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Mokona analyzes! [Insert name], what kind of person!? [Tsubasa Caractere Chronicle]

[Mokona’s own entry is titled, “Mokona analyzes (Mokona’s) own self! Mokona Modoki, like this!!”]

Mokona Modoki [page 51]

Here, as an exception, [Mokona] analyzes [Mokona’s] own self! Well~, because everyone really loves Mokona~ ♥ ♥

<- Mokona: [Mokona’s] precious partner ♥ [The other Mokona] really loves [Mokona] ♥
<- Yuuko: [Mokona is] glad that [Yuuko] created [Mokona] ♥ “I really love you,” she says ♥
<- Kurogane: He loves, he loves ♥ He rea~~lly loves [Mokona] ♥
<- Fay: He’s always patting [Mokona] and really loves [Mokona], huh ♥

Yuuko [page 55]

It’s Yuuko, who created Mokona! She has moments [when she’s] a bit scary, too, but she really loves Mokona~

-> Mokona: She dotes on [Mokona]!
-> Fei-Wang Reed: Together with everybody, she’s finishing him off!
-> Watanuki Kimihiro: His cooking is delicious, isn’t it!?

Watanuki Kimihiro [page 61]

Oh! It’s [the boy] whom Yuuko is always helping, huh! Seems like he treats Mokona to delicious meals and alcohol, too~!

-> Syaoran: They understand each other, don’t they!?
-> Yuuko: He’s getting wrapped around her little finger, but [he] really loves [her]!
-> Mokona: Looks like they’re close friends! Enjoy yourselves with Mokona, too~

Fei-Wang Reed [page 65]

He did cruel things to Syaoran and the others, but the truth is, it looks like it was for Yuuko’s sake. But when he does bad things, it’s absolutely wrong!

-> Yuuko: He hinders Yuuko, but it looks like [he] wants to save [her].
-> Sakura: When he does cruel things to Sakura, it’s wrong!
-> Clow Reed: He wants to surpass Clow, he says.

Fuuma [page 75]

Even though they’re brothers, Fuuma differs from Seishirou, and [Mokona] loooves that he’s kind! He’s a well-informed person who knows various things, isn’t he!?

<- Yuuko: He’s asked [to do] jobs, he says.
-> Seishirou: [Mokona] wonders if the brothers’ relationship is good…
-> Kamui: In Tokyo, he was unsociable, but…