i love you you silly russian

i’m a big fan of the idea that Viktor has casually been saying “i love you” to Yuuri in Russian all this time and Yuuri, being the adorable clueless dork he is, has no idea

like Yuuri would do something, maybe land a nice jump in practice, and Viktor would be “Yuuri, you did great. Like we Russians say, я люблю тебя.”

  • me: so how would you feel if we started learning Romanian?
  • brain: you're such a hoe for Romance languages...
  • brain: remember when you started with Spanish?
  • brain: ...instantly, you declared your undying love for it...
  • brain: but then soon afterwards you were introduced to its cousin, Portuguese...
  • brain: ...you see where I'm going with this?
  • me:
  • brain: and need I mention your affair with French?
  • me:
  • brain: ....before you left it for a couple of years later for its neighbour, Italian...
  • me: ...
  • brain: just promise me you'll leave Catalan in peace?
  • me: fuk u
  • me: eu, tu, el, ea, noi, voi, ei, ele...

Raj: Let’s play Russian Roulette, my lovely.

Naomi: Not tonight, Raj. I’m tired.

Raj: Who were you talking to on the phone?

Naomi: The owner of the art gallery. He sold another one of my sculptures today. Isn’t that wonderful?

Raj: Are you sure it was him?

Naomi: Can you stop being silly and come to bed?

Raj: If we were to play a game, who do you think would make it out alive?

Naomi: I don’t know.

Raj: If you had to bet. Who would you place your money on?

Naomi: I already told you. I don’t know. Come to bed, Raj.

Raj: You always keep your cards so close to your chest, don’t you my darling? So many secrets I can’t even begin to guess-

Naomi: Goodnight, Raj.