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sorry I keep coming up with all these dumb concepts but like: what if you had a dog and it was still early-ish in your relationship and you were gonna stay the night but were worried about leaving your pup alone so he tells you both to pile in his car and your dog immediately falls in love with him and I’m sorry but this just murders me

It would be love at first sight.

Harry gets down on his knees, welcoming the puppy to him with lots of scratches and the biggest smile on his face, his keys jingling around his ring finger. And his voice would instantly switch into puppy mode. 

“Well hello babes, hi.”

With a soft pitch in his voice, he chuckles when your dog lays on her back, asking for more scratches and petting.

“Such a cutie, aren’t yeh?”

And when she’d start nibbling on his finger, Harry would just quickly pull back and pout, acting to be hurt and offended.

“No, m’fingers aren’t food.”

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Hi Misha! I love your art, they're amazing! Can you do a little tutorial of how you draw Dan and Phil? Cause I kinda struggle on how to draw those cuties :3

Hello!! First of all THANK YOU!! <3 I’m sorry for answering only just now. I’ve never done a tutorial before so I hope this will help you at least a bit haha. 

I usually start with a really messy sketch and then clear it along the way but here’s a little breakdown on how I sketch their faces (keep in mind that I draw them in a stylised/cartoon-ish way :D):

As you can see, their faces are quite rounded, phil’s face is a little bit longer. I feel like dan has a little bit more rounded chin as well.

Their eyes and eyebrows are different too. Phil’s eyebrows are thinner than dan’s and his eyes are very big and round :) Dan’s eyes are more almond shaped.

Phil’s nose is very courved from the side, wheres Dan’s nose is straight.

Idk if this will help you but here’s my drawing process. As I said, I like to do just a quick messy sketch at the beginning and than change things and proportions and stuff like that later as i continue drawing. :)

Jerome Valeska Headcanon!

Hello everyone! this is an old headcanon I had posted on my other accounted that I deleted. So I decided to post it on my new account. Enjoy loves 🖤🍼🃏

Dating Jerome Valeska would include:
• Nicknames galore!
(His for you including)
⁃ Doll, Dollface, Babydoll, Baby, Babygirl, Baby cakes, Sugar, Sweet thang, Kitten, Cookie, princess, lovely, lovecakes, little one, kiddo, cutie pie, sprinkles, pumpkin, sweetie, sexy, girly, my everything, my queen, button, gorgeous, beautiful, angel, angel face, missy, Mrs. Valeska, and my love/love
(Yours for him including)
⁃ Ginger, Gingersnap, J, coppertop, carrot top, red, daddy, Mr. Valeska/Mr. V, sir, big guy, little man, funny man, Mr. Man, Boss, Hunk, Boo, Babe, Hot head, Hot stuff, Agent Orange, El gingero, lover, love, bad boy, cutie pie, Captain, firecracker, stud, stud muffin, tough guy, and wonderboy
• Being goofy 24/7
• Lots and lots of jokes
• Watching cartoons and little kid movies like you guys are 6 years old
• Jerome always try’s out new magic tricks on you
• You being very enthusiastic when he does them
• “How did you do that?!”
• “A magician never reveals his secrets.”
• Lots of junk food
• Jerome has a major sweet tooth
• Cotton candy is his favorite
• Being showered in gifts
• Most of them he stole
• You don’t ask how he gets them you just thank him and give him lots of kisses
• He made you get a tattoo on your wrist that says “J” and a heart next to it
• It’s very small
• He got one on the left side of his chest with your first initial
• Him being very overprotective
• You being just as equally overprotective
• You beat up a girl for staring at him one time
• He’s beat and killed up multiple guys that have even looked at you
• Always carrying weapons
• Jerome is very impulsive
• You can be out getting something to eat next thing you know it’s a robbery
• “J what the f*ck?!”
• “Oops”
• Running away from cops all the time
• He taught you how to hotwire a car
• New hideouts all the time
• You being thrown in and out of Arkham because you wouldn’t give him up
• Him breaking you out every single time
• Lots of PDA
• Jerome will literally kiss you anywhere, anytime
• Lots of cuddling too
• Jerome loves being the big spoon
• Sex all the time!
• He has a very high sex drive
• Very rough sex
• Very kinky sex
• Jerome has a lot of kinks
• So do you
• Knife play being your favorite
• Blood kink being his
• Jerome is very dominant
• Sometime you take him by surprise and take control
• Sometimes you guys have passionate sex
• Most of the time it turns rough
• Killing people together
• You guys carve markings into the bodies to show it was you
• It’s a ‘HA!’
• You guys take showers together afterwards to wash away the blood
• It turns into shower sex
• Him loving you more than anything else
• One time he told you he would give up killing for you
• That didn’t happen
• You love him with every possible cell in your body
• You guys get into arguments about who loves the other one more
• “No J I love you more!”
• “Impossible Dollface.”
• Jerome is very sensitive when it comes to love
• He always feels like you are going to leave him
• Which is never true
• “Baby I love you more than anything, I would never leave you.”
• “Please, I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
• Then more sex
• You guys do everything together
• He would never leave you
• You are his first love
• He’s crazy’ for you

BTS reacting to you going to their fanmeet and being insecure

Requested by; anon

How’s about a reaction to you going to a fanmeet and you’re super shy because you’re afraid they’ll think you’re ugly compared to the other girls there and they can tell by the way you’re acting (you know how sometimes you can just tell someone thinks they’re not pretty enough?)? Thank you! I love your reactions!


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“What’s wrong? Are you scared? Aw, you don’t have to be insecure, you’re absolutely breathtaking! Make sure to come to another fanmeet so I can see your beautiful face again!”


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“Is there something wrong? You look kind of scared, everything okay? You’re insecure? Why? You’re absolutely gorgeous, just like everyone else! Don’t be insecure because you’re amazing!”


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“How’s your day been? Have you been enjoying everything? Oh, you’ve been insecure? That’s okay, really! But; there’s no reason for you to be insecure, you’re adorable!”


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“Hello hello! Why are you hiding your face? C’mon, show me your pretty face~! There it is, what a cutie! Really; every ARMY is beautiful, even you so don’t be insecure!”


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“Why are all ARMY’s so cute, it’s unfair! I love your outfit, you look so cute in it! Seriously; come to a signing again and I will steal you with me, haha~”


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“Don’t hide! Show me your face! There it is! What a cutie, now smile! Ah, what an angel, you’re gorgeous!”


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“Someone looks shy! Hey, don’t put your hands in front of your face, I want to see how you look! God; you’re adorable! Don’t be shy, it’s just me!”

Celebrating Trans Visibility Day with Art

Hello lovely people!
I’m hoping to run a bit of a gallery of artwork; visual, poetic, literary, musical, anything and everything, that depicts the issues that the trans community face. Dysphoria, erasure, discrimination, whatever affects you.
You’ll get full credit for your work and I would greatly appreciate your contributions and I’m sure everyone who comes to see it would as well.
Please share this around y'all, it will make a huge difference!!

@nonbinary-cuties @nonbinaryfriend @transboysunited @transsource @transkidpride @lgbt-love-and-support @lgbt-advice @lgbtsubmissions

@trans-wonderland @retromochi

Hello! It’s your favorite Gemini! Also it’s my birthday today, and I’m feeling ready to post this. I was tagged by the lovely @minminyoongi a long ass time ago, and I’m finally satisfied enough with my pictures. I was also tagged not so long ago by the cutie @hoseokskitten thank you both you so much. I love you guys❤️
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JungKook scenario where the reader is the gf. She's one year ynger and suffers bullying at school, JK doesn't know until he finds a box with notes such as "U r so ugly" "Go away" "Disappear" "We all hate you" in your room. He decides to visit her high school to see what's happening and finds out how her classmates treat his gf, like an scene where the students beat hear? So she cries alone. Kind of sad, if it's too rude it's ok not do it~

hello good morning/afternoon~ 

From: Jungkook~

Have a good day at school, cutie. Do you work and study hard! I’ll try to visit you between schedules. I love you, okay? Don’t be late for class!

You looked at the message with tears in your eyes. You didn’t know how you were so lucky to have Jeon Jungkook as your boyfriend. Since you two had been dating, he’d been nothing but amazing to you, and had always kept a smile on your face and love in your heart. But you could only keep up the façade of being entirely happy for so long.

You rose from bed and automatically winced at the pain in your side from when a student pinched you yesterday… what had you done to deserve the cruelty from your classmates? Why did they chose to treat you this way… why would they treat anyone this way?

Each day that you rose from bed to go to class was filled with agony. You didn’t wanna face your bullies. You wanted to hide away and stay in your room. The pain that they filled you with was too much to bear. People ran away from their bullies all the time… why weren’t you allowed to?

“Mom?” You said, entering the kitchen. You saw your mother putting her keys in her purse as she rushed to leave for work.

“Yes, sweetie? Make it quick; I’m running late.”

“I don’t feel so good. Can I stay home today?”

She looked up at you and groaned. “You can’t keep doing this. You have to go to school. Now, go get in the shower. If I hear that you skipped today, you’re grounded for a week—no, a month.”

It wasn’t your mother’s fault that she was so calloused to your wanting to stay home—you’d never told her of your situation. Hell, you’d never told anyone. You were too ashamed. The “mother, I don’t feel good” method had worked maybe once or twice, but she eventually caught on to you wanting to skip school, and now she never trusted when you didn’t want to go to class. She kissed your forehead before exiting.

“I’ll be going now. Have a good day in school!” She said as she closed the front door behind her. You sighed, folding your arms and standing in solitude.

You entered school quickly, trying to just walk and mind your own business as always, hoping the students would ignore you as you wanted them to.

And as always, they didn’t.

“Hey! Hey!” You heard a familiar unruly voice say behind you. You walked faster. “Is she ignoring me? Has she lost her mind? Hey, dumb ass!” The boy said, and you felt someone roughly grab your shoulder.

You flinched as you were turned around. The boy and his friends stood, towering over you, smiling mischievously.

“Did you ignore me on purpose?” He asked, feigning a pout.

You shook your head. “N-no, I-”

You jumped as your books were smacked out of your hand, and your binder fell apart as it crashed onto the floor. He and his friends laughed, and he patted your head. “Pick up your raggedy binder. And fix your hair.” He said coldly before he and his friends walked away.

These were the main students who’d made your life hell for the past year. Last year, the school got a new Korean-American student who suffered great bullying because of his weight. While helping him with his Korean and befriending him, his bullies quickly became yours. And when he transferred because of the bullying he faced, the bullies ganged up on you solely. It all happened so quickly that you didn’t even know how to tell your family members around you. You were never popular, but you’d never been bullied before. The pain was unbearable as your bullies abused you mentally and physically. You didn’t know how to be vocal about it. It was too embarrassing. It was too scary.

You walked to your classroom, and as you entered, the class fell silent as always. No one ever bothered to defend you, or even bother talking to you. The friends that you had before the bullying started had left your side, informing you that being around you risked them being bullied as well. You were all alone.

You sat in your desk, and immediately stood as you felt liquid seeping in through your skirt. You looked down, and noticed spilled milk in your seat. Snickers filled the classroom as the class laughed at you, and began to snap pictures of your soiled uniform.

“That’s enough,” the instructor said, entering the class. “______, go clean yourself up.” She said absent-mindedly. You were used to your teachers brushing bullying aside. Your school was highlighted as one of the best schools in Seoul, and to save face, bullying was often ignored or brushed under the rug. They figured if they didn’t say anything, maybe the problem would just… disappear.

You went to the bathroom quickly, milk from your skirt running down your leg.

Once you rinsed all of the milk out of your skirt, you held it under the hand dryer, feeling lucky that the milk had barely gotten on your underwear. You didn’t even wanna go back into the classroom. School had literally just started and you were already having a rough time. You closed your eyes and sighed, trying to calm yourself down.

“Hey,” you heard Jungkook’s voice say softly in your mind. You imagined him standing there with you, holding your hand. “It’ll be okay. Smile. I love you.”

You opened your eyes and exhaled. How easier things would be if he could be here with you all of the time. You readjusted your now clean skirt and headed back into the classroom reluctantly.

The day ended, and you headed home quickly. The rest of the day was almost as rough as the first few moments. A new bruise had begun to form on your leg from when one of the girls in your class tripped you on your way out of the school, and you tried not to obviously limp. You were just happy to be out of there.

As you turned the corner to your house, your eyes brightened immediately as you saw Jungkook sitting on your porch, a smile on his face as he saw you.

“Jungkook!” You yelped, running to him. He held his arms out to you, and when you met up with him, he held you tightly, spinning you around as you two embraced. You felt all the horrors of the day leave you and be replaced with tender happiness. You exhaled against him, feeling entirely content for the first time today.

He looked at you and kissed your forehead. “I missed you.” He said, cupping your face. You smiled.

“I missed you, too. Come in! Are you hungry? We can order a pizza.” You said, letting him into your home.

As Jungkook sat in the living room ordering pizza, you went to your bedroom to sit your books down. You counted the books brought home, and groaned when you realized you didn’t have your agenda.

“Dang it,” you huffed, opening your backpack and hoping you’d left it in there—only to be greeted by a wad of papers.

Your heart immediately stung. You knew they were all notes from your classmates, probably placed there when you were cleaning your skirt. You opened one.

No one here likes you.


Go away.


You’re disgusting!

As you read them, they became harder and harder to decipher with the tears building in your eyes. You sniffled, wiping your eyes.

“No,” you mumbled. “I’m here with Jungkook, and I’m happy. I won’t worry him with my tears.” You told yourself, taking the papers and holding them in your hand.

You reached under your bed into an old shoebox, and took off the lid, and looked at the other notes collected from over the past couple of months from other times your classmates decided to leave you notes. You placed them in there quickly, and slid the box back under your bed.

“I have to go now. We have a program to be at in a few hours.”

You smiled. “I’ll be sure to watch it. Do well!”

He leaned in to your ear. “When you see me hold up a heart during my part, it’ll be for you, okay?”

You laughed. “Okay. I’ll anticipate it. I love you.”

“I love you, too.” He said softly, kissing your cheek, and parting. You sighed, sitting back on the couch where he once was.

And once again, you were alone.

The next day of school started, and you were once again reluctant to leave the house. As you walked to your classroom, you heard a group of students talking.

“Did you see Bangtan’s live stage yesterday?”

“Yes! Jungkook was so cute~ did you see his hand heart? He’s so precious!”

You could only smile to yourself, knowing it was directed at you. It felt like your personal, precious secret. There had been rumors of Jeon Jungkook being in a relationship, but the suspected girlfriends were always in girl groups or trainees, never an ordinary girl like you. Part of you wanted the relationship to come out with hopes that maybe if your classmates knew who your boyfriend was, they’d leave you alone, but you knew Jungkook wanted your identity kept hidden for your safety, which was something you appreciated… if only he knew you weren’t even safe in your own school environment.

You sat in your desk and pulled out your phone.

From: Jungkook~

I have a surprise for you ♥

You smiled.

To: Jungkook~

Really? I can’t wait oppa!

You held your phone in your hand and sat up straight in your desk, excited for whatever surprise he was setting up for you.

“Hey,” one of your bullies said, approaching you. The smile on your face shattered quickly. “Sorry about the milk thing yesterday.” He told you, a blank look on his face.

You swallowed. “I-It’s okay.”

“Yeah, we wanted to show you one way or another how much of a cow you are.” He said, feigning a sweet smile. His friends snorted at you, and you jumped when one of them pried your phone from your hands.

Oh no! What if they see that I’m texting Jungkook? Will they know it’s Bangtan’s Jungkook?

You luckily noticed that the screen was locked, and that they wouldn’t be able to see your messages, or your pictures with Jungkook. Still, you wanted your phone back.

“Please give it back!” You said quickly, and immediately regretted your tone of voice.

“Hey, hey,” one of the boys said, frowning at you. “Who are you raising your voice at? Don’t be disrespectful to us; are you dumb?” He reached for your side again, and pinched you again in the same spot that he had earlier in the beginning of the week, and you yelped in your seat, feeling the sting radiate through you. He twisted the skin for what felt like hours before yanking away. As he did so, his friend dropped your phone on the ground, and stomped on it once.

“Your phone’s a piece of crap, anyway.” He tsked, and the walked away, leaving you at your desk. You leaned down to get it, and gasped when you felt just how sensitive your side actually was now.

Trembling, you grabbed your phone, now with a shattered screen. You sniffled, trying desperately not to cry, as you knew crying in front of them only made them abuse you more.

So, you sucked up the pain yet again.

You headed home slowly, for every step that you took caused more and more pain in your side, and your limp from yesterday threatened to come back. You felt so overwhelmed with pain.

Why did they do this to you? You never did anything to anybody. You’d always been kind and nice to everyone, and you never judged or made fun of anyone for anything. You preferred to be unseen, fading into the back. You didn’t want to be the basis of anyone’s attention, definitely not the attention you were getting from your classmates. How long would you have to put up with this? Who said this would stop after you would graduate? What if they followed you to college, to the work field, and throughout your life? You couldn’t deal with this pain. It was too much. You didn’t want to face them anymore. You couldn’t face them anymore.

“_______?” You heard Jungkook’s voice, and you realized you were in front of your house. He stood at your porch once again, a heart-shaped red balloon in his hands. A look of pure horror and concern face as his eyes became more and more worried as he saw you standing there, limping and crying, holding your side.


“What happened to you?” He said, approaching you quickly and holding your face. The concern on his face made you feel sadder. In all of the pain and heartache in your life, here he was, genuine and pure and in love with you. It made you cry more. He took you by the hand and brought you inside.

Jungkook sat you down at the kitchen table. Since he preferred to go somewhere quiet and unknown to the public when he was off of schedule, you snuck him a key to your house to stay there while your parents were away for work. He sometimes used this to his advantage to surprise you, like today—only he hadn’t expected to find you in the state that he found you.

“What happened?” He asked you again, looking you in the eye. You could only look at him sadly.

“I… at school, I… I tripped, and broke my phone-”

“Your phone’s been crushed in, _______. This isn’t just some crack from ‘tripping.’ Your phone is literally crushed. Someone did this purposefully. And you’re limping and holding your side! What happened? Who did this to you?”

You shook your head. You didn’t want to tell him. He’d be so worried about you, and you didn’t want him worrying about anything while he was so busy with his schedules like this.

“Jungkook…” you sighed, wiping the tears from your eyes. “I promise… I promise. I just tripped.”

“Then why are you crying?”

“Because I was embarrassed that I tripped in front of everyone! Jungkook, I promise. I’m fine, okay? My phone is in the state it’s in because when it flew out of my hand, a boy stepped on it accidentally. I promise, oppa. I’m fine.”

He shook his head, not believing you for a moment… but he didn’t want to be too persistent. It was obviously something you didn’t want to talk about, and he didn’t want to pressure you into talking about more than you wanted to. Instead, he pulled you into a tight hug.

“Okay,” he whispered to you as he wrapped his arms around you. “I’m sorry for not believing you.” He told you.

You hugged him tighter. You wanted him to know so desperately. You wanted him to help you so badly… but you were too afraid to worry him. You couldn’t put that pressure on him.

“What was the surprise?” You asked him, remembering his text from earlier.

He smiled. “Go in your room and see.”

You headed back to your room steadily, ignoring the pain you felt in your side to keep him from noticing. When you opened the door, you smiled a giddy smile, noticing the small picnic setup he’d put there as a guitar rested on your bed.

“Jungkook! This is so cute!” You cooed, sitting down on the blanket he’d set down. He sat next to you, grabbing his guitar.

“You like it? I wanted to do something for you since I’ve been so busy lately… can I play you something?”

You nodded, a smile on your face. He began to strum the instrument lightly, and started to sing Lost Stars to you. You always appreciated him singing to you. It was always so intimate, a side to him that wasn’t available on radio shows or live stages. It was just you and him. He wasn’t BTS’ maknae at times like these or an idol. He was just your sweet and incredible boyfriend.

And you were his beautiful and kindhearted girlfriend who he’d began to feel scared for. What weren’t you telling him? You were obviously not okay… why didn’t you trust him with whatever information you were keeping from him? You weren’t as good of a liar as you thought. He read right through you, and he knew something was wrong. He knew someone was hurting you.

As he finished his song, he looked at you, tears in your eyes.

“Ahh,” you laughed, wiping your tears. “That was so beautiful; I can’t believe I’m crying!”

It began to pain him, seeing you so obviously hurt but still managing to smile. He quickly leaned over to you and kissed your lips.

You blinked. “What was that for?”

“I love you.” He told you. You smiled.

“I love you, too, Jungkook.” You reached over to get some food from the picnic setup, not noticing him still staring at you carefully. He was scared for you. What you were dealing with had to be something serious for you to not share it with him.

I have to find out what’s going on, he thought to himself, watching you. I have to find out on my own and help her. I can’t just watch her suffer like this.

You had a good feeling in your heart. You felt good at school for the first time in months. Yesterday with Jungkook was magical. He always put such a wonderful and warm feeling in your heart. You felt so lucky to have him.

“Hey, cow!” You heard your bullies call behind you. Still, the good feeling in your heart lingered. You didn’t want to let them bother you today. You were so happy. Did they really have to mess that up right now?

You kept walking.

“Hey! I know you hear me!” One of the boys called. You continuously ignored them. What would they do, trip you again? Spill more milk on you? Pinch you again? They’d caused you so much pain over the past year, how else could they hurt you? What could you take that you hadn’t already experienced from them?

In that moment, you felt yourself being pushed into the lockers. You toppled over, falling to the ground, your books falling out of your hands.

When you reached to get them, your cheek was kicked roughly, and you could only fall over and grab your face, entirely shocked.

You began to tremble with pain. Did he just… kick you in the face? The taste of blood filled your mouth, and you sat there, shaking, now more scared of him than you’d ever been.

“You keep ignoring me! Do I not deserve respect? Are you too good to answer me?” He yelled at you, punching the top of your head. You curled up, trying to block his hits. You were so unbelievably frightened now. You wanted to apologize for ignoring him, but you knew that meant nothing. He was pissed now, angrier than you’d ever seen him. He wasn’t gonna stop hitting you.

So, you ran for it. Leaving your books, leaving the droplets of blood from your mouth that had dripped on the floor, you ran to the bathroom, tears and blood streaking on your face.

You cried hysterically on the bathroom floor, holding your cheek and your chest, as your heart was beating so rapidly. You were actually scared. For the briefest moment in your mind, you feared that he would’ve beaten you past the point of ignoring the pain. You would’ve walked away with a broken limb or worse. He was completely relentless today. And you were his method of relief for whatever reason.

There was a lot of commotion outside of the bathroom door suddenly. Screams and yells were heard, and running footsteps sounded in the halls.

What happened? Had he gotten in trouble by administrators? If so, you wanted to be able to tell them what had happened to you. You wanted to say something now. The way he treated you—the way they all treated you—couldn’t go on any longer.

You braced yourself and opened the bathroom door, only to stop in your tracks completely.

Jungkook stood there, a look of anger on his face that you’d never seen before, as your bully rested on the ground, cowered over the same way you previously were, and holding his face. Jungkook grabbed him by the collar and punched him in the mouth, making you jump.

“How dare you put your disgusting hands on someone like that?” He screeched out through punches, hitting your bully repeatedly in the face. He drew his hand back for another punch.

“Jungkook!” You yelled, still trembling. Your heart felt as if it would explode. He came… he saw you being abused by one of your bullies. You knew this wouldn’t be good for him. You knew news of him fighting a high school student would get out and make headlines. You wanted to stop him, even though he was the first and only person to do anything about your situation.

He looked up, and when he saw you, his face softened. Dropping your bully’s collar, he went to you, and pulled you into a tight hug, and you saw everyone around stare at the embrace.

“You’re shaking,” he said, his voice breathy. You could tell he was filled with adrenaline. You put your hands on his face to calm him. “I…I came in, and I… I saw him hitting you…”

You smiled, shaking your head to silence him. “Thank you. You have to go, Jungkook. You’ll get in trouble for fighting him.”

He grabbed your hands. He was almost in disbelief how in a moment like this, with blood and tears still on your face, you managed to be concerned for him. “You’re coming with me. I’m not leaving you in here with these students. Come on,” he said, holding your hand and walking with you out of the school as everyone stared on silently.

“Thank you… yes, I’ll tell her. Thank you.” Jungkook stood with his phone in hand, contacting your mother. You were stunned silent that he’d actually called her. When he hung up, he turned to look at you. “Your mom is devastated that you didn’t tell her. She almost didn’t believe me.”

You sighed, scooting back on the couch as you took the ice pack he’d given you off of your cheek. So much had happened. You couldn’t even think about your own situation as you feared for Jungkook. News would come out about this. You would be known as the rumored girlfriend. He would be known as the idol that beat up that kid in his girlfriend’s class.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were going through this?”

“Because you worry so much. And you have so much on your plate, Jungkook, I don’t want to worry-” He cut you off by kissing you softly on the lips. When he pulled away, he touched your hand.

“I don’t care what I’m going through or how stressed or busy I am,” he began, “I will always have time for you. Don’t ever hide things like this from me, okay? Your safety and your happiness is my top priority. Promise me that if something this serious is happening to you again, you’ll let me know immediately.”

“I promise.”

He then pulled you into a tight hug. “You’re transferring schools.” He said as he pulled away. Your eyes grew.

“W-what? Transferring where?”

“To the School of Performing Arts. My school.”

You almost choked on air. “What? I can’t go there, I can’t even sing.”

He smiled at you. “Remember when you told me you wanted to study abroad for Communications?”

You blinked at him. “You remember that? I was just talking, I didn’t really mean to-”

“Communications is offered. And from there you can study journalism or broadcasting or anything. Anything to keep you close to me and away from those assholes at your old school.” He squeezed your hand. “Everyone there is either an idol or a future idol. And the ones who aren’t are there to be close to idols or protected by them. Thirty percent of my class are just younger siblings of idols who need better protection from their schools. You’re my girlfriend, and I’ll protect you.”

You could only smile at him, amazed at how wonderful he was. Jungkook was truly like your own angel. You leaned in and kissed his cheek.

“I love you. I’m not gonna let any bad things happen to you from now on, okay?” He promised you, holding up his pinky finger.

You laughed, and wrapped your pinky around his. “Okay.”

okay i was working on this one for a while since i was so worried about it turning out strangely. also bully scenarios always make me so upset. bullying is such an awful thing Dx thank you for your submission!


Hello cuties~ I know you all are probably tired of my face already BUT I got tagged again by @angelpcy (who slayed me with her beautiful selfies) to do the 8 selfies from 2017 tag! As you can see I don’t even have enough selfies to do it properly but I guess it’ll do 😶 I’m gonna tag some of our lovely exod!cksquad even though you were all probably tagged already lol
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EXO Reaction when you wake them up in a sexy way

I hope you like this little smut ^^… I will make it smuttier than the original request xD Just because we haven’t posted many smut these days :O Love you all, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *You sat down on top of him and kiss his neck a little* “Good morning Y/N… Wanna stay in bed all day?”

Kris: “Oh no baobei, I think you should do your work down there” *Pervy Kris on*

Sehun: *Feels like the king of the world* “This is the right way to wake you Oh Sehun up!”

Tao: “That tickles baobei! What are you doing?” *A little bit embarrassed*

Kai: *enjoys the great BJ you are giving him* “Oh my Y/N…. we could do this every morning….”

Xiumin: *Seduces you completely* “Let’s have fun honey~”

Baekhyun: *Positions himself on top of you and things happen*

Luhan: *Shy* “Hello beautiful? I love you”

Chen: *Feels happy all day because the first thing he saw when he woke up was your beautiful face*

Kyungsoo: *His life is perfect, he really feels complete* “The best girl in the world” (Lay at the back omg ><)

Lay: *He was already awake, watching you sleep* “Hi cutie pie, good morning” *Kisses your lips softly* 

Suho: *Enjoys the little kisses and has some dirty thoughts*

the definition of love o1 [taehyung&you]

Summary: You’re afraid to love again after your ex-boyfriend had scarred your deeply. However, Taehyung steps in years later into your life and defines what true love is, despite of you already having a child during your past.

a/n: hello dear anon who requested for this plot. I hope you’ll enjoy this. It’ll be updated quite slow since I didn’t want to rush everything so quickly in the beginning. but i’ll keep the story short and simple of flangst for ya. thank you so much requesting!! ^_^

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“Mom, mom! You’re dancing all wrong. You have to do your face like Rapmonster ahjussi,” your four-year-old daughter, Jaehwa says, while scrunching her face out and about.

You laugh at your ray of sunshine, and quickly tickles her from being such a cutie and always making you smile. “Rapmonster ahjussi, huh? You do understand that he’s not very old,” you told your daughter, but she purses her lips in duck mode and shrugs.

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Hi! Could you do a gif reaction to BTS where their girlfriend loves skinship and randomly hugs them or kisses their cheeks? Thank you!

Hello! Of course I can dear! No need to thank me! I hope you enjoy this! 



Our oldest member he would be shocked at first when you ran up and kissed his cheek. He would be talking with the members when all of sudden you ran up to him and kissed his cheek. “What was that? Come back here! Give me a kiss!” he would say well the members shook his head in disapproval. 

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our workaholic male here would be in the process of recording a new song when their girlfriend would come walking over and leaned onto him giving him a warm hug. “What are you doing?” he would ask turning his head towards you in question. “Oh you want some love? Give me five more minutes.” 


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After a long time of dance practice you were ready to jump onto this ball of sun shine and give him lot of love. You waited to he wasn’t paying attention and run up giving him a back hug. “Oh thank you so much!” he would cheer looking up thanking god for the adorable girlfriend he had.  


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our fluffy leader here would be enjoying his little nap when all the sudden he left a random pressure upon his cheek. “Huh?” he would ask before he noticed you standing there “Hey there cutie! he would say waving at you and sticking out his lips for another kiss. 


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Our adorable chimchim here would be laying down in bed trying to rest up some before going back to practice when all of the sudden there was an extra weight added upon his body. It was you laying on him with your arms wrapped around him. “I want love an attention.” “You’re so cute sweetie!” he would say looking down with his cute squishy smile. 


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Our cute alien here would be enjoying a nice time as he went through the contents of twitter with a smile on his face. Not long after he started his lovely girlfriend would run up and hug him smiling. “Well hello there!” he would cheer and look at you disappointed when you let go. “Why did you leave?” 


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this cutie pie here would be adorable with a dork smile after his girlfriend ran up to him and kissed his cheek before running away going back to the small ran she was upon. “You’re killing me with cuteness!” he would scream out cringing slightly. 

Sooooooooooooo seems like 2 days ago Dari posted a selfie and i was like OMG SHE’S FKJAOSF and I was in class and I started to draw her on my notebook.

Today I scaned the drawing and I was going to paint it and OH NO! elrincondered already drawed her and posted it before me! XD Now it’s going to look like we’re fighting for Dari’s love XDD well, in my defence i’m going to say that this was made 2 days ago, so red! i’m not copying you. (?¿?¿?¿)

And nooow, HELLO yummy-casburger! you’re such a cutie and such a good friend <3 so this is for you! (you should show your face more often because people is going to draw you xD) your hair rocks


May the luck of the Irish shine bright on your way! lol Happy St. Paddy’s! Some blurries, some from far away, and some from pretty up close! he’s YUMMY! i love him! Everybody (okay, MOST everybody!) went crazy when he came to say hello so I don’t have all that many pictures, but still…..he’s just so pretty! ;) ((Bonus: You can see PrinceCharming walking lil old lady across the street!)) 

Hello(really shy person) cookie senpai I wanted to draw my fav character from subscribe and punch so yeah…… hope it wont burn your eyes BYE*shy me leaves*




it’s too bootiful !

U rly did a gr8t job ! love u u draw his cutie patootie face! 

It’s super noice! thankies  !//gives a cookies// ヽ(○・▽・○)ノ゙