i love your face baby

Hey, I reeeeeally love your art style, it inspired me to draw BATIM 🖤 stay awesome :3

I drew your little baby boy with an angry face >:3 love him so much!!!!!


When you’re mad because no one takes you seriously, all because you look so cute when you’re mad. XDDDDDD

-Mod Mama

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KDrama List Update

This is a list of korean dramas I have finished watching. I’m posting this list so I can keep track of which dramas I start/finish in 2016. 

♦ Boys Over Flowers
♦ Flowerboy Next Door
♦ You’re Beautiful (2015)
♦ Playful Kiss
♦ Baby-faced Beauty
♦ To the Beautiful You
♦ Personal Taste
♦ Coffee Prince (2015)
♦ Prosecutor Princess
♦ Witch’s Romance
♦ Cunning Single Lady (2015)
♦ Master’s Sun (2015)
♦ Heirs (2015)
♦ Birth of a Beauty (2015)
♦ Emergency Couple (2015)
♦ I Hear Your Voice (2015)
♦ Pinocchio (2015)
♦ Healer (2015)
♦ Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)
♦ I Order You (2015)
♦ Hello Monster/I Remember You (2015)
♦ Flower Boy Ramen Shop (2015)
♦ High Society (2015)
♦ Fated to Love You (2015)
♦ The Greatest Love (2015)
♦ It’s Okay That’s Love (2015)
♦ Sensory Couple (2015)
♦ Cheer Up!/Sassy Go Go (2015)
♦ She Was Pretty (2015)
♦ Noble, My Love (2015)
♦ Oh My Venus (2016)
♦ The Village: Achiara’s Secret (2016)

The year refers to the year which I finished the drama in. Some dramas don’t have dates as I don’t remember when I watched them. >.<
Either I have a bad memory or 2015 was a good drama year.


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

riverdalewritings  asked:

Number 44 with Jughead and reader!

FOOTBALL GAME? IS that the one where they hit the big, orange ball with the bat?” Your boyfriend is a mass of sharp angles and jutting bones atop your floral-patterned bedding. From the outsider’s vantage, one would say he emanates an air of discomfort—beanie still crowning his head, ragged leather jacket blanketing his shoulders, even his feet remain tucked inside his worn boots—but, to your knowledge, this is his highest state of relaxation. Iron rods have materialized from a decade and a half of misery, guarding his gelid heart, and shielding him from curious outsiders. He says there’s something special about you; you think that’s how you managed to slip through the gates.

“You’re funny.”

“You’re cute.” The reflection of a boy in your vanity mirror winks. Involuntarily do your lips ascend into a pillowy crescent. “But seriously, it’s not my scene.” And then aforementioned lips descend.

Steely optics seek out his tangible form, goading you into pivoting on the balls of your feet. “What does that mean?”

His brows graze his hairline in a terse, first meeting. “It’s not my scene? It’s not my thing? I don’t do school events?” The questionable lilt that punctuates every last statement plucks on your frangible nerves. Of course Jughead doesn’t like school events, one glimpse of him is all the confirmation necessary, but he does like you, and you like school events—a message you attempt to convey with your facial ticks.

He isn’t comprehending.

“O-kay? And I don’t do Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, but do I not sit with you at Pop’s every night, going through evidence I don’t give a damn about to help you write your novel?” Baby pink nails cut into a curling palm, and—

—Oh, he’s getting it now.

Jughead tucks pallid digits underneath his cap, massaging the skin usually hidden underneath. “That’s different, Y/N.”

“How so?” you persist.

“Uh, I dunno, ‘cause my shit actually has a purpose?”

It’s not raining, but the cold seeps into your uniform and laces through your bones.

“As opposed to cheerleading, right? That’s what you’re trying to say? The River Vixens’ only purpose is to raise tents in pants?”

“Well, I wouldn’t call that a purpose since it’s a considerably easy feat,” he murmurs through clenched teeth and stiffened jaw. Your spine straightens—an aftershock of, well, shock. You’d find it comedic how his gaze enlarges, his sardonic bite and exactly who was being subjected to it dawning on his cognition, if anger wasn’t coiling around the mass of your stomach. Jughead displays both palms in a bid of surrender. “That came out wrong.”

“There’s a right way for something like that to come out?”


Now, you lift a hand. Your boyfriend’s focal point snags on the half-moon indents that desecrate your palm. “No. No.” The wear and tear of six months spent with a boy who isn’t as immersed in your interests as you his finally laps over you. He can’t attend one game, not one for you. “I’m good at cheer. I’m really good.”

The raven-locked boy lopes long legs over the edge of the bed, sitting from his previous lackadaisical position. “I know that.”

“How could you? From mandatory pep rallies? You bring your laptop to those, Jughead.”

He doesn’t disregard this fact, opting to offer a soft “I stop typing when you perform.” He thinks it’s a compromise; you think it’s a cop out.

You swing (literally, swing) into action and your bedroom’s threshold is the end-goal. Jughead tosses himself off the mattress, thrusting himself in front of your mobile form and nearly skittering into the doorframe. Dexterous digits curl around your shoulders, though you think the gesture’s done more for his balance than to immobilize you.

“I’m shit with words,” he begins.

“No, you’re great with words.” Thin lips quirk, and you wish he wasn’t so damn cute. “You’re just a shit boyfriend.” You utilize the loosening of his grip to your advantage, shrugging his hands and his touch and him away from you. “Look, I don’t wanna look like a fool anymore than you do. So here’s your chance, Jug, tell me. Tell me you’re not interested in me anymore. Tell me the reason why I’m giving you my all and you’re giving me half is because you’re sick of me. Tell me, Jughead. Be honest with yourself, be honest with me!”

A beat of silence.

And then two.

“Not interested in you anymore?” he half-echoes, half-sputters. Incredulity paints his sharp features. From knitted brows above cerulean irises down to slightly agape pink pout, Jughead’s disbelief is like a grass stain on white shorts. Unbelievably stubborn and not going anywhere. “Y/N, I am so interested in you it’s sickening. Literally. You make my stomach hurt.” (You hate that a chuckle rumbles from your chest. Jughead grins.) “Honestly, I thought you were into the whole Jason Blossom mystery thing. You love Criminal Minds.”

“It’s not scary when it’s on TV.”

He visibly softens at this, back winding into its comfortable slouch. “No, it’s not. And I’m sorry I never asked you how you felt.”

So you’re not sick of me?

Your gaze follows the swing of his head. “I am the farthest thing from sick of you. You make me sick” —Jughead catches your hand before it could make playful contact with his shoulder “—but I’m not sick of you, no.” He swipes his thumb across the skin pulled taunt against your knuckles. “If anything, I’m a little in love with you.”

This confession, subtle but heavy, sinks its claws into your disposition, altering your expression sans consent. You aren’t aware you’re wearing your perturbation as well as you are your uniform until Jughead says:

“Gee, baby, I hope that’s your ‘I love you, too’ face.”

So he did say the l-word.

“No. No, of course, I just–I never thought you would say it first. Is that–? That’s the first time you’ve said I love you.”

“Yeah, and it doesn’t mean shit unless I start showing you. So from now on whatever you’re into, I’m into. You like cheer, I like cheer. You like watching bad Netflix movies at 2 in the morning, so do I. You like Reggie Mantle, I–well, I don’t have to like everything you like, do I?” The tip of his nose crinkles in jocular distaste. Your own laugh of euphoria rings in your ears.

“Juggie, you mushball.”

Reaction to Your Group Members Picking on You. . .

Anonymous said: i have a request eonni!! one where you are the maknae of your group and you get picked on and your group members say things like “ahhh shes such a baby!” or something like that pls. and can it be for got7?? thank you eonni! fighting! also if it wasnt in anonymous, could you make sure i am? thanks!

Reaction to Your Group Members Picking on You…

A/N aww this is cute~ i’m guessing its a joking picking on? if not please tell me and i’ll change it to your liking. and you weren’t in anonymous, but i got you babe. enjoy!

Kai Eonni ~


He would find this endearing. He wouldn’t be able to hide the smile your cute bickering between you and your other members brought upon his lips. However, every time you would look over at him, he would try to quickly hide his smile and avoid eye contact. Feeling bad that this is making him laugh, but enjoying it too much to cut in. Later he would apologize, trying to get you to forgive him for laughing, offering kisses, cuddles and hugs.

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He would make sure that it doesn’t go too far, and as long as you were okay with it he would be okay with it. However, he would keep an eye on you and your smile to make sure that it’s a genuine smile and is never once forced. His protective side kicking in as he keeps an arm around you, keeping you close and putting in little comments once in a while like, “You’re perfect Jagi.” or “I love your baby face Jagi, it’s cute. Okay?” Making sure that you’re okay with sweet comments.

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He would keep track of things your other members are poking fun at you about and use them later on. He would find this as a good chance to find other things to get you flustered about, and this would officially make this day one of the better ones that he has had. When you would whine to him about laughing at you for being called a baby he would be like, “Aww come here, I’m sorry, are you sad? Don’t be sad… Baby~” A mocking tone coating each and every one of his words.

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He would try so hard, like, genuinely trying to hold his laughter in, like I’m serious, he would try really hard, but, he wouldn’t last more than about ten seconds until his adorable laughter spread throughout the room. It wouldn’t just be any laugh though, it would be that hard laugh you have when something hilarious happens, when your stomach tenses up to the point of a cramp and your eyes water. This would be pure gold for Mark  and he would let everyone in the room know. Later he would apologize, or at least try to, but he would end up laughing all over again.

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He would be a little unsure whether he should laugh or come to your rescue? So he would be sitting there with an unsure smile, his eyes darting from you to your older members. Afterwards when you two are leaving your dorm, he would wrap an arm around you and ask softly if you’re okay. When you smile and laugh saying, “Ah, that? Yeah, they like to pick on me, but it’s like if we were siblings or something, it’s not serious.” He would feel this relief leave his shoulders and would smile genuinely now, kissing the top of your head. “You were getting so flustered, it was so cute that it was hard for me not to smile. I’m so lucky to have such a cute Jagiya.”

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BamBam would jump at the opportunity to pick on you as well, loving the view of your flustered features, finding it irresistibly cute. He would, like Jinyoung, keep a mental note of jokes that your members say so that he could use them later on when he’s bored and wants to see your flustered again. Though he would always make sure to make it up to you with kisses and cuddles afterwards to remind you how much he adores you.

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Omgggg, this would be a free-for-all, except it would be for Yugyeom. He would take videos, laugh hysterically, pick on you with your members, and would mock you. This would be Yugyeom World right here. He would replay those videos while you two are snuggling, laughing at them every time. He would bring up the memories at the most random of moments. You two would be picking out crêpes at a breakfast restaurant and he would just look over at you like, “Hey, Jagi, remember that time…”

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Wir lassen unsere Gefühle nicht zu und wundern uns wieso, wir nicht glücklich werden
—  traenen-wegen-dir

One day you’re gonna be next to me, were gonna nap together and i’ll wake up to love of my life actually cuddled up with me. It’s going to be amazing. I can’t wait for our future together living life through the ups, the downs and the mediocre times. you’ll be with me through it all, I want you in my arms and to see you so badly. I want you here so we can be so gay and go on lots of adventures and i can kiss your face. Baby you’re the love of my life and even though you’re not here with me now i know you will be and it’ll all be worth it. I know it all sounds cheesy but it’s true.

Domestic Bliss - Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader

Summary: Based on this post. Small vignettes of feelings of happiness wrapped in domesticity in the home of two people who love each other very much. 

Words: 2,189

Warnings: A couple swear words. 

A/N: I’ve finally accomplished every day of the Write-A-Thon! (No one mention how long it took, I hate myself too) I’m really excited for this because Day 7: #WriteForOak2k17 was my doing and there is always room to appreciate my sunshine boy. By the way, there are a couple songs mentioned in this one. I’ll link them in the text. Enjoy!

“I think I’m sort of drunk.”

“You’re not drunk, Oak.”

“No, really. I think I am.”

“Prove it.”

“I actually like this shitty music.”

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