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The Investigation Team trying to imitate Teddie is honestly one of the best things I’ve ever seen

  • Yosuke: *in his head* [All right. It’s a new day. It’s just a crush. That’s all. Just a little crush. All that worrying I was doing, that was crazy. Crazy! Everything’s going to be fine. It’s just a crush.]
  • Souji: *walks in to the classroom* Good morning, Yosuke!
  • Yosuke: *in his head* [...I love you.]

I was innocently taking screenshots in P4DAN when this happened

Get a room you guys (literally)

And It doesn’t help that in the next pic Yu was like

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Endless list of OTPs [1/∞]

↳ Yu x Yosuke (Persona 4)

There’s a lot I’m grateful for from this past year, but the biggest thing… I think it was that I met you. If you ever lose your way, I’ll go knock some sense into you. It won’t matter if you’re at the ends of the earth or in somewhere dark and bleak. That’s what partners are for, right?

Happy Valentine’s Day, princess ♥

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imagine yosuke accidentally finding out that naoto is ticklish and he just totally abuses it because it's the hardest he's ever seen her laugh and thinks it's so cute,,, especially given her serious demeanor I am deceased


How Yosuke meets S/O (Persona 4)

No one requested this, I mean it is P4 but I really wanted to write this,
It actually seemed to help my writers block. Yosuke is my favourite character in the fourth game and there’s not enough written about him so… here’s some!

How would you lovely people feel about me writing for the fourth and third game as well as the fifth?))

•Yosuke meets S/O when he first moves to Inaba
•S/O is the first person to introduce themselves to him since their deal was in front of his
•the just seemed to click once they started to talk, especially when they started to discuss music
•despite them clicking it takes awhile for the two to start talking outside of class
•this is mostly due to Yosuke and his nerves, he may act confident but he’s always doubting himself
•especially when it comes S/O, There’s something about them that makes his heart skip a beat
•it’s actually S/O that first invites him out first
•it’s only for the two to study together but the invite alone makes Yosuke grin
•"hell yeah S/O! There’s no way I can fail if I’ve got your help"
•of corse when they actually meet up neither of them do any studying, they just end up talking and joking around
•Yosuke even got S/O to blush when he placed his headphone on them
•"I can’t believe you’ve never heard of them before, wait I have their newest album somewhere on my phone… here! Give it a listen!“
•he doesn’t even realise how close the two are until he looks up from his phone
•he would jump back quickly, falling out of the chair he was in, a bright blush on his face
•that was probably the first he realised that his little crush was much bigger than he originally thought
•unfortunately he couldn’t say anything to S/O about his feelings
•he didn’t want to ruin their friendship, after all S/O was the first person he could call his friend since moving
•so he started to push his feelings for S/O on Saki
•he didn’t even mean to but he started ignoring S/O instead of spending time with S/O, the few times they did spend together he would talk about Saki
•the pair started to drift apart because of this
•It wasn’t until Yu showed up and Yosuke faced his shadow that he realised what he was doing
•his shadow had to tell him that he loved S/O, that he was just too much of a coward to say anything… so instead he pushed them away so he didn’t get hurt
•it was so hard for Yosuke to realise admit how much he hurt S/O for his own selfish needs
•after realising this it took all the courage he had to approach S/O
•when he did he was stumbling over his apology as he tried to explain himself
•"S/O I’m so sorry, I was a huge dick… I completely ignored you for my own selfish reasons, I thought that I would make an embarrassment of myself and ruin our friendship if I told you how I felt”
•S/O just frowned and stared at him as they processed his words
•"Then how do you feel Yosuke?“
•just hearing those words caused him to blush
•he knew he had to be honest but it was so hard, this could all still back fire at him
•"I… like ya S/O… not just friendship like but something more… I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love you S/O”
•the whole time he spoke he was rubbing the back of his neck, his cheeks flushed as he avoided eye contact
•he could hear his heart thumping in his chest as he waited for S/O’s answer
•boy did he get that answer when he felt S/O pull his collar and kiss him
•he was completely frozen as he felt S/O’s lips move along his
•he barely had time to react before they pulled away
•"I love you too Yosuke… next time don’t ignore me because your scared"
•S/O’s smirk could only make him laugh as he ran a hand through his hair
•"so… can I take you out tonight? On a date?“
•the minute S/O agrees and tells him not to be late he’s already thinking of the perfect evening
•he swore to himself that he wouldn’t let them slip through his fingers again
•he may not be as smart as Yu but he’s certainly no fool

Buying the P4 Artbook was the best decision I ever made

It started off great :

Oh what’s this? Souyo on the cover? (where are you putting that hand Yosuke…?)

With moar Souyo inside (and it’s a poster too!)

Look at them boyfriends

…and girlfriends

Actually it’s pretty much a Souyo/Yukichie bible tbh

Those four are stuck like glue to their respective partners all the time

Meanwhile there’s like two pictures of Yu with only girls lol (not including the ones with Yu and Nanako that are too sweet for this world)

I gotcha Atlus, I gotcha