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I got a call from Ali Adler and Andrew Kreisberg, and they were saying, “Hey, we’d really love for you to come in and sit down so we can talk creative with you.” I was like, “Oh, okay, I didn’t realize we were going to do that, that’s great!” I was sitting in their office, and all of a sudden, they’re like, “So, we want to just tell you what we’re thinking, what we’re going to do, and wanted to get your take on it.” They had this funny little smile on their face, I’m like, “What’s going on?” They’re like, “Well, so this season, Alex is gay.” I was like, “Oh, what?” They just went into the whole story, explaining the why behind the what, and that it’s not like this thing that all of a sudden is just spilling out, it’s a discovery for her. That’s how we wanted to approach it. You have so many stories — shows and movies — where people are already established as gay, lesbian, bi[sexual]; these are people who are coming in like that. This was a great opportunity to show somebody who’s figuring it out, the light bulb moment and putting the puzzle pieces together.

When they were explaining it to me, I was like, “Wow, I wouldn’t have thought it,” because last season you just didn’t really see any of that side of Alex. When they originally said, “Hey, we’re thinking about a love interest,” but they didn’t say what the whole thing was, I was almost like, “Oh, I don’t know if we should do that yet,” because I don’t want it to become about Alex in a relationship, where we don’t get to see enough about her discovering more about who she is because so much of it was hidden last season. Then when they started to explain the whole idea, at first I was kind of taken back a little bit, not in a negative way, but just going, “Oh, okay.” Then the weight of it hit me, thinking, “Oooh, okay, we need to really, really do justice to this in a really beautiful way.” It was right around the time of the Orlando shooting, and I just all of a sudden was hit with this weight, because I knew that then I was going to be a face for the LGBT community, and I was like, “I gotta get this right. I don’t want to go out there and say one thing and then do something else. I just want to make sure that this is very respectful and tasteful and being done with sensitivity.

read more on EW.

Phan Elf AU drabble

“It’s not fair,” Phil mumbled quietly, red-faced.

Dan leaned in closer, trying to catch what his friend was saying. “What’s not fair?” 

“I have such an… obvious sign of - of how I feel about you, about all my emotions, and you - you get to-”

Quickly Dan gripped Phil’s wrists hard, tugging the man’s attention to him, needing to stop whatever silly thoughts were going through the elf’s head. “Phil, can’t you see? Isn’t it obvious how much I - I like you too? I’ve never smiled this much around anyone before.” He let that love show on his face now, needing Phil to see. “Hell, my face actually is sore from all the smiling.” The grip he held on his friend’s wrists loosened and his face softened. “And… I love that I can see your flower. It makes you a bit easier to read. I’ve never been good at reading people. It’s… really nice.” 

Phil’s eyes lowered and he smiled in happy embarrassment. 

Dan leaned in closer. “And… I think it’s really very pretty on you.” 

The forest elf chuckled. “Oh shut up,” he said in a laugh. 

reginaphlanageadams  asked:

Piggybacking off of the last request about the Audrey Hepburn quote, could you possibly Write about this one? "Don't forget to smile, you're the prettiest when you do." I don't know who wrote it or if that's correct but I love it and could imagine Jughead using it to help Betty feel better after being teased by Cheryl or something like that. I love a good fluff piece. Love your writing and you!

Aww that’s beautiful! You got it!


Stupid Cheryl blossom and her stupid, perfect body, and perfect hair, and perfect face. Betty mumbled under her breath, slamming her gym locker shut and putting her flats back on her feet.

Of all days for Cheryl to be on a rampage, she had to choose today. Picking at everything Betty did, criticizing every aspect of Betty’s body and face. Normally she wouldn’t let it get to her, but today

It was her birthday.

She didn’t mind that no one remembered, it’s not like she mentioned it. Her birthday was always a touchy subject for her. On this day two years ago, Polly had been taken away, never to be seen again.

So yeah, she didn’t really talk about her birthday, but that didn’t mean she wanted to be treated like trash on it.

The day hadn’t started off great, her dad had gone away on business last night, which just left Betty and her mother alone in the house. Alice woke her up to tell her she overslept and was going to be late for school, the only reason she knew her mother remembered her birthday was the quick “happy birthday” she threw her before walking out the door.

Veronica didn’t know it was her birthday, Betty had never told her, so obviously she couldn’t count on that, and Archie well, he just forgot. It wasn’t his fault. He had a lot on his mind.

She knew she had to look nasty, her face a permanent frown, cut her some slack, if she wanted to be miserable she was gonna be miserable.

It was her birthday after all.

Walking through the halls, Betty ran her hand across the cold metal lockers, suddenly she spotted the familiar beanie of Jughead jones.

She smiled slightly, but even his presence couldn’t keep a smile on her face.

“Hey juggie.”

“Hey green eyes, what’s with the frown.”

She sighed leaning against the locker next to his.

“Just Cheryl being Cheryl, apparently my legs aren’t straight enough and my face isn’t pretty enough.”

He snorted ,drawing her attention to his,

“Yeah, you not being pretty enough, makes total sense.”

She smiled, smacking his shoulder

“Thanks juggie.”

“So Cheryl’s the reason for your grumpy mood?”

She nodded

“You sure it has nothing to do with today being your birthday?”

Her eyes snapped open, connecting with his.

“You remembered?”

He smiled at her, digging in his pockets before pulling out a folded up book with a little ribbon on it

“Happy birthday bets.”

Her eyes watered as she took the present from his hands.

It was an original, Holmes and Watson.

She instantly had her arms wrapped around him.

“Thank you juggie, you didn’t have to.”

He rested his hands on her hips, pulling away slightly.

“I like to see you smile.”

She beamed at him

“You always look the prettiest when you smile.”

Laughing, she pulled the book into her hands instantly digging into it. Smiling brighter than she had all day.

Every Other Weekend pt. 1

Prompt: After five years of marriage and two kids, you and Bucky decide you can’t make it work anymore.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,345

Warnings: language, divorce, angst.

A/N: i got the idea of this from “Every Other Weekend” by Reba. (and “When You Love Someone” by James TW) flashbacks are in italics. also my first attempt at switching perspectives will come in a few parts. let me know what you think, and as always, let me know if you want to be tagged.

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“Bucky, stop.” You screamed. The tears streamed down your face as you watched him throw pieces of clothing into a suitcase.

“This was a mistake.” His eyes never met yours.

“I’m sorry?” You could no longer hear yourself over the ringing in your ears.

“Us…everything.” With that, he zipped the suitcase closed and wedged himself between the wall and you, out of the room and out of the house.

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I'm greedy so I'm gonna suggest one more: "zero fucks given. next please.” Still with Sam, and still fluff, because I'm stupid like that. :D

Request as many as you’d like love <3

Originally posted by yaelstiel

“Zero fucks given. Next please?” 

“Hey, don’t be like that,” Sam said, wincing as you cleaned up the small cuts and abrasions on his face. “I’m still in on piece.” 

“Yeah, but in your words, this was supposed to ‘be nothing,’ and here you are, beat to hell.” 

He sighed, a heavy dejected sigh, like he knew he was going to get this lecture, like he knew you’d be upset that he came home with bumps and bruises and cuts all over. That tugged at your heartstrings, tugged right at the spot you had tried to keep protected when it came to Sam but had failed. 

Even though sitting he was almost eye level with you, you placed a finger under his chin and lifted his face to look at you, gathered your courage, and spoke. 

“Every time you walk out that door, I worry it will be your last. And not in the Winchester way, but the final way. And I don’t know if I’d be able to handle that, I wouldn’t survive.” 

His eyebrows creased together as he listened to your words and as a single tear tracked down your cheek. Your eyes fell downcast as the silence stretched on after your confession and you felt dejected, rejected, heat creeping up your neck and cheeks. 

Before you could pull away, however, one of Sam’s large hands weaved it’s way under your hair and around the back of your neck, pulling you down to him, his lips meeting yours. It was soft and tentative at first, his lips slotting with yours, but as your eyes fell completely closed, as Sam’s other arm wrapped around you and pulled you against him, the kiss deepened. 

It was everything you ever dreamed it could be, everything you had ever hoped it would be, and as Sam surrounded you, pulled you down into his lap, your legs straddling his, you knew you’d never be able to go back to before. 

The kiss broke, but only just, and Sam spoke against your lips. “Every time you walk through that door, I worry you won’t come back to me, either.” 

Those were the words you had ached to hear for as long as you’d known Sam Winchester, and as you kissed him again, you knew you never wanted to stop. 

Still taking prompts for Drabble Sunday

I love girls. I love their hair and their hands and their softness and their smiles and personalities and the way they talk to their friends and how they look at you and how they laugh and I love it when they make that face where they scrunch up their nose and they’re focused and how they always seem to know what’s going on and yet they can be so clueless and I love that too. I love how they hold your hand and the way they touch your hair and how they laugh at their own jokes. I love it when they talk and their face lights up and I love it when they get shy and look down and when they get flustered and can’t speak and I love the way they dance and blow hair out of their face and when they tuck the loose strands behind their ears. I love it when girls see their friends and run to them and hug them.. I love the way girls hug. I love it when they pull their sleeves over their hands and I love it when they roll their sleeves up and and when they give you their jacket. I love the way girls love…. I love girls


Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Summary: You’re an assassin who hasn't found their soulmate yet. You meet a very attractive man, and your work life and love life collide. What happens when you have to make the most important decision of your life?

Warnings: well, this is an assassin au, so: killing, guns, mentions of killing, mentions of assassination, a little cursing, sort of implied smut, implied smoking

Word Count: 3281 (jeez)

AU: Assassin AU and Soulmate AU

A/N: Yay, first day of the @hamwriters write-a-thon! Hope y'all like it. Not 100% sure if I’m able to do all the days, but I’ll at least do 4. So, enjoy! 

masterlist || ask

You sat nervously in the chair facing your boss’s desk. He had seemed uneasy when he spoke to you over the intercom, so you wondered what had happened. While sitting in the cozy chair, your boss dropped a shiny, thick folder in front of you. Tracing your finger along its smooth surface, you realize why you’ve been called into his office just as you were about to leave for the day.

“Who is it?” You asked, curious. You had seen other agents get their folders before, and none of them were as thick as yours. Because of this, you assumed your target was especially important and needed to be taken care of urgently.

Your boss looked around cautiously. “I can’t say his name out loud, for security reasons.” He paused to take a quick puff on his cigar. “But I’ll have you know this will be no easy assignment. This one is different from the rest. He’s escaped four attempted assassinations before.” He slammed his hand down hard onto the wooden table, startling you. “Four. I’ve chosen you because I know you can get it done. You’re one of our best agents, (Y/N). I expect no less than a nice, clean kill from you. Got it?” He looked sternly at your features, trying to see if there were any traces of fear in your face.

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original ask:  Hi!♡ Could you plaese make a hc on rfa + Saeran reacting to MC having a raspy voice? I’m sorry but I’m just a insecure lil’ bean. :(

i will be completing this for the dear anon :) *slight NSFW mentions*


  • he was kind of speechless when he heard you talk for the first time
  • he didn’t find it weird or anything like that, it just caught him off guard
  • he had imagined your voice a little different
  • not that he was complaining he loved your voice already
  • he quickly gained his composure though when he saw your face start to fall
  • “MC you’re so cute!” 
  • he gave you a huge hug, pressing a kiss to your cheek when he pulled back
  • he had no issues with it at all


  • she wasn’t that caught off guard
  • sure she was expecting your voice to be a little bit softer 
  • but it was good nonetheless
  • she was used to masking her emotions dealing with Jumin for so many years taught her to hide her facial expressions very easily
  • so you had no idea you had surprised her
  • you went about your conversation without any lapse
  • she never put much thought into your voice being raspy
  • if anything she quite liked it


  • he loved it
  • just another way his queen was different from the women that threw themselves at him for his money
  • he always made sure you knew how much he loved it
  • like in bed, when your voice got even raspier, major turn on for Mr.Chairman’s son
  • he was shocked at first, but he was used to hiding such things 
  • it didn’t take long for him to begin complimenting you on it
  • like he complimented everything else about you
  • “Your voice is my favorite sound my love”
  • “why are you being so quite, tell me about your day.. hearing you speak always makes me feel a little better.”


  • he. was. shook.
  • he had pictured your voice a bit…differently
  • his shock was super clear on his face the first time he heard you, but promised you he actually loved it he had just been surprised
  • he would always smile super wide when you went over his lines with him and he got to hear your voice
  • he found it almost therapeutic
  • whenever he noticed you were always quiet around his fans, he would smother you in compliments when the two of you were alone
  • he didn’t want his girl feeling badly about her beautiful voice


  • he made fun of you at first 
  • like the little shit he is
  • but as soon as he realized how it made you feel, he stopped
  • he made sure you knew he had just been kidding all those times
  • in reality he loved your voice
  • he would still crack jokes here and there
  • but you knew he didn’t mean it meanly
  • you threw back your fair share of jokes so it was okay


  • he liked it
  • like a lot
  • something about that slight rasp to your voice made him take you seriously
  • like he needed to listen to every word you said because it was just that important
  • whenever you gave him the silent treatment it was nearly enough to make him cry
  • you actually saw him tear up once, not that he would ever admit it
  • he approved, 10/10 the best sound he had ever heard
  • when he realized you were insecure about it though, he didn’t understand
  • “your voice is the only thing that can make me calm down, how can you not like it?”
  • “you sound like an angel, get your head out of your ass MC.”


Panic Cord (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Part 2!

Originally posted by whattheendoftheworldlookedlike

A/N: YALL IM SO SORRY THIS TOOK TEN YEars!!! But finally, part 2 is here! I love, love, love the Coney Island Wonder Wheel! If you’ve ridden it, I’m so jealous of you haha! :D I hope y’all like it! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

EDIT: I also accidentally posted this on the wrong account lol. Sorry about that!

Warnings: Panic attacks. A lil bit of angst. Fluff? (:

“No way,” you gasped, placing a hand on your heart. “You know Tony Stark?

Bucky let out a small laugh. You really wished you could see his face. The arm that was wrapped around your shoulder tightened as you walked. Even Alfie stopped walking and peered up at Bucky questioningly.

“Tony’s well…he’s Tony. He grows on you after a while.” You nod, still trying to process that this mysterious man who you’ve only known for a week, not only knew Tony Stark -he lived with him in the Stark tower. You’ve never seen it, as you moved to New York long after it was built. But from what everyone says, it’s phenomenal.

“So are you like a cousin or brother of Tony?” you ask, fiddling with Alfie’s leash.

“God, no!” He chuckled. “At least I hope not.”

“Then why are you living with him? If you don’t mind me asking.”

You couldn’t see it, but you could sense the tenseness the question caused. You pulled your hair behind your ear, your cheeks reddening with embarrassment. You had zero intentions of offending him. What were you thinking asking such a personal question?

You turned to him and opened your mouth, prepared to apologize, but before you could get a word out, Bucky cut you off.

“We’re uh…sort of working together.”

Your eyes widened. So…he was an Avenger? You tried to contain your excitement, but you didn’t need eyes to tell you were failing miserably. Somehow you managed to catch a date with an Avenger, despite being blind as a bat.

Being the little chatterbox you were, you found out quite a bit about Bucky Barnes. He was twenty nine years old, quite a few years older than you. His favorite color was royal blue and his favorite food was pepperoni pizza with pineapples. He absolutely adored dogs, much to your delight. Somehow Alfie, who tended to be completely wary of strangers, had warmed up to Bucky in only a few short hours since they’ve met.

However, there were some things that you found out that weren’t from verbal interactions. You pretty much survived on your sense of touch, and you were a master at finding out the hidden facts about him. You discovered that Bucky was at least six feet tall, the way he held you close to him gave it away perfectly. You were able to rest your head on his shoulder perfectly.

Another thing you found out was that Bucky was on the muscular side. Like, really muscular.

When he wrapped his arms around your waist from behind and you leant into him, you could instantly feel the hardness that was his stomach. The guy was built like a brick house, but you were nowhere near complaining! You couldn’t wait to run your hands along it.

The thing you liked the most was his hair.

When he bent down to tie your shoes for you, which was the sweetest thing on this earth, you couldn’t help but run your hand along his hair, taking in each and every strand into your fingers. It was a bit longer than you expected, but that only made him more attractive. You quite liked guys with longer hair, it gave you more to touch, more to see without your eyes.

You concluded in your brain that James Buchanan Barnes was really freaking attractive, and there was absolutely nothing that could change your mind.


The carnival he was taking you to was located on Coney Island.

You’ve been there before, but of course you couldn’t tell without hearing the ferris wheel. You always dreamed of how it looked. Was it as huge as everyone said it was? Did it really light up each night? You always wanted to ride it, but given your grandmother’s protective nature, you were never allowed to as a child. As you grew into an adult, the chances seemed more and more unlikely.

“What’s with the long face, doll.” Bucky whispered into your ear.

You bit your lip to stop the stupid grin that spread on your face. Jesus, you felt like you were in middle school again.

“It’s nothing, really.” you dismissed, feeling Alfie’s tail hitting your legs repeatedly.

“Y/N,” he pressed, placing his chin on your shoulder. “You haven’t stopped smiling the entire time until now. What’s bothering you?” Gosh, were you really that easy to read?

You could feel his hands along yours, playing with your smaller fingers. It was so distracting, jesus, but you couldn’t find it in you to tell him to stop. The fact that his lips were only inches away from yours only added onto your longing.

“I just…I’ve always wanted to ride the ferris wheel, but I can’t.” you admit.

Immediately, you feel one of his hands in yours, gently pulling you away from your spot. What on earth was he doing? You could hear Alfie’s paws hitting the pavement evenly, at least he wasn’t panicking.

“Where are we going, Bucky?” you ask, grabbing onto his shoulder with your other arm.

“To the ferris wheel, kid.” he laughs, continuing to walk with you as if it’s no big deal.

You planted your feet onto the ground, preventing him from taking you any further. You couldn’t go on there! What if you fell off? Grandma would be mortified if that happened. And Alfie, he’d be sent back to the shelter!

Slowly, you felt yourself growing lightheaded, your lungs felt as if they were being filled with lead. You didn’t know which way was up or down. Or even where you were anymore. But you could feel the ground beneath you now. Oh god, did you fall again?

“Y/N!” Bucky called exclaimed.

You felt tears pooling inside your eyes. You just wanted your grandma, she always knew what to do.

“Y/N?” You blinked at Bucky’s voice. It sounded less urgent than before, but you could still detect the fear from it. Bucky placed one of his hands on your cheek, lifting it up slightly.

You knew he was looking into your eyes. But it pained you even more that you couldn’t look into his. Yours weren’t anything, in fact, they weren’t pigmented at all. Everyone always said yours were just a milky grey that took in everything, but gave nothing. It wasn’t fair.

“I-I’m sorry…” You whispered.

“No, I’m sorry,” he said softly. You could feel a hand pull some stray hairs from your face and tuck them behind your ear. “I shouldn’t have pressured you.”

You gave him a small smile, holding out your hand for him to grab. You were expecting the normal, flesh hand that you’ve been holding throughout the day, but instead, you were met with….metal.

You’ve never pulled your hand away so fast in your life.

“W-what…what is…is that your hand?” you sputtered, backing away slowly. What was going on? You never felt anything metal throughout the entire time. Not even when you wrapped your arm around his. Were you hallucinating?

You could hear him inhale sharply.

You frowned, holding your hand out again. Whatever it was, you wanted to feel it again. Maybe it wasn’t metal, but something else!

But no matter how far you reached, you couldn’t feel him. In fact, you were practically crawling before you realized it. You could feel Alfie beside you, nuzzling his snout into your side. Where was Bucky?

“Bucky?” you called out, reaching your hand in front of you.


“Bucky, where’d you go?” you called, standing to your feet. You held onto Alfie’s leash tightly in your hand. Oh no, did he leave?

You could feel the tears pooling in your eyes once again. Did he really just leave you? You knew you might’ve reacted poorly, but…you still needed to get home. You had no idea how to get back.

Wiping your tears with the sleeve of your sweater, you pulled Alfie along. It would take hours, but you had no choice.

You just hoped that Bucky was okay.

- FIN!

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"Relationship HCs with Mitusuru and Musashi?"

Here are the absolute BABES who r loud boi and heats flamesman

-will steal your glasses if you have glasses. hes such an asshole.
-will absolutely lift you. hes going to hug you from behind to surprise you and LIFT YOU off of the ground
-loves to kiss you neck, cheeks, and stomach the most. it tickles.
-“babe are you into peircings” “no comment”
-“what if i had a dick piercing” “id divorce you” “we arent married HOLY SHIT IS THIS A PROPOSAL” “babe, no” “IM ENGAGED”

-wants to take you out on so many damn dates. so many. he wishes he could at least take you to a park or something. anywhere.
-wants to kiss all of your face to make you laugh. he loves the sound of your laugh a lot.
-tickles you now that i mentiom him loving you laugh
-likes to hold you in his arms so so much. he loves to be protective of you.
-“i love you” he really wants to cry he loves you so much
-loves how much he smiles around you

Draft About Growth


I cannot count all of the ways I am alive 

Set to fire in winter’s blustery rapture,

Stranded bare on sorrows Frontier. 

Each tremor counted by toppled towers

And fallen bridges, every face I’ve known

Washed to shore on Springs eve. 

Kin with soil and the way it resembles

You, rotting and still in truths urgency.

Traveling a great distance along roads

Crumpled and buckled, making friends

With the blisters of my heel. 

Hunter’s eyes catch sight of you and

The ivory pillars stretching for

Miles across your face. With certainty

You gargle authority spilled from

Lips thirsting for pity or warmth or


I cannot count all of the ways I am alive,

Anchored to depths of love along 

The riverbanks of your hometown. 

I spent half my life turning blood to water

Swimming through a cavalcade of light

Radiating every shade of you.

Jordan Alan Brown

shevoj1207  asked:

5 for the Artist ASK meme? ╰(*´︶`*)╯

Aa thanks cheese :3

5. What’s your favorite thing to draw?

It’s gotta be my OC Tam ;u;

I love drawing my OCs in general but you probably wouldn’t guess it based on all of the fanart I post :’D I feel like they’re always there for me no matter what, and if I feel unhappy with them I can just freshen up their design and everything is happy again~

I also like drawing faces and swoopy lines!

Underappreciated Birds Shoutout

There are a lot of bird species out there who are underappreciated because they’re ‘common’ or ‘filthy’ or some other such garbage. So I wanna talk about some of the more underappreciated and show that they’re all real bros.


Probably by far the most underappreciated. I frequently see kids trying to chase them and kick them, and sometimes see adults attempting to kick them. Meanwhile these small pidge friends just want your love (and crumbs). Everything people complain about pigeons is stuff that they’re responsible for, minus poop. As for poop getting on everything? Gtf over it. It’s just pigeon poop. Your entire life wasn’t ruined because one day you got a little on your favourite jacket. Hate the fact that they fly at your face? Yeah, I bet you look like a real hero flailing around like an airborne jellyfish. They’re not gonna hit you. Unless they do, in which case it’s gonna hurt them way worse than it does you. They don’t want to get close to your stinky human face. Except they kinda do, because they love you, and pigeons are cuddle monsters. Love them back, they deserve it.


We eat chickens and their eggs, and a lot of people when they see pet chickens are like “So when you gonna eat them?” or just assume you only keep them around for their eggs. For the latter, roosters are completely useless as pets. Y’know, except for every rooster I’ve seen which range in personality from cuddle buddy to I WILL END YOU. Not to say hens aren’t exactly the same. A chicken will not hesitate to take you down if you give it reason to. These birds demand respect. If you don’t give it, you might end up at the wrong end of their claws.


This one is more in the UK I guess. For some reason… people absolutely hate magpies. The excuse I always hear is that they’re always raiding nests and are responsible for the decrease in population of so many bird species. Meanwhile, everyone’s cats are totally being nice and not laying a paw on a single featherball, because they are completely beloved and would never hurt a bird. But hey, I digress. Magpies are extremely intelligent. They have problem-solving skills that a bunch of humans I’ve met would fail at. Fortunately, the hatred seems to be dying down for them as their intelligence becomes more well known and it’s now known that they’re NOT the cause of the bird decline.


Oh nooo, it only eats dead things and it’s bald and gross and ew. Yo, number one, they’re bald because if they weren’t THEN it’d be gross. D’you really want a stinky bird covered in matted rot-clogged feathers? And number two, you may just owe vultures your freaking life. They are so essential it’s ridiculous. Rather than being disgusting, those guys are cleaning up rotting carcasses for your sorry ass so that you don’t end up diseased. Animals die. A lot. Without our good bird friends out there to do the dirty work, that shit would pile up to the point where everything gets diseased and stinks worse than a bowel movement after a dodgy meal. May not be such a big deal now with how humans live in cities and stuff, but think back to our older human societies and how vital disease-free water is for example.


Seagulls are… uh…


…okay yeah, seagulls are assholes. At least they look happy when they’ve nicked your food. That’s nice I guess?

phantomrabbit  asked:

Haha you legit just a face but probs my fave part about lucas ..other then his voice haha if only all the character people had tumblr I'd be so fucking happy augh also if your really the dude your incredibly nice to all us crazy Frick fracken ppl haha

Giving love back is the least I can do, more positivity out there will never hurt :)

anonymous asked:

I really cherished the friendship Shuu and Chie have together. Like she knows all his flaws and help Shuu relationship with Kaneki a butch of times put a smile on my face. I kind of want Chie to tell Kaneki of the stolen underwear was meant for Shuu and to make both of them embarrassed.

YESSS chie is so important and perfect ;o; i love her. such a good character. and such a good friend to tsukiyama, and to tsukiyamas group

LMAOOOO Christ what about them all at a cafe together and she’s like “oh! Did you ever get your underwear back, kaneki?”

and both kaneki and tsukiyama choke realizing what happened
(tsukiyama: holy fuck it was his underwear

kaneki: holy fuck they stole my underwear)

What face shall I use for Ronaldo?

So I’ve realized that in my carefully archived folder of blushy su faces, I don’t have one for ronaldo! I’ve compiled a few choices, but I would like you guys to choose which one I’ll use for my crack

#1 The “I stay up all night thinking of us together”

#2 The “Senpai noticed me!”

#3 the “I can’t even comprehend your beauty”

or #4 The “Confession of love!”

So which on do you like best, 1-4?

macks-smack-attack  asked:

Kylo, Kylo please. *Paps your face* Listen. Friendo. Frien-diddly-endo. You got this. Those edits are as good as done. And even if you don't get ALL of them done, we will still all be overjoyed with what you do get done. We love you. I love you. You have got this. (I can go on if you'd like. I've been told I'm good at pick-me-ups and inspiration)

i can’t believe i giggled at “frien diddly endo” omg but yes, you are very good at pick-me-ups, and i appreciate your message very much! 💙