i love young justice beast boy too but

It is confirmed that Young Justice does in fact have queer characters in the
show… Just not directly mentioned or shown. So lets try and figure out
which members of our main team could be gay by narrowing it down. Lets
start off by marking off our canon couples.

Miss Martian/Superboy
Miss Martian/Lagoon Boy
Artemis/Kid Flash (Wally)
Wonder Girl/Robin (Tim)

Nightwing has a thing for Zatanna, and Aqualad was in love with Tula. So the
only four members remaining that haven’t shown any romantic interest in
anyone are Beast boy, Batgirl, Impulse (Bart), and Blue Beetle (Jaime). Though I think beast boy is still too young to show any interest in anyone romantically. So that leaves Batgirl, Impulse, and Blue Beetle. It is possible that Batgirl could be a lesbian, but she hasn’t shown any interest in anyone on the team more than anyone else boy or girl. But Bart and Jaime however have developed a strong bond with each other. Bart in particular has shown on multiple occasions how much he cares for Jaime. Guys… I may have figured it out.

Edit: I was rewatching some episode and discovered that Beast Boy was under the influence of Queen bee when he was younger so we know that he is at least attracted to girls.