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I just found your blog 😭💕💕 My eyes and heart have been blessed by your art. Your art style is so cute and soft!!! I love it!!!! I really love seeing you draw Rick and Morty, oh man, every one of these pictures are soooo good. If you're still doing requests (or if you feel like it), could you please draw a literal pocket sized Morty in Ricks lab coat pocket? :> I really love your blog sooo much I'm glad I found you!

aaaaaa thank you so muchh jeez  (*/▽\*)


“You’re thinking of getting involved. You check the temperature out there. People are increasingly suspicious about foreigners…”

How the Signs say 'I love you'

Aries: “Don’t forget your coat, it may be cold out.”

Taurus: “It’s okay, have the bigger half of food.”

Gemini: “Can I tell you something I’ve never told anyone before?”

Cancer: “Hey, let’s see each other again!”

Leo: “Don’t worry, you’re not wasting my time.”

Virgo: “I’ve never done this before, but I’ll do it for you!”

Libra: “Hey I was wondering if you’d want to go with me to…”

Scorpio: just aggressively stares are you

Sagittarius: “No it’s ok, I’ll pay for your share”

Capricorn: “You idiot, the next time something like this happens call me next time!”

Aquarius: “C'mon, let’s go somewhere fun!”

Pisces: “Please stay safe out there, I wouldn’t want you to get hurt”

Tom Holland Imagine: All Too Well

Summary: This is based off of the song All Too Well by Taylor Swift. So be ready for a sad ending… Im sowwy…

A/N: Idk why I wrote this tbh I didn’t need this sadness in my life…

Warnings: None


“I walked through the door with you, the air was cold… but something bout it felt like home somehow…” 

 "Come on, love, you’re going to freeze to death!“ Tom called.

 I smiled at him and ran up the sidewalk to join him at the door of his parents’ house. Tom sat my bags on the ground and reached into his pocket to pull out his key. As soon as the door was open, the loud scream of Tom’s name filled both of our ears as his family came running around the corner to take in the rare sight of Tom Holland standing inside their home. 

Tom hugged all of them before turning to introduce me. 

 "Guys, this is Y/N. The love of my life.” Tom said with a wide smile across his face. 

 Tom’s mother smiled at me before pulling me into a loving hug. 

 "Oh, I can just tell you’re going to fit right in with us! Tom, take her bags up to her room! We’re going to give her a tour really fast!“ 

 I smiled at Tom before following his mother down the hallway. 

 "I told you they’d love you.” Tom whispered in my ear as he pressed a kiss to my temple.

 "Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place and I can picture it after all these days…“ 

 Tom’s hand held mine as we walked down the path. His other hand held the leash that Tessa was on. I pressed myself into his side as another cold strike of the wind hit us. 

 "I told you to bring your coat, love." 

 "I know, but it’s not that bad when the wind isn’t blowing. And besides, I have you beside me to keep me warm." 

 Tom smiled down at me and kissed my forehead as we continued our walk through the woods. Tom let go of my hand and wrapped his arm around me as I hugged his torso. We both walked in silence as the leaves began to fall around us. 

 "This is my absolute favorite time of year. It’s so beautiful, I could just stay out here and watch it all day.” I said. 

 Tom hummed in agreement. 

 "Well, as great as that would be, cuddling up by a warm fire with some hot chocolate is pretty great too.“ 

 I laughed and hugged Tom even tighter. Tom then stopped walking and turned to face me. 

 "I have to tell you something, Y/N…" 

 "Okay… what is it?" 

 "I-I love you." 

 I stared up at Tom in shock. Neither one of us had said those three words yet. I could tell Tom was growing anxious by my silence. 

 "I love you, too, Tom." 

 Tom’s smile grew huge and he pulled me into a kiss as the leaves continued to fall around us. 

 "Cause there we are again on that little town street, you almost ran the red cause you were looking over at me…" 

 "Why does Harrison have to live so far away from you?” I whined as we continued on the long drive towards our friend’s house. 

 "Because that’s the house his mum and dad bought.“ Tom whined back. 

 I giggled and reached over to turn the music up. I began to quietly sing the song that was playing in the radio. My feet were placed on his dashboard. Even though he hated when I did that, he had given up on trying to keep me from doing. Because I always did it. 

 "Uh, Tom? Why aren’t you slowing down? Tom! That’s a red light! Slow down!" 

Tom then hit the breaks as hard as he could so that we wouldn’t fly out and get hit by other cars. 

 "What was that all about?” I asked as I put my hands on my hips. 

 "Sorry, love. You’re just really beautiful. The wind was blowing through your hair and you’re voice, God your voice. I just couldn’t look away…“ he said as he began to blush. 

 "Alright, lover boy. Just pay attention to the road.” I said, causing us both to laugh. 

 “Photo album on the counter, your cheeks are turning red…" 

 Tom groaned as his mother continued to flip through the old photo album.

 "And here’s Tom after he lost his first tooth. He got so scared and thought he was dying! He woke up and screamed at the top of his lungs. It was hilarious!”

 Tom then stood up and grabbed the photo album from his mother. 

 "Please mum, not now!“ 

 Tom’s cheeks were bright red which made me and his mother laugh even harder. 

 "Well, I think you were very adorable, Tom.” I said as I leaned across and kissed his cheek. 

 The action only made his cheeks turn redder. 

 "Oh! I have to show you the one of him from the time he put my make up on himself!“ Nikki said as she raced off towards her room. 

 "NO!” Tom screamed as he chased his mom down the hallway. 

 "Cause there we are again in the middle of the night, we’re dancing round the kitchen in the refrigerator light…“ 

 I had woken him up after I had a bad dream. Tom immediately took me to the kitchen to heat me up a glass of warm milk to help me go back to sleep. As we waited for the milk to warm on the stove, Tom pulled me into his chest and began to dance with me around the kitchen. 

 "And you can tell everybody that this is your song…” Tom quietly sang as he twirled me around. 

 Tom knew how much I loved this song solely from the fact that Ewan McGregor sounds like an absolute angel when he sings it in Moulin Rouge! Tom immediately became jealous the first time I expressed my crush on Ewan McGregor because he had played his son in The Impossible. Although Tom wasn’t as talented in Ewan, I loved his version a million times more because it was coming from him. 

 "Maybe we got lost in translation maybe I asked for too much… but maybe this thing was a masterpiece till you tore it all up…“ 

 "Tom, I’m not comfortable with this… I want you to follow your dreams, but this is too much. Please, just be honest with me. Is it true?" 

 Tom stared at me. His silence was all I needed. I slid out from the booth in the coffee shop and began to walk towards the exit. As I reached the door, I turned to face Tom one last time. He had his head placed in his hands. 

 "I just wanted you to love me.” I said to him before I walked out. 

 “You call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest…“ 

 I hadn’t left my house in days. The thought of seeing Tom was too much for me to handle. I still love him. I think I always will. I felt my phone ring beside me and I answered it stupidly without looking at the caller ID. 


 "Y/N? Thank god…" 

 "Oh.. hi, Tom." 

 "Listen love, I know I hurt you but she meant nothing to me. I love you. I will always love you. You’re the only girl I’ve ever wanted! I was drunk and I hadn’t seen you in weeks and I was so lonely and she looked so much like you. I love you. I only want you. Please give me a second chance, I won’t let you down." 

 I felt a single tear fall down my cheeks as I heard his pleas. My heart was pounding against my chest, begging my brain to just forgive him so that it’s suffering could end, but I knew I had to stay strong and stick to my morales, because if I didn’t, I would lose who I am. 

 "Tom, never call me again." 

 And with that, I hung up. 

 "Time won’t fly its like I’m paralyzed by it, I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it…” 

 I spent what felt like years trying to fall back into my old life, but Tom was everywhere. His new success with Spider-Man had his face plastered on every magazine. I knew it had only been a few weeks since the phone call, but it felt like centuries. Tom had invaded my heart and I knew he would never truly leave it. I walked down the path that I had walked many times with him and Tessa. The same path where we first told each other “I love you”. I felt more tears slip from my eyes. I felt my heart break a million times more as I saw the leaves fall around me. Memories of the time I spent with him were constantly running through my mind, reminding me of what I had lost. I wish I had taken him back. What he had done was wrong, but if I hadn’t have been so stubborn I know we could’ve overcome it, but now I’ve ruined it. He’s probably already got another girl wrapped up in his arms, whispering all the sweet things that used to be for my ears only. He probably took her down this very path to tell her he loved her. He probably dances with her in the middle of the night and sings to her now. These thoughts ran through my mind as a constant reminder that Tom Holland was no longer mine.


So it happened! I’ve reached 75 followers and couldn’t be happier! I know it’s not Witcher related, but I’m addicted to fashion and know that some of you are too. Anyway, I hope you like your gift! Stay tuned for my next  Within These Walls update which I will either post later today or tomorrow. 

  • This coat is an accessory and can be found in the bracelet category.
  • It is a recolor of SLYD’s Georgia Accessory Wool Coat.
  • You NEED the MESH for this coat to show up in your game.
  • Download SLYD’s mesh HERE 
  • 4 Swatches 
  • Don’t claim as your own 
  • Don’t re-upload
  • Feel free to tag me! I’d love to see this coat on your sims.
  • A big thank you to all the CC creators! 
  • Enjoy!


  • *221B*
  • Sherlock: *sitting in his chair; drumming his fingers*
  • John: *enters* Hey.
  • Sherlock: *distracted* Mmm *looks at him; stands up* you're home early!
  • John: *rummaging in the freezer* Yeah, well...my date didn't like the fact I have a daughter *shoves a bag of peas between his legs; winces* it got messy. How is she?
  • Sherlock: Sleeping.
  • John: *hobbles to his chair; sits down carefully* I'll see her in a bit-
  • Sherlock: *quickly* No time like the present; you must be tired.
  • John: *frowns*
  • Molly: *knocks, entering* Helloooo?
  • Sherlock: *hurries over; smiling enthusiastically* Look, John's here! Isn't that great?
  • Molly: *confused* I thought- *realises* oh, err, yeah. Great. How are you, John?
  • John: *shrugs* Been better *gestures* Aren't you going to take your coat off?
  • Molly: *holding her coat at the collar* No.
  • Sherlock: *puzzled* No?
  • Molly: *through gritted teeth* No!
  • Sherlock: *wide-eyed; turns to John* No. No, she's- it's cold in here.
  • Molly: *pink* Yes.
  • John: ...
  • John: *looking between them* O-kay...I suppose you two want to experiment?
  • Sherlock: *sighs* That was the plan-
  • Molly: *elbows him* It's fine.
  • John: *chuckles* Well, maybe I can help.
  • Sherlock: *stern* Over my dead-
  • Molly: *hastily* What he means is-
  • Rosamund: *crying*
  • Sherlock & Molly: *sigh in relief*
  • John: *shakes his head* No rest, is there? *stands* Daddy's here, sweetheart *leaves*
  • Sherlock & Molly: ...
  • Sherlock: *rubs his hands together* So. Your place?
  • Molly: *shrugs* Sure.
  • Sherlock & Molly: *leave, hand in hand*
  • -a few minutes later-
  • John: *chuckling* She dropped her- *looks around; sees he's alone* bunny *shrugs; sits at his laptop* at least they're not doing it here.

Pairing: Dean x reader

Prompt; based off season 12 episode 11, Dean doesn’t remember a thing, but maybe it could be helpful to you

warnings: fluff, angst, language, spoilers

A/N: I hope you guys like it! This episode was so amazing and I just had to write a fic about it!

Tags: @winchester-writes, @faith-in-dean, @teamfreewill-imagine, @supernatural-jackles, @ellen-reincarnated1967, @for-the-love-of-dean, @shakeswilde

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Of course! The one time you stay home and try to relax instead of hunting, something happens to one of the boys and you have to fix it. “So can you?’ Sam asked through the phone, pulling you out of your thoughts.

You sighed. “Fine,” you mumbled. “You guys are lucky that I love you.”

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Ok! I will remember that, promise. Thank you! Also, since requests are open, how about some yandere littletale, littleswap, and littlefell brothers headcanons? Sorry, I just think they are the most adorable things ever! The whole gang, haha! Maybe an extra bit is what they would do if the adult of thier affections started dating Gaster or smth? Idk, random last thought, Haha! Ily Fracci, your amazing! *Smoochies.*

Of course hun, anything c:

And sure thing! I love the littletale skeles


++ Sans ++

•Generally more quiet
•Best friends with Alphys
•Doesn’t have the BEST relationship with Gaster, gains most family support through Papyrus
•May or may not have a crush on you when first meeting you, and gets VERY exciting hearing you’ll babysit
•Likes to cuddle with you
•Talks about you with Alphys sometimes, you babysit her too every now and then
•Likes to tease Papyrus
•Is a bit upset that you’d date Gaster, but it’s good because he gets to see you more often

++ Papyrus ++

•Very happy most of the time
•Talks about darker topics or rants, but then gives you the happiest smile and says it’ll be okay, leaving you speechless
•You started talking to Gaster more because of him
•He’s always there for you
•Really good friends with Undyne
•Seems to love Sans VERY VERY much, and he’s always worried about him despite being the younger sibling
•Happy when you start dating Gaster, hopes that the relationship works out!


++ Sans ++

•The brightest ball of energy you’ll ever see
•Is constantly enthusing about all of his friends and family and is a very social skele
•Always looking at everything optimistically
•Has an amazing relationship with Gaster
•Has a baby crush on you, but he obviously knows it won’t ever happen
•Likes to make you little gifts
•Is bouncing all over the walls when he hears that you’re dating Gaster, neither of you can calm him down

++ Papyrus ++

•Very relaxed and laid back, doesn’t like moving a lot
•Likes to tease you only to have you tickle him like crazy
•Very protective over Sans
•Good friends with Undyne and definitely expresses that
•Doesn’t have the best relationship with Gaster
•Doesn’t have much of a crush on you, just really likes having you around
•Is glad to hear you’re dating Gaster because that means you’re happy with him. He wishes for the best


++ Sans ++

•Very tolerant to things that could be annoying or disgusting
•Extremely quiet
•Hates having to ask for things so you ALWAYS have to confront him to eat, get something to drink, or anything else you think he needs
•Very cuddly, loves taking naps
•Easily falls asleep on you
•VERY smol as a child, can literally just curl up on your chest/stomach and comfortably fall asleep as long as you’re taller than 4'5
•Wants you to himself but not in a romantic way
•Rolls his eyes hearing you’re dating Gaster, couldn’t care less. He’s upset about it but doesn’t do much to stop you. If you’re happy then you’re happy.

++ Papyrus ++

•Gets irritated very easily and audibly voices that
•Tends to give Gaster a headache
•Gets very picky with practically everything
•Likes talking to you and sometimes makes you little gifts, like a flower crown
•Becomes very cute with you, like holding your hands or hugging your leg
•Wants to be closer with Gaster but is self conscious of him not caring
•Gets easily scared, always hides behind you or clings to you, little bones rattling
•Doesn’t really want you to be dating Gaster, but hopes it’ll bring the two of them closer

Scattered (Yugyeom)

Originally posted by magiccastles

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1,719

Summary: A brutal breakup leaves Yugyeom alone in a new city where he is reminded of his past relationship, he soon finds out that the brutal breakup affected y/n more than he would ever want it to.

A/n: I really hope you enjoy reading this, I worked really hard on it so please enjoy it!~Joy

Yugyeom had headed home from a long day of practice when he saw you and the boys playing a game, he felt annoyed looking at you and saw that you were handing a lunch box up for him. “Babe, you’re home!” You smiled brightly, as you walked up to Yugyeom handing him the lunch box.

“I’m not hungry” Yugyeom grumbled as he pushed passed you, you just smiled and tried again.

“You just came back from practice, have some food!” You offered again as Yugyeom turned to face you, hitting the lunch box out of your hand as it broke on the floor.

“I said I’m not hungry!” Yugyeom snapped as you shuddered from the sudden anger.

“You didn’t have to knock it out of my hands” You muttered as Yugyeom clenched his fists.

“How else was I suppose to get it through your thick skull?” He shouted as all the boys started to get up.

“Yugyeom, chill” Jackson cautioned as Yugyeom shook his head.

“I’m done…” He whispered harshly as you widened your eyes.

“You’re done?” You asked as Yugyeom nodded, “what do you mean?” You asked as he started to gather your stuff.

“I’m done with coming home to this! I hate seeing you, I’m tired of this, I want you to leave” Yugyeom snapped as you took a step back, taken back with his sudden aggression.  

“Yugyeom, don’t do this” Jaebum warned as Yugyeom snapped his neck to Jaebum’s direction.

“How about you back out of this? You don’t know how hard it is to be with her, she’s boring…Everything we do is boring, even the sex is boring.” Yugyeom hissed.

“Yugyeom!” Mark snapped as Yugyeom rolled his eyes. 

“Can you all back out of this? I fucking want to speak” Yugyeom shouted, now facing at you “I hate that I can’t even come home without seeing you, I want to be able to sit at home without someone fucking breathing down my neck.”

“I’m sorry Yugyeom, I didn’t know I was becoming this annoying… I can start coming less? Maybe just twice a week?” You offered as Yugyeom groaned.

“You don’t get it! I don’t want to see you anymore, I’m breaking up with you!” Yugyeom shouted as you felt tears run down your face.

“Yugyeom, please! Don’t do this, I love you!” You begged as he scoffed, grabbing your coat and bag off of the couch and threw it at you.

“Get out!” He growled, as you ran out of the house in tears, Yugyeom felt happy to finally be free but everyone looked at Yugyeom with shame but mostly disappointment. 

A year had passed since that day and Yugyeom had decided to move to another city nearby to “find himself.” It was late at night and Yugyeom decided to travel through the streets to see what the nightlife of the city had to offer. He strolled down to a tiny store that sold cute cakes which reminded Yugyeom somehow of you. He remembered that you loved to bake cakes for the boys and him and it just made him think of the night, after the breakup Yugyeom did nothing but party and talk to hot girls, but he was never looking for a long term relationship. He often found that after the fun night all Yugyeom really wanted was someone to cuddle, but the girls were out of the house before Yugyeom could even open his eyes. He wondered how you had been since then, he wanted to talk to you but he knew that you probably changed your number or that you wouldn’t answer his phone calls. Yugyeom thought to call Jackson to see how you had been doing since you and him were so close. Yugyeom picked his phone out of his pocket and dialled Jackson’s number. “Yugyeom? It’s 1:30 in the morning, why are you calling me?” Jackson mumbled as Yugyeom smiled.

“Hey, Jackson! Haven’t seen you in awhile…” Yugyeom started off, as he heard Jackson groan.

“What do you want?” He cut to the chase as Yugyeom cleared his throat.

“I just wanted to know…” He started again as he heard Jackson hum, “If…”

“Look Yugyeom, if you’re gonna waste my precious sleep time I’m just gonna end the call now.” Jackson yawned as Yugyeom widened his eyes.

“Don’t!” He screamed as he looked around to see the other citizens look at him funny, Yugyeom coughed as he headed into an alley way. “I mean, I just wanna know how Y/n has been…” Yugyeom could hear Jackson choke on the air after hearing what had come out of his mouth.

“Well, this is new…” Jackson started as Yugyeom anxiously gripped on the phone. “She hasn’t been heard of since the breakup.” 

“What do you mean? You’re telling me that you cut ties with her after I broke up with her?” Yugyeom asked, a little surprised that Jackson would ever do that to y/n since he seemed like he would always choose y/n over Yugyeom.

“I wouldn’t say that…” Jackson denied a hint of sadness woven into his sentence. 

“Then what happened?” Yugyeom asked as he could hear Jackson take a deep breath.

“She went missing…On the night you broke up with her she just vanished! Never to be seen again, some say that she killed herself.” Jackson explained as Yugyeom scoffed.

“You make it sound like an urban legend, how do you not know what happened?” Yugyeom asked as he could hear the sigh from Jackson.

“Well…There was an article about a girl who committed suicide and jumped off a bridge, her body was never identified so we had a funeral for y/n the week after you left.” Jackson explained as Yugyeom felt his heart drop.

“W-why didn’t you guys tell me?” Yugyeom stuttered, trying not to choke on his own tears.

“We didn’t think you would care, after your brutal breakup and all,” Jackson replied a hint of bitterness directed to Yugyeom.

“I didn’t know she would kill herself.” Yugyeom shouted, trying to protect himself “Is this why none of you call me anymore?” 

“You killed my best friend, what’d you expect?” Jackson bitterly replied before hanging up. That night, Yugyeom couldn’t sleep at all, he kept thinking about how he could have kept his anger down and could have kept you alive, but instead, he decided to yell at you till you ended your own life.

It was the next morning and Yugyeom realised that he hadn’t gotten a single wink of sleep, he decided to go to the tiny cake shop to get something sugary to wake him up and hopefully some coffee. He went to the cashier to see a very flustered girl, the name tag stated her name was Mina. “Morning! What can I get you?” She asked as she tried to keep a professional voice.

“Can I get a double double and perhaps even a tiny slice of strawberry cake?” Yugyeom ordered as she nodded, punching the order in.

“You’ll very much enjoy the coffee and cake here, we have the best in the city!” Mina cockily added as a way of advertisement. 

“You’re incorrect, my girlfriend makes the best coffee and cakes in the whole wide world.” Yugyeom smiled sadly as Mina’s smile turned into a frown but back into a smile.

“Oh? Well perhaps leave her phone number so we can hire the best in the world.” Mina joked as Yugyeom laughed.

“I wish I could, but she passed away just a couple months ago.” Yugyeom sadly added as Mina coughed, suddenly the air tensed up.

“I’m so sorry for you loss” Mina squeaked as Yugyeom shook his head softly.

“Don’t be, you’re not the one who killed her.” He added as Mina looked at the line.

“Well ah, here’s your order?” She smiled handing Yugyeom his order as fast as possible. Yugyeom nodded as he headed to the table, he took a sip of the coffee and then a bite of the cake, instantly memories flooded through his mind. He was reminded of all the times y/n would come to the practice room with a cake for the boys and him to share. The coffee reminded him of how y/n would make him coffee after he slept over. Yugyeom went up to Mina with the look of shock of how similar the taste of coffee and cake were.

“Who made this?” Yugyeom asked as Mina’s eyes widened and she quickly ran back to the kitchen to bring someone out. Mina had grabbed you out of the kitchen and your eyes had met with Yugyeom. Yugyeom’s eyes widened as he saw you.

“Y-y/n? I thought you were dead?” Yugyeom stuttered as you looked at him with shock.

“Why would I be dead?” You asked him, as you crossed your arms.

“Because Jackson told me that you killed yourself after I broke up with you.” Yugyeom began as you looked at him with shock.

“As if I would kill myself after you broke up with me…I’m not like that.” You scoffed as you looked at him with disgust.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, I missed you so much!” Yugyeom smiled brightly as he tried to get behind the counter to give you a hug.

“And who said I missed you?” You asked him as his eyes widened once again.

“Look y/n, I’m sorry I hurt you…I was just overwhelmed with the attention you were giving me and I needed a break.” Yugyeom confessed as you scoffed.

“And what makes you think that you can come back crawling to me and I’ll forget about everything you said that night?” You asked him as you saw Mina back away from the counter and you soon realised that you were still working. “Look, I’m working right now, can you please leave?” You asked him as you walked back into the kitchen.

“Wait, Y/n! Come back!” Yugyeom called out for you but Mina stepped in.

“Look, buddy, I don’t know who you are and why you’re bugging my boss but stop. She’s my best friend and you’re just a cute stranger that is now a creepy stalker.” Mina barked as Yugyeom stepped back.

“I’m not a stalker!” Yugyeom snarled as she rolled her eyes.

“Whatever, just go away!” Mina yelled as Yugyeom walked out of the store.

Part Two

A/n: I hope you enjoyed part one! I will be posting part two soon!~Joy


Credence Barebone ~ Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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You love Credence and want him to have a better life.

Requested by: My soul

Written by: Head Honcho

Warning: Long, mentions of abuse

AN: My bb boi needs love


You let out a deep breath as you take a seat on the sofa in your living room. After a long day, it’s good to snuggle up with a book to forget about all the problems or rude people you’ve encountered in the last twenty-four or fewer hours.

Right when you’re getting to the part in the book where the main character meets her prince charming, there is a knock at your apartment’s door. A normal person would question why someone would be at their door at this ungodly hour while you let out a sigh of relief.

You rush towards the door, tieing your silk robe shut knowing how easily flustered he gets at the simplest of sleepwear. You open it and there he is, Credence Barebone, in all his… glory.

“(Y/N)…” His voice is weak as he keeps his head low.

“Credence.” You keep your own voice soft. “Would you like to come in?” You step aside and gesture him in.

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I’m feeling autumn guys, I made cinnamon French toast for breakfast, I collected pinecones and this afternoon I’m baking an apple pie (also probably bringing my orange-y theme back cause fuck everyone still waiting for a late summer it’s September and I’m going full force into autumn mode)

More normal-ish icebreakers/first interactions

“Hi, I live next door, I wanted to introduce myself”

“Hey! Excuse me? Sorry. You dropped this.”

“Sorry to bother you but do you know where the train station is?”

“I’ve seen you around before and I keep meaning to ask your name”

“Hey I’m new here, can you tell me where I’m meant to be going?”

“Ouch, sorry! You okay?”

“Hey I haven’t seen you here before”

“You look like you know what you’re doing, can you help me?”

“Mind if I sit here?”

“I love your shoes/coat/bag! Where did you buy it/them?”

This crazy thing called love. || 2

Authors Note: Hi!!! I swear this was a lot better in my head, but oh well! I am kinda really excited to be writing this. Enjoy !! Xx

Part One, HERE

I tap my fingers on the bartop, anticipating for the bartender to subsequently give me the time of day as he bustles around tending to everyone else’s needs.

“Ah, finally found ye’,” Harry’s voice takes my attention as he leans his forearms on the bar, cocking his head to look at me with the same green eyes and crooked grin.

I playfully scoff and roll my eyes, I’m very aware he wasn’t trying too hard to find me; I’m ceaselessly at the bar by this time of the wedding. “You weren’t trying too hard to find me… flirting with one of the bridesmaids again, Styles?” I tease, subtly flicking my eyes to the towering blond in a cocktail dress that excellently shows off her flawless, long legs.

To my surprise he doesn’t jerk his head in the direction of the lady, instead, he side-eyes her, not giving her the time of day before his eyes are back to rest on me. “Yeah, I wasn’t trying too hard to find you, but for your information, love, I wasn’t flirting..”

“Quickie in the coat closet?” I smirk, watching him bite his lip, his nose crinkling, brows knitting into a frown.

He gives a bitter laugh, “One time, it happened once… in my defence I was drunk.” He mutters, “and if I remember right, you got me drunk.” He nudges me benevolently, turning his attention to the bartender, flicking his hand to grasp his attention.

“I did no such thing,” I defend unostentatiously.

In my defence, harry and I can’t be left unattended at weddings, one of us perpetually gets on the tipsy side, habitually, it’s him. Again, it’s probably the commitment issue that throws him into the deep end of hard liquor.

“Two Jack and Cokes, one tall and on the rocks, one neat,” Harry orders graciously.

I give Harry a generous smile, “Just what I was wanting,”

He nods, “It’s what we always order,”

“I’ve been sitting here for a while waiting for one.”

Harry lifts his shoulder in a half shrug, “You just don’t know how to work a charm with a busy bartender, you’re too sweet to show force.”

“I am not,” I shake my head, “you’re just cocky,” I respond, pointing out the obvious, as I always do.

He is never too shy when it comes to being assertive and getting what he wants, he knows how to get what he craves, he knows how to be firm, straightforward, and most of all, he knows his power and charm, he uses that to his advantage.

“Mmm, perhaps,” he acknowledges, “or am I just overly confident and determined?” he challenges with a lacklustre smile, one that undoubtedly possesses all the women he comes across.

“Cocky, Harry.”

“Well, cockiness got you your drink.”  He responds, propping his chin on his hand, his eyes beaming brilliantly at me.

I tilt my head in a nod, appreciative of him ordering me a drink the exact way I desire to take it. Harry’s attention is taking by his phone and he gets himself lost in it while I rotate between tapping the air with my foot while drumming my fingers against the bartop, doing my best not to entirely complain about my boredom. Harry isn’t always the best wedding date, he tends to lose himself considerably often at these things, again—commitment— it is a bitch to him. I rest my cheek in the palm of my hand, observing the people across from me chuckle to themselves and share loving gazes between each other, not shy with making it known they’re madly in love with each other… something I hope to one day have in my life— love.

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To Castiel’s Surprise

gif is not mine

Title: To Castiel’s Surprise

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 943

Warnings: fluffish

A/N: This was requested by anon! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

You first met Castiel after he brought Dean back from hell.  You were talking to Bobby and the Winchesters when you heard the flutter of wings.  That sound changed your life from that day on.  You would always anticipate your next meeting with the angel.  Every time you saw the Winchesters, you hoped you would see Castiel too.

When you were walking out of Bobby’s house, you heard the familiar purr of Dean’s impala.  You stopped in your tracks, waiting for them to pull a stop.  You flashed the brothers a warm smile, waving at them before you stepped off of the porch.

“It’s always nice to see you [Y/N],” Sam greeted.

“Leaving already,” Dean asked, a wide smirk displayed on his lips.  “I just got here.”

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anonymous asked:

please write something about harrry and his gf meeting up at the airport after he's been on tour for a long time. that short video of him at the airport in la made me think about how they would meet up and can you make ti flufffy/cute?

Sorry darling for the long time, but I hope you like it! Enjoy it! I loved to write it and I had a little tear in my eye as I wrote it!!

lots of love as always 


You slide into your coat as you look at the clock, which is hanging in the hallway. A soft smile is on your lips, and you feel the butterflies in your tummy. Grabbing the keys, you look at yourself in the mirror. Your eyes are shining and your cheeks are red because you are nervous. You wear his favourite jumper and skinny dark blue jeans with your white sneakers.

It’s cold outside so you wrap your arms around your body as you walk towards the black Range Rover.

Every time you open the Range Rover, you smell him.  It’s like he is sitting on the passenger seat complaining about your style of driving with a cheeky smirk on his lips. God, you think of his lips as you slide into the driver’s seat. How long has it been since you have kissed his sensual lips? How long had it been since you felt his touch, his warm body, his arms which are your home?

With a sigh you start the motor; you have to wait until the gate opens automatically. It feels like hours. Why can’t the portal open faster?, you ask yourself, ready to kick the accelerator. Finally the gate engages with a deep wiry sound. Kicking the gas pedal, you drive out of the driveway and the gravel crunches under the heavy wheels.

It’s already dark. Only the street lamps give light in a warm orange. As you stop because of a red traffic light you thrum with your fingers nervously on the steering wheel. Your gaze wanders around and you see an old man walking with his dog. The dog walks slowly; obviously is he tired and old. You bend your head to the right as you smile softly.

The light switches, and you turn on the radio. His CD is playing and the corners of your mouth twitch. Elvis is singing as you rush past some houses.  You know you are driving too fast but you are so jumpy.  

As you arrive at your destination you look at the display. 20 minutes. You look at your phone, smiling as you read the last message from him, which he sent 9 hours ago. Sliding your phone in the pocket of your coat you jump out of the car. The airport is well-lit and you hasten into the building.

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To whom it may concern: This coat belongs to Diana Prince.

After Isabel steals her coat a third time, Diana hides a note in the pocket and waits for the day it will inevitably disappear from her closet, or the back of her chair- or her back. But the coat disappears and is replaced again without incident, and Diana worries that maybe she hid her pointed message a little too well… until one day she finds herself sitting in a stuffy lobby, fifteen minutes early for an important meeting, and her fidgeting fingers find a slip of paper hidden cleverly in the sleeve of her coat.

To whom it may concern, the person wearing this coat belongs to Dr. Isabel Maru.

(The secretary startles at the sound of her laughter, and later, the equally stuffy man she is here to see is completely charmed by the way she cannot stop smiling throughout the interview).