i love you way too much wifey

(I’m actually reading the transcript this time so there shouldn’t be even slight errors if I quote lol)

Oh, my dear sweet anon, you’re preachin to the choir! I too have the very mightiest need for S4 right about now! I am being cautious and I don’t want to read TOO much into what Loo said, but I agree it was absolutely lovely. I adore the way she speaks of Molly and Sherlock, but more particularly Molly’s feelings for Sherlock. The fact that she says “there’s something pure and beautiful about her love for him” and that “we’ve see more of his vulnerabilities, and humanities, and I think Molly saw it from the start.” That is so SO what I’ve always loved about this love story! (Yes, it’s a kind of love story, come fight me lol) Think about how deeply she already feels for him when we all enter the scene in S1 and how he was such a PILL, more so then than he is now! But she saw things even then. She *sniff sniff* always saw him! :’D

And I know what part you’re talking about where she talks about what happens outside the audience’ view and says “those tiny, tiny moments make you feel like there’s something else happening somewhere else.” YOU’RE DANG STRAIGHT, LOO! THAT’S WHY WE GOTTA WRITE LIKE 100K WORD FANFIC OVER HERE!! WE’RE FILLING IN THOSE BEAUTIFUL UNSEEN BLANKS!! XD And I absolutely agree that one of those unseen things is stuff from her flat. I mean, dude, it doesn’t even matter what we get in S4 and what they show or don’t show. His spending nights at her flat IS CANON. So that’s all part of that behind the scenes stuff that makes up their friendship and dynamic. It is so beautifully complex and special that I just…Idk, I just love them together too much. :))


#this scene is everything #the way they tell so much more with a single look than a hundred words never cease to amaze me #the world is possibly ending so they have time for only a brief hug #but their eyes say it all #’you know I still love you right’ #’i love you too wifey’ #now gotta go back to saving the world