you, taking you, using you. Harry being a man with few words, he sure did know how to use them to swoon you over and over again.

Your hands found their way to Harry’s trousers, starting to rid them of his long legs before he slapped your hands away.

“I asked you a question, love,”

“Did you leave those pretty, little panties at home because you wanted daddy to punish you?”

You closed your eyes at that, he knew that him controlling you was one of your biggest turn ons. Your breathing was rapid now, you could feel yourself getting wetter with each word that left his newly swollen lips. His hand landed on your throat, the gentle pressure making your eyes open. His brows were raised, lips apart, his short curls were wild and he looked like he was carved by angels, even with his palm around your throat.

You just nodded for an answer, fully aware that at this state there was no way you could form a proper sentence.

“Such a brat,” he mumbled under his breath as his hands worked on his trousers, pushing the expensive material down his legs. His hardening cock was covered with a pair of Calvin’s, but the sight alone made your mouth water. Suddenly you were reminded just how good his cock would feel on your tongue, how your hand worked on his shaft as your lips suckled on the sensitive head of his cock. How his hips would thrust forward when you took him down your throat, his hands in your hair, holding it away from your face just so he could watch you making him feel ‘so damn good‘, as Harry would say.

You cleared your throat, your dainty hands landing on his ferns. You looked up at him, your eyes glossier than the moment before and mouth salivating.

“I want to taste you.”

With furrowed brows and the oh so familiar smirk on his lips, he pushed your hands away once again.

“No,” he chuckled.

“Like I said, this is your punishment, remember?”

You groaned and rolled your eyes at him. You wanted, hell, needed to feel him in your mouth. He grabbed your jaw, forcing you to look at him.

“Lose the attitude, or I won’t let you suck my cock for a week.”

He dropped to his knees and licked a broad stripe up your slick folds. You gasped, your hands flying straight to his hair. His mouth worked its magic on you, the way he sucked your clit got you seeing stars. His soft tongue lapped up your juices and his groans made your legs shake.

“Oh, God..”

Harry rested his head on your thigh as he sucked on two of his fingers before slowly pushing them inside of your wet pussy. You let out a loud moan when he moved them back and forth against your walls - curling them just at the right spot. He sped up the movement of his digits and his mouth landed on your clit again. He suckled gently, softly nibbling on the sensitive button, watching your body writhe underneath his touch.

He’d told you so many times how he loved to touch you like this, seeing how your body reacted to his touch. Whether it was how your body immediately relaxed when he pulled you in for a hug, or how your back would arch and legs shake when he made you cum.

Your balance was at risk on the back of the sofa when you got closer and closer to your orgasm, your grib on the leather so hard it made your knuckles turn white. Breathless whimpers left your bitten lips when Harry’s other hand came up to massage your breast, flicking his thumb over your pert nipple. He curled his fingers inside of you, hitting the spot which made you curl your toes and delicious moans leave your lips. You felt the lovely tension building up, you were so close,

“That’s enough,” he pulled his fingers out of you and pushed them past his lips.

Your blurry mind took a minute to figure out what was happening and when it did, tears started coating your eyes. You wanted to kick him in the jaw, but the sight of him, chin wet because of you, fingers in his mouth, tasting you - was too much to handle. He stood up then, took your hands and helped you to steady yourself on your wobbly feet. He slipped the Calvin’s down his legs and took a hold of his now straining cock, giving it a few pumps. He looked at you, the need evident on your face. You licked your lips as you watched his hand easily moving up and down on his thick shaft, a dribble of precum leaking from the swollen tip.

“You wanted to have a taste?” he teased, as his hand lifted your chin and his eyes met your glossy ones.

Your tongue wet your lips and you nodded your head at him, barely audible yes’s coming from your eager tongue.

“Too bad,”

He twisted your body and bent you over the back of the sofa. A surprised squeak echoed in the air when his hand smacked against your ass, making the skin there blush.

“I hate you” 

With a light snicker he smacked your backside again,

“Yeah? Care to explain why your cunt is soaking wet then? Why it’s so easy for me to - ahh fuck -” he swiflty entered his hard cock into your needy cunt.

“So easy fo’ me to fuck you, huh?”

Each one of his thrusts were harded than the one before, and your moans only got louder and louder, his hand smacking your ass every now and then - the skin rosy and stinging in the best possible way. His hands wrapped around your waist, keeping you steady as he watched his cock moving in and out of your dripping pussy.

“Ahh, yes”

“Are those moans I’m hearing? You were supposed to hate this, weren’t yeh?”

Once again his hand collided with your ass, the bite of his rings made you bite your lips and your eyes roll back. You could feel your pussy clamping down on Harry’s cock, the girth of him scretched you out so good and you couldn’t help it.

“More,” you managed to rasp out, your throat feeling like the Sahara desert.

The crack of his hand meeting with the skin of your bare ass echoed in the room, making your legs tremble. Harry snaked his arm around you, pulling your body against his. His sweaty chest met your back as the other hand wrapped itself around your throat, the slight pressure mixed with the pace his cock was pounding inside of you made all the colours on the spectrum burst behind your eyelids.

“Cum for me, love. Do it,” his own breath was now faltering, a sign of his own orgasm creeping up. The arm that was around your waist lowered down, two fingers rubbing sloppy circles on your clit, pushing you over the edge.

You felt your body scatter, your legs jello, skin flushed as the delicious tension was released. Your hand flew to the back of Harry’s neck, desperate to have something to hold onto. He was close, his groans, grunts and moans proved that. His thrusts were sloppier now, losing the rhythm a bit but the force was still there.

“Fuck, ahh ‘m gonna cum..”

You scratched the nape of his neck, words of encouragement spilling out from your lips.

“Daddy’s gonna cum for me? Gonna fill me up nicely?”

With the final thrusts and loud grunts, you can feel his hot cum spurting inside of you. One, two, three ribbons later his body relaxed against yours. You just stood there for a moment trying to level your breaths before Harry pulled out. The feeling of emptiness made you wince, but then you could feel the warmth leaking out from your sensitive core.

“Well, would you just look at tha’’ ”  he chuckled at the sight of you standing there, on your wobbly legs, wild hair and flushed cheeks, his cum making your inner thighs glisten.

“Oh shut it, I still hate you.”

Where we left them…

“I love you. So much. I’ll always love you,” he whispered, not sure if Sophia could even hear him over the running water and with how out of it she was.

Her head was resting against his chest and she was unable to move. She wasn’t even sure if what had just happened had actually happened.

“Are we gonna be okay?” she managed to ask after she’d gathered her senses back.

“I don’t know,” Harry said honestly.

He knew there was no use in lying. They both knew.

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it’s officially been 3 years since ryan hawley’s first ever episode as robert sugden.

thanks to everyone at emmerdale who helped a) decide to bring robert back b) put him with aaron and make him bisexual and c) cast ryan alexander hawley

thank you ryan for your ridiculous talent, beautiful face and insane chemistry with everyone you act with (it’s highkey annoying how you’re THAT good). thank you for putting everything into your work, loving your job and being an absolute babe to to your fans

shoutout to danny b for being ryan’s pal, making him smile and making him love being part of robron even more

and finally, thanks to karl davies for not wanting to return. things would’ve been weird af and I am eternally grateful we get to see ryan on our screens in the show we all love 💞😚💘😍💖

Balance on the Head of a Pin

Chapter Sixteen

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OFC  |  Word Count: 5703
Warnings: Swearing and Lauren’s horrid family.

They were on the back lawn playing a game of croquet with the children after their break for refreshments when Cissy sauntered out on the patio in a pair pink shorts. Her tank top was peach and so tight Lauren could tell she hadn’t bothered with any sort of brazier. Cissy had always had breasts perky enough to be envious of, but that didn’t excuse her flaunting her assets - the shorts barely covering the cheeks of her behind - in front of Lauren’s beau.

Her dark hair was piled high on her head, thrown into a casual top knot, but Lauren knew better. Cissy had likely spent hours making it look effortlessly arranged. Her makeup was artfully done creating cat eyes which enhanced the blue into a near cobalt, while high heeled sandals the same color as her top lifted her butt and elongated her legs.

The little hussy was doing it on purpose.

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Caught on Camera ♡ Jonah Marais Imagine

Title: Caught on Camera

Pairing: Jonah x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 292

Summary: You’re being stupid while Jonah is live on Younow, so he catches you on camera so all of the fans can see your antics.

Warning(s): Lil bit on the short side

A/N: Thank you for the request! It’s kind of short, but I hope you like it! If anyone else would like to request an imagine, you can do so here: x 

If there was one thing you loved to do, it was act stupid around Jonah when you knew he couldn’t react. Whether it was during an interview, filming a music video, or talking to fans, you would always be off to the side, making stupid faces to see how long it would take for him to snap. You never realized that Jonah was waiting for the day that he could get you back.

One day, Jonah was live on Younow. You sat off camera with your earbuds in, listening to the recently released Invitation EP. Jonah was in the middle of talking to the fans about what the band, and more specifically he, had been up to lately. He was making a point of not looking in your direction, because you were in the middle of mouthing the words to Turn It Off while making up little dance moves.

He made the mistake of looking up at you. He snorted, then whipped the camera around so the fans could see what you were doing. You couldn’t hear what he was saying because your headphones were turned all the way up.

“This, ladies and gents,” Jonah said, “is the woman I love with every fiber in my being. She’s also the stupidest person I’ve ever met, but I mean, she’s cute so that helps a bit.”

You realized he was looking at you, so you took your earbuds out of your ears. “Did you say something, babe?”

He smirked a bit. “I think the fans liked your dance moves.”

Your face turned red as you realized that you’d been caught on camera. “Jonah, I swear to God, I’m gonna kill you.”

“Now, if you did that, who would you have to annoy?”


Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include...

My requests are not showing up in my ask box anymore so I will be only filling out the five I have screenshots for. Requests will be open by the end of this week :)

Prompt: anon: dating draco malfoy would include? + maybe something like jealous!draco in it please?

Warnings: jealousy

  • Narcissa loves you right away but Lucius was slow to accept you
  • Throwing away his pride for at least a short while when he’s with you
  • Spending snowy nights curled up, reading and cuddling
  • lil kisses
  • He is so clingy 
  • Draco burying his face in your hair all. the. time.
  • a constant string of compliments
  • more than enough sarcasm 
  • Just being together was enough to make you both happy
  • He would always get you expensive gifts even if you tried to protest 
  • Draco is the most jealous human being ever
  • His glare can kill a man
  • He’ll kiss the top of your head or your neck in order to ward off anyone one who might get ideas
  • “Mine.”
  • those eyes tend to roam ;)
  • it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together he will always be chivalrous 
  • He has a hungry gaze with a wicked smirk that can make anyone collapse
  • neck kisses paired with hugs from behind
  • he would never tell you that you make his heart race and his stomach fill with butterflies 
  • “God, you make me weak at the knees…”
  • breathy whispers in your ear that turn your whole face a dark shade of red
  • so much PDA
  • his morning voice and messy bed head
  •  Him feeling he can tell you anything
  • Draco knows he can be vulnerable with you
  • He told you about his dark mark and the plot to kill Dumbledore
  • “I have to do this. I’m so sorry, (Y/N).”
  • comforting him with nightmares
  • helping Draco find peace after the war
  • you being one of the few people that stick by him after the war 
  • “You’re all I have left, (Y/N). Please don’t leave me.”

Originally posted by drarryanything

Thank you so much!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Fandom Selfie Day!! It was so much fun and it was so great to see all of you in the tag!! I am so thankful to be a part of this community and I’m so thankful to you guys for doing this with me! I am full of all the feels rn lol You all can keep posting if you want! I’ll keep checking the tag to see your beautiful faces~

I’d love to do another one of these in the future!

Thank you all again~

a dumb hl drabble for @victoryjacket​, based somewhat on real events. it’s shitty and took me way too long to write 900 words but oh well enjoy a valentines day thing during halloween season

Louis loves Valentine’s Day, he really does. He loves going to school and coming home with tonnes of sweets and stupidly cute notes from his classmates. Granted, he has to bring stuff for everyone else, too, but it’s okay, because he doesn’t have to buy it. His mum buys loads for him and the girls, so he ends up taking most of it. He spends most of the day before scribbling his notes, personalizing them all with doodles and stickers.

Thanks for being my partner for the Mark Twain project. You are really nice, he writes for Bethany Thomas.

I love your class a lot and I like learning about music because you are so good at it and I have a lot of fun, he writes for his teacher, Miss Elliot.

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anonymous asked:

ah ive been thinking abt a ym proposal fr so long.. hear me out: yg suddenly waking jm up and hes in tears and just asks jm 'you love me right?' and jm starts kissing him all over telling him 'i love you so much yoongi. god youre so amazing and i love you' and he starts listing off reasons that he does (he def doesnt tear up) and its so long and yg doesnt believe it but then jm says 'god, yoongi, id marry you right now' and yg stops sniffling, and looks up at him and goes 'you mean it?' and (1/?

and jm chuckles through his tears and cups ygs face and kisses him and says ‘id love to fucking marry you’ and it feels so surreal and yg chuckles just a lil too and says ‘what would our wedding be like?’ jm starts talking and rambling on and 'well i wouldnt date you if we weren’t both in natural black or brown i mean you also look hot in blonde hair but thats not the point! the point is id sue bighit if we didnt match for our wedding! and id wear what? a suit? probably. id force you to (2/?)

to wear a suit too, y'know. wouldnt marry you in a fucking bomber jacket like youd hope. maybe i would, actually. you look hot in bomber jackets. i dunno.’ 'i think id have nj as my best man. jin would probably kill me’ ’ oh he def would, yg. tae would probably be my best man. jk wouldnt talk to me for a few months but he’d come see the wedding yeah?’ “course he would.’ 'oh what flowers would we have? i like lillies. what do you think?’ ’… i like babies breath.’ 'yeah, babys breath is (3/?

is good.’ and they go on like that for a while, until they finally doze off. the next morning they wake up, and jm kisses ygs forehead to wake him up and smiles at him and they lay quiet for a while when yg says 'hey did you mean what you said about getting married?’ ’… yeah.. yeah i did. and you know, i dont know when thats gonna be, i dont know if it’ll be in vegas, or france, or the UK or wherever, and i dont know what flowers we’ll have or what color our hair is gonna be, but yeah. i (4/?

i wanna get marries to you, yoongi.’ and yoongi smiles so big and giggles and says 'ah park jimin is finally my fiancee huh?’ and they both giggle n peck kisses on each others faces and roll around in bed, jm talking about how yg better get a nice engagement ring fr him and how hes already thinking of one for yg. they kiss soft and slow (they totally dont fool around during their morning shower when they finally get out of bed) (5/5) - rose anon


post 5.6 ficlet--jean/lucien

“I’m going to be your wife.” Her hands are deft, tugging at his vest until he’s before her in only his dress shirt and tie. 

He sighs softly, hand coming up to brush her cheek with the back of his hand. “That’s the first time you’ve said that.” The sound of your wife from her lips had gone straight to his head and he felt lightheaded and giddy. 

Her face softened and she covered his hand with her own, turning into his touch and pressing a kiss to his palm. “Oh, Lucien. I can’t wait to be your wife; to share the rest of my life with you. It’s all I’ve wanted for quite some time.” 

He shuddered at her words, eyes glassy with unshed tears. His world had been so dark before her and every word of love and reassurance was another pinprick of light to guide him. “I love you,” he rasped out, tilting her head up and slanting his mouth over hers in a kiss. 

Her fingers curled around his tie, tugging him closer. When he broke the kiss, he simply stared at her as if he still couldn’t quite believe she was there, that she was real and in his arms. 

Jean’s heart clenched in her chest at the look of awe on his face. The divorce and its impact on her had been severe but she hadn’t spared much thought for how Lucien was dealing with everything. An idea formed in the back of her head, something to reassure him everything would be okay, that she wasn’t going anywhere, that she loved him. 

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JUN SMUT- Can’t control himself

Request: Jun thinking dirty thought abt you?

Jun was sitting in the practice room on break but something was bugging him. The new picture you posted on Instagram. You were out with your friends at a cafe and one of them took a full body picture of you. And God was Jun loving it. Your outfit fit your body so nicely. His breath hitched as he felt himself growing harder at the thought of you. 

Dino looked at him, worried. “Jun? Are you okay??” Jun only looked at him blankly with a red face. “Yea.. I think I’m just sick..” He excused himself to the bathroom.

Once he got in, he locked the door and immediately zipped down his pants. He couldn’t stop thinking of you and what he wanted to do with you. 

Having you on your knees, ready to suck him off.

Kissing all over your body. 

Making you moan at his touch. 

Him teasing your folds. 

Kissing up and down your thighs as you just beg for him 

God did he want that. He wanted it bad

Pumping up and down his length slowly, memories and thoughts of you flooded his mind. As each second passed, his need for you grew. His pumps went harder, faster, each filled with need. Jun couldn’t take it any longer, he needed you. 

He zipped up his pants and burst out the bathroom. Walking to the members he said, “Yea I’m not feeling good, mind if I go home?” Seungcheol looked at him with puppy eyes. “ Sorry you’re feeling this sick, go back to the dorms, get rest. We’ll be home around 7.”

He left immediately and made his way to your apartment. Viciously knocking on your door, he kept thinking about what he’d do when he saw you. When you opened the door, his well thought out plan flew out the window and he barged in and shut the door. “Jun??” You good??” He looked at you with pure lust and love in his eyes. Cupping your cheek, he slowly bent down then kissed you hard. 

Gently he bit on your lower lip, asking for entrance. Once you did, his tongue attacked yours and the sounds of your mouths smacking together filled the room. His hand went up your and grasped your tits, causing you to moan in his mouth. He loved that sound. He took off your shirt and couldn’t help but stare at your tits, smirking softly. 

You both walked to the bedroom and immediately he threw you on the bed and spread your legs, you were wearing a skirt, much to his liking. After removing your skirt he started to kiss your thighs, slowly, softly, only to get harder. Not hurting you, but enough to cause a hickey for later. He then brought his mouth to kiss your clothed entrance. This causes you to moan deeply and grab his hair.

Smirking at your action, he pulled down your underwear and started attacking your pussy with his tongue.

The sounds of your moans filled the room, he was so good at this. Adding 2 fingers unexpectedly, you nearly screamed. “Ahhh J-Jun!” You continued to moan and run your hands in his hair, “Thats right baby, scream my name. I want your neighbors knowing who you belong to. Me.” He said in a raspy voice against you. There was no possible way he could get any hotter. 

Removing himself from you, you winced, wanting more. “Patience baby, I dont want to have to punish you next time.” His words were soothing but one phrase stuck in your head ‘Next time’. That means this wasn’t just a one time thing. The thought alone made you excited.

You watched as he unzipped his pants and revealed his length. Moaning at the sight you bit your lip and looked up at him to see what he was going to do next. He positioned himself to you and slowly putting his length in. “AHH!” It hurt at first, but you adjusted quickly. “Faster, please” 

Not ignoring you words, he went faster and harder with each thrust, “Yes! Ah Jun just like that” He loved hearing your praises and moans. It only boosted his already high self esteem even more.

You felt yourself reaching your high, “Ju-Jun, Im close ahh” He went harder, “No, not yet.” You whimpered at his words. His thrusts got harder and harder each time. The orgasm denial was killing you, you didn’t know how much longer you could last.

Tears forming in your eyes, you finally heard him say, “Ok, Now

You both collapsed on the bed, panting heavily. You looked over at him, “How did this even happen? I mean I’m not complain at all, but how?” He smirked and stroked your hair gently, whispering in your ear, “Ive liked you for a while, but with the recent things you’ve been posting, its hard to control myself.. I love you..”
You smiled and cuddled into him, “ I love you too”

With that, you both fell asleep



“You know that he is never going to fall asleep if you keep standing there?” you said softly, as you went into your son’s room, seeing Jace still standing over the crib.

When you came closer, you saw him smile and his eyes full of love for his little boy.

“I know,” Jace finally gave back. “I’m just scared that he’s gone when I turn around. Stupid, right?”
“No, not at all,” you assured him and gently stroked a strand of hair out of his face. “But he wont be gone. He is safe here and we are in the next room if he needs us.”

“He’s just … so small”, said Jace.
“He is but soon enough he will be as strong as his Daddy.”

Your words made Jace smile again. You never though of having your own family but here you were. Jace on your side, your son in the crib in front of you and nothing could be more perfect. 

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Hi, nice pic of Sam really. But looks like a 20 something and whoops, without any moles.

I’m still not budging on loving the current trends of casual dress for men with the sneakers, tees and jackets. If my husband could get his Fred Flinstone feet into a sharp pair of high tops like that, you can Yabba Dabba bet your ass I’d buy him a pair and we’re both kissing 40. Hell, I have a pair of leather Vans MTE shoes that look a lot like the ones Sam has on and wear them all the time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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You didn't open your eyes despite the feeling of soft kisses being pressed all over your face. This continued and continued, and you felt his cold nose rub against your cheek. "Chris, baby what is it?" You knew it wasn't near time to get up. "I-I need ya to warm be up baby," he whispered, returning to kissing you softly. You finally open your eyes and hug onto your cold husband, tangling your hand on his curls as the other runs circles on his back.

Awwww I love needy Chris 

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