i love your dumb face

I’m ready for endless late night talks and ice cream parlors and cute clothes and sleepy good morning kisses and sleepy sloppy goodnight kisses and I love you more than anything in the world. I wanna sleep in the same bed as you and breathe in your scent and hold you in my arms and carry you around and give you lots of kisses and love you endlessly and live under the same roof with lots of birds and dogs and a cat. You’re the most beautifully stunning girl I’ve ever met and you mean the world to me. And I’m so happy to have spent the last month with you and I’m excited to see what the future holds for us.
Kathryn Amelia Hedrick, I love you.

aphze asked:

prague, chicagoooo

  • Prague: Whats your favorite season?

autumn like when the leaves are starting to become brown and crispy, the air is clear and the sun heats you as the light breeze graces your being, i love autumn

  • Chicago: What do you ache for?

i ache for the feeling of someone pressed against me, their lips gently touching mine as time seems to stop. i ache for the sound of their heartbeat rising as my fingers intertwine with theirs. i ache to see the person i love feel happy. that is what i ache for.

emeraldawn replied to your post “I have been reliably informed that telling people, “You’re not a…”

I’m not a doctor, but wrote a fanfic about one once … it counts.

PROOF OR IT DOESN’T COUNT.  I’m going to need a Dr. Stilinski and/or Dr. Hale fic in my inbox within the hour.  Your mission is clear.  DO THE THING.

The biggest and fluffiest cinnamon roll is back and I’m still yELLING IN JOY ABOUT IT!!!!


– /CLUTCHES CHEST ???!!!!! I??? WOW??