i love you two so much it's killing me


make me choose:  Frary or Mabastian

“I will never l o v e anyone the w a y that I love you…”

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Amaranthine (4/6)

Summary: Modern soulmates CS AU.  In which soulmates are rare, and those that have them stop aging at adulthood.  Rarer still – and dangerously conspicuous – are those that have special abilities.  Immortality and powers alike fade when soulmates come in close proximity with their other half.   In which Emma’s touch heals, and Killian’s kills.

Rated: M

Warnings: Language, blood

Words: ~4400

Part: One, Two, Three

Notes:  I can’t even begin to describe how much everyone’s love and encouragement about this story means to me.  Your messages, reviews, likes, and reblogs mean everything to me.  This part is a bit shorter, a bit slower, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.  As always, my love and devotion to @seastarved​ for her help with early drafts and for that edit up there.  And to @is-that-what-it-is​ and @high-seas-swan​ for reading through the final draft.

Also on ff and ao3

Killian wakes to Emma pulling at the chains around his neck, the echoes of a nightmare fading as he blinks away the blur of – judging by the cast of the moonlight – naught but a few hours of sleep.  He feels sluggish, a sheen of sweat on his skin.

“S’I talking again, love?” he slurs.

She nods as she draws her fingers over his pendants, first the silver sword, then over the skull and crossbones.  She seems contemplative, a furrow knit between her brow.  He reaches up, smoothing it over.

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would i have expected anything more of you mag hahah

when I started shipping it if I did: 1x01 and it was great
my thoughts: i love these two, so god damn much. mag i know you kill me because i prefer darvey but i love these guys too
What makes me happy about them: they are family, mike is harvey’s guy, they would never do anything to sabotage or intentionally hurt the other, their banter
What makes me sad about them: when they fight.. but it’s just a lovers quarrel so its all goood
things done in fanfic that annoys me: i don’t read a lot of marvey fanfic tbh
things I look for in fanfic: angst but also happiness 
Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: harvey with donna, and mike with anyone but rachel
My happily ever after for them: i just want my babies to be happy
who is the big spoon/little spoon: harvey is the little spoon, mike is the big
what is their favorite non-sexual activity: quoting movies and paper basketball

send me a ship, a character or 5 characters??

Look… I know this isn’t how we wanted it to turn out. We made mistakes and learned from them. But I still love you. It’s hard for me to acknowledge, but its true. And I know that I might not be someone you want to talk to right now and that’s o.k. But its killing me seeing you everyday and not being able to walk over you and feel your hands on me, your eyes on me. I miss you. A lot. 

We had so much fun.. we were perfect. When we were together we cared nothing about the outside world. It was just us, two souls wandering the same path.  

You are amazing and perfect even from a distance. Your laugh is perfect and your smile reflects on me. I see you and I don’t know what to do- be thankful for everything that happened, or be sad over what was lost.


I love you. 


I miss your hands on me your eyes looking into mine your good morning text messages and late night conversations fingers intertwined and shutting out the world so it was just you in front of me. I miss you.

And its killing me seeing you and not being able to talk, thinking about you and not being able to text, I’m drowning but I don’t care. 

And I just want to say I’m sorry. For everything that went wrong. For everything that went right. I know that things will never be the same between us and for that I am truly sorry.

I love you. 
I miss you. 
I’m sorry.

—  words i’ll never get to say to him