i love your faces all of you

I had a dream last night that John hid little notes all throughout 221B in places where Sherlock frequented like maybe in a cabinet or in the fridge or even in places he used to hide cigarettes and they were just little notes that said things like “I love you” or “I love your smile” or “You look nice everyday” and all of them had a little smiley face drawn on it and a heart. that ol’ romantic john watson

Bucky (29)


Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Prompts: 29. “Fuck it - do you wanna get married?”

Requested by: @girl-next-door-writes @jackstimelady @overlordred

A/N:  All requests and the prompt list can be found by searching #SpringTimeDrabbles

You and your best friend Bucky were sitting beside each other at round reception table.  One of the agents that worked closely with you and the rest of the Avengers was getting married and had invited you.  Neither you nor Bucky were eager to go.  You worked with Simone doing intel directly for the Avengers.  She was Nat’s personal liaison, you were Bucky’s.  It was how you had become best friends.  After all without you, he would have been dead by now.

Bucky looked over at you, his face mirroring your displeased one.  It wasn’t that you were unhappy for the couple.  You just frankly were over weddings.  This was the fifth of the year and it was only May!  Bucky and you had the same routine every wedding, you would keep each other company making jokes, eating and drinking a bit too much, you’d share a dance then both head home early to watch some netflix.

You had just finished your dance with Bucky and plopped back down to finish your cake.   Bucky watched you from the corner of his eye.  You two were slowly becoming the only ones not in relationships or married.  Hell it seemed like everyone but the two of you were paired up in one way or another.

Clearing his throat slightly to gain your attention, he turns to full face you, “Do you want to get married?”

You look at him slightly shocked, you take a moment and gather what you want to say, “I do.  I want the partnership, the friendship.  I want someone to have my back.  I want love, but let’s face it, I am way too busy to meet someone who gets my job.  What about you?”

Bucky had listened to you carefully, processing everything you said as if it was one of your briefings. “I won’t lie doll, I hadn’t really thought about marriage, or hell even dating, in decades.  I just want someone I can spend time with and not want to stab them.  That list is pretty small.”

You laugh and look over to the happy couples on the dance floor all holding each other close and swaying to the soft music playing.

“You ready to get outta here?”  Bucky nods in confirmation, standing he offers you his arm and the two of you make your way to his waiting car.

Bucky is unusually silent as you drive back to your apartment.  Once you unlock the door to your place, Bucky follows you in.  Bucky heads to the guest room where he had a stash of clothes and personal things.  He considered it his room since he was there so often, so he didn’t wait for you to encourage him to make himself at home.

After you had changed into some pjs, and wiped the makeup off of your face, you went to the living room plopping beside the pj clad Bucky.

“What’s with you?”  You couldn’t take the silence it had been 30 minutes since he had last spoke to you and it was driving you crazy.

“Nothing.  I’m just thinking.”

You laugh and elbow him, “Don’t think too hard you might hurt yourself.  Bucky faced you with an indignant look before turning to pounce on you tickling your sides.

Screaming with laughter you try and fail to get him to stop.  Bucky continued his assault for a moment more before finally relenting.  You gasp for breath a slight smile on your face, while looking at the man who was now hovering over you with a bright smile.

Without warning Bucky leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to your lips.  Without hesitating you returned the kiss, bringing your hand up to hold his face in your palm.  You hand stayed as he pulled away slightly, his eyes closed.

“Sorry.”  He leaned up and sat at the end of the couch, placing his head in his metal hand.

“Don’t be.”  you get up from off your back and move to sit close to Bucky turning your body sideways on the couch.

“I’ve wanted to try-”

Cutting him off with another soft kiss.  “I’m glad you did.”

“Fuck it - Do you want to get married?”  Bucky’s face showed nothing but seriousness.  You looked at him in shock before giving him a slight smile.

“What about dating?”

“It feels like we have been dating for over a year.  We know too much about each other.  You know my story and what my work life is like.  Y/n you are part of my work life, you know as well as I do the risk.  I wouldn’t have to worry about your safety and you like my friends. I don’t want to stab you and you’re beautiful and that kiss.  That small kiss has made me feel more in the last 5 minutes, than anything has in years.”

“You’re right. I want a ring though.”

“Of course.  Kiss me again?”

Two Lies, One Truth (NSFW)

Summary: During a “two lies, one truth” with the Winchester, reader lets out an intimate confession.
Word counting: 1.1k words
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Warnings: Insecure reader. Smut. Fluff. Gif isn’t mine,
A/N: This here goes to all my lovely girls insecure with their breasts. You are all beautiful just the way you are.

“I’m colourblind. I’ve never had sex dressed. I’ve smoked weed during college.” Sam leant down.

You tilted your head, trying to figure out the truth by his face expression.

“Colourblind one is a lie.” Dean drank a sip from his beer.

You three were playing two lies one truth to pass time, and although the brothers weren’t counting wins, they had gotten far more rights than you.

“You’ve never tried weed.” You decided.

Sam was too perfect to do this kind of stuff.

“Wrong.” He laughed, slightly drunk.

“It can’t be!” You looked at him. “Sam!”

Dean laughed out loud and the two looked at you, waiting.

“So…” You tried to think and was far too drunk to remember you should keep some secrets to yourself. “I look terrible naked, I’ve had sex with a girl, I’ve had a threesome.”

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Nct Dream's reaction to their s/o cuddling up to them

Request: Nct Dream cuddling? Thank you if you can, and it’s okay if you can’t! 😊

A/N: i did this same one with Nct 127 here so i just copied and pasted markhyuck’s, hope you dont mind! im finally posting another reaction yay



Blushes like mad!!! And becomes so flustered and shy, he doesn’t say anything and lets you hug him. His arms would awkwardly find their way around your waist, and you’d see him giggle slightly to himself too. Would probably hum a song to you and play with your hair, his cheeks still flushed red. Only sometimes though, he’d kiss your forehead and whisper a small “i love you” to you.

Originally posted by taei


He’d probably have a slightly amused expression on his face first, then followed by a shy and bright smile. His arms would circle your waist immediately as you see his cheeks turn into a slight pink shade. Probably giggles and laughs a lot, saying things like, “Why are you so clingy today” or “I don’t normally like cuddles but today, i love it” when in fact he’s trying not to die from your cuteness on the inside.

Originally posted by nakamotens


As soon as your wrapped your arms around his body, he’d giggle immediately, but wouldn’t do anything to stop you. In fact, he’d not move and let you cuddle him all you want. Probably rests his head above yours and plays with your hair, laughing a lot to himself because he finds it super adorable when you cuddle up to him.

Originally posted by nakamotens


Becomes a koala bear and doesn’t let go of you at all. Probably smiles to himself throughout the whole time and whines even when you move away a little. Loves pinching your cheek and smiling to himself after, his own cheeks turning into a bright shade of pink. The only time where he doesn’t tease you and becomes a sweet and soft bun, saying sweet words to you, “you’re so beautiful today, i love you”

Originally posted by donghyukslee


Like Renjun, he’d have a slight amused expression on his face at first, but as soon as you start pulling him closer to you even more it’d change to a suspicious but cute smirk. Next thing you know he’s tickling you and he’s laughing his ass off seeing you struggle, as you try to push him away from you. But before you can do that, he has you in his arms again, and giving you small pecks on the cheek.

Originally posted by nctmark


Becomes an excited small little kid!!! Giggles much more than he already does normally and laughs even at the slightest touch from you. But he uses your head as a rest and says things to tease you, “You’re normally not like this, did you do something wrong” or “do you love me that much, you don’t have to hug me this tightly” but he’s always the one not willing to let go first so

Originally posted by kunxxxsol


Probably freezes a little as soon as you hug him but softens up really quickly. He doesnt say much because he’s busy blushing like mad but you’d see him smile to himself a lot and staring at you lovingly, as his fingers play with strands of your hair. Falls asleep really quickly in your arms and probably pulls you closer towards him while he’s asleep.

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Girls’ Night In (reader x Avengers/Scott Lang)

Characters: reader, Wanda, Natasha, Scott Lang, Cassie Lang. 

Summary: It’s ladies night at the tower, complete with a Gilmore Girls marathon,  junk food, and friendly rivalries when a surprise visitor puts a twist on the evening’s events. (spoilers for Gilmore Girls, if you haven’t seen it yet)

Warnings: nada!! Pure fluff, ya’ll. Cavity inducing. 

Word Count: 2275 (good heavens, that was an accident)

Tags are at the bottom (TAG LIST IS CLOSED)

A/N: This is for my lovely, my darling Mariana ( @buckysberrie ) Happy Birthday, sweetie!! I really hope you enjoy this. :) Man, I dunno how this got so long but the fluff kept flowing and when I thought of the single parent parallels, well, I just couldn’t stop. Any thoughts are appreciated!! 



Originally posted by miranduhhpriestly

“Ugh, he’s such a spoiled, Trust Fund jerk-face.”

“He is not!” Natasha protested. “He’s just…a little entitled and misunderstood. Just how I like ‘em,” the redhead smirked, returning her gaze to the tv screen.

“Seriously? Logan? The Life and Death Brigade, are you kidding me? Ridiculously lavish parties in the woods with formal wear, death-defying stunts, and games where you can’t use the letter “E” in conversation? Yeah, not at all pretentious,” you fired back sarcastically, throwing a handful of popcorn in her direction.

“Oh, right, like you haven’t used the term ‘misunderstood’ to describe a certain well-read, possibly criminal, runaway bad boy who crashes cars,” she replied, cocking an eyebrow.

You gasped in horror. “How dare you speak ill of my Jess! He was her match intellectually and in pop culture references, plus with their love for music and books, it’s no secret that they belong together. He was just immature but he grew up really well,” you smiled before biting your lip with thoughts of the older brunet bad boy, trying not to spoil it.

“Hey, now! No need to fight,” Wanda spoke up, acting as the peacemaker. “Besides, we all know Rory belongs with Dean. Obviously.”

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✧ — Phantom of the Opera Prompts.

❛ My power over you grows stronger yet. ❜
❛ Phantom of the Opera is there, inside your mind. ❜
❛ Your part is silent, little toad! ❜
❛ Perhaps it is you who are the toad… ❜
❛ Flattering child, you shall know me, see why in shadow I hide! ❜
❛ Seal my fate tonight. ❜
❛ I hate to have to cut the fun short, but the joke’s wearing thin. ❜
❛ Let the audience in. ❜
❛ God, give me courage to show you you are not alone! ❜
❛ Pitiful creature of darkness, what kind of life have you known? ❜
❛ I heard as I’d never heard before. ❜
❛ What you heard was a dream and nothing more. ❜
❛ Those pleading eyes, that both threaten and adore… ❜
❛ That voice which calls to me and speaks my name. ❜  
❛ And do I dream again? ❜
❛ You have come here, in pursuit of your deepest urge. ❜
❛ I have brought you, that our passions may fuse and merge. ❜
❛ In your mind you’ve already sucummed to me. ❜  
❛ Now you are here with me. No second thoughts. ❜
❛ Past the point of no return. ❜
❛ What raging fire shall flood the soul? ❜
❛ What rich desires unlock its door? ❜  
❛ What sweet seductions lie before us? ❜
❛ Those who have seen your face draw back in fear. ❜
❛ Did you think that I had left you for good? ❜
❛ Down once more to the dungeon of my black despair! ❜
❛ You’ve past the point of no return. ❜
❛ You try my patience make your choice. ❜
❛ I gave you my mind blindly. ❜
❛ Wandering child, so lost, so helpless, yearning for my guidance. ❜
❛ Have you forgotten your Angel? ❜
❛ Wildly my mind beats against you… ❜
❛ Think of me, think of me waking, silent and resigne. ❜
❛ Imagine me, trying too hard to put you from my mind. ❜
❛ Can I ever forget that sight? ❜
❛ Can I ever escape from that face? ❜
❛ Past the point of no return - no going back now. ❜
❛ When will the flames, at last, consume us? ❜
❛ When will the blood begin to race? ❜
❛ I remember… there was mist. ❜
❛ Who was that shape in the shadows? ❜
❛ Whose is that face in the mask? ❜
❛ Damn you! You little prying Pandora! You little demon! ❜
❛ Is this what you wanted to see? Curse you! ❜
❛ Now you cannot ever be free! ❜
❛ Come. We must return. ❜
❛ Those two fools who run my theater will be missing you. ❜
❛ No kind word from anyone! No compassion anywhere! ❜
❛ Say you’ll share with me one love, one lifetime. ❜
❛ Lead me, save me from my solitude. ❜
❛ Say you’ll want me with you here beside you. ❜
❛ Anywhere you go, let me go too. ❜
❛ Can you even dare to look or bear to think of me? ❜
❛ Have you no pity? ❜
❛ Your lover makes a passionate plea. ❜
❛ Let your mind start a journey to a strange new world! ❜
❛ Leave all thoughts of the life you knew before! ❜
❛ Only then can you belong to me… ❜  
❛ You alone can make my song take flight. ❜
❛ It’s over now, the music of the night. ❜
❛ Twisted every way, what answer can I give? ❜
❛ Say you love him/her, and my life is over! ❜
❛ Now, let it be war upon you both! ❜
❛ See you later, because I’m going now. ❜
❛ This haunted face holds no horror for me now. ❜
❛ It’s in your soul that the true distortion lies. ❜
❛ For the past three years, these things do happen! ❜
❛ And did you stop them from happening? No! ❜
❛ Why have you brought me here? ❜
❛ We can’t go back there. ❜
❛ I can’t escape from him/her/them… ❜
❛ Raise up your hand to the level of your eyes! ❜
❛ Refuse me, and you send your lover to his death! ❜
❛ Go now, don’t let them find you. ❜
❛ I fought so hard to free you! ❜  
❛ Say you love me. ❜
❛ Your chains are still mine! You belong to me! ❜
❛ Wait! I think my dear, we have a guest. ❜
❛ I had rather hoped that you would come. ❜
❛ Free him/her! Do what you like only free him/her! ❜
❛ Does that mean nothing I love him/her! Show some compassion! ❜
❛ The world showed no compassion to me! ❜
❛ Did you think that I would harm him/her? ❜
❛ Too late for prayers and useless pity! ❜
❛ You little demon - is this what you wanted to see? ❜
❛ Farewell, my fallen idol and false friend. ❜
❛ Look around, there’s another mask behind you! ❜
❛ Please promise me that sometimes, you will think… of me! ❜
❛ Where in the world have you been hiding? ❜
❛ I only wish I knew your secret. ❜
❛ Who is your great tutor? ❜
❛ Why you spray on my chin all the time, huh? ❜
❛ The final threshold! ❜
❛ They say that this youth has set my lady’s heart aflame! ❜
❛ Go away, for the trap is set and waits for its prey! ❜
❛ There is no phantom of the opera. ❜
❛ Look, your future bride! Just think of it! ❜
❛ Please don’t, they’ll see. ❜
❛ But why is it secret? What have we to hide? ❜
❛ It’s an engagement, not a crime! ❜
Thank You For Loving Me

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader (Y/N Y/L/N)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean finally tells the Reader the three letter word.

Word Count: 928

Warnings: Fluff

Author’s Note: Heyy guys! So this was supposed to be for my own Music Shuffle Game, but then I realized that @d-s-winchester had a challenge that I volunteered for and I got the same song. So this is for her challenge too…although…I don’t remember the tag for it. So this probably doesn’t count *hides face* I hope you enjoy it!!

Song used: “Thank You For Loving Me” by Bon Jovi

Thank You For Loving Me

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your love will be safe with me

pairing: Clint Barton x reader 

summary: Clint and reader are best friends. But is that all they are?

word count: 1200ish

warnings: light, blink and you’ll miss it angst + f l u f f 

a/n: This is a little something for my love @buckysberrie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAR!!! I HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR BIRTHDAY AND YOUR FICS!! 

Title from Re:Stacks by Bon Iver.

Originally posted by talkinboutmyimagination

“I didn’t even realize you were slowly moving in until I noticed your stuff’s kind of… everywhere.” Clint motioned around the bedroom, directing a pointed stare your way.

You quirked a brow. “Is that a problem?”

He shrugged. “Not really. What man doesn’t want to live with their hot best friend?”

You snorted. “Please. You love living with me.”

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Man Face Monday - Beautiful Birthday Mayor Face

Hey Face Lovers! 

So, I feel a bit in the dog house because I didn’t post a Washboard Wednesday last week. I got behind the eight-ball with some work projects. But rest assured, this Wednesday is already in process. 

Who else is excited for the finale this week? Last weeks positive Olicity vibes were just the right note I needed to feel like next season will find things right with the world again (even if there are a few more bumps in the road). I cannot wait to see how things sort out with Adrian Chase. Lots of opportunity for epic feels in terms of symmetry with the pilot. I have speculated in another post with respect to how I think things could end up, if the writers don’t want to let me down, that is! 

Let’s get busy with some face, shall we? Because Oliver Queen looked as scrumptious as his birthday cake last week. 

First, this gorgeous smile appeared because he might have a date. 

Oh, the pillow mountains and the leather jacket and the hair and the eyes…

Another smile because he was adoring at that moment.

Some badass black and white sexiness here. 

Someone else has commented on this pose. Oliver Queen, after everything he has been through, clasping his heart at this moment is a fascinating move that I hope gets asked about at a future HVFF panel. Is he relieved because he thought something happened to Felicity up until then? What he surprised by her appearance pointing a gun? Or is this a reference to the flashback in some way - to Kovar sticking a needle into that very spot? I am dying to know. In any case…the man is beautiful, the jacket is HOT. 

Okay, I am working on my gifmaking capabilities again. Here’s an early experiment because I adore that smile we see so rarely from Oliver Queen. I’ll keep at it!

Dimple. Fucking dimple. And eyelashes. Gaah.

And there we have it, gorgeous people! This dude had one handsome birthday. I hope this sets your week off on the right foot! Lots more pretty to come. 

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anonymous asked:

So Master tied me up one night with my hands behind my back. I had also put a nice fluffy tailplug in my cute little butt just to tease. Master spanked me and teased me for almost an hour before finally fucking me properly. He tugged on my tail and slapped my ass until I came all over him. Master then came all over my back before flipping me over and fucking my face. I was an absolute mess but I loved every second of it.

I'm With you (Namjoon x Reader)

Genre : bit of angsts and fluff Summary : you’re best friends with Kim Namjoon for years and you have a crush on him all this time. The so much times you spend with Jungkook makes him jealous and unexpectedly confesses to you. Warning : a bit of cursing and smut…??? Hey guys. This is my first time posting fanfic in tumblr. Please give some love!! ❤❤ ************************

“Oppa, I’m going to grab some coffee, do you want some?” you asked Namjoon as you entered his studio, a coat and a wallet are ready in your hand.

Namjoon turned to face you on his seat and said, “I think so. You’re going by yourself?” he furrowed his brows.

“Of course. You want the usual?”

“Y/N it’s already 9 pm. Ask someone to go there with you. I want to go with you but I have so many ideas going inside my head and need to write it down to finish this song, if I get out of this room they will poof right away.”

“Poof right away?” you chuckled. “Your choice of words are sometimes interesting. But seriously though, I always go by myself, you just don’t know. I’ll be fine, trust me.”

He thought about it for a few seconds before he said, “Okay, but call me when you get there.”

You rolled your eyes, “Oppa, the coffee shop is literally just a few blocks from here, why–” you stopped talking when you saw him glare at you which meant it wasn’t up for a negotiation. You sighed, “Okay okay.. I’ll buy you the usual, okay? 갈게 (I’m going)”

“잠깐만! (Wait!)” he suddenly said, rushing to the sofa where his coat was placed and took a thick scarf before walking to you. “Here, wear this. It’s really cold outside, I don’t want you to get sick.” he said as he put his scarf around your neck.

You were a bit flushed when he did it, an effect you always get when he was really close to you, also another effect of you liking Namjoon so much, not just as friends.
“아 맞다, 고마워요. 난 진짜 갈게 지금. (Ah right, thank you. I’m really going now.)” You said to him without meeting his eyes because after that Namjoon said, “응 내 동생이 (Yes my little sister).”

That’s right, you’re always gonna be his little sister. You’re always gonne be his bestfriend. Even when you wanted to be more with him.


“Oppa, I really have to go now. 약속 있어요 (I have a promise/appointment).” You said to him a few days later when you were in his studio.

“Oh you have an appointment? You get another composing job?” he asked without getting his eyes off of his computer.

“It’s not like that. I promised someone to go watch a movie together.”

He stopped for a second before facing you. “그래? 누구랑? (Really? With who?)”

You were just about to tell him it was none of his business when the person you have a promise with burst in into the studio.

“형! (Hyung!) I’m sorry to disturb both of your time on writing music but Y/N have promised to go watch a movie together with me weeks before you even get this task. I’m borrowing your bestfriend for the night okay hyung?” Jungkook chuckled.

“It’s Jungkook-ah? You’re going with Jungkook-ah?” Namjoon asked you, ignoring Jungkook who was still waiting by the door.

“So…?” you furrowed your brows.

“So… You didn’t tell me? He said you made the promise weeks ago.”

“Hyung, she’s the same age as me. Don’t worry I’ll take care of her. She doesn’t need your permission first, right Y/N?” Jungkook said to Namjoon in a teasing tone then winked at you.

You blushed bit red. Even though you saw the members every day you still cannot help but blush everytime someone as handsome as Jeon Jungkook winked at you.

Namjoon saw it.

“I’m her… Her… Her bestfriend. And I’m like a big brother to her, she doesn’t need my permission but she could at least tell me.” Namjoon said, suddenly rising his voice as if he was mad.

“Come on, hyung, it’s just me. You know I’ll take care of her.” Jungkook convinced him.

Oh but that was what Namjoon most scared of, that Jungkook would take care of you so well that you would start falling for Jungkook. He couldn’t afford that. He liked you too much. He knew you liked him too but he never showed it because he was scared it would somehow ruin your friendship. Namjoon didn’t want you to stop liking him. He loved the feeling too much. He loved you.

“That’s right, oppa. I have finished my part here anyway, I can go now. You should go too, have some fun.” You said to Namjoon. It killed you to tell him to have some fun but you couldn’t help it.

You were waiting for Namjoon to tell you no, you should not go. If he said you shouldn’t, you would’ve canceled it. But after a few moment of silence Namjoon said, “Fine. 그냥 가. (Just go).”

It irked you so much when he said that. You two have been bestfriends for years. You know what he looked like when he was upset, he looked very upset now. And you couldn’t help but thought that he was upset because he was jealous.

“I know my bestfriend needs a fresh air.” Namjoon said again.

Jealous? As if.


The weeks after that day gone by awkwardly between Namjoon and you. And somehow, Jungkook was always there with you when you were in a bad mood because of Namjoon, and he suddenly asked you to go somewhere with him so much: to buy a new shoes, to grocery shopping, a treat of ice cream down the block, night strolling around the park. You were almost sure that Jungkook had a crush on you IF he didn’t tell you about the girl he had a crush on that lived beside his apartment, he always asked you opinions on how to ask her out and told you updates everytime he met her. He even showed you the photo of them together when he asked her to go out for the first time.

But one day, Namjoon seemed like he was in a very bad mood, even when he was practicing with other members. He scolded them so much that sometimes you saw them giving death glares to Namjoon. That night you have to finish a song with him and Yoongi in his studio. And because Jungkook had been producing such good lyrics, Jungkook was also there. The air inside the studio never felt so tight and intense somehow.

“You know what? I’m not the kind of person to give up but I literally haven’t slept for 5 days straight and my head feels like it’s going to fall of my neck and explode.” Yoongi said when the time strucked midnight.

Jungkook, who was sitting beside you on the sofa said with his fingers playing with your long locks of hair, “Go to sleep, hyung. You really look beat. We’ll take care of it from here.”

Namjoon was eyeing Jungkook’s fingers on your hair from the corner of his eyes but you tried to ignore it because Yoongi just stood up and you were afraid he would actually pass out on the floor.

“I’ll go with you, hyung,” Jungkook said to Yoongi because he had the same concern as you. “I need to get some coffee anyways. You want some, Y/N?”

“Yeah I’ll just go with you–” you were just about to stand up before Namjoon suddenly said, “Y/N, sit down. We have to finish this song.”

“But I’m just going to get coffee from the kitchen–”

“Sit. Down.” Namjoon said again, his voice so low you were actually afraid of it. He never made you scared like this. So you followed his order.

Yoongi and Jungkook got out of the studio and closed the door, leaving you alone with Namjoon. You two were never this awkward, it was actually killing you. You didn’t know what was wrong but you were afraid this was all your fault. You were thinking about it with your head down, looking at the soft carpet on Namjoon’s studio. You were lost in your thought easily because Namjoon was suddenly dead silent too.

You were just about to say what’s wrong with the two of them and raise your head when suddenly a pair of warm lips crashed into yours. You were so shocked before you realized they were Namjoon’s. His big hands were cupping your face, so warm and manly yet so soft on your skin. His eyes were closed tight when yours were wide opened in shock before he tried to make you respond by biting your lips. You let out a tiny yelp but then a soft sigh when he soothed the bite with his tongue. Then you just go with the flow, closing your eyes and bringing your hands to his chest, relishing the feeling of his kiss before you finally realized what the two of you were doing.

You pushed him away so hard he went back to sit on his studio chair in shock.

His eyes were wide, surprised, like he also just realized what he did. He stuttered, “Oh my… Y/N.. Y/N I’m so sorry I didn’t know… I didn’t know what’s gotten into me..” he continued talking but you couldn’t consentrate to his words becausw your eyes kept following his swollen lips that you just kissed.

When you focused on his words again he was saying “…I promised it won’t happen aga–” before he finished it you lunged from the sofa to him and kissed him hard, cupping his face just like what he did to you minutes ago.

He instantly responded your kiss by biting and pulling your lips, one of his hands bringing you closer by the hips and the other on your nape to make your kiss deeper. He stood up from the chair and you were suddenly flying from the floor, he gripped you so tight in his arms and brought you to the sofa with him without breaking the kiss.

His lips was firm on yours, but they were soft at the same time. They tasted like the coffee you always bought for him every morning, your favorite taste. Now your favorite taste can be tasted from his lips, from your favorite person in thw world. He kept teasing you on the kiss, teeth pulling and biting, tounge stroking and licking. He felt hot and cold at the same time. Hot because his kiss was very persistent, you were also very persistent. Cold because the touch he gave you made you shiver in pleasure.

He groaned out loud when you dared to grind on him. “I was so fucking jealous of Jungkook these past few weeks it drives me insane. Why do you have to go out with him?”

He was still kissing you so you talk only when he gave you some air. “So that’s what happened to you? You’re jealous?”

“Fucking A. What did you expect me to do? Giving you a congrats with Jungkook?”

Namjoon started peppering kisses down your throat. “Well, I didn’t expect you to kiss me.”

“I also didn’t expect you to fell out of ‘like’ with me for Jungkook.”

You pushed him off of you a little bit in surprise. “Wait, you know? You know I like you this whole time?”

“Of course I know. You were not very discreet about it. I know you steal glances at me when I’m not seeing. I know you asked the barista to give a little bit more cream in my coffee because that’s how I like it. I know it all.” He smirked. This goddamn cutie dare to smirk.

“And you like me too all this time? Not as friends?”

“Since day one, babe. Since day one.”

Aside from getting a jump on your heart because it was the first time you heard him call you ‘babe’, you were still annoyed, so you hit him in the head. “You bastard! You should’ve told me! It would save us from these weeks full of hell!”

You hit him again but he just laughed. “Hell as in we didn’t talk that much? Do you miss me that much?”

You groaned out loud while kept hitting him on the shoulder and chest, both of you still on the sofa with him on top of you. “Aargghhh I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you.”

He laughed again, dodging your hits. “No, lady. You love me.”

You sighed finally and said, “Yeah, I love you.”

His laugh stopped. “Wait, you love me. You love me?”

“I can’t help it. I like you too much and we’ve been bestfriends for so long.”

He smiled wide. “Oh my God, this might sound cheesy but I love you too.” He gave you tiny kisses on the lips. “I should’ve confessed to you sooner, we must have been a couple from so long and saves us the heartaches.”

“You bet, Kim.” You rolled your eyes but he started kissing you deeply again and you smiled on the kiss.

The door of the studio was suddenly banged open, you too were too surprised to get out of each other embraces, only stopping the kiss and looked at who opened the door.

It was Jungkook.

“Finally!” Jungkook said. “I was so tired of seeing you two longing at each other for years. And now you two finally say your feelings out! I’m glad. I’m also worried for the last few weeks, I thought Namjoon hyung would burn in jealousy and kill me. Thank God you guys decided to tell each other sooner or I would be dead by now.”

Namjoon stared at Jungkook, “You planned this?!”

Jungkook shrugged. “Well, not just me. Other members also planned this. They just think I’m a great bait because I’m the same age as Y/N. Don’t worry, I’m not asking her to go anywhere with me together because I have a crush on her. She’s yours, you know. ‘Since day one’” he mimicked Namjoon.

“You rascal!” Namjoon threw a cushion to him just as he ran out of the studio and closed the door. But the two of you could hear him yelled “At least she’s with you now, hyung!”

Namjoon looked at you when it finally went silent. “Yes, at least you’re with me now.”

You caressed his cheek and peck his lips softly. “I’ve been with you all this time, Namjoon.”

***The End***

Manchester, I was there when Louis and Niall played at the Soccer Aid and the thought that something like this might have happened that day too breaks my heart and terrifies me. I can’t believe this is the world we live in now where you can go to a concert to have the time of your life and find yourself to face death the same night. My thoughts and prayer are with you and Ariana. I love Ariana, I love her music, I wished I could have gone to one of her concerts in England. It’s not your fault girl, we love you. All the love to the families and the people who were there or lost someone last night. ❤️

Frustrations & Confessions (Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader)

Prompt: “I wanted to say “I love you” for the first time without stuttering, but that failed.”

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Warnings: Swearing I guess???

Words: 1007

Tags: @linmanuclmiranda @burninglaurens @1781styles @bullcrappery

A/N: This is my first fic! Go easy on me please.​

“SHIT!” That’s what you’ve been hearing for the past thirty minutes.

Lin, your boyfriend for only around three months, has been erupting a great assortment of colorful word and lounging in the small living room of his apartment, it wasn’t all that hard to hear. Lin had been recently struggling while writing a song for his new, yet to be named, musical. This, of course, is not the first time he’s been extremely frustrated when making music. You couldn’t help but feel bad for the poor piano that had to endure these episodes of anger.

“Fucking hell.” You caught him muttering from a few feet away, a loud, sharp, noise coming from the piano.

Deciding that you both have ultimately had enough of his yelling, you rose from your usual lounging position on the couch, hearing it creak as pressure was released off its worn cushions, and walked over to the piano in Lin’s makeshift office, only to see Lin hiding his face in his arms on top of many of  the piano keys with Tobillo lying in a heap beside his feet.

“Ughhhh” He defeatedly let out beneath his arms.

You approached cautiously, as if not to provoke him. Reaching Lin, you gently rest your hand on his tense shoulder, letting your presence be known. You quietly took a seat beside him on the piano seat, watching as Tobi scurried away to find one of her chew toys. Your hand slipped from his shoulder to his hair, softly running your hands through it in an attempt of temporarily soothing his stress, knowing that it’s one of his, if not his, favorite stress reliever.

“You alright?” You ask, almost already fully aware that he’s going to reply with some witty, sarcastic comeback.

“Just fucking peachy.” Your boyfriend grumbled, lifting his head and arms from from the keys to look at you.

Just then, you saw how much of a toll this song writing process had taken on him. The seemingly permanent bags beneath his eyes were more prominent than usual, his eyes were slightly bloodshot around the corners, some drool had also dried at the left corner of his mouth, running down to his chin. You almost gasped.

“Well you sure do have a strange way of showing it.” You shot back raising a sassy eyebrow, catching his gaze after your brief observation of his tired, burnt out state.

“Okay, I deserved that one.” He said half smiling at your response. “It’s progress.” you thought mirroring a small smile equal to his own.

Suddenly, you were swept into a tight embrace with your head resting on Lin’s chest. You felt his chest rise and fall as he sighed contentedly. “How did I ever get so lucky?” You thought as you listened to the noise of his steady heartbeat.

“Hey.” He said, making you lift your gaze from the little brown button just below the collar of his beloved grey sweater to his tired, but vibrant brown eyes.

“Um…” He started to speak hesitantly, only to pause while dropping your gaze. You saw a small flash of fear pass through his face, disappearing as quickly as it came. He looked everywhere but your eyes. The carpet, the piano keys, his laptop that sat opened behind you, but never once your eyes. He cleared his throat and started again, this time more confidently.

“I didn’t really plan on saying this now, hell I didn’t plan it at all.” He looked at you, “ But I do know that I mean what i’m about about to say with every fiber of my being, planned or not. I-I love you. S-so goddamn much it hurts.” He finished with a slight blush on his tan cheeks.

You, however were speechless. This man, who you had somehow snagged, loved you. You felt special. You felt happy. You felt loved. While you were processing this new information, Lin sat anxiously, still holding you. Your silence was definitely putting him on edge.

Finally, what felt like a lifetime to Lin, you looked up at your boyfriend and stated with one hundred percent confidence in your words, “Lin Manuel Miranda, I am head over heels in love with you and I couldn’t be happier knowing that you feel the same.”

A bright, relieved smile painted over Lin’s face, completely replacing the former scared and hesitant frown that once covered his features. He wasted no time capturing your lips in a passionate, loving kiss, pulling you impossibly tighter against him. You were practically straddling his hips at this point. The kiss was poorly synced and badly coordinated as both of you were smiling too much, causing your teeth to get in the way, but it didn’t matter because you have each other in this perfect moment.

Pulling away, you rested your head in the warmth of his neck, still smiling in complete awe that out of the seven-almost eight billion people on Earth, Lin had chosen you. He loved you. You couldn’t believe it. You would also never believe that Lin was thinking that very same thought in that moment.

“I wanted to say “I love you” for the first time without stuttering, but that failed.” Lin started giggling and tightly hugging at your sides.

“God Lin, i’m so helpless for you, it’s honestly ridiculous.” You said lifting your head meeting his eyes once more.

“That’s it!” Gasping, Lin quickly reached around you grabbing his torn journal and a stray pen quickly and started to quickly write, as if not to lose the idea before it fades from his mind.

“Glad I could help out.” You smiled kissing his forehead as he enthusiastically continued to tell you his ideas and plans, which, unbeknownst to you, would continue for the rest of the day, only pausing in between sentences and at every chance he could to remind you that he loves you more than anything else in the world. His words, not yours.

Falling Slowly

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Requested: Yes by anon

A/N: This took so long to write because I was considering writing it as a series but here you go and I really hope y’all enjoy it.

masterlist / coming soon

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Watching the person you love falling in love with someone else right in front of your eyes, was hard. It hurt you emotionally and drained you physically, you watched as he absentmindedly placed his hand on her bare knee, he’d rub small love hearts against her skin, he’d whisper an inside joke into her ear and her giggles would fill the room. He’d glance at you, gulp nervously and shift awkwardly, removing the hand you were eying up and get back to what he was doing before.

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there is now 3.5k of you and i am so beyond thankful and confused that i’ve just come to speechlessness

so behold, a very sappy, very long 3.5k follow forever with a few special shoutouts:

@thegrangersapprentice: melody, the first person to reach out to me (or maybe i reached out to you?) and encourage me. for being such a wonderful lovely person and listening to my ranting about books and finals, thank you so much! ^_^ before talking to you, i wasn’t quite sure if this community was the one for me, but you are one helluva friend!

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another thank you (i’m canadian; i say thank you a LOT) to everyone! you’re incredible and i’m humbled to be apart of such a loving, fulfilling, and inspiring community ♡



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Hmmm just had a rather pleasant thought that I need to share with fellow Gladihoes.

Imagine waking up in the morning with 10 year time skip Gladiolus, that long hair it not kept back by a pony tail it’s all over the place. He’s hovering over you to give you a good morning kiss that gorgeous long hair is just framing his face ever so sexily as he’s staring in your eyes. 

Just saying “good morning, babe.” In a half wake sleepy voice (which man his must be just perfect….) placing a kiss on your lips.


applenapoleon  asked:

Which of the ygo cats hogs the best sunbeams/cuddle spots? (Which of your irl cats do that too? Also I love that you call them princesses, they are good beautiful ladies)

Bakura will steal the Top Notch sunbeam spots if Thief King hadn’t already gotten there first. Ryou and Yugi will always have the best cuddle spots reserved, usually on blankets or in one of the many cat beds.

As for the gorgeous princesses, Jynx and Pootsie passively argue who gets the premium spot on one of the cat trees as our windows face west and we get the best late afternoon sun all the way to sunset [which illuminates our apartment in gentle gold light for an hour each day in the summer A++++]. One cat tree has a little box on top that they can comfortably lay in to soak up those nice warm rays.

Jynx usually nabs it for herself because she can climb up there faster but Pootsie will sometimes try and steal it if she can wiggle her large butt up there [sometimes she needs help because she’s pretty round]. 

can you believe i actually reached 1.2k followers ?? lol this could be really cheesy but it won’t be,, deal with it i’m not in the mood sorry buuut what more than to say that i really love and appreciate each one of y’all and the support you give me whenever i need it but most important thanks for not unfollowing me even when i annoy everyone with my rambling posts in my bad days…

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i’ll tag this as michelle does follower moodboards just as last time so you can also look at that tag to see how they are !!

anonymous asked:

Hi mama, I've been through some really hard times especially when I found out my dad has been cheating on my mom, my parents are trying to fix things but it's been hard😔 I always go on your blog and it always makes me happy and all I wanted to say is that thanks for always putting a smile on my face🤗Sorry for writing anon some of my friends go on this blog and I didn't want them seeing my name😰 Anyways thanks for everything mama❤️

No problem, love! Please take care to not take too much responsibility for your parent’s relationship ❤ you need to take care of yourself. I love you and I hope things work out for you!