i love you way too mcuh


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This a Tribute for what Girl Meets World is really about: FRIENSHIP
I love the show way too mcuh and i love you guys way too much!
I just want to say that GMW deserves better and it deserves a 4 season but besides that i enjoy every minute of the last episode and every minute of the show, GMW was amazing AF and i’m glad i found it.

Show: Title
Song: Good Life
Coloring: Mine
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 13

You were tired of Nate always going out with his friends and not spending time with you. “I’m going out again” You heard your boyfriend call. A strangled smile fell from your face and once again you just shook your head and said “Yeah whatever” as you finished cooking dinner. Nate didn’t even notice your sad tone. His friends came and they all left. You were tired of it all. You had called your mom earlier when Nate was in the studio and asked her if you could come and stay with her and your dad for a couple of weeks because Nate kept going out all the time. Yes of course sweetie you can she said. You left a note for Nate to read probably tomorrow (he would be too wasted to read it tonight.. or even care where you were for that matter)

Dear Nate, I won’t be here when you wake up at whatever time you get up today but let me start off by saying I love you. I always will. You were my first love but lately you’ve been going out with friends instead of spending time with me. I didn’t wanna be a clingy girlfriend so I just let you go. I left last night and I just need some time to myself to figure stuff out. I’ll be okay just please give me this time.
Love, (Y/N)

You left the letter on the kitchen table and went up to your and Nate’s shared bedroom and got a bag outta the closet and threw some clothes in it. You got your essentials from the bathroom and got into your car and drove to your parents house.

Nate finally came in around 3am and he was too wasted to make it upstairs so he just crashed on the couch. When he woke up about 3:30 the next afternoon he expected you to be there cooking for him like you did all the other times. But you were nowhere to be found. Baby? He called out to the empty house but it was still silent. Babe? He said once more but still silence. Babygirl? He yelled but nothing. He went upstairs and saw that the bed was made and hasn’t been slept in. He came down the stairs and there was a note on the table. He read it as he sat down on one of the chairs and his heart broke when he said you left in the letter. He was gonna call you but he decided against it. He called Sammy instead. “Hey bro.. What’s up”. Sammy said. “Hey man can you come to mine and (Y/N)’s apartment?” Nate asked his best friend. “Yeah man I’ll be there in about 5 minutes”. And with that the two boy hung up. Sammy came in the door without knocking. “Hey man what’s up? You sounded upset on the phone”. Sammy said. “Yeah I kinda am.. Man (Y/N) left me. I don’t know where she’s at. She’s not answering my calls or texts. I don’t know what to do without her bro”. Nate said all in one breathe. “Okay calm down” Sammy said. I’m gonna call her. “Just… just tell her I’m sorry and I still love her and I don’t think I could ever stop” Sammy had you on the phone and you heard your heartbroken boyfriend. “She heard it all bro” Sammy said handing Nate the phone. “Baby I love you so much please come home” Nate said. “Nate I love you too. I still do but I can’t take staying up half the night worrying about wheather you’re okay or not. ”. (Y/N) said. “I need a boyfriend who wants to spend time with me. I don’t wanna keep you away from your friends”. You said. “Baby I promise to spend more time with you and not go out every damn night. I love you so baby please, please don’t leave me. I don’t know what I’d do without you. I’ll change baby please come home” Nate begged. “Nathan” you started. (You didn’t call him Nathan usually unless it was serious). “Babe please don’t call me that” Nate said. “You never call me Nathan”. He continued. “Fine.. I’ll give you one more chance Nate. Just one though and if you ever do this again.. I’m gone and I mean it”. You said. “Okay good now get your beautiful ass home babe I miss you”. Nate said. “Okay I’m on my way”. “I love you so much babygirl” Nate said. “Awh Nate I love you too baby”. When I got to the apartment it was clean and something smelled really good. “Wow Nate it smells really good in here”. you said coming in. “BABY” Nate said running into your arms. “God I missed you so mcuh”. “I missed you too babe. What are you cooking it smells really good”. you asked your amazing boyfriend. “Your favorite of course” He said going back into the kitchen. You two ate and it was amazing. Then it was about 12:30 and you yawned. “Baby you really to go to bed?” Nate asked you. “Yes I’m so tired carry me?” you asked. “of course babe” Nate smiled coming to the couch to pick you up bridel style. “I love you” you said. “I love you more baby” Nate said and then you two got into bed and you knew you were where you belonged… In Nate’s arms and you couldn’t be happier as you looked that the sleeping boy next to you and you finally drifted off to sleep with Nate’s arms around you.

Okay guys this is my long Nate imagine. I hope you guys enjoy and I’d love some feedback!

New Brother

“Come here honey” Taylor motioned to Ali to come to the hospital bed she was in, holding her new baby

“Look princess, he´s your little brother” Adam told her and helped her onto the bed, next to Taylor “Say hi to little Dany”

“Hi baby” Alison said quietly, and a little shy “me big sista Ali” she smiled a little

“You can caress him if you want baby” Taylor told her, seeing how the little two year old couldnt keep his eyes of her little brother, Alison looked at her mom with wide eyes “Really? Can I?” Taylor noded and Ali pulled a little finger through the baby´s face. Taylor looked at Adam with tears in her eyes and he pulled out his phone to take a picture, then made his way to the end of the bed with his family

“Do you like him Ali?” He asked the little girl, “Yes daddy” she responded exited and with the biggest smile they had ever seen. They spent the next hours sitting there, enjoing having this moment together, in family, a lot of people coming in and out to meet the new baby, friends and more family.

“Okay baby, now I think is time for you to go with grandma and grandpa okay?” Alison would be staing the night with Scott and Andrea since thay had to stay in the hospital, but as soon as Adam told her, they realised it wouldnt be an easy task.

“Daddy no! Me wanna be with baby!” Alison cried “Please baby, you have to go now, so we can pick you up tomorrow and we go home” Taylor tried telling her sweetely. Adam took the baby of Taylors hands and put him on the crib next to the bed so she could be more confortable. Taylor made grabby hands to Ali and she quickly climbed the bed to be on her mommy´s arms “I dont wanna” Alison put his head on Taylors neck “I know, baby, but you cant stay here, and you´re gonna have so much fun with grandma and grandpa, and tomorrow we´ll go home and we´ll show Dany our house and the room we made for him!” Taylor said trying to make her exited “Otay momma” She gave her a kiss and climbed out of bed. “No hugs for daddy? Hmmm?” Adam opened his arms “Yes daddy” She hugged him and Adam started tickling her stomach making her let out loud giggles “Love you princess, be nice okay?”.

Later that night they were cuddling in bed, Taylor feeding the baby

“He´s so beautiful, he has your eyes” Taylor told Adam “Yes he is, and he has your lips babe,” Adam pointed out while stroking her hair, sudenly the phone started ringing, he got up to find it was Andrea

“Hi?” he answered the phone “It´s your mom” he mouthed to Taylor

“Hi Adam, I´m sorry, it´s just that I have a little someone who didn´t want to go to bed without talking to you”

“Ha! It´s fine, put her on the phone!” He said “Hi baby! How are you?”

“Daddy I miss you” Alison said with a sleepy voice “We miss you too bug, are you being a good girl?”

“Yes daddy I am, how´s the baby?” she yawned “He´s very good sweethart, now, why dont you go to sleep?” She yawned again “Otay daddy, I love you and mommy and baby”

“We love you too baby, so much” Adam ended the call and made his way to the bed again, looking at their new child and his wife “I love you so much babe, so mcuh” he mummbled against her neck “You too baby”


Okay guys, so I hate it, dont know why but i dont like it, i just felt like writing today and couldnt come up with any good ideas, so if you have some prompts please send them to me! Thanks for reading!!!