i love your art!!!!


Matching spoilery TAZ icons for you and your friends!

Entire pic of all seven is below the cut, but I for one got spoiled (by this, which I love bc I love your art @judgement-booty, and thank you for it bc it gave me the inspiration and the reference needed to draw a quick one myself) so wanted to make sure I hid mine.

Also it’s super sketchy compared to norm bc I wanted to get it out TODAY and I should already be in bed by now I spent more time than I meant to.

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low-key-hamiltrash  asked:

I love your art!! It's so gorgeous!! Could you do Gavroche in 55 or Prouvaire in 96??

I’m sorry it took me so long to answer!!

Here they are, I really hope you like them!
Thanks a lot for requesting and for not coming to me for making you wait so long ;;

cookiexmilk  asked:

could you draw young nathan (nate the great) from his magician days? i love your art <3

As for this story, Sam was only saying fragmentally in the ending
I don’t understand well, but is this Nate correct? lol

I think that “Nate the Great” is a wonderful stage name because it’s felt the innocence of a child.
In the Uncharted 4 story, Nate when he was a child seemed quiet and mature,
But I understood that he was quite confident.

By the way, it was “Handsome Nate” in Japanese version. lol
Well, I think he’s very handsome, thought. lol

Thank you for your request!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm brand new to Tumblr but I've seen your art around and have liked it for a while. I was wondering if you have any tips for setting up an art blog like yours beucase I draw too and I don't know how to like, get it seen. Thanks so much and I love your art! ❤

hey!! Welcome to tumblr bud!! ヾ(* ᴖ◡ᴖ )ノ

okay! So first things first, apparently tumblr doesn’t let your posts appear in the tags until you’re more active. I didn’t know this at first but I figured it out eventually. So what I did was followed 100+ blogs, liked 100+ things and reblogged a loooooot of stuff. Once your posts appears in the tags, you’re set to go! 

As for the tips!

  • Create content that could stand out! I think what helped my blog grow (wayyy to fast) was because the very first art I posted here was of Otabek’s sister. At this point nobody has drawn Otabek’s sister before so it’s new content, you know? So I guess just try to draw something that would stand out! You don’t have to do this all the time. Just try to draw something unique every now and then and in between that, you can just post some casual art!
  • Engage with people! Try to reach out to other artists, writers and any blog you like and just talk to them! Having friends on tumblr not only makes it wayyy more fun but they can also help spread around your art! Also, bonus, you might get lucky and befriend a popular blog and that’ll definitely give you a boost!

  • Maintain a steady uploading schedule! Try to upload your art as often as possible, maybe like once or twice a week (I myself fail to do this pfpfpfffft). BUT it’s important not to pressure yourself to do this! If you get stressed over this, it might affect the quality of your art. So just try to balance it!

also if you want, you could share your blog with me! I could help give your art a boost! I’m not the biggest blog but I could try! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

anonymous asked:

I like high key wanna commission you? Because honestly it would be so worth it i absolutely love your art ;;;; 💕💕

I get massage like these often and I think it’s really sweet
I would like to do commissions one day but idk how 🤷‍♀️
And I don’t just wanna give people black and white art. plus I don’t have a bank account yet since I’m a lazy ass

anonymous asked:

Positive anon)Hello! I'm here to spread some positivity to all ichiruki fans! I just love your art style and everything you make is cute and amazing! It's simple but it's so unique than any other art works I've seen that stands out and I admire that! Thank you for making beautiful art work and I hope you have a lovely day!

Thank you lovely anon, this made my day! And thank you for spreading positivity to all of the IR fans, I’m really happy to be a part of this fandom!

Hope you have a great day as well!

viianki  asked:

Hi! Just wanted to say that I really love your art and it inspires me a lot, specially your coloring style! I don't ship Sasusaku or Cloti but your artworks are so beautiful and I love to see them in my dash, it's a blessing tbh. I'm curious abut the programs you use, do you use Photoshop, Sai or neither of them?

Hi! <3 Thank you for your message, glad you like my drawings!
I do use both of them! It depends from the effect that I want to give, but I never use only one of them!
I love Sai for sketching and making linearts and after coloring with it I use Photoshop for post production (Blurring and coloring the lineart, adding Overlay and Color Burn levels on it ecc…)
As you can see below in the last picture the post production is really crucial for my drawings XD