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Please tell Zoe I love the stars on her jeans. Please tell Connor I love his nails. That is all.

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random phone screencaps of Lin in Do No Harm because I love this character a lot and he deserved so much better

i want them both in a cuddle puddle. 


Well he must’ve done something right. You turned out pretty good.

First Kiss: Renjun


Anon: Hey! can you do a scenario with renjun? like idk about his first kiss, he likes his friend or whatever, but with renjun pleaaaase, I really love him, sorry for my bad englsih, thanks you and I love your block

Renjun’s face is so nice to look at omg dfiaudbiasb ANYWAY I hope you like this, and thank you to the anon(s) who suggested this idea, I just hope I’ve written it okay :-)

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  • Okay the prince of Chine aka Renjun
  • He literally does look like part of totality do nOt fight me On tHis
  • So you and Renjun were part of the same friendship group during school
  • Although the group wasn’t that big, for some reason, you two hardly spoke to one another
  • Sometimes you’d catch him staring at you and vice versa, but not once had you spoken alone together 
  • Honestly, you didn’t really mind; it wasn’t like you disliked one another, the opportunity to talk together privately just never arose
  • You had to admit though, he was incredibly intelligent and attractive
  • Even from afar, you could tell he was very chivalrous and polite, traits you could only but dream to find in guys his age
  • Admiring from afar was literally fine for you; in fact, at first you didn’t even realise you had a mini-crush on him until later on
  • anYwAy to the story
  • Your friend decided to have a small party-like gathering with the rest of your friends, to celebrate the end of the school year
  • Of course, you agreed, unaware obviously of what was actually going to come out of it by the end
  • I’m not gonna explain the party because I can’t be bothered and there’s not much to say
  • If you’ve never been to a party, then just imagine how local gatherings in hell with satan every day, to talk about NCT okay?
  • Somehow, in the late hours of the evening, you had all managed to huddle together in a circle in the kichten
  • It was a weird situation - about 9 teenagers sitting in a circle, giggling like toddlers and blasting music, all whilst a load of food had been wasted and thrown to the floor behind you
  • It was someone’s brilliant note the sarcasm there to play truth or dare *cough*Haechan’s*cough*
  • Secretly, you were dreading to play this but there was no other escape 
  • And you also couldn’t visibly show your distress to play the game, in case someone saw and would intentionally give you a horrible dare or shocking truth
  • So you were kind of screwed
  • Renjun obviously was there, sitting directly opposite you, laughing and talking with the other guys in the group
  • Sometimes he’d catch your eye and give you a small eye smile, a glint of reassurance in his eyes as if he knew you were feeling kind of stressed because of the game
  • Luckily you weren’t the first one and anxiously anticipated your turn as a couple people went before you
  • Their dares/truths weren’t too bad, but you knew that the dates would only get more daredevil and the truths more personal as the game went on
  • Soon it was your turn, and you muttered a dare, since other people got some reasonably alright dares before you, conscious of the eyes on you
  • You watch as Jaemin and Jeno exchange mischievous looks, before they turn back to you and flash a smile
  • “You sure Y/N?” Jaemin asks as if to challenge you
  • Rolling your eyes, you nodded your head in response, anticipating the next words
  • “Well, we”, Jaemin gestures to himself and Jeno, “dare you to kiss…Renjun!”
  • If you had been drinking something, you would’ve literally spat the drink out at their words
  • Your eyes widen in choke and you stutter nervously, avoiding Renjun’s, or anyone’s, eye
  • Although it was dim in the room, you could feel your cheeks burning and you wished that the ground would just open up and swallow you whole
  • You feel a nudge from your right, your closest girl-friend, who gives you a worried look since she knows fully well that the date was unfair
  • “You don’t need to do it Y/N”
  • “Uh, yeah she does! It’s a dare, you can’t turn it down”
  • “Otherwise, she’s gonna have to forfeit and, trust me, it’s gonna be worse than this”
  • “It’s only a kiss, just get it over with already”
  • The group discusses the dare, with the girls mostly being on your side and the guys wanting you to do it
  • Feeling a little awkward and ignored by them, you finally decide to look at Renjun to see what his reaction was
  • He was already looking at you, eyes dark and searching
  • His head was tilted, as if he was trying to figure you out or decide whether he actually wanted this too
  • Eventually, he sat upright smiling warmly at you and edging himself closer to you
  • The other were still arguing, blissfully unaware of what was happening between you and Renjun
  • Slowly, Renjun continued to slide over to you, reaching over to grab your hand and give you a reassuring squeeze
  • He leans forward so he can whisper in your eye, his breath fanning your hair
  • “It’s okay Y/N. You don’t have to do this, but I want you to know that I really, really like you”
  • When he leans back, he grins at you, seemingly not embarrassed but rather, pretty happy, that he has just confessed to you
  • You were jealous of how chill and relaxed he was, whilst you were there hot and stuffy, with blushing cheeks
  • As you begins to go back to his spot in the group circle, the others still chatting and arguing, you hold onto his wrist halting his movement
  • Now it was his turn to look startled and he looked at your hand clutching him
  • Reluctantly you pulled it back, and instead held his hand softly
  • He smiled at your action, taking it as a sign that you too agreed with what he had said
  • Although there was a lot of noise around you, it felt like it was only you and Renjun in that moment
  • You noticed how his face was starting to move closer to yours, tilted slightly and pink with a blush
  • Every little movement he made you noticed - how he licked his lips numerous times to hide his nervousness, how he moved his hand from yours to your arm to your neck and then to your jaw, how he shut his eyes momentarily as if he couldn’t believe this was happeneing
  • Your eyes fluttered closed and you could feel your heart racing
  • A pair of soft lips finally landed on yours, lulling you to trust them
  • Renjun moved his lips slowly, not trying to deepen the kiss but to get you to move yours too and relax into it
  • Usually you would’ve been embarrassed to kiss someone in front of your friends, or in fact, in front of anyone
  • But this was Renjun, who managed to have this effect on you that meant you didn’t care
  • You felt his fingers trace your jaw softly, making you giggle slightly, whilst you rested a hand on his leg, the warmth being reassuring to him
  • The kiss seemed to go on forever, but was in fact quite short and interrupted by your friends
  • You pulled away when you heard some of them cheer or fake-gag or scream, laughing with embarrassment 
  • Renjun looked pretty pleased with himself, shrugging when they teased you both and asked what it was like
  • “I guess you don’t have to forfeit anymore Y/N, what a shame”, Haechan sighed heavily, pretending to sulk and whine and making the others laugh
  • The end
  • I don’t know how to end it so I’m leaving it like that lmao hsjhdjd
  • Sorry lmao

First Kiss series


27 August 2017

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