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request: “77 with george please? i love your stories” - by anon

a/n: thank you, anon 💞 hope you like this :-)

77. “What makes you think I’ll trust you again after this?”

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     Your unpleasant scream filled the corridors of the castle, Peeves the Poltergeist immediately following the sound only to find you covered in white paint and red feathers from your head, down to your toes.

     "Ha! I didn’t know they allowed chickens inside the hallways!“ Peeves shouted and snickered, flying around you repeatedly before going away.

     Soon, Professor Lupin had heard it as well since you were closest to his classroom, and as he went outside to check what had happened, his lips twitched slightly when he saw your condition.

     You groaned loudly once again. “I’m going to kill that git, I’m going to strangle him until he stops breathing and -”

     "Y/N,“ Lupin walked towards you. “What is the meaning of this?”

     Just in cue, you heard two boys laughing from the classroom. You looked behind the professor and saw Fred and George Weasley with their faces red, patting themselves on the back. Though you were only sending a death glare on George since you knew that this was his plan - considering that the two of you had an endless prank war going on.

     "Why don’t you ask George Weasley, Professor.“ you gritted your teeth. "I’m sure that he can enlighten you.”

      “I see.” he pursed his lips before turning around. “Weasley, mind coming over for a second?”

     "Which one, sir?“ the twins chimed in the same time.

     "The one Y/N is speaking of.”

      Fred placed a hand on his brother’s shoulder in a teasing manner, heading back to the classroom while George rolled his eyes and marched forward where you were standing.

      “Y/N! I hardly recognized you. I thought I was looking at a rooster.” he began chuckling.

      Blood boiled under your skin even further because of his comment. “Oh, you think you’re so clever but just you wait -”

      “Y/N,” Lupin stopped you before you can finish what you were trying to say.

     You looked at the teacher and shut your mouth, crossing your arms, still covered in paint and feathers.

     "It has brought to my attention that the two of you have been pulling senseless pranks on each other for the past month, George and Y/N.“ the professor began with a kind smile on his face, his hands folded.

      "In my defense, sir, he was the one who started it.” you pointed at George, his eyes widening at what he heard.

     "Absolutely not. May I remind you that you were the one who made me eat that cupcake that made my fingers have their own fingers!“ George exclaimed.

     You sighed. "For the last time, it was a dare!”

    “I don’t believe you.”

    “What a surprise!”

    “You didn’t have to do it so technically, it was still your choice.”

    “I was forced to do it, that’s why I didn’t have a choice.”

    “Just admit that you’ve been wanting to do it -”

     "Oh my god! You’re speaking absolute rubbish!“

    "Okay, that’s enough.” Professor Lupin joined your conversation, an amused look on his face because of the argument he just witnessed. “The two of you, breathe, and Y/N …” he got his wand from his pocket and with a flick of it, the mess on your whole body was gone, making you mutter a quick thanks.

     "So,“ Lupin began again, "let’s make a deal. I won’t let Professor McGonagall know about this incident, since she is the head of both of your houses and she is quite frankly so close to sending letters to your parents, and in return, you’ll stop pranking each other. Is that clear?”

       You rocked your heels back and forth. “Yes, sir.”

      “And George?”

       He crossed his arms. “Yes, sir.”

      “Ah, perfect.” Lupin smiled. “Now, shake on it, will you?”

      You raised your eyebrows, glancing at George beside you. “Absolutely not.” you scoffed.

     "Why not?“ George asked but you could see that he was now grinning.

     ”What makes you think I’ll trust you again after this?“ you told him, turning to Lupin. "Now, excuse me, professor, but I really must be going. I’m supposed to be in Charms right now but since someone acted so childish, I am late. Thank you for the help, sir.” you sent one last glared to George, waltzing away then.

     George only chuckled, unfazed by your coldness, glancing at the teacher for a moment before setting his eyes on your fading figure as you turn to the left.

    “Ah, she really is something, isn’t she? I’m going to marry her someday.”

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Do you like orange or green fear gas more?

Oooh, this is a really good question anon!

I have a tendency to prefer green, but at the same time I don’t mind it when it’s orange or yellow. It also depends on what version we’re talking about, because some comics work best with a certain color palette. Green Fear Toxin feels the most classic and seems to be used more often then other colors. Oranges and yellows have been seen throughout the Arkham games and add the perfect amount of contrast to his outfit. There’s also the red variant of Fear Toxin that was used in the recent batman/tmnt issues and I absolutely loved it.

I really enjoy the idea of it being different colors depending on the strength and type of fear toxin in use.  The color should also pop against the rest of the page. That’s why bright oranges and greens work best.

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i was wondering why hotaru is a firefly? it's adorable hehe

Why is he a firefly? Read on, dearest anon. I hope this answers your question! Much love. 💕

  • [Kirigakure Hotaru x MC] 

There had been a day, about a month after she had turned three and twenty, when she realised she was in love. Initially, this had fazed her less than she would have imagined, in part because she had always considered herself a little in love with him to begin with; she had always felt a sort of low-key hum of attraction for him, the way she felt every time his sleeve brushed a little too close to her skin.

Lately, however, it was beginning to worry her. They had been huddled together slaying menacing vegetables, and although he hadn’t said a word the entire time, he had broken the thread of silence with his loud eyes the second they whipped around to her, hands brandishing his potatoes in a show of gesticulated pride. Never mind that they had been whittled down to the size of a plum, or that one had resembled the curves and dips of a lover’s body. It only mattered that he had blazed as bright as the summer sun in that moment – so unlike their first meeting, when all she could see around him was a cry through swirling shadows – that she had almost leaned over and kissed him.

She stopped herself, and the moment passed. But since then, she had been revisited by that impulse again: twice, three times, four times. And every time it would wrap her up in warmth and make her gut ache.

Today was no different. Yet this time he had done nothing, and she everything; she barrelled through the thread of silence and reached beneath his sleeve to grasp at his wrist. He had jerked back forcefully, then surged forward so suddenly she had to hold him back with hands clutched at his chest. “No,” she said, and he stilled, staring at her with fire in his eyes, as she ran fingertips over his quivering eyebrows, then down his nose, and across the meadows of his cheeks, which huffed in tandom to the rhythm of the dance she skipped along his face.

She knew he found it a comforting gesture: it was adoring, without being the least bit sexual, and she saw how determined he was, how earnest he was being for her in staying put.

When she finally stopped he blinked a few times, then smiled, bashfully, and she was filled with affection for him: for how beautiful he was, for how sweet he was, for how easy it was to love him.

“Firefly,” she said, on a whim, and he had tilted his head in a live rendering of a question. “Your name. Hotaru.” Her mind buzzed back and forth with thoughts of him. “It means firefly.”

It shouldn’t have split his cheeks any wider, nor should it have sent her vision careening, but it did, his arms winding, crushing, so dazzling and full, she could feel him reach inside her heart and stitch a piece of himself to the edges, clearing away storm clouds she didn’t know had gathered until just then. Suddenly it became ridiculous, her timidity, her confusion, her dithering, all of it this past month— silly. She knew where she wanted to be.

She wanted to be home, and home was Hotaru.

She loved him, she realised, crinkled as she was in his arms. She was meant to be with him. She didn’t know what it would mean for them, but she knew she would be safe.

So she opened her mouth to tell him, on a day not too long after turning three and twenty— and as she did, the swirling shadows lifted, as all around them, the skies in their smiles filled with blinding light.

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As a follow up to that Akeshu cake Drabble, Goro still feeling guilty about ruining it and making a cake for the PT. Whether it's a total disaster or not is up to You! Btw I love your writing!

Anon, that’s a very clever idea! I’m kinda surprised so many people liked that one, lol, I was very nervous about writing Goro for the first time. Let’s see if round 2 goes as well. Thankfully I actually bake fairly often. To anyone who sees this, the original prompt that this is from can be read over here

Also, fair warning, this may be the sappiest thing I’ve ever written. 

Enjoy lol

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Could you do a headcanon about boys taking care of Candy when she's sick, please? I love your headcanons <3

ILYSM FOR THAT, YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW ANON LET ME LOVE YOU. Yes, thanks so much for the fluff and v kind words. I breathe in fluff daily, like, you don’t even know. Anyways, on with the headcanons. Enjoy!


  • Is suddenly a doctor.
  • Has felt all types of sicknesses from his allergies
  • NOT playing this game
  • Makes it a mission to make Candy feel better
  • Is strict, Candy CANNOT stay up late and HAS to eat soup
  • Suddenly can cook soup
  • Always checks on Candy, questions her
  • Feels over her forehead a lot
  • Refuses to let Candy get up, she needs to ‘rest up’.
  • Gets kinda irritated if he notices that Candy’s getting sicker
  • Scared to get sick from her, he’s struggled enough in spring
  • Will kiss Candy anywhere but the lips
  • Sleeps at the end of the couch
  • Hates to do it, but he distances himself from Candy since if he’s sick too - no one can make Candy feel better
  • Had to battle Candy to spoon feed her that nasty grape medicine
  • Gave the “this is out of love” speech to her many times.


  • Knows the basics of colds and fevers, he’s ready.
  • Teases Candy when she complains - but comes with a quick apology.
  • Can make some badass soup.
  • Likes to spoon feed Candy.
  • His soup is the bes t.
  • Again, Cassy is such a worried mom. Will never admit it.
  • Not even close to tempted to kiss Candy. It’s cold but, he hates being sick.
  • Doesn’t kiss her on the lips, he’s not playing that game
  • Let’s Candy wear his tanktop to keep cool, takes some pictures too
  • Keeps Demon away from her - he’s not risking his other babu’s life
  • Secretly getting advice from Lysander.
  • Has a fan around her if she gets too hot,
  • Very experienced with fevers
  • Colds are nightmare.
  • CAN’T STAN D VOMIT he has to leave at that part.
  • Will watch any of her movies, even if they’re horrible to him


  • So lost, so confused.
  • Wraps Candy up in a blanket, keeping her warm.
  • Wishes he was the blanket sometimes.
  • Keeps a distance from her, he doesn’t like being sick.
  • Is really good with tomato soup.
  • Apologies when he has to give her that disgusting medicine
  • Washes his hands a lot after leaving the room.
  • Doesn’t allow her to get up, he’s at her service
  • Jam-packed with tissues, they’re just like BOOM - in his pocket.
  • Gives her mints for nasal congestion.
  • Sometimes forgets to give her a trashcan.
  • Is so disgusted with colds, but he loves Candy too much for that.
  • Gives Candy less kisses, usually cheek kisses when she’s sick.
  • Hugs her often, since it’s a lot safer.
  • Has her go to bed earlier, knows she gets sad about it so he risks his life and sleeps on the couch with her.
  • Accidentally gets himself sick.


  • He’s taken care of a sick Alexy before, he’s got this.
  • He doesn’t got this.
  • Let’s her wear his beanie, for when he’s not there.
  • Wears a surgical mask for shxts and giggles.
  • Checks on her a lot more than Candy expected.
  • Can make some nice soup, it’s kinda burnt though?
  • Doesn’t give Candy the medicine, says it’s ‘too horrible’ to do that to her - half-joking btw,,
  • Actually wore on a darth vader helmet for ‘safety precautions.’
  • Binge watches movies with her.
  • Let’s her walk around, he watches her though
  • Doesn’t avoid her, such a risk taker.
  • Side hugs Candy a lot, attacks her cheek with kisses.
  • Always checks her temperature, has one of those red temperature sticks.
  • This boy is NOT here for the vomit, he leaves
  • Always finds the best way to make Candy laugh.
  • Can’t help but kiss her…and accidentally get himself sick.
  • Still thinks it was worth it.


  • No surprise that this boy is a doctor and a worried mom in the making.
  • Totally prepared, but a little too prepared.
  • Refuses to leave Candies side-
  • Constantly checking her temperature.
  • Likes to purposely cup her cheeks to check her temperature sometimes.
  • Hates how he can’t kiss her.
  • Keeps her on a healthy diet, sleeping schedule, this boy is the best
  • Sleeps on the floor next to her, he just has to be awake
  • Wishes he could have the sickness instead,,
  • Seriously feels bad for Candy, wants to make her better ASAP.
  • Doesn’t let Cookie near her.
  • Fed her the horrible grape medicine.
  • Cuts the pills for her -
  • Gives her his pillows and blanket, he won’t let it spread back to her
  • Cleans eVERYWHERE
  • Doesn’t mean to fall asleep, he accidentally passes out.
  • So exhausted
  • He deserves to be cuddled for as long as he wants.

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Hey just wanted to let you know that I love your blog. Also, I'm sorry that anon was rude to you. I know that a lot of the stuff you post isn't original, but it's nice to have a place where all fandom related stuff can be compiled. I always smile when your posts cross my dash. Keep it up :)

Anon 2: To all the anons: STOP 👏🏾BEING👏🏾SO👏🏾SENSITIVE!👏🏾 ffs.

Both of you are amazing thank you!

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Ur blog makes me angry !! And when I say angry I mean !! Upset I don't have the confidence to join a community I want to be a part of !! I love your blog

Thanks anon! Look I know the whole stigmatization of furries but it’s 2017 and anyone who takes anything furry related with serious hate is a very sad person

Being apart of the community doesn’t mean you /have/ to have a fursona or interact with others
It can simply be from appreciating the art style (no irony) and understanding that good thoughts and good vibes have been built throughout the fandom
But you do you! I hope one day you’ll be able to do what you feel is right

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Can I be your first anon?? I'd love to know more about your career with the Marines. Did you join right out of high school? How many years were you in the service? Where did you serve?

I was in the Marine Corp from 1982-1988. I was in Beirut in 1983 when the bombing hit four days after my birthday when 1/8 barracks got hit…
Did a couple other operations and Honduras evacuation, Okinawa and Camp Lejeune. Trained some troops in Morocco and Tunisia……few other things. Hope that answers your question. My stepson is and Afghanistan Marine Veteran from 2000-2007…that’s how we roll💪🇺🇸💪🇺🇸💪🔥👊👊👊

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🎉, 👀: I love your blog SO MUCH your art is incredible and your wesper animatic is gorgeous, honestly it brings me so so so much happiness when I see your posts :) it also inspires me to draw a lot!!

and holy crap i’m happy that my stuff makes you happy and inspires you!!! keep drawing my dude!!

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who are your best tumblr friends?

I’ve met a shit ton of people on here but my closest friends are probabaly, @fyeahsantiago, @spencerssauce, @luflute, @dominicsherwoodz, @sassuho, @slightly-addicted-to-pll, @emisonx, @cavanuaghs@blackveilsociety and @shayspieterse

I tried to keep the list short i lobv a lot of people on this site jddsjhfhsdjs

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📖 👌🏼 🌷

📖  tell a story

  • Last week I tore some ligaments in my knee (by standing up wrong believe it or not… I don’t play sports) and it was my first time in the ER, getting an x-ray/MRI, getting an IV, and being on crutches. I had to pee in a bed pan and everything it was THAT painful. I’m feeling better tho but I still can’t walk without a cast and crutches :( 

👌🏼 check out your blog (must be off anon)

  • girl I love your blog! you post both tw and tvd so ofc you’re one of my favs :) and I see you’re INFJ just like me - NOICE. and not to be creepy but your home state is very close to mine :) and last but not least your creations… A1 HOMIE I LOVE THEM!!

🌷  favourite blogs


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Hey so I just found out today that a Tumblr user named nyacat39 is copying off your Bendy artwork and not giving credit. Btw I really love your art!

I’m suspicious of this accusation, anon. I see that they reblogged stuff from me, but I haven’t come across any evidence of theft, yet. Would you mind sending me the links of the posts you’re talking about?