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I love your face you amazing person!! My skin is crazy sensitive and crazy dry, every foundation and concealer I've tried has made me break out. Any suggestions??

Focus on your skin care.

Extra dry, flaky skin is sensitive because your skin is quite literally tearing, which is causing the irritation.

1. drink more water - seriously.
2. Find yourself a cold pressed, virgin argan oil. It does not need to be a pricy brand, but I am partial to Josie Maran because her brand works exclusively with a women’s coop in I believe Monaco? Don’t quote me on the location.
3. Go see a licensed esthetician for a relaxing facial - if you have the funds. If you do not, google to see if there are any local esthetics schools nearby. The students are monitored BY licensed estheticians
4. MOISTURIZER ON THE REGULAR - there are some amazing ones on the market. I love IT Cosmetics confidence in a cream, but that might be a little much if your skin is raw. Try to find something with no fragrance added and is intended for dry skin
5. Once your skin is feeling less raw, make a gentle exfoliator with honey and brown sugar. Use once a week, MAX 2x/week.

If you’re experiencing breakouts, there are three things present in acne: bacteria, dead skin cells, and oil. In this situation, oil is not the enemy. Oil, in normal amounts, actually helps to lubricate our skin and prevents the tearing. Your skin is crying out for moisture. It’s thirsty, so it’s over producing oil to compensate. That oil is then getting trapped underneath the dead skin, with bacteria.

I am no licensed esthetician, but this is what I’ve learned through trial and error and being taught by various skincare lines.

Always remember: makeup covers color, NOT texture. Unless we’re using morticians wax. And that’s a whole other ball game.

Hope this helps you bb.

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Can I just say.. that your acc puts such a large smile on my face. I'm so in love with your content ❤❤❤

Omg this really made my day! Thank you nonnie. ❤