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IVF - Scott McCall x Reader / Teen Wolf

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making out




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“Zzzz” the light sounds of your husband Scott snoring peacefully surrounds you and you know right now is the best time.

You slowly and gently remove the dark blue duvet from your hot and sweaty nervous body and climb out of the king size bed making sure not to wake him from his slumber.

“3 weeks late again!” you think to yourself, trying to confirm how long it’s been since the last date of your period since you stopped your birth control pill as it’s been going crazy irregular for a while.

You and Scott have been married for 2 years now after meeting in college and falling for each other. You and Scott had your own house, stable jobs and you were both more than ready to start your own family. You were nervous at first to mention to your husband that you wanted to start a family now not knowing how he would react but when you told him he was filled with joy telling you he wanted the same thing.


“Do you think we’re ready to start a family Scott?” You nervously fidget with your hands in your lap as Scott sat across you in the living room watching the tv. The words that slip out your mouth snap him out of his imagination and he looks up at you with wide eyes.

“What?” He breathes unsure about what you said.

“It’s okay If you’re not ready I just wanted to know if you wanted to” you explain trying to hide your emotions wondering if Scott was ready or not

“Y/N you want to have a baby?” He says emotionless You look up at him dropping your hands trying to read his face, unable to figure out if he is happy or angry.

You nod waiting for his reaction

“ Y/N ” Scotts face lights up and his big browns eyes sparkle

“I I’ve felt the same way for a while I just I never knew how to say it” he admits with a huge nervous grin across his face You let out a huge breath You didn’t know You was holding in

“You really … feel the same … way?” You gulp feeling your nerves getting to you. Scott senses your nervousness and walks across to you cupping your face in his hands gently, looking deep into your eyes

“I want this more than anything, you’re my everything and I would love nothing more than to start a beautiful family with you!” He nods not breaking his eye contact with you

“I love you Y/N” he whispers

“I love you Scott” You quickly reply before grabbing the back of his neck and pushing him towards yourself attaching your lips to his, Scott quickly realised what You done and started to run his tongue across your bottom lip and caresses your mouth with his, as you give him entrance you start to hungrily swallow each other.

You start rummaging your hands across Scotts back and grab onto his shirt tugging at it and pulling it up. You both break your kiss as You pull Scott’s shirt above his head and throw it in a direction far from you, Scott hungrily re attaches his lips to yours while dragging his lips down your cheek and towards your ear down to your neck leaving wet kisses and soft passionate bites,

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You grab onto Scott’s neck for support as his tongue on your neck starts making you weak at you knees and Scott starts unbuttoning your shirt from the top, seconds later Scott impatiently rips the shirt open and starts kissing down your neck to your chest.

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his hands running down your body to your ass, Scott hungrily looks up towards you while kissing the top of your breasts and whispers against your chest

“let’s go make a baby” unable to reply You grab his face and pull it towards yourself and continue kissing his lips. He grabs your ass and pulls your legs apart pulling you up while You grab hold his neck for support not breaking your kiss he wraps your legs around his torso and carries you upstairs to your bedroom



The time on the box is up indicating it’s ready and you brace yourself to look at the pregnancy test praying it says positive. Your heart beating crazy fast.

You feel the salty substance blur your eyesight and tears start to run down your face. You sit there sobbing and hear the bathroom door knock gently.

“Baby?” You hear Scott’s sleepy voice full of worry and your heart drops, although you wanted this more than anything you knew Scott wanted it even more.

“Baby please open the door, you’re scaring me” he admits his voice sending you into a breakdown and your sobbing gets louder.

“Y/N are you hurt?? Open the door or I’m going to have to break it” this time Scott shouts banging on the door You stand up from the ground and unlock the door not wanting to make Scott do anything unnecessary and fall back down to the ground, Scott hearing you unlock the door quickly barges in shirtless and runs his hands and eyes across your body checking to see if you were injured or hurt. Seeing you’re not physically hurt Scott gently scoots over to you grabbing your head and pulling you in towards his bare chest

“Shh” he holds you tight rubbing your head trying to calm you down.

“You’ve been nervous all day Y/N please just tell me what’s wrong I’ll promise I’ll fix it” he comforting promises you After you stop crying he pulls you away cupping your face towards his

“Please tell me” he begs his face scared

“I…” you stop

“Go on its okay” he gently rubs your back

“I - my periods late so I-I done a test” your eyes start to fill with tears again. Scott looks up behind him towards the sink and walks towards it picking up the test trying to see what was making you so upset. He walks back towards you and crouches back down

“What does it mean?” He whispers looking at you to see if You had stopped crying

“It means I’m not pregnant” your voice sounding more harsh than intended You notice Scott’s face fall and he quickly fakes a smile

“Babyyy” he chuckles

“It’s okay, we have loads of time we have to try a couple of times before the magic happens you know… maybe our timing wasn’t right and there’s this app it guides you on the most uh ‘fertile’? Days to try when you’re ovulating and stuff but obviously you know about this more than me” he rambles on trying to comfort you not knowing it had made you worse. You stop listening to him, his words breaking your heart by the second at how much he had researched and how desperate he was for this. You pull your knees up against your chest and dig your face in them tears swelling up your eyes again.

“Y/N?” He pauses

“did I s-say something wrong I’m so sorr-”

“NO” You cut him off not wanting him to feel guilty

“you’re saying all the right things and that’s what’s making this worse, you’re being so caring and sweet and..”

“I know there’s something else that’s making you so upset Y/N” He grabs your hands and pulls them towards his mouth kissing them and holding them tight “You’re my love, my life, my wife, my everything…. and there’s something that’s upsetting you and I need to know what it is so I can fix it” he says determined to make you tell him

“This isn’t the first time I’m late…” You whisper so quietly that the only reason Scott hears is because of his supernatural senses. He looks at your face trying to read your expressions still holding your hands comfortingly

“I’ve seen the doctor a few times aswell because my period it’s just been so irregular and…” You stop

“He referred me to the infertility clinic” you cry again

“Y/N w-why didn’t you just tell me?” He questions

“I I’m so sorry I hid this from you I just I didn’t want to disappoint you… I know how much this meant to you” you close your eyes tight trying to soothe the ache in your heart

“Hey hey shhhh it’s okay it’s okay” Scott pulls you in and cuddles you

“Did you really think this was gonna make me love you any less?” You don’t say anything and just embrace Scott’s body around you

“We are going to get through this I promise you, we’ll go to this clinic together, we can try IVF, surrogacy whatever you want and if that don’t work we can always adopt.. we’re gonna do whatever you’re comfortable with. I swear to god this doesn’t change any of my feelings for you Y/N.” he pulls my chin towards him and gently pecks my lips

“this is just another obstacle we will overcome together baby” You smile at his words and sincerity feeling stupid at how you thought this would change anything between you and your soul mate

“you’re right I’m sorry for over reacting” you kiss his forehead

“ I love you” you say this time smiling again, seeing you smile Scott instantly feels better

“I love you too now lets go back to bed” he whispers in your ear while sliding a hand under your knees and the other supporting your back lifting you up bridal style,

“babe?” He questions as he carries you out the bathroom and into the bedroom “hmm?” You hum

“we still have to continue trying right?” He asks lustfully causing your cheeks to start to warm up, blushing you smile at your husband staring at his beautiful physique

. “Of course we do”


imagine dean and cas have both grown up together, best friends, and they’ve graduated college and like. neither of them have exactly found that someone and they wanna focus on their careers for a little while right and so they’re like “hey let’s live together for a while” so they adopt like 3 dogs (golden doodle, obviously golden retriever, and pretty brown lab) and they find a stray black cat in the shelter looking for a fourth dog (“dean, is she not gorgeous? look at her eyes! she has blue eyes like my own! i’ve never seen a black cat with blue eyes, it must be so rare. this means it is meant to be, cmon, dean”) and turns out the cat gets along pretty well with dogs according to the shelter and so dean is really out of arguments and unfortunately the blue in luna the cat’s eyes reminds him a terrible amount of cas’ and so of course he gives in and cas hugs him so enthusiastically dean doesn’t even complain as much as he planned to when they have to keep going to buy different allergy medications because his body gets used to each different one and it stops working and about a year and a half passes by and wow dean is so fucking in love with cas and wow cas is bringing home some guy named Balthazar that he’s been seeing for two months and as much as he loves cuddling with his beautiful golden retriever it seems like the cat just understands (maybe it’s the eyes) and so he finds himself constantly telling luna all of his feelings while she stares at him with big eyes and their golden doodle rests her head and paw on dean comfortingly while cas and Balthazar are out celebrating their 2 year and when cas comes home he looks wrecked but…. at peace??? and dean’s heart is aching because honestly what the fuck did bitch-a-zar (yeah, dean calls him that in his head. So Fuckin What) do to the love of his fucking life (also yeah, dean accepted this wasn’t just a crush a while ago) (by a while ago he means literally like three weeks ago because dean refusing things is just so much easier in his head but hey, his break through happened) and it’s as if cas can sense dean’s concern-hidden-by-protective-anger and says “he didn’t break it off, dean. i did.” and then he makes his way to his room and tuts so that Luna follows, but not before she gives dean a look that basically says “stop being a little bitch and tell him” (what the fuck. cats are weird) and when cas doesn’t come out of his room the next day for their weekly Saturday movie night (neither of them has missed a day since mary died. that was 16 years ago) dean decides to go in and is confused when he sees cas crying with bloodshot eyes (not because he assumed he’d be fine, but because cas is such a loud cryer and he hasn’t heard him all day) but willing to listen if cas would just fucking look at him and he knows cas knows he’s standing there and god dean knows this is the worst fucking time to do it but he just wants to tell cas how he feels and instead Dean says, “cas?” and when cas responds with a broken, “dean, please. i know tonight’s movie night but i just.. i can’t bring myself to it. i haven’t cashed in my one time out. please let me use my one time this time.” deans heart is actually breaking as he says, “as long as you’re okay with using your one time on an asshole like that.” all that seems to do to cas is make him cry slightly more, and dean hates himself immediately, fuck what did he say what did he say what did he say, and cas says, sort of bitterly, but more directed at himself, not dean, “trust me, Balthazar is amazing. in another life, i probably could’ve married him.” and deans heart Fucking breaks in half, literally, he hears the tearing of it, he swears, and dean says “why don’t you do it now?” and he knows how broken that just came out but he doesn’t care he just fucking wants cas to be happy and then cas says, “im in love with someone else.” and dean is surprised, because that’s so unlike cas, to not tell dean about this kind of thing, and says after a moment, “you’re sure it’s love?” and when cas scoffs deans already half broken heart aches, “trust me. the way he makes me feel? ive never been more sure.” and dean is about to just say okay awkwardly and leave before crying his own amount of heartbroken tears in the privacy of his own room, but then cas continues, “I never thought I would have my definition of love, I never thought I would truly know what it was. I thought I had it with balth, but.. I was wrong. I knew I was wrong when he proposed to me yesterday and I was thinking ‘his spaghetti looks good’.” cas scoffs, at himself this time, “god, the answer’s been in front of me the whole time. almost my entire life.” and then he puts his head in his hands, as dean says, “cas, who has you all worked up like this? is he really deserving of you stopping your life like this?” and now cas gives out a laugh, but it’s bitter, this time directed at both himself and dean, saying “you would disagree, but he deserves everything I could ever give him and more. he’s imperfect in the best way,” and dean responds, “i know him?? who is he?” and dean regrets asking the second he does because he’ll never be able to be civil to that friend ever again, but dean realizes cas has said it and dean couldn’t hear him because he was wrapped up in his own thoughts and cas’ words were still mumbled by his own hands and when dean says, “who, cas?” again, cas stands up suddenly and crowds dean against the door frame and wow, who needs breathing, dean doesn’t, “you.” cas puffs a breath of air into deans face, eyes closed, as dean processes what’s happening, “it’s you, dean. you’re the reason I broke it off with Balthazar. youre the one that deserves everything in the world. you’re the one I’m in love with. you’re the one that gave me my definition of love.” and cas’ eyes aren’t closed now, but they’re downcast, and dean gets his attention by reaching out and touching his cheek with a gentle hand and a quiet, “cas, please kiss me” as they make eye contact and well, if a year later dean proposes to cas with a piece of paper attached to Luna’s collar and cas does the same thing on their golden doodle’s collar, then, well, that’s their business

House of Cards: Chapter 3 (M)

Taehyung x Reader, with Jungkook

Genre: Smut, a little angst, slightly fluffy

Warning: Infidelity. Please avoid if this is not for you.

Word count: 5,020 words

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

The neighbours were definitely wondering why you were doing a spring cleaning in the middle of November, the sounds of you vacuuming the entire house breaking the silence of the normally quiet Friday afternoons. You had left work a little early to clean your apartment, even though there was not much to be done since you always kept the place spick and span. First impressions are important and from the short conversation you’ve had with Jungkook earlier, you’d deducted that he seemed like a nice guy, so you were eager to have him move in. Especially since no one else had answered to your ad.

The house was perfectly tidy, nothing out of place and not a speck of dust to be found anywhere. Brushing your hands happily, you took the small bag of trash and opened the front door to get rid of it. You were greeted by the back of a young man leaning against the railing in front of your house. The rattle of the door opening caused him to turn around in surprise to face you. You were not sure if your gaping mouth was due to the astonishment at finding someone outside your house, or if it was amazement at facing someone so good-looking.

A moment of silence passed as the two of you stared at each other, then the man said, “Are you y/n?”

“Yes,” you confirmed. “And you are…”

“Jungkook,” he finished your sentence for you. “I was the one who called you earlier.” He started to offer his hand for a handshake but you shook your head and held up the bag of trash to show him the reason you had to decline the offer. “Oh, let me take care of that for you.”

Eyes wide open at his words, you shook your head and jerked the bag away. “No, I can’t let you do that!” Without thinking, you had engaged this handsome man in a bizarre contest of getting the trash. He reached for the plastic bag, his hand following it as you twisted and moved to get it away from him. His reflexes were a lot better than yours, and in no time the trash was in his hand and his body had trapped yours against the wall beside your door.

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Battle for Breath - Sam Winchester

Summary ; when meg comes back for revenge on the winchesters, she hauls sam’s body and makes the cruel and callous decision that hurting y/n will cause the most emotional destruction and devastation on the boys, especially sam. and so, cut to a week later - meg’s damage has been done and sam sits by your hospital bed, hoping and praying with all his heart that you’ll wake up soon, to be in his arms and to come home with him.

Pairing ; sam x reader

Warnings ; hospitals, coma patients, mentions of demon!sam, mentions of violence, sad!sammy, angst, possible character death, cliffhanger ending

Words ; 1.4k

Published ; 18th june, ‘17


Stay safe + ily🌤

Everywhere he looked, every direction he glanced, every angle he tilted his head at and peered vaguely, he perceived the busy hospital ward full of doctors and nurses swiftly rushing and hustling across the squeaky-clean floors with clipboards full of information captured in hand.

And rows and columns of people sitting in the waiting rooms - some dismally clinging to others for comfort, some with faint smiles on their faces, some sitting neutrally; all of them had stories to tell. It was full of noise - whether it was the ignorant chatter or the wrenching cries of the heartbroken, there was noise and it was seemingly endless.

Sam managed to block out all said distractions by his sixth visit; the only noise reassuringly reaching his ears was the sound of the heart monitor attached to your sickly pale figure through various wires - consistently reminding him in quiet beeps that you were alive and, therefore, were able to be saved somehow.

Nevertheless, you lay still unremittingly, the rise and fall of your chest faint and your hand held limply in his. His thumb would occasionally run back and forth across your bruised knuckles as he sat beside your bed on an unforgiving and treacherous chair that he was almost accustomed to, much to his dismay.

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Balthazar Prompt Request

This was requested by @emilyymichelle: How about 70 . “After everything we’ve been through, you still don’t think that I love you?” with Balthazar please! :)))

Word Count: 140

Warnings: none

(gif is not mine)

“[Y/N] just listen to me,” Balthazar said impatiently.  “Stop ignoring me.”

You turned around to face the angel, crossing your arms over your chest.  “Why didn’t you just throw yourself at her Balthazar,” you questioned, narrowing your eyes at him.  “She was practically all over you.  After all, I’m just a human.”

“After everything we’ve been through, you still don’t think I love you?”  Balthazar closed the space between you and him.  His hands attached themselves to your waist.  “Sometimes you can be so foolish [Y/N].  Yet I still love you.”  Balthazar paused, his blue eyes meeting yours.  “Yes you are human, but you’re my human.”

You wanted to be upset with Balthazar, but he was making it so damn hard.  A smile spread across your face as you dipped your head.  “And you’re my angel,” you mumbled.

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Dad!Sirius AU’s

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  • When you first find out your pregnant Sirius would freak out a little bit. He would go worryingly quiet, admitting he doesn’t want to be anything like his parents, and what if he is? What if his kids end up hating him just as he had hated his parents so fiercely? 
  • You quickly reassuring him he’ll be fine, that he is too much of a good person to be anything like his parents. When Sirius realises this, his concern instantly melts into excitement.
  • Sirius sending an emergency owl to the marauders, telling them to get their arses over to your shared apartment ASAP.
  • “Merlin’s dick, Padfoot? What the fuck’s this all about?” Prongs was panting, having just apparated straight into your living room.
  • “I’M GOING TO BE A FUCKING DAD, FUCK!” He happily exclaims to his friends, when he invited them all over due to the, ‘emergency’.
  • When you begin showing he would love it so much. At night he would be the big spoon, keeping you close against him in a protective manner, all while he caresses your stomach.
  • Trailing kisses down your body to your showing belly and talking to his child to be.
  • He would be such a dork about it. But oh my god it would be the most heart warming thing ever when he says stuff like, ‘Mum and Dad are gonna’ keep you safe little one.’ It was sweet, it was always sweet.
  • Sirius being attached at the hip to you when you round the eight/nine month phase of your pregnancy, doing absolutely everything for you. 
  • Sometimes when you both were doing mundane things like watching the TV together on a Friday night, curled up with a bundle of blankets, Sirius would just gaze at you, a loving look on his face. He would be thinking how someone so beautiful, so pure, could end up with someone like him.
  • “Sirius? SIRIUS! Please help your pregnant fiance up.” You grumbled in annoyance, snapping him out of his trance.
  • “Sorry. I was just thinking how bloody lucky I am.”
  • “Well how am I supposed to be mad at you when you say stuff like that!?”
  • Him being kind of grossed out at when the baby kicks, which makes you laugh loudly because, yeah. It did look a bit fucked. But that’s your child and so help you Godric you better take that back.
  • Getting so surprised and freaking his shit when your water breaks, the idiot accidentally turns into his animagus form. Quickly transforming back and muttering out a ‘sorry’, he would apparate you to St. Mungo’s faster than you can say ‘Quidditch’. 
  • Sirius screaming at the nurses for help, and bossing them all around. 
  • “Why haven’t you given her the Epidural yet!? Why does she still have to walk around!? Someone get her a bloody room!”
  • “Sirius?” You would croak out, hunched over in the most unbearable pain.
  • “Yes Honey?” He would take your hand, looking worriedly at you.
  • “Please, just shut the fuck up.”
  • After finally being transferred to a room, and after a lot of tears, screaming, and swearing from you, you would have finally given birth. Sirius hand would be cramped from how tightly you had been squeezing it, but it had all been worth it.
  • Sirius would take the small child into his arms, instantly breaking down into tears. Happy tears, of course, but the guy was such a mess.
  • When the Marauders show up, Sirius would ask Remus in private to be your child’s Godfather. Remus holding your child, rocking them lightly back to sleep.
  • Sirius Black would be the best father. He would be so good with your child.
  • All I can imagine is Sirius with a little baby girl, rocking her in his arms, signing her some old wizarding song he heard once. 
  • Your daughter and Harry growing up together.
  • Sirius Black would be the pushover parent. Whatever his little angel wanted, all she would have to do was bat her lashes and daddy Sirius would fucking melt.
  • This may become problematic.
  • “You can’t hit your cousin! It’ll hurt his feelings.” Sirius tried to be stern with your daughter, but when she starts welling up, he quickly takes her in his arms, hugging her tightly.
  • “Sh, c’mon no more tears, look, we’ll get some ice-cream.” He would try to reason.
  • “Sirius, you can’t condone that behaviour with ice-cream.”
  • “(Y/N)! Look at her!” He whispers, your daughters big eyes wide, and her lip wobbling.
  • You sighing deeply, grabbing your purse. “I’ll get the keys.” 
  • Don’t imagine Sirius black giving his child colouring pens to draw inside the lines of his chest tattoos. Don’t do it. It will hurt you.
  • He would tear up the first time showing you, exclaiming how they’re going to be an artist one day.
  • “Sirius it’s beautiful but-”
  • “No. (Y/N) they’re going to be the worlds greatest artist I just- know it.”
  • Coming home from shopping and finding the two lying on the couch, fast asleep, Muggle cartoons playing in the background on the television. 
  • Sirius would be so bad at explaining things when she would get older. Periods? NAH. Sex? No way. He would go pale when your daughter would ask him about anything puberty related.
  • “Uh-I what?- I- Go ask your mother!”
  • Being such proud parents when they get their Hogwarts letter, yet at the same time, becoming extremely upset over the fact you both would have to go each term without seeing her.
  • You three would be the most attractive family on platform 9 3/4′s. 
  • Your daughter being in the same year as Harry, and would be sorted into Gryffindor too, making friends with all of her housemates, along with (to everyone’s surprise, and some’s disgust) Draco Malfoy. They were sort of cousins after all.
  • “YES! I KNEW IT. HAHA!” Sirius would have been taking bets all year with you which house your daughter would be sorted into. You were convinced she would be a Ravenclaw, but Sirius the little shit just knew.
  • The house would be a lot more quiet without your daughter. You would be making dinner a few nights after your daughter’s departure to Hogwarts, when you would feel secure arms wrap around your waist, stubble brushing against your neck.
  • Sighing happily, leaning back into your husband.
  • “Let’s have another.” Sirius leaving kisses to your neck.
headlights (Reader X Reggie)


Warning: … involves an accident.. that’s pretty much it

Request: Yes

A/N : well this was my first none jughead Imagine… hopefully it’s not bad. It’s quite weird writing about an accident because the only accident I’ve been in ( Thank God ) is when I was 9. We were driving in Mexico and suddenly this car was going mega fast and hit the back side of my grandma’s truck, and I was playing my Gameboy.. and so we kinda swerved and the window was open.. my face hit the backseat of my mom’s seat and I my Gameboy went flying out ….. MAN WAS I PISSED AT THAT GUY. I remember I walked over to the Guy’s car and grabbed a rock from the side of the road and threw it on his side window, my mom had to pay for that damage . XD


Finally it was the end of my shift, due to it being the weekend Pop asked if I could stay a bit longer on my shift, since Mrs.Harmony had decided to take a day off. Of course I said yes because it means free food for me and extra cash, which I need. Sadly because of the extension of my shift, I couldn’t go the the party that someone had planned tonight. It was currently 11:53 p.m. and thank goodness my house is just about six minutes away from here. I quickly run to the back locker room, grab my things , check out from my shift and ran to my car. I start the engine and let it heat up for two minutes due to the cold night that the winter has brought to Riverdale. Once the engine is ready I start to drive home. I drive on the road that’s between the double sided forest. When I’m about 3 minutes away from home I stop at the intersection and check if any cars are coming, I start to increase my acceleration but I notice two bright headlights from the corner of my eye coming closer in lighting speed.

Before I could even slam on the breaks the impact of the car hits my side of the car,as a result causes my car to flip. I felt like my body was frozen in time while everything moves in slow motion. I feel the window class break and cut against my skin, my head slamming onto the steering wheel and the seat belt pressing deeply into my chest cutting my oxygen flow. A few seconds later, after the car had stopped moving, I painfully pull my phone out and call Reggie’s number.

“ SUP (Y/N)! You should co-”

“Reggie I was in an accident Please just hurry and call the ambulance, I’m at maple road” I tiredly speak into the phone.

“(Y/N/N), stay on the line in coming right now!” He assures me. Faintly I hear Reggie screaming at someone to call the ambulance.

Every 10 seconds Reggie would speak and ask if I’m still on the line, and all I can say in a weak voice is “yes.” And with every answer my voice starts to fade.
4 minutes later I hear a car screeching to a stop and a car door slamming. I feel Someone open the driver side of my car and pull me out of my seat.
“(Y/N) i’m here okay, I’m here. Breath with me, in, out… in , out.” I here Reggie speak to me, though I know he’s right next to me I feel like his voice is fading away.

“(Y/N) don’t fall asleep! The ambulance is on it’s way.”
Suddenly I think of the person who crashed into me.

” Reggie, what about the other driver.. Are.. are they okay?” I ask with difficulty.

“(Y/N) a friend is helping him, but just stay with me. I hear the ambulance.”

Within seconds I hear the ambulance and I feel myself being lifted off the ground and put onto a bed and carried into the ambulance. I could here Reggie in the background arguing trying to get in with me.

“Sir, you can’t ride with us only family members.”

“But.. She’s my umm..girlfriend.” He argues back

“ Sir , rules are rules I can’t let… SIR get out of the car right now!”

Softly I feel Reggie hold my hand as he says “I’m right here for you .” And that’s the last thing I remember until passing out.

I hear a beeping sound of a machine and the feeling of needles and strings being attached to me. When I open my eyes I’m blinded by the white light above me, once my eyes get used to the lighting I look around and notice I’m in a hospital room… I then feel movement around my lap area and notice Reggie lying his head on my lap, gently I start to stroke his hair as I wait for him to wake up.

I guess he feels my touch automatically because he springs up from his position and looks at me.
“(Y/N) you’re okay! How do you feel, are you in pain, should I call the doctor?”

I laugh lightly but hiss when I feel my rib area ache.
“ I’m fine Reggie.. just a few bruises here and there but I’m a big Girl, I’ll be fine.”

“ (Y/N) what the hell happened?”

“I don’t know.. I was just driving back home until I reached an intersection and stopped at the stop sign, I looked both ways to check if any cars were coming but saw none. When I wanted to drive again from the corner of my eyes I saw bright lights.. next thing I knew I was in a crash.”

“Why didn’t you call me to take you home? You know it’s winter and the roads get icy! Not to mention that the other driver was drunk and didn’t stop at the stop sign.”

“Call you Reggie? Either way we would have been in a crash! At least only one of us got hurt.” I state weakly feeling myself getting tired because of the argument.

“ Well I would be the one driving, so the car would have hit my side and you’d have less of the impact! While you now got ALL of the impact!”

“WHY DO YOU CARE? I got hit, Get. over. it! Besides you’re my BEST FRIEND and you’re acting as if you are my boyfriend, hell even my father!”

Suddenly I notice the rage in Reggie’s eyes as he gets up from his seat and hovers over me with both of his hand resting on each side of my head.
Suddenly I feel his lips crash into mine and hands as if they were magnets, attach onto Reggie’s neck and hold him in place. Reggie slightly pulls away and whispers “ stop being my friend, and will you be my girlfriend?”

Without a thought I pull him back and kiss him back.

White Walls

White. All you could see was white. Bright white walls that burned your eyes as you slowly tried to regain conscious of your surroundings.

Looking down at yourself you see that you lay on a bed with white sheets covering you and what seems to be your pregnant belly. You look up and see medical equipment connected to some tubes that attach to your arms and hands.

What am I doing in a hospital? You thought. What happened?

As you begin to sit up you notice a head resting on one of the corners of your bed whom seem to be sleeping. You try to sit up more to get a better look, you quickly recognized the purple haired person.


The head immediately jolted up at the sound of your voice. He quickly made his way to your side and with one hand grabbed your hand tightly as the other caressed your cheek.

“(Y/n), how are you feeling?” He whispers. Now that you had a better and closer look at his face you can tell he hadn’t slept. His face was drained and his eyes looked puffy which probably meant that he was crying but, why?

“Did you sleep well?” He asked with a smile on his face. He has now stopped caressing your cheek and now began rubbing your tummy.

“Why are we here?” You asked completely ignoring his questions as you stared at him with concern.

His smile quickly faded. He cleared his throat before he began to speak.

“You and our baby weren’t feeling so well so I brought you guys to get a quick check up to make sure everything was fine. But don’t worry-”

“How long have we been here?” You ask not caring that you interrupted him.


“How. Long. Have. We. Been. Here.” Your stare boring right through him.

He looks down as if he were thinking of an excuse. He looks up, your eyes still attached to his face.

“We have only been here for a while love, I already told you.”

Lies. He was never good at lying and you knew when he was telling you the truth and right now he wasn’t. But you knew that he wasn’t going to tell you the truth no matter how much you insisted.

“Hmm, a while I see. Explains why you are still wearing the same clothes you wore two days ago. Also explains how your face clearly shows the amount of sleep you haven’t been getting.”

His eyes nearly popped out his head at how surprised he was that you didn’t believe anything that he said and that he was caught in his own lies.

The room remained silent and you stared at each other for a few seconds before Yuta stormed out the room.


It was no use he was already gone. You sighed as you rubbed your belly. Even though Yuta didn’t tell you exactly what was going on, you couldn’t help but think the worst. The thought alone of something happening to your baby made your heart ache and want to shatter into a million pieces. You weren’t going to let nothing happen to your baby, whatever happened you would protect it until your last breath if it came down to it.

 Everything is going to be okay baby. You will be okay, I promise. I won’t let no one and nothing hurt you. A tear runs down your cheek as you begin to drift to sleep once again. 

 ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ •~ 

 The sound of two voices awoke you from your sleep. You slightly and slowly open your eyes to see who they were coming from. You can barely see anything due to the bright light that was coming from the window. You open your eyes a bit more and you see that Yuta is facing your way and is talking to what seems to be the doctor. You can tell from his facial expressions that he is not happy at all. Frustration and sadness are reflected more than anything else. His eyes getting more and more watery as his discussion continues with the doctor. You try your hardest not to move a lot so you can hear what they are talking about because you knew that if they realized that you were awake they would quickly shush the doctor and have the conversation elsewhere.

 “We don’t have much time, Mr. Nakamoto. You must choose now, things have gotten more complicated and we’d lose them both if we don’t hurry.“

 “How can you ask me to choose just like that? You think this is easy?! “

“ I know this is one of the hardest decisions anyone has to face in life but its better to save one, rather than having both of them go.”

 Save one, rather than having both of them go? The words replayed repeatedly in your head as you began to feel dizzier by the second as you tried to process what the doctor was trying to say.

There’s a possibility my baby won’t live?! Your head spun ten times faster than it already was. How can someone so pure and innocent be so close to being brought out into the world but also so close to be taken out of it. A little human who won’t be able to live as long as you would’ve wished. Who won’t be given the opportunity of living their life just like you were given. The thought alone of your baby not being able to see his dad made your heart ache the most. 

Yuta wants nothing more in life but to have your baby in his arms and give it all the love that you knew he was capable of giving. Which is why it’s hurting him more than ever to have to choose between you and the baby. He loved you and a lot. You are the love of his life just as he is yours. Your lives without each other would be a total tragedy. But you knew that both would agree that if it was between you and the baby, you guys would choose the baby without a doubt.

A loud and hard noise made you break from your thoughts. You slowly look up and you see that it came from Yuta banging his fist on one of the tables. You can tell that he was angry. Anger, frustration and sadness only seem to reflect off from his face. He ran his hands through his hair as he finally made eye contact with the doctor. 

“How much time do I have?” Yuta says as he wiped the tears that were beginning to leave his eyes. 

“Not a lot. We must act fast before we can no longer save them.” Yuta’s eyes begin to fill themselves with more tears. 

You knew how much this was hurting him, it hurt you just as much, but you knew once you guys talked it out he would not think twice and would choose to save the baby.

“Yu-ta.” You say as you start to fully open your eyes and begin to sit up. Both Yuta and the doctor make eye contact. Taking that as cue the doctor begins to head towards the door and leaves you and Yuta alone.  

He wipes away his tears as he comes over to sit next to you and grabs your hand as he smiles weakly. With your other hand you caress his check and lean in to kiss him. The kiss was short but sweet. It felt so sincere and full of love. You slowly start to move away as you see confusion splattered on his face. You give him a smile.

 "What was that for? He asked.

“I just wanted to kiss you since it may be the last time I feel your lips on mine.” You say as you lower your eyes from seeing his face because you knew you wouldn’t be able to handle his reaction. 

“Wait what? No. No!  We’re not doing this, I have already made my decision.” He says as he stands up rather quickly due to his anger that is starting to build up once again quickly inside him. You meet his eyes. 

“I have too and I’m happy to know that we both made the same decision. Our baby will-.” 

“I want you.” He bluntly said. 

“What?!” You were trying to comprehend what had just spill out of Yuta’s mouth. 

“I have made my decision…I want you to live.” You were in utter shock, unable to speak. He was choosing YOU over the baby that he had always dreamed of having?! How was this even possible! As you much as you tried to wrap your head around it you couldn’t and wouldn’t ever understand. 

Rage quickly building inside of you as you looked up at him, he looked down to avoid your gaze glaring at him. “How can you do this to me, to yourself, to OUR baby! What happened to all that you said that you wanted to do with our baby once we had him in our arms?!” You say as your voice gets louder with ever word you speak. 

“I don’t want nothing if I don’t have you with me.” He says as he looks up at you with teary eyes. “What?! We are talking about OUR baby Yuta! A baby who hasn’t been out into the world yet. A little innocent baby who we shouldn’t be deciding if he should live or not! You can’t do this to him!” 

 “No! YOU can’t do this to me! How can you possibly think of leaving me all alone! How do you think I feel knowing you want to leave this world without me. If that’s the case then take me with you cause I don’t want to be in a world where there is no you!” He says as he gets closer to you and grabs your face in both of his hands. You move your face away from his hands and violently pushing him away from you. 

“How can you be so fucking selfish and just think about your needs.” You say as you begin to cry. Yuta tries wiping your tears but you turn away from his touch. You can see that it hurts him. 

“I really thought you loved our baby but I guess not.” You say as you look down at your belly and rub it softly. “But I do and I promise that I won’t let you or no one hurt him. 

“I love him just as much as I love you. This has been a very hard decision for me believe it or not but I don’t want to lose you. (Y/n) we can always have another baby.” He says as he tries to grab your hand but once again you neglect his touch. You began to shake your head. 

“What if we can’t anymore? What if this was and is our only chance of becoming parents? Could you live normally knowing that we let our only chance go?” Your anger slowly beginning to cool off. Yuta remains silent as he looks down at your belly and thinking about what has been told to him. 

“What if I’m not meant to be a dad? What if I don’t have what it takes?” He says with sadness in his eyes. You bring your hands to his face as you rub your thumb across his cheek. 

“Don’t say that, you will be a wonderful dad. I know you will.” You say as you bring him in another kiss.


Yuta’s POV

I open my eyes to the blinding light that was shinning through the open window. I stretch a little before I try to remember where am I as I turn to see her sound asleep right next to me. I smile at how beautiful she looks so peaceful compared to how she was a few hours ago. 

“Yuta, promise me that you will take care of our baby and give him all the love he deserves.” She says as she stares right at me. I smile and and give her a small peck. 

“I promise love, now rest.” The sound of the heart monitor makes makes me break from my thoughts. I turn to kiss (Y/n) a kiss so she can wake up. She doesn’t move. She has always been a heavy sleeper so I kiss her again but this time I continue kissing her multiple times since this usually wakes her up. Still nothing. 

“Baaaaabe waaaake uuuup!” I say as I begin to slowly shake her but that doesn’t work either. I continue shaking her, she still doesn’t budge. 

The sound of the heart monitor starts going off with a loud beep. My heart drops. 

“No! No! No! (Y/n) please wake up! Please babe! Don’t leave me (y/n) please! As I’m screaming and hugging her the machine is still going off. The sound numbing me as I hold her close and kiss her. Tears running down my face wetting hers. 

I feel a pair of hands pull me away from her. I see that nurses and the doctor are rushing in and attending (Y/n). I try to break free from the hands holding me back. I didn’t want to leave her and my baby here. I want to be close to them. I fight and fight to get free but it is no use. 

”Please save them doctor, please I beg you!“ I yell as they slowly close the door on my face. I stare blankly at the closed door still numb from all that has happened and is happening. I don’t know what’s going on but all I know is that my life is falling apart as well as my heart.

To Be Continued… 

Sleep - pt 16

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“You’re showing some skin.” Jimin raised his eyebrows and took in your sleep wear.

“I feel new.” You exclaimed, having just stepped out of the shower, freshly shaved and clean.

You had on very short shorts a fluffy, soft, blue material and a white tank top. You ran your hands over your arms and legs, taking a deep breath to show your happiness.

The motel was nice. You were even able to do some laundry but it was late and you both couldn’t stop yawning.

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I'm still amazed that canon!Anakin didn't make queen->empress leap when talking to PADME about a WISE LEADER. It should have been logical (well Anakin-logical). I mean would the Kingdom->Empire leap be more logical than Republic->Empire ? I dunno, but it should have been canon #Empress!Amidala

I mean, I wouldn’t be shocked if that what he was picturing while he was all drunk on the Dark Side and talking about murdering Palpatine and everything at the end there on Mustafar? Vader is sort of all about ruling the galaxy with his loved ones, that seems to be a bit of a running theme with him. I mean, with what few loved ones he HAS and all. He definitely wants a buddy, it’s actually very depressing. He probably had PLENTY of chances to kill Palpatine over the years but, like, why would he? Then he wouldn’t have had ANYONE. 

But yeah I can’t help suspecting that if Obi-Wan had stepped off that ship like “yes, Anakin, you were right about everything, now let’s murder that manipulative bastard and we’ll rule together”, Vader would’ve ABSOLUTELY eaten that up with a FUCKING SPOON. Like, there is literally no one Vader is attached to who he would not have done that for? If Ahsoka’d gone “I should never have left you, Master, teach me the ways of the Dark Side” or Leia in the first five minutes of the OT had been like “so anyway the Organas tell me I’m your daughter” he would’ve blown EVERYTHING up and gone straight to Palpatine to STAB HIS FUCKING FACE OFF. 

It’s actually super-depressing, in retrospect. Or super Jareth, maybe. How does it go? “I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say, and I will be your slave”? 

Talk to Me - Mercy76

@princevolker2788 sent:  Angst 20: Mercy76, Jack to Angela 

Based off the writing prompts thing I posted here.

Here you go!  I hope you enjoy this~!

Talk to Me

She’d been quiet for so long.

Her hand remained wrapped around that limp forearm. No matter what she did, nothing would come of it. She wasn’t a miracle worker. She couldn’t bring back the long dead.

Her crestfallen expression remained frozen on her face. Although her tears had long dried, the scars left behind were a permanent reminder of what was lost.

According to stories, there was once a time in Angela’s life where she saw no light. She lost everything she ever had and was cast into darkness. She fell down into the pit of despair and, at one point, contemplated taking it all away. Putting an end to the pain, the misery, the loneliness. There was nothing left for her in this life. Fate’s cruel ways had purged her of what light and happiness she had.

She was a mess. And she had decided that no one deserved to pick up her broken pieces.

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Cedric Diggory/Reader- Distraction

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Prompt: Could I request another Cedric x reader where he keeps distracting her from homework. (Reader is a ravenclaw). thanks so much for the other one btw. ily 😄

A/N: Request are always open feel free to drop by! This was requested by @crazyfangirl345. Thanks so much for requesting!

    Final exams were coming up, so that meant every single minute of your free time was going to be spent in the library. Even after meals you would go straight to the library wasting no time. You just so happened to make friends with Hermione Granger, she also studied in the library a lot during exams. Being a Ravenclaw you took your exams very seriously.

    “Are you coming with me to the library Hermione?”

    “Sorry (y/n) I can’t. I have to help Harry and Ron.”

    “Okay then. Have fun!”

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I always knew. That it was too good to be true. That it couldn’t last. That life isn’t like that, life isn’t generous. You mustn’t love someone. You mustn’t become attached to someone. Life begrudges you that. It takes everything away from you and it laughs in your face. It betrays you.

January comes before I am ready.

It flips me upside down and pulls you away before I am ready. We turn cold along with the weather. 

February breaks me. 

It takes away everything I have been holding onto and leaves me behind. It pushes me lower than I have ever been pushed, and steals every ounce of strength I have left. I am weak. For the first time in three years, you do not call. I know you are waking up next to her- Happy Valentines Day. 

March consumes me.

It turns me into the person I swore I would never be. I give you an ultimatum and you still don’t choose me. It is your birthday, and you spend it with somebody else. Happy 21st. 

April makes me face myself. 

It tries to make me love myself even though you do not, but this is a lesson I am not ready to learn yet. I do not recognize myself, nor do I recognize the person you are becoming. 

May brings change. 

It forces me to be stronger than I am capable of being. The flowers begin to bloom along with new losses. I say goodbye to the world I should have been apart of, but you kept me from. 

June brings false hope. 

It makes me realize that even after all this time, I am still waiting for you to come back. everything around me is familiar again. I see you for the first time in months and you wave old promises in front of my face. I almost fall back into your trap. 

July looks like new beginnings. 

It tells me that it is time to let go and appreciate my own worth. It shows me the importance of self acceptance and the difference between love and attachment. It tells me to stop running back to you. I give back the last pieces of you, they are back where they belong. 

August makes me brave. 

It shows me my strength and helps pick me up after you pushed me down. It reminds me that you aren’t you anymore, and I begin to let go. I move to a new town and stop letting you fill the empty spaces in my mind. You are no longer my first thought in the morning. 

September puts me back together. 

You are not my story to tell anymore. This tragedy is no longer my identity. I do not need your validation, and you’re absence doesn’t make me feel empty anymore. I accept myself enough for the both of us. The leaves begin to change and so do I. 

October makes me thankful. 

It projects the last two years in the back of my mind. The two years that I spent fighting for somebody who wasn’t worth fighting for, and crying for somebody who wasn’t worth the tears. I thank myself for knowing better than to turn two years into three. 

November almost makes me laugh. 

I look back at old photographs and letters and I almost laugh. I almost laugh because we were so fucking young, and I now know that it was a mistake. I almost laugh because I was too niece to know that you were never worth the fight. I almost laugh. 

December brings me grace. 

I fall in love again- this time it is with myself. Thank you for a year of lessons, it does not hurt anymore. 

Apologies- Calum Hood

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Summary: Calum was being an asshat but makes it up to you

Warnings: Nsfw, name calling (not sexual lmao)

A/N: okay so @dirtyimaginelover94 requested this and I’m so so so sorry it’s late. I hope you like it. Much Love xx (and i’m so sorry bc im so awkward and was laughing the whole time writing this, this smut is shit soz)

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Demeanor was amazing. I love your writing. Will there be a part two?

I am so glad that you are enjoying everything!…and yes, there will be!  Right now.  Here is the last part of Demeanor, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 1)

“Y/N?  It’s for you.”

Turning your head to the nurse, tears of joy still streaming down your face as your heart aches to be parted from your little boy, you pull your hands out of the plastic gloves attached to the box that held your beautiful child as you step over to the nurse’s desk, holding the receiver to your ear as you swallow hard.

“This is Y/N,” you respond.

“Y/L/N,” came Hotch’s stern voice.

Clenching your jaw as silence drapes itself over the conversation, you hear him take a deep breath on the other end of the line as he asks, “How long will you be gone?”

“They say he-…my son…”

Smiling at the phrase as the nurse shoots you a faint grin, you clear your throat as you continue.

“They say he will at least need a 4 week stay in the NICU here in Michigan, and then I’m free to bring him home.”

You ended up choking up a little on the word “home.”

“I’m sending Reid up there to help with anything.  You’ll need to purchase items before you bring him home, and I want someone there that has a level head,” Hotch says.

Nodding slowly, you take in a deep breath.

“Yes, sir,” you reply.

“And Y/N?” Hotch asks.

“Yes, boss?” you respond.

“Congratulations,” he says.


With Spencer already on the road to you in one of the SUV’s, Hotch turns to J.J. as they both take a deep breath.

“She’ll be a single mother…” Hotch trails off.

“She’ll be needing a lot of things…” J.J. offers up.

As the team stands around looking at each other, Garcia finally pipes up with what everyone’s thinking.

“How much can everyone afford to spend?”

“Rossi and I can go get into her apartment and clean out a room for a nursery,” Morgan offers.

“And I can go paint shopping for some colors,” Hotch offers.

“I’ve got a lot of stuff from Henry’s baby days, clothes and a swing and a crib set,” J.J. offers.

“Oh, I’ve probably got some stuff in boxes as well,” Hotch jumps in.

“Well what about diapers?  I could get her some diapers,” Prentiss jumps in.

“Oh!  And would she rather do formula or breast-milk?” J.J. asks.

“I have connections to a hospital downtown where I do volunteer work!” Garcia squeals, “Maybe they can point me in the right direction for some breast-milk!”

“Won’t she need a deep freezer?” Morgan asks.

“I’ve got a spare if she doesn’t,” Rossi offers.

And as the team begins to walk as a group towards the elevators, discussing colors for the nursery and whether or not a rocking chair would be suitable for your supposed parenting style, they all gather in the elevator as Hotch’s cell phone vibrates on his hip.

Furrowing his brow as he opens his phone, a huge smile spreads across his face as his eyes begin to glisten with tears.

“She’s gonna be a wonderful mother,” he whispers, turning the picture of the tiny child you had sent to him around for the rest of the team to see.


Standing there as you watch your child sleep for the 8th time that day, you feel your own eyes begin to droop as a nurse comes and puts her hand on your shoulder.

“Why don’t you go find yourself a room for the night?” she coos.

“No, no,” you breathe, yawning as you shake your head, “I can’t leave him.”

“Sweetheart…” the nurse urges.

“Please,” you whisper, whipping your head towards her as your eyes well with tears, “please don’t make me leave him.”

Nodding slowly as she gives you a weak smile, you watch her leave just as a familiar face pokes itself around the corner.


Feeling a smile creep across your face as he props a box up under his arm, you stroke your son’s small cheek one last time before slowly walking over to him, stepping out of the way of the door-frame.

“Reid,” you breathe as you wrap your arms around his neck, “w-w…what are you doing here?” you ask.

“I’ve been tasked with watching over you until you and your son get home,” he says, grinning from ear to ear.

As your eyes move from his face to the box under his arm, he holds it out for you before he sets it on the ground.

“I was talking with the woman in the store,” he says as he pats the top of the box, “and she said that this was the safest car-seat/stroller combination for a newborn.”

Feeling tears well in your eyes as you place your hand on top of the box, you watch as Spencer holds his hand out in front of you.

“If you give me your keys, I can go find your car and install the base of the car-seat.”

And as you feel a smile creep across your face…a genuine smile that had been buried for far too long…you look back up at Spencer as you unclip your keys from your belt loop, handing him the carabiner of metal as he bends down and places a chaste kiss on the top of your head.

“I’ve missed that smile,” he whispers, catching your gaze one more time before be picks up the box under his arm, strutting himself down the hallway as you watch him fall into the background.


Three weeks had passed and Spencer was fraught with updates.  He had finally convinced you to find a hotel room during your stay after the rest of the parents had complained about a particular odor coming from your corner of the room.

Spencer had taken you thrift shopping for a few outfits, as well as driving you to the store for some cheap toiletries and some snacks for the weekly hotel room you were renting out.

You spent all of your free-time at the hospital, witnessing the first time your son opened his eyes, locking his stare onto you as your hand caressed his cheek.

You felt the first time he wrapped his petite, spindly hand around your finger as you smiled down at him, your heart aching for his touch as you tickled his stomach.

You even jumped at the opportunity when he made his first sound.

“Spencer!” you had yelled, running over to the rocking chair where he was asleep, “Spencer!  Wake up!”

“Huh?  What…what’s wrong?” he asks, his dazed gaze whipping around the room as you cup his face in your hands.

“He squeaked!” you squeal.

“Oh my god, really!?” Spencer exclaimed, jumping out of the chair as he dashed over to the now-bassinet that your little one had been transferred to.

And as Spencer’s large fingers danced over your son’s belly, his eyes opened as he squeaked.

“Oh my goooooood…” Spencer coo’d, tears rushing to his own eyes as he gazes down lovingly at the little child in the bassinet.

And as the two of you stare down at the child, whose lungs had grown and whose skin had filled out, the nurse comes up behind you as she pats you on the shoulder.

“Do you want to hold him?”

Shooting your gaze around to her, your jaw unhinging as your hands begin to shake, you nod your head as she smiles, dipping her arms into the bassinet as she picks up your son, swaddled close in the blankets that Spencer had purchased a week ago as she descends his little body into your arms.

Feeling a rush of emotions as tears begin to pour down your face, your jaw begins to tremble as you feel Spencer set his hands down on your shoulders, peering over the top of your head as you bring the little boy’s face to your own, puckering your lips and kissing his forehead.

“My little Daniel…” you whisper.

“Ah, so we have a name,” the nurse says, rummaging around for a pen as she grabs some blank paperwork for his birth certificate.

“Hit me,” she says.

“Daniel,” you choke out, “Daniel Jackson.”

“And the last name…?” she asks.

Pausing as you furrow your brow, you crane your head around to take in Spencer’s face as you work your way out from under his grasp, turning towards him as conflict starts dancing on your face.

“What should his last name be?” you ask.

And as Spencer’s eyes dance across your face, his brow stitching itself together as he brings his thumb up and wipes your tears away, you watch as he swallows hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down.

“I think…” he trails off, “…that he would want his mother’s last name,” Spencer finishes.

And as Spencer holds his breath, watching the conflict wafting behind your eyes, he breathes as sigh of relief through his nose as you say, “Y/L/N. Daniel Jackson Y/L/N.”


You had been gone from the BAU for 4 weeks and 5 days.

And while you thought the day of Daniel’s discharge would never come, you were nervous about taking him home.

“I have nothing for him,” you whimper, your eyes drenched in sadness as Spencer hands you the diaper bag you had purchased the day before.

“All he needs is a bottle, warmth, a dry diaper, and love,” Spencer reassures you, his hand rubbing your back as the elevator doors ding open.

The hospital was kind enough to send you with a cooler supply of breast-milk for three days’ worth of feedings.

You just didn’t know how you were going to acquire it once you got home.

“Don’t worry about it, we’ll think of something,” was all Spencer would offer up.

Clicking the bucket car-seat into its base, you smile at the sleeping child as you lean in and kiss his forehead.

“You gonna follow me?” Spencer asks as you close the door softly to your car.

“If that’s alright, yeah,” you say.

“Of course,” he says, grabbing your shoulders as your gaze flutters up to him.

“What?” you chuckle breathlessly, admiration in his eyes dancing around your face.

“You are incredible,” he says.

“Hardly,” you snicker, feeling the red rise in your cheeks.

“No…listen to me,” he says as he dips down into your gaze, finding your eyes as he locks onto your stare.

“You.  Are.  Incredible,” he enunciates.

And as a broad smile crosses your face, your eyes widen when Spencer presses a chaste kiss to your lips, your eyes searching his frantically as he rears back up.

“Um…I uh, I just-”

But before he could get his statement out, your hands wrap themselves in his sweater vest, pulling him close as his arms wrap around your waist, your lips rearing up to his as you cock your head to the side, your tongue desperately seeking to deepen the kiss as his hands splay across your back.

“Thank you,” you breathe into his mouth, your lips moving against his as your eyes stay closed.


As Morgan flips his phone open, a wide smile overtakes his eyes as he looks up at the team.

“They’re 10 minutes out!” he yells, watching as everyone scurries around, the “Welcome Home, Daniel” banner streaked across the wall above the television in the main room as Hotch and Rossi work to put the last few things in place.

Parking your car in the garage as you unclick the car-seat from its base, you feel Spencer’s arm slip by you to grab the diaper bag as he slings it over his shoulder, your small suitcase full of the things you purchased in Michigan grabbed tightly in his other hand as Daniel snoozes soundly in his car-seat.

“I’ll grab the cooler out of the back,” you say as you shut the door, popping the trunk of your car as you shake your head.

“I gotta get a safer car,” you mutter as Spencer chuckles.

“Spoken like a true mother,” he states as you close the trunk, your eyes side-glancing at him as he winks playfully at you.

Walking into the building and gathering into the elevator, you see Spencer fiddling with his phone as he closes it shut.

“Everything alright?  You don’t have to stay long, or at all…if they need-”

“Everything is fine,” Spencer says, turning his body towards you as he smiles down into the car-seat, his finger coming up and lightly brushing Daniel’s cheek.

“Besides, this is where I’m needed,” he mutters.

Hearing the elevator door ding as it opens on your floor, you and Spencer step out and turn down the hallway, making your way to your apartment door as you fiddle with your keys.

Unlocking your door as you reach in and flick the lights on, your gaze whips up as a movement catches your eye.

“Surprise!!!!!” the team whispers loudly, their hands in the air as your jaw gapes to the floor.

“Oh, my god!” you squeal, going over to Garcia and giving her a one-handed hug as you feel Spencer take the cooler from your hand draped around her.

Looking around the room as you take in your surroundings, your eyes water at the “Welcome Home” banner as you find yourself smiling from ear to ear.

“There’s that smile,” Morgan coos, coming over and giving you a hug as you see J.J. and Hotch gathering around Daniel.

“May I?” Hotch asks.

“Go ahead,” you say, handing him the bucket seat as he sets it on the couch, unbuckling the little boy as he carefully picks him up in his hands.

“He’s so small…” Hotch muses.

“He’s still not quite term age, yet,” you say, your eyes dancing around Hotch’s bent over form as he smiles at the little child in his hands.

“Come here,” Rossi says, tugging you towards your library as you peel your eyes away from Daniel, “we want to show you something.”

As he opens the door to your library and reaches in, flicking the light on, your voice catches in your throat as you take in your surroundings.

Walking into the room as tears pour down your face, you see a navy-painted wall, with a crib adorning it, the orange sea creatures dancing around the crib set as the white and navy stripped sheets are pulled taut over the pillow-top crib mattress.

“Spencer…” you breathe, putting your hand to your heart as you feel your knees go weak.

“S-Sp…Spencer!” you call out as he comes rushing into the room.

Reaching out for his arm as he offers you it to steady yourself, you look up at him as he smiles down at you, tears pouring down his own cheeks as he bends over and kisses your temple.

“I told you not to worry,” he murmurs into your ear.

Looking around the room as you take in the white dresser drawer, you walk over and pull open the drawers, finding clothes upon clothes from sizes premature on up to 4T.

“Where did you…?”

Whipping your gaze up to Rossi, you see the rest of the team has trickled in, J.J. now bouncing a wide-awake Daniel in her arms.

“Hotch and I had some stuff left over from Jack and Henry as babies, and the rest we went out and purchased from sales and thrift stores,” she muses, her eyes never ripping from the small child in her arms.

Turning around the room, the light blues and navies playing well with the orange accents, you see a rocking chair come into view, just by the window with the orange curtains as the light from the setting sun comes spilling into the room.

“For the nights where he doesn’t want to sleep,” Rossi says, coming up and putting his hand in the small of your back as your misty gaze slowly looks over to him.

Throwing your arms around him, you bury your face into the crook of his neck as you sob, your body trembling as he holds you close.

“Believe it or not, baby girl,” Morgan coos as he peels you away from Rossi, “we aren’t finished yet.”

Guiding you out of the room and by your kitchen, he throws open the door at the end of your hallway, giving way to your washer and dryer as you furrow your brow at the deep freezer in the corner.

“What’s this?” you ask, walking over and opening the top.

And the sight made you crumble to your knees.

Putting your head in your hands as your body begins to shake, Spencer rushes to your side and kneels next to you, his arms draping around you as he pepeprs the side of your salty face with kisses.

“Oh my god,” you whisper, placing the palm of your hand on the side of the deep freezer filled to the top with bags of frozen breast-milk.

Hearing sniffles come from behind you, you raise your gaze to Morgan’s as you slowly lob your head over onto Spencer’s shoulder, his arms holding you close as you smile through your tears.

“Thank you,” you choke out, your entire body trembling on the laminated floor, “thank you so much.”

“Anything for family,” Morgan says, helping you off of the floor as you turn towards the teary eyes of the team.

Watching J.J. approach you as she slowly hands you Daniel, you look down at the wiggling bundle of joy as a broad smile overtakes your aching cheeks.

“Looks like someone’s hungry,” you coo, brushing your tears away as Daniel’s tongue begins darting in and out.

“Oh!  I got it!” Garcia squeals, click clacking in her heels back to your kitchen as you hear your fridge door opening.

“Your leave in Michigan was on your paid vacation time,” Hotch states, “but when I get into the office tomorrow, I’ll put in for your maternity leave, so long as you can get me the official adoption papers when they come in.”

“On it, boss,” you smile as Garcia pushes through, handing you the bottle.

“Y/N?” Spencer pipes up.

“Yeah?” you ask, the bottle poised over a frustrated Daniel.

“Could I-?”

Smiling as you hand him the bottle, you take Daniel in your hands as you place him into Spencer’s cradling arm, his arms thrashing about as Spencer slowly dips the nipple of the bottle into Daniel’s mouth.

“Spencer?” Hotch calls out as the team looks upon the spectacle with widened eyes.

“Yeah?” he coos, his eyes never leaving Daniel’s face.

“You need some vacation time?” he asks.

And as Spencer’s eyes flicker up to yours, your eyes dancing lovingly across his face as you watch him cradle your son within his body, he nods his head lightly as his gaze flutters over to his boss.

“Yeah.  Yeah, that sounds good,” he says.

could you do a what kind of boyfriend one for cal?” - anon

In my opinion, Calum would be the type of boyfriend you read about in young adult novels and see in romantic movies (the type that makes you ache for someone to hold at night). I believe the brunette would be very shy in the beginning of the relationship when everything was still new and you guys weren’t even necessarily “official” yet with the way he only pecked you on the lips at the end of each date, always strategically timed his follow up texts to said dates at a “socially acceptable time,” and how his palms were always sweaty whenever he gathered the courage to hold your hand. I think he’d always be one for cheesy texts (including sporadic pictures of puppies and random snaps of things he sees on tour that remind him of you) but he’d never send them until he’d consulted at least one of the boys about his emoji usage. Calum would probably be reserved in the beginning but once he was sure of your intentions and that he could trust you, he’d have no problem baring himself to you.

Calum would realize that you both were in it for the long haul directly after the first time he played you a song he wrote, stuttering all across the lyrics he’d written and blushing profusely when you complimented him and when you received his sister’s seal of approval. Almost immediately after his revelation, he’d would literally start doing anything he could to make your guy’s financial future was secure (doing “adult things” like taking the money he made and seriously investing it in his savings account) considering he planned to give you everything he thought you deserved in your life together (a big house and spontaneous vacations to remote islands just for the hell of it). You’d be the one to calm him down when he got frustrated working on a song (often, the boys preferred you in the studio on designated recording days for that reason) and prompted him to always have a notepad on his bedside table for mornings when he woke up before you and was hit with inspiration for lyrics about your peaceful sleeping face. The brunette would always sends you a good morning/night text despite whatever time zone he was in just to remind you that you were always on his mind and would bashfully shove his head into your neck every time you caught him staring at you in wonder because sometimes, he couldn’t believe that out of all people, you’d chosen him. He’d be the type of boyfriend to giggle every time you compliment him and so much as utter the words, “I love you.” Calum would be the type that would always want to be touching you, whether it be holding your hand, slinging his arm around your shoulder, his fingers tracing shapes innocently on your thigh, resting his palm on the small of your back, or coaxing you to sit in his lap (his arms always automatically wrapping around your torso and resting his chin on your shoulder - not of course before pressing a gentle kiss to the side of your neck). He’d be the boyfriend to always make sure you and his family were his first priority and even surprised you with a vacation to Hawaii with your siblings and Mali-Koa once when he’d returned home after one of his tours to prove it.

Calum would be the type of boyfriend who literally almost shits his pants when you ask him to join you on your family reunion and would always direct every conversation towards you and your accomplishments when your little cousins started to gush about your boyfriend’s awesome job and talent to your grandparents. He’d be the type to wink at your aunt when she asked him about marriage and having kids of your own when she fondly pointed out how in love he looked while watching you play with the kiddies in your family. The brunette would never fail to comply to his grandma whenever you two spent the holidays with his clan when she teased him, saying, “Just kiss the pretty girl/boy already, you practically look like you’re dying.”

In public, the most PDA Calum would ever show would be holding you hand or having an arm around your shoulder. He’d be very mum about your relationship and only smirk and proceed to request the next question in an interview when asked about you.

In contrast to being very conservative around the both of your families and in public, Calum would never hold back when around the boys considering they saw you as a sister and teased you like one, too. It would come to the point where his bandmates didn’t even bat an eye when you and Calum were practically dry humping each other on a random couch backstage before a show or pressing each other against the walls of the hallways of venues while trying to smother each other in kisses. Despite the fact that Calum would most definitely not be shy about being intimate with you around the boys, he’d just smirk whenever his bandmates poked at the hickies littering his neck and scratch marks down his back instead of saying anything.

In the bedroom, I believe the bassist would be very, very passionate and attentive to each and every one of your desires and needs. Calum would be the type of boyfriend to never really show off his money except for rare occasions when you’d come home to a box of expensive lingerie on your bed with a note attached that read something along the lines of “For tonight, baby.” He’d always be determined to give you as many orgasms as you could handle and be very open to any and everything you wanted to try and always make sure to remind you just how much he adored your body. He’d be a huge after sex cuddler - always hiding his face in your neck when you murmur, “I love you, you know,” and only being able to fall asleep after you’d drifted off into dreamland because your breathing while you slept was the only thing able to lull him to sleep.

ashton / michael / luke  ||| +masterlist

Birthday Shh

Fandom: TMR

Request:  I was wondering if you could do a really smutty gally imagine where it’s the reader’s birthday and they have a bonfire, and gally + the reader have been dating for a while but never had sex before. So during the bonfire they sneak out and gally shows the reader some fun ;)

Characters: Gally and reader

Warnings: NSFW, SMUT!!!!! Swearing.


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mmfr thoughts/observations

The Capture & Escape Attempt:

• Max isn’t standing still in the opening shot of him. He’s actually rocking back and forth slightly, and fiddling with his hands.

• He gets caught really close to the Citadel. You can see it in the background right before they start dragging him behind them on the chain.

• That tattoo probably took hours to do. At least two. And because it was such a hack job, when it heals he’ll be able to feel the letters raised as scars.

• The guy with the brand was behind Max. He didn’t see it coming. He must’ve felt/sensed the heat of it.

The Blood Shed:

• Max seems to be the only blood bag with his stats tattooed on his back. 

• I get why they left Max his shirt (so they could use it to cover Tom’s arm tattoos), but why did they leave him with his knee brace?

• Continuity error! Max has boots on when we first see him in the cage, then no boots when he’s hanging upside down, then boots again when he’s a hood ornament.

• There is a blood bag next to Max’s cage who isn’t hung upside down. He has an IV cuff on his wrist similar to what Nux wears, but other than that he isn’t tied up, so at least some of them seem to have completely accepted their lot in life and don’t fight it anymore.

• Max isn’t the only muzzled blood bag. The guy that’s hanging nearest to the Organic Mechanic seems to have metal or cloth over his jaw and eyes. 

• The film reverses for a split second when that War Boy says to Nux “An imperator gone rogue!” which is… a very odd editing choice.

• Slit refers to Max as an “it.”

Furiosa & Crew:

• “Fukushima kami-crazy.” Niiiice worldbuilding. 

• We see Furiosa doing part of the kill-switch sequence even before we’re told there is one. 

• I find it interesting that Joe allows a) his Imperators and b) a couple of War Pup helpers to dress him and see him for the diseased old man he really is. Kind of ruins the façade. 

• Joe says about himself: “I am your Redeemer!” What was it that Furiosa and Max spend the whole movie looking for again?

• I very much enjoy this trend of women in positions of authority in movies giving orders and not being questioned. The Martian had that too.

The Chase:

• The audio synch of the dubbed “First it’s my blood, now it’s my car!” line is laughably bad. (Headcanon: Is he actually vocalizing, or is it just in his head?) 

• Continuity error! The length of the metal bar Max is cuffed to changes lengths a couple of times throughout the chase.

• I love the look Max gives Furiosa. Like: “You’re the reason I’m strapped to this car right now. Screw you very much.”

• He looks like Daniel Craig here:

The Toxic Storm:

• I also love the look in Joe’s eyes when he realizes that Furiosa means to drive through the toxic storm. A combination of “oh fuck” and “I really wish I hadn’t hyped everyone up to believe I was indestructible right about now.”

• When Furiosa punches Ace, the rest of her crew starts shouting in confusion.

• I think the Imperator who puts the breathing mask on Miss Giddy is Asian.

• Slit tried to bite Max’s boot/ankle, lol.

• The lightning flashes are in black & white.

• I love the beat of utter disbelief in Max’s face before he shifts to pure survival mode and starts punching the window. 

• Also, the whole suicidal fanatics who follow a religious cult leader shouting catch-phrases before they kill themselves (“Riding to Valhalla!” / “Witness me!” / “I live, I die, I live again!”) is such a product of the times we live in, but I wonder if it would have been included in the film if it had been made back in the early aughts (remember the flack the 2nd Lord of the Rings movie got for including the “suicide bomber” orc?)

• The final shot of the flare being snuffed out was so artsy and creative. I fucking love it. 

The Meeting/Fight:

• I could listen to the sound of the sand and the chains rustling as Max wakes over and over again. 

• I love the foley effect of the water glugging inside the rig for the close-up of the water hitting the mud.

• Max smiles and laughs eagerly right before the water hits him in the face.

• This is the best fight scene ever and Furiosa is so fierce and competent and tough and I love it.

• The part where she pins him against the rig and curls his finger around the trigger in order to get him to shoot himself is so hot, haha.

• The sound of the gun scraping against the side of the rig is my favourite sound effect in the whole movie.

• He makes a hilarious “mmph!” sound right before accidentally faceplanting into Furiosa’s crotch.

* Capable wears little slipper-boots with curly toes.

The Rig:

• Furiosa picked up and carried the metal thing she’d been using to clear sand all the way up until the point she reaches the rig, and then throws it to the ground just before she approaches the door.

• The look on his face after Furiosa says “You’ve got about a 5-minute head start” tho, because he’s clearly terrified and just being stubborn for the sake of being stubborn at that point.

• The look on her face, when she realizes this stubborn fool would rather sit there and let himself get caught again rather than let them in, and she’s at her wit’s-end and decides to appeal to his id rather than his conscience as a last resort: “You want that thing off your face?!”

• (The fact that she tried to appeal to his conscience at all just shows how adaptable and quick-thinking she is. This is a man who chose warning shots over the more efficient/logical rout of shooting her and Angharad after all)

* People have already commented on how everything from Furiosa’s voice to the sound of the chains have an echo effect during then scene where Max confiscates all the guns. I just love how everything sounds so crisp and sharp once he lets them back inside, even the creaking of leather.

• I’m pretty sure that’s a knife attached to the corner of the door/windshield on the driver side, next to the little squirt bottle.

• The way he holds the pistol close to his face is so damn strange, and yet also the perfect visual cue for how stressed/afraid he is. It’s a shield as much as it is a weapon.

• Continuity error! The lighting and makeup is just so completely wrong on the first shot of Max using the file on the lock. Just flat yellow lighting and there isn’t even any dirt or sweat on his face.

• Side note: Every single copy of this scene posted on YouTube has guys asking some variant of “What does ‘schlanger’ mean?” (as if they don’t already call their peens the most ridiculous things).

To be continued~