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I said I wasn’t, but here I go...Why can’t Michonne be vulnerable?

It’s not just Michonne either. I’ve often heard that that in relation to other character’s, Rick…Carol…Glenn even. It seems that if you show an emotional side, it somehow makes you weak. How many times had Maggie cried over Glenn? How many times have you seen those two bad asses(Maggie and Glenn) cower in their love, because they thought they had lost each other?

Let’s see…when Merle kidnapped them in season three and Maggie gave up the prison. When Glenn got all emotional, because he thought she was raped by the governor. When the prison fell, and they searched for each other. When he thought he lost her and found her again, and vice versa. When the “Glenn and the dumpster” shit happened and she was all reckless and wanted to go look for him. When Maggie was on the look out post and screamed for dear life, because she thought Glenn was gonna get eaten by that horde around him. See in all those instances, we have two lovers who are showing emotions, because that’s what humans do.



So redneck Daryl, can become compassionate. Rick can become a killer. Glenn can become strong, Carol can become a badass assassin, but Michonne can’t evolve. She just supposed to shuck and jive. Just be a silent “yes massa, you want me to kill that walker, oh yessa i’s a kill em good.” She just supposed to be the dark skin filler for the series.

Also, if you don’t get this pairing by now, you are 100 percent racists. I don’t want to hear about you not liking the pairing. I don’t like a lot of pairings but I’m never seem to be spouting that in those other delusional tags. Racists feel the need to tell people how much they hate something.

That’s insecurity. People who have to shout off of skyscrapers that they hate something, instead of just moving TF on really grind my gears. Like, y’all never been in love. It make you do crazy things. She learned a lesson, if she see Rick go down again, she still gotta fight. Their love can’t hinder her.

Personal attacks are never warranted. They are disgusting and show the lack of compassion that you have for other humans. Please stop attacking Richonner’s. We just watch the show, we don’t write it. Take your vile rude comments to the producers and showrunners, who would laugh in your face because Denise Huth, Scott Gimple, and Gale Ann Hurd love Richonne). AMC been promoting them to the heavens, more than any other ship.(I’ve been a faithful viewer it premiered).

Racist lovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee to be anonymous too. Why do you ask? Cause they know they would get dragged from the pits of hell to deeper depths. They never show their face. They hide behind a dumbass president and a news channel. I digress. Soooo many people are so ignorant and have so much hate, that they would use something that is supposed to be a form of entertainment to denigrate and defame people for their own insecurities about themselves.

I just can not with you all. I can’t even recall going to another tag to talk about that tags pairings, and I’ve seen some nasty ships. Just plain old nasty and trifling. Some of y’all need to be reported and definitely need Jesus. I thought the point of the tag was for a safe haven for us to talk about our ship. I shouldn’t have to come to this tag to read the vile things I have read. Y’all need to get a serious life. That hate for my skin color is hurting your heart, but keep it cute…

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Fanfic Recs - Ship #1

Fandom: Daiya no Ace | Diamond no Ace | Ace of Diamond | Daiya no A – is there any other abbreviation??

Ship: MiyuSawa | SawaMiyu | Sawmaura Eijun x Miyuki Kazuya | Miyuki Kazuya x Sawamura Ejiun

There’s a CRAP load of fics for this ship (though it’s never enough) so I’m going to go through them and find as many that I love as possible…OFC I WILL MISS SOME GOMEN IN ADVANCE

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How I discovered Motionless in White
  • Me: uuh a new Jeffree Star photo *look well at the pic* but...who the fuck is that man!? He's so black!
  • *search on google*
  • Me: soooo they're Motionless in White
  • Me: his name's Chris Motionless
  • Me: woa he's the lead singer...is pretty attractive...more than pretty attractive!!
  • Me: then they're the guitarists. And the bassist. And the drummer. And the keyboard player. Meh!
  • Me: I like this song
  • Me: I like this album
  • Me: let see some interviews
  • Me: I need to see this band live!!
  • *Me after few months*
  • *Me after a year*
  • *sob*
They don’t matter - Hanbin scenario (Requested)

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Anon said Hey, I love your blog so much, you’re doing a great job. Can I request an angst and fluffy scenario with Hanbin, when you two are in a relationship but he started a collab with Lee Hi and fans started to ship them and you are feeling very sad? Thank you.

- Heey! Thankk you so much and I love youu! :D Hope you enjooy <3

Genre: angst/fluffy
Members: Hanbin x You
Word count: 1140

Jealousy, anger and sadness was all you could feel. Biting your lip hard so that tears don’t stream down your face as you kept looking down your phone.
“Omg they looks so cute togetheer“
“I soooo ship Lee Hi and Hanbin. I mean look at them *picture of Hanbin and Lee Hi standing next to each other* “
“I think they need to be together, like seriously”

You kept scrolling down the twitter page. Hashtag trending under a ship name for Hanbin and Lee Hi.
Since they did that collaboration, fans of iKON and hers started to ship them a lot. Even thought you are Hanbin’s girlfriend.
You felt like everyone forgot about you. Even thought you know you have haters of Hanbin’s and your relationship, but also have ones who support you.
Hanbin didn’t even text you or call you since the audio track dropped yesterday. He was “busy” being with Lee Hi.

“HEY BABE!” you hear Hanbin rushing through the door, you quickly breathe in and out, wiping off the tears so you don’t look like you been upset or cried.
“Hey” you smiled as he walked inside of your guys room
“I camee here to get my black jackeeet” he smiled searching through the closet for his jacket
“Oh” you said and looked away, putting your phone down on the bed

Hanbin turns around looking at you.
“Something wrong?” he asks, finally taking the jacket into his hands
“No, I just thought you will stay” you smiled as he sat next to you
“I know I wasn’t home for few days now, but I promise everything will go back it used to be” he smiled putting his hand behind your neck, planting a kiss on your forehead
“Where are you going now?” you ask looking at his eyes
“With Lee Hi… To a small party made to celebrate our track” Hanbin looks up and down as he notices you sigh when he said “Lee Hi”
“Okay, have fun” you smiled taking your phone in your hands
“Don’t you got a party to go?” you look up at him
“Why are you being like this” Hanbin takes a breath
“Like what?” you said

Hanbin licks his lips and his eyes travel around the room then back at you.
“I think it is all because of Lee Hi, you are being like this” he said and you look at him in surprise
“You’re jealous” he added
“Why would I be jealous?” you leave the phone aside again
“Because I am hanging out with her”
“You’re hanging out with her because you guys did a collab, and you are good friends and I respect that” you smiled
“I bet you hate the track, I bet you hate it, hate her and are mad at me because I spend now most of the time with her”

You felt like he was putting salt on your wound. It wasn’t much of wound, but you were not happy with him not being home, not spending much as time with you. You know he has to work, but you know he can put out a few hours just for two of you.

“I love the track and no I don’t hate her or that I am mad at you. I don’t have to be” you laugh
“You’re being ridiculous right now” you added

Hanbin shakes his head and stands up.
“Have funn” you smiled at him
“Yeah I will. Can’t wait to be there with Lee Hi” he smiled and walks out of the room, and you hear the front door shut.

It actually hurt you what he said. He was so mean towards you.
You don’t want him to know that you are feeling sad or down because of fans. Because he told you million of times that you don’t have to feel insecure about yourself, that you don’t listen to them or read those comments. That only thing important to him is that you are happy.

“Hey dude, do you know what’s trending?” Jinhwan comes up to Hanbin who was sitting down at the table.
“What?” Hanbin said and Jinhwan sits next to him, showing him a hashtag with Lee Hi and his name trending.
His eyes get wider
“What is this? Why is this trending?” Hanbin points at Jinhwan’s phone
“People ship Lee Hi and you. Well more two of you than Y/N and you”

Hanbin then realized why were you acting that way. And still he was an idiot and asshole to say something like that before leaving.
“I am with Y/N, I love Y/N. Not her” Hanbin laughs
“Well I think by now Y/N is home, in bed, feeling sad or down because of it.” Jinhwan said
“I think you need to go home Hanbin. Y/N needs your comfort” he added

Hanbin nodded his head, taking his jacket and rushing to Lee Hi.
“I am going” he said looking at her
“What why?” she asked putting her hand on his arm
“I need to see my girlfriend” Hanbin looks at her one last time before rushing out of the place, to a car.

Hanbin opens slowly the front door and closes it quietly.
He takes off his shoes and quietly walks over to the bedroom. As he opens the door, he spots you laying down, quietly.
“Are you sleeping Y/N?” he said whispering
“No” you replied, opening your eyes, looking up at him

Hanbin walks over to your side of the bed. Kneeling in front of you.
He puts his arms on the mattress, leaning on it.
“I’m such an idiot” he said
You just close your eyes for few seconds and open them again
“I didn’t know what was going on” he added and clenched his jawline, putting his head down
“I am sorry” he softly said and your heart melted
“I guess it is fine” you said
“I don’t care what those people are tweeting and shipping me with her. You are my everything. MY girlfriend and I am your boyfriend and no one else’s” he had a small smile on his lips as you smiled
“I was just sad about the situation. I could actually see how much people don’t like me or our relationship” you look at his dark, beautiful eyes
“I told you, how those people don’t matter. I don’t want to see you upset over them. I am here for you, okay?” he smiled as he leans closer to your face
“Okay” you smiled, feeling Hanbin’s lips on yours.

He kissed you softly, slowly.
You move to the side and he climbs on the bed, laying next to you.
His arms wrap around you, holding you close.
He leans down and kisses you again, with little more passion.
“I love you” he whisper, as he puts your hair behind your ear 

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A BTS reaction to when you're cuddling with them and randomly start crying bc you're so grateful to have them in your life. Very strange and emotional request lol. Thanks a lot <33

this would be me af tho.


“Don’t cry princess. I mean you are very lucky to be graced with my beauty but I’m lucky too. I get to be this beautiful.” He’d hope to make you laugh to get you to stop crying while wiping your tears away.

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“Stop! You’re so weird jagi. Don’t be like that.” He secretly loves it and is feeling things. He’s going to playfully shove you away from him before pulling you back close. 

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“Jagi are you serious?! Stop it cause you’re embarrassing me.” This sweet babe would get shy, laugh, rub your back gently and change the subject quickly. 

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This beautiful sunshine wouldn’t know what to say. He’d laugh because if he doesn’t he’s gonna cry too. But he feels like he’s the lucky one in the relationship so he’ll just pull you closer. 

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He would laugh out of embarrassment that you felt so strongly. “Don’t cry about it jagiya.” He’d pull you closer and kiss your head. Once you stopped crying he’d tease you a little bit. 

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“You’re so lame jagi! Wow you love me so much it’s gross! I think we should break up because you’re too much right now.” He’d playfully push you away from him while laughing. When you pout enough he’ll stop teasing and kiss you.

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He’d be quiet for a while and when you finally looked at him he’d be making a face or being memekook. “You are soooo lucky to have me Y/N.” 

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IF I COULD I'D DANCE, SO I'LL JUST DOLPHIN DIVE TO SHOW MY ENTHUSIASM. CULLEN TALKS IN HIS SLEEP THOUGH?? SEA SICK? OH MAN SO MUCH MORE. OH...I wonder...would you see Cullen as the type of man to mumble "I love you" under his breath when he sleeps? Then when he fumbles about it when he's awake, the Inquisitor will just smile, "I love you too. You told me last night." And he's just flushes and rolls to his side of the bed omg and she's laughing quietly.


Elysse kept her lips pursed to the point of pain. Cullen lay beside her, snoring lightly against his pillow, his limbs set in a haphazard mess about the bed. 

“Love you,” he murmured for the fifth time since she’d woken up. His face softened with a boyish smile and he all but giggled as one of his arms reached for her. “I love you so much.” 

She pressed a hand over her mouth to try and contain her laughter. Leaning in, she whispered, “How much?” 

“So, so much.” He groaned and shifted nearer. “Soooo…” the word trailed off into a snore but the growing grin on his face was enough of an answer. 

“Cullen?” she asked a bit more loudly. She placed a hand on his chest and shook him. “Cullen?” 

His face drew in together with a subdued grumble. His golden eyes blinked a few times when he finally looked out at her. “Hmph?” 

“You were talking in your sleep?” She kissed the tip of his nose. The corners of her mouth twitched with the effort not to grin. 

“Oh, I’m sorry. I suppose I should’ve warned you.” He sat up, cheeks darkening. “I–I didn’t say anything too embarrassing, did I?” 

“Not at all. Only that you’re madly in love with me.” 


“So it’s not true?” 

“I, u-um.” Cullen cleared his throat as his cheeks turned scarlet. “I didn’t say that.” 

“So it is true.” 

“W-well… yes. It is. I do, um, that is I have… for quite a long time actually and…” 

Elysse stopped his stutters with a kiss. She allowed herself a soft grin when she ran her fingers through his hair. “It’s all right, Cullen. I love you, too.” 

“You do? Really?” 

She laughed at the eagerness in his voice, the smile that burned inside his eyes. Her laugh grew when he pressed her down into the bed, covering her with kisses. 

“I really do.” 


Just so I won’t be misunderstood, I LOVE LAITO! 

So, I’m playing Laito’s route in HDB ~again!~ and I just marvel over Yui’s braveness and boldness instead of Laito’s twisted hotness in some parts. So in maniac no.08 when we had to make the telltale decision…
when he asked her if she enjoyed last night?
You had to choose over “Slap him in the face” (sadist) or “Nod your Head” (masochist) right!?
Well, I got soooo carried away that I chose the first one! 

The results!

You have noooo idea how much i enjoyed that! 
Once again… I love Laito! 

After that I was expecting a good response from Laito and I got the most hilarious one!


Laitoooooo! You are a hidden masochist after all! ^ω^

Source here!

Future movie date!


my previous story ^^^^

I said I’ll keep you all updated! and boy do I have a story for you! I’ll try not to say as much like last time!

So Friday we did go to the movies, his sister and I and it was a lot of fun!! I honestly was expecting “J” to come, since he was joking around that he would come, but it was just me and her, still had a great time.

The movie was over and as we were walking out, we saw J and my best friend!! I was so shocked and happy (can’t lie, I was happy to see J more than I was happy to see my long time best friend haha!) and I hugged my best friend and asked him and J what are they doing here, and J jokingly said to just take a walk around, to use the bathroom, that’s all haha he got jokes, but they decided to come to the movies too, but they didn’t want to see Goosebumps like we were, they went to see The Martian and theirs was over 1st, so they waited outside in the lobby for us! so My best friend asked if we wanted some pizza or something, he asked if we want to go eat some where and I told him yes! and J said, “Yay!” ahaha I guess he was happy. We all went to this Pizza/Italian restaurant. The boys (J and my best friend) was there 1st and we just pulled up, I was on the passenger side and J once again (like last time) opened the door for me!!! and he told us we took too long jokingly (which we didn’t), and when I got out the car I told him “Thank you, you are so nice!” and he said “Thank you, I love your shirt”, (I was wearing a vintage looking batman shirt) and we ended up talking about comic movies, and found a new thing we had in common and his eyes lit up when I told him how obsessed with movies I am and he said when “Suicide Squad” (comic book bookie with The Joker and stuff) comes out he wants us to go together and he said “Just us two, not them” laughing and in my head I was thinking “omg, omg, omg, omggggg!!!” and I said “Yes! that will be amazing! I can’t wait to see that”.

So when we got in the restaurant, he held the door open for all 3 of this (me, his sister, my friend) and I said “Thank You!” again and the door closes really fast so he touched my back trying to get in behind me fast and he kinda stumbled and almost fell, I didn’t mean to laugh, but it was funny, sorry J, but thankfully he laughed harder than me, and I’m obsessed with his smile and his laugh is even better!

Fast forward a bit, I had my plate contemplating on what to eat, so I’m getting up to fix myself a salad (it was a buffet restaurant) and as I was fixing my salad, I was humming to myself in my own little and you know how you know some one is staring at you, you just have that big feeling, he was!! I knew it, I looked up, trying to be sly and reach for the tongs at the same time , I took that opportunity to look up and see if he’s looking at me and he was ahaha not just a little look, but an intense stare, we caught each other’s eyes and he eyes got wide and he jumped up smiling (I swear that smile), so he came up next to me saying he guess he’ll get a salad too, so he we stood by each other fixing our salad and making small talk!

When we sat down (he sat next to me!) his sister said “You don’t even like salad, what is this?!” ahahha he got caught! and he said “ Hey! mind your business, I love salad!!” I guess he really was just trying to be near me, and I wasn’t just being dramatic in my mind. Just as he decided to sit next to me when we got back to the table!!! but the whole time, we just laughed, ate, got to know each other more, him, me, his sister, my best friend, we had a lot of fun and his sister was saying all 4 of us should go to a movie all together next time and we agreed, that’s when J told them he invited me to see “Suicide Squad” together and his sister and my friend said “ooooohhhhhh so what is this a date” and they started interrogating us like “when did you two start dating” and his sister said “So you ARE eating salads because she IS, I KNEW IT!!!” lmao and  J didn’t deny anything, he was just blushing and he couldn’t even look at me, he was being so shy when they were “calling us out”.

After all of this, we had so much fun we were there to almost closing time, when we were leaving, he pulled the chair out for me! and his sister was looking at me, winking, like “I know what’s going on” ahaha! and I was like “shhhh”, we were leaving and he opened the door for me and shut it in his sister’s face as a joke and it was so funny, I guess that’s payback for her embarrassing him in front of me.He left with her and I went with my friend this time, we all waved and hugged goodbye, J and I didn’t hug this time, because I was already walking off, and he was a bit far, so we waved bye to each other and just smiled.

Fast forward to Monday , I was bold enough to ask his sister for his number, I was going to ask my friend, even though I trust him, I didn’t want him to be over protective and be  like “No, you don’t know him enough yet” and he’s like a brother so he can be like that, so I was bold and I texted his sister, we were texting back and forward off and on that day, and my heart dropped she told me , “J actually wanted your number, but I told him No, ask her! and I was so nervous to ask you honestly, I didn’t want to run you off or seem weird” and I was like nooooo it’s completely fine, he’s so cool, he’s so nice, we both love comics and movies, it’s fine ahaha! I was typing so fast! so she gave me his number, I saved it and I was scared to text him,  but eventually I did and boy!! we’ve been talking soooo much! ahaha! even personally things, I wanted to face time him so badly, but I was scared! My friend’s birthday is coming up and I know he’ll be there, so if something big happens, I’ll talk about it.

omgcp update thoughts™
  • i literally expected The Big Drama™ and got pure fluff in return God is Real
  • I can’t b e l i e v e that Jack asked Bitty out via Lego Jack
    • also oh my god Jack’s face is so cute while he’s waiting for Bitty’s answer he was soooo nervous!!!!!!! so precious!!!!!!!!!!

Jankin Confirmed

  • they cook together!!!!
    • healthy french cuisine!!!!
      • by the way tsé is quebec lingo for “tu sais”
        • if my high school level french is right jack is saying “you know, making french food, it doesn’t replace your memory it helps it”
  • bitty in providence apparel, that boy must have so much providence merch
    • and jack in his ol’ samwell stuff!!!! so cute!!!
  • as your bi-blogger, i love jack and bitty’s complete casualty discussing jack’s relationships with both men and women!!!!!
Things That Would Kill: Park Jimin
  • The way you nag him a bit to get more sleep ‘cause “Three hours a day is not enough Jimin I swear to God >:(”
  • Walks where you put an earphone in his ear and he gets to listen to your amazing music taste,
  • and when a song is really poppin’ you’d just do these random dance moves that are so cute to him and he does his best to mimic you.
  • Nights where you help each other with skin care routines~~
  • How you have so many dreams and passions and aren’t afraid to try them all-
  • and how you’re unsure of your future but instead of getting too scared, you embrace it and view it as an adventure.
  • You always wanting to hear about everything,
  • even the things that bother him (which he usually keeps to himself but nowadays, he’s learnt to open up to you).
  • And when he does tell you about the things that are upsetting him, you somehow always know what to say to help him figure things out.
  • LIKE, he can’t describe it! The way you walk, the way you joke around, everything about you just has this cool yet cute air to it and it makes him so ?????how?????
  • You wearing his snapbacks,
  • you wearing his jewelry,
  • you in anything he owns ‘cause that’s hot as hell.
  • The way you softly touch the corners of his eyes and brush your fingertips along his eyelashes when he’s sleeping or ‘sleeping’ XD
  • Dates where you guys buy a bunch of junk from a nearby convenience store,
  • sit on a bench at a park/boardwalk/harbor,
  • and just hold hands, talk, and eat!
  • How you love doing his eyeliner cause you get to be so close to him and touch his face and he gets to stare at how beautiful you are.
  • You faking jealousy over how much skinship he does with Jungkook LOL,
  • but there would be soooo much skinship between you guys so he knows that all your complaining is fake hehe~
  • And finally, the way you cutely ask him “You know I love you, right?” and he gets to be like “No, I didn’t know that.”-
  • because you then give him the sweetest kiss he’s ever tasted and he can’t believe that the person he loves the most in the world loves him just as much.

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-Karina :D
{I’m not doing these in any specific order, so if you want a certain member of a group to be done ASAP, you’re free to send a message and I’ll prioritize your member! Groups going to be done are EXO, BTS, and Seventeen. I also go by how many times a member is requested!}

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You really know how to work that magic, don't ya Sunny? That 413 picture is just amazing af! Is it strange, though, that the character I liked best in that was how you drew the )(IC? Goddamn, that's something heavenly (okay, now I'm just mixing 'em up XD)

Anon:ok so your 413 art you posted today is kinda the most incredible thing ever. It’s perfect. You’re perfect. Just sayin’.

Anon:*whispers* is Kanaya wearing hoop earrings in your new 4/13 pic (love it so much btw your art is amazing)

Anon:i loVE ROSE’S LIL SMUG ASS FACE I LOVE IT SO M U C H!!!!!! (also your art is amazing and happy 413 :^) )

Anon:omg your upd8 art is soooo pretty! happy 4/13!

Anon:Oh my gosh this year’s 4/13 art Sunny I can’t i just CAN’T you’re so good thank you for being you aaahahadhfxngsdbasjhlkas.

thank you very much! ! ;v;

(I had some extra time to finish it in the end so I took my time to draw HIC properly because I never did before haha glad you liked her!

and yes Kanaya has earrings 8′) I noticed I don’t draw any of the beta trolls with earrings so Kanaya it is)

Anon:I guess that update picture you draw is accurate now that the betas are ‘on the other side’ of the sburb home icon thing #criesformydearbetas

**foreshadowing** #imsorry

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Who is your favorite PTX member???

I CAN’T PICK I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH AND THEY ARE ALL SO DIFFERENT!!! So I’ll just tell you some things I Love about each of them!

Well Scott has those baby blues that melt my heart every time I see them! Like I cannot deal with them! When he looked into my eyes I don’t know how i didn’t drop dead!! Ugh!

Scott also does this super cute selfie face thing and I love it soooo much! Like idk why but its so cute and ughhhh! ^-^

Mitch has those cute af dimples that are so adorable I can’t stand it! He’s just too cute for words like omg!!!

I also love how Mitch has tattoos! I love tattoos and tattoo expression! I love how he gets what he loves and doesn’t care what anyone has to say! :D

Kirstie has one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen in my entire life! It literally could light up a room from how beautiful it is!

Kirstie’s love for dogs is also super cute! I love animals and every time I see her with Olaf it melts my heart how much she loves her sweet puppy! ^-^

Avi’s man bun is life. I never knew how attractive a man bun was until I saw him rocking it! asdfghjkl I can’t breathe!

Avi does the super frown and it makes my life. He’s such a complete dork and I love it! Lol how can you not love that face ? c; 

Kevin. Oh my gosh his passion for his music is everything. He is such an inspirational person and what he can do with the cello is incredible!! 

Oh and Kevin’s hugs are too amazing. Everyone needs one and I will say it a million times because its so true! They all give amazing loving hugs but his are different. You’ll understand what I’m saying when you get one! xD


Heyy Taylor. I wanted to writing a long post to you but, I didn’t. I learned that you liked a girl’s posts, so my best friend aka @youwerelurkingatme and me, just want likes from you, I think you reached the following limit so you can’t follow anybody but other fans never give up. I live in Turkey too and I forgot that tell you who I am. My name is Duru and I’m 14 years old, I live in İzmir, Turkey and you never came my country and PLEASE COME TO TURKEY. There are soo many fans in Turkey but I think you don’t know us. Ha, I really love your song State Of Grace and now my nickname is Grace in my squad. And, I have some 1989 merchandise and I am proud of them. And, oneday you just liked my bestfriend Eylül aka @youwerelurkingatme ’s photo and I was there. I mean, you liked of ours (Eylül and me) photo. So you saw my face and I just shaked it off. And I just wanna say I love you soooo much and I hope we’ll meet someday. If you read this, and if you want; please give me an answer Tay. I need this so much. AND IF YOU NEVER REACH FOLLOW LIMIT, CAN YOU FOLLOW ME? 💞 @taylorswift

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hello i just wanna say i love your blog soooo much! i saw your "Hot, Troubled, and Rebelious" reaction/scenario and it was amazing. so my request is if you can do that also but with exo ot12 please? thank you!

Thank you so much, sweetie! I’m glad you liked it!

EXO Reaction: Hot, Troubled, and Rebellious


He would find you beyond hot. You would ignore him, but you never left his mind. Even though he has a baby face, you will regret ever ignoring a man named Kim Min Seok.

“I don’t believe you know what I can do to make the fans scream.”

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He would stare at you from afar. Absorbing everything about you. From your hair, to the curves of your body. You were a rebellious woman who attracted him the second you ignored the protest of the elder. He would lick his lips.

“Turn your attention over here, baby. They’re not what you should be looking at.”

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You were perfect for him. He is a man of many secrets, and you are a woman of many secrets. He found your tongue piercing in particular very interesting. He found himself wondering how if felt against his own tongue. Rebellion suits you.

“I don’t believe we’ve met. What’s your name, Princess?”

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You were extremely hot, and that was a problem. He was sometimes called the mother of EXO, so he would sometimes catch himself covering you. Anything that was remotely hot was only meant for him. Even if you haven’t met yet.

“Here, I brought you a jacket. I think it would look better on you.”

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He has never met a woman who was hot and rebellious. He wouldn’t know what to do, but you were distracting him. When he was practicing for an upcoming concert, you were on his mind, and he would sometimes forget the moves.

“I don’t get it. I’ve only met her once, but she’s all I think about…”

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He was a very funny person, and very friendly, so when you appeared before him looking as if you had a run in with the law a couple of times, he wanted your attention. He would use jokes and act a little funny to get your attention.

“Hello, I’m Byun Baekhyun. Do you want to hear a joke of mine?”

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Jongdae was known for having a mixture of cuteness and sometimes giving the fans an extremely sexy stare. You were nothing but sexy to him. All the time. He would act both cute and sexy to see what would get your attention more.

“Ah, so you fall for both. Well, Y/N, be prepared.”

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You attracted him the second his eyes landed on you. He liked the colored streaks in your hair, and he really liked your eyebrow piercing. He would try and impress you by playing with his guitar. Keeping fingers crossed that you are.

“I can play any song. Do you have a request, Y/N?”

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He would catch himself staring at you. However, you would feel intimidated by his stare. He looked as if he was the one who was rebellious, and not you. He would catch you looking at him from time to time. Attracting each other fast.

“Hello. Are you busy today? Would you like to talk for a while?”

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He found it cute that you were “trying” to act rebellious. Have you met Zitao? He was a man that can make any woman swoon over his simple stare. He’ll have to teach you one on one so you can learn how to master the rebellious look.

“How about tonight, at ten. I’m free all night long, Y/N.”

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He wanted you. He wanted you first. But that didn’t mean anything to him because he knew how to work you. Make you want him just as badly as he wanted you. He was Jongin after all.

“You look a little bothered, Y/N. Are you feeling alright?”

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He felt intimidated by you. You had several tattoos, a piercing, and outfits that showed how hot you were. Everything he wanted, and the very being he was intimidated by. He wanted your name first. Then he’ll work from there.

“So… Do you dance? What kind of music do you like? What’s your name?”

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wait I just HAD to ask... Is that WalkingMelonsAAA 's digital painting of Ink?? (Your icon I mean)

Tell them I still plan on smooching their face (And Vanessa’s the commissionner omg) for approximately 2146665683 years <33333


So I was scrolling through my phone gallery and i found these hotties ( don’t try to bullshit me, i know you keep pics of hot guys on your phone too) so i decided to make a post, because why the hell not share these beautiful faces with you. 

Yes, here comes the part where i truly fangirl about them: 


And yes, apparently guys with eyeglasses are my weakness dunno why :3

Thank you @coorvodewitt and @joan-of-school-mark for making my life better by showing me the perfect Sebastian Stan.   (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

If this can be named a tag or something than i tag you to do the same :D

Get A Hold

Could you do a imagine of a girl, (y/n), and andy biersack where she is interviewing him for the first time and she is so excited but nervous that she is a blushing mess but he finds it cute and it turns out he wants to go out for a date to Watch the new batman movie pwease? I love your imagines soooo much it would mean the world to me!


Y/N’S P.O.V.

“Oh my god…”


“Oh my god….”


“Oh my god…”



“Hold onto your shit right now!”

“But that’s so gross!”

“Not like that!”

I groan as I stuff my face in my hands, the microphone laying besides me. My camera man, Aaron, is trying to calm me down but it’s not really helping.

I get to interview THE Andy Biersack, and I’m absolutely shorting bricks right now. I mean, I’m sure you’d be nervous as well if you got to interview your idol.

“You do realize he is already here, right?”


Sure enough as I look around, I see Andy walking towards us, his hands stuffed in his pockets with a cigarette between his lips.

“Fuck…” I mumble before shaking my thoughts away.

Bad Y/N. That’s very dirty. Bad.

All to soon Andy is standing right next to me as I try to contain my blush.

Get. A. Hold. Of. Yourself.

“Hey, you must be Y/N.” He says smiling.

“I know who you are.” Great Y/N, real smooth. “I-I mean it’s part of my job to know, you know?” I laugh awkwardly, my blush spreading even more.

To my surprise -and relief- he just laughs it off with me.

I chuckle awkwardly, but it comes out normal.

“Let’s get started, shall we?”


I don’t think I’ve ever made more of a fool out of myself as I did right there.


I embarrassed myself in front of Andy, but to my surprise he hasn’t left yet. I was kind of waiting for him wanting to leave as soon as the camera turned off, but he stayed by my side and still wanted to talk to me.

Surprise motherfuckers.

“So Y/N..”

His voice snaps me out of my thoughts, making me look at him.

“I was wondering if you wanted to go see the new Batman movie with me.”

I swear my heart exploded.

Not literally- okay maybe.

“You- Me?” I squeak out. God dammit Y/N.

“Yes, you.” He laughs, smiling goofily. I can’t erase my blush off my cheeks, and how I wish I could.

“Okay.” Say more! “I mean, yeah I’m totally up for it. I don’t think I have anything else planned. I-I mean, I know I don’t have anything else planned…” Why can’t I stop rambling?

I feel his lips press to my cheek and I immediately shut up, my face probably tomato red from my blush.

He pulls away smiling like he knows what he’s doing to me.

“I’ll pick you up at 8, sweetheart.”

                       ONE FULL YEAR APPRECIATION POST
                     and many more reasons to be thankful!!

okay, to give the SHORT & SWEET version, THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH. i honestly can’t say that enough but i absolutely know that i haven’t been saying it as frequently as i should these past several months. so please, by all means understand that you are precious, and i’m so glad you have stumbled or found your way to following my muse, Gale, that you find a smidgen or abundance of interest in. now, this is going to get very long so the rest is going to be under a cut.

                                WARNING: IT GETS VERY LONG FROM THIS POINT ON.

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