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KDrama List Update

This is a list of korean dramas I have finished watching. I’m posting this list so I can keep track of which dramas I start/finish in 2016. 

♦ Boys Over Flowers
♦ Flowerboy Next Door
♦ You’re Beautiful (2015)
♦ Playful Kiss
♦ Baby-faced Beauty
♦ To the Beautiful You
♦ Personal Taste
♦ Coffee Prince (2015)
♦ Prosecutor Princess
♦ Witch’s Romance
♦ Cunning Single Lady (2015)
♦ Master’s Sun (2015)
♦ Heirs (2015)
♦ Birth of a Beauty (2015)
♦ Emergency Couple (2015)
♦ I Hear Your Voice (2015)
♦ Pinocchio (2015)
♦ Healer (2015)
♦ Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)
♦ I Order You (2015)
♦ Hello Monster/I Remember You (2015)
♦ Flower Boy Ramen Shop (2015)
♦ High Society (2015)
♦ Fated to Love You (2015)
♦ The Greatest Love (2015)
♦ It’s Okay That’s Love (2015)
♦ Sensory Couple (2015)
♦ Cheer Up!/Sassy Go Go (2015)
♦ She Was Pretty (2015)
♦ Noble, My Love (2015)
♦ Oh My Venus (2016)
♦ The Village: Achiara’s Secret (2016)

The year refers to the year which I finished the drama in. Some dramas don’t have dates as I don’t remember when I watched them. >.<
Either I have a bad memory or 2015 was a good drama year.


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

Wir lassen unsere Gefühle nicht zu und wundern uns wieso, wir nicht glücklich werden
—  traenen-wegen-dir

18 Weeks Checkup 👶🏾 💕

Today’s appointment went pretty smooth and all is right on track. Had to give blood, got the results of genetic testing and went over the final birthing plan wit my doctor. @clydetherabbitgreen and myself also got a peek at our Peanut! Well what he/she allowed us to see, it was hard to get a good new because Peanut wouldn’t stay one place. Here are a couple views we decided to share. 

We also found out the GENDER!! We’ll be sharing soon 💗💙

I have found that I have utterly and completely fallen like a fool for you. Your name spills out of my mouth like I’m sick with the flu. I caught it so hard from that smile you try to hide. Oh god, I’m so in love with you. I think if I got my blood drawn, they’d find specks of you. Oh god, oh god, I’m so sick in love and I don’t want to be cured. Some days, it hurts my head and I get so angry, but I’d still choose you over and over again. One day, I’ll wake up to you every morning and even if I wanted to be sad, I couldn’t. I want it to be you and me in the end. Oh god, some days, I don’t want to live another hour, but I’d live a million years with you. Shred my heart, I don’t care, you can keep the pieces. I want you. Just you. Just let me have your heart, and it’ll all be okay. I’m so dizzy in love. There’s no candles needed to be blown out, shooting starts to be found, or waiting for 11:11 because, baby, I got my only wish and it’s you. I love you. I love you. I love you. You have me fully.
—  Not a minute goes by that you’re not in my mind; if only you were in my arms as much.
Dear Y/N

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It’s been a couple of days since our fight and I’ve never regretted something so deeply in my life. I am going crazy baby, I can’t live without for a single second longer.

We were made for each other Y/N, what one us lacks the other excels in. I love video games, you love video games. I love cuddling, you love cuddling (to the point I think you were a Teady bear in a past life) I have no piatence with most things, you have the patience of a saint. (How do you manage to keep calm I have no idea. I’ve been convinced your some sort of a wizard for a long time)

While we balance each other out but we also like the same things, I like to work out you like to work out. you love to cuddle, I love to cuddle. I like to kiss you, you love it when I kiss your face. Baby there’s so much I could say but I need to get to the real important things.

I need you more than words could ever express, your the better half of me. You make me a better man. You can calm me down whenever I get frustrated, you know exactly what to do whenever I begin to lose my temper. You know exactly what to do whenever I’m angry or sad. You’ve been there through the highs and the lows and I know that we’ve still got a lot to work to do but I promise we are going to get through it.

I want to grow old with you, get married and have a family because one day we’re going to look back and tell our children about fighting for something is totally worth it.

Your my moon of my life.

Love you always,

Seth x

Love Letters are now CLOSED, however our normal requests and would includes are OPEN.

I wanna be...
  • I wanna be the reason for the smile on your face.
  • I wanna be the one that you’ll never replace.
  • I wanna be the person who steals your heart.
  • I wanna be the person to whom no-one can compare.
  • I wanna be the one you love until the end of time.
  • I wanna be the reason that you write these stupid rhymes.
  • I wanna be your one and only, you’re every dream come true.
  • I want ours to be a perfect love.
  • I wanna be yours and I wanna be your fantasy.
  • Just take a look around you baby, we are meant to be. 

Can you believe our giant turns 33 years old today? To celebrate his bday I’ll share two of my most favorite photos of his, one when he was a kid and one recent photo to show that he’s the same silly, dorky and adorable man.

Same smile. Same (huge) ears and same joy. Ugh i love you. May this smile stay in your face forever and more baby❤️❤️❤️❤️

anonymous asked:

You are my favorite simblr ever! I love your style in making sims like their baby faces and big eyes! Could you ever make a toddler sim and put it up for download?

awaahh omgg ;—–; thank you so much!! that’s a big deal to be your favorite thank you reallyy :3 and ahhh lmao yes i’m a fan of the baby faces and big eyes it’s truuuue, jaskdlfjsda i could try to put a toddler up tbh i’m a bit rusty with sims making at the moment, idk if they will be cute and it might take me a bit but i can try for you <3