i love you two so much im gonna die


//VOLTRON S2 (finally finished) E5//.

It felt like forever to finish this episode
… maybe because of the pausing to cry every 4-5 seconds.

let’s start from the beginning.
I just thought it was cute that Keith’s and Lances drone did this bumping each other hehe

also this episode is what i call the “klance episode” cause..
elevator thingies happened …

I already posted a picture where I prayed that It was Keith wanting to enter the elevator with lance AND OH BOI WAS I RIGHT
I literally squealed when it happened I’m not even sorry
and CAN WE PLEASE JUST ACKNOWLEDGE THAT LANCE IS ONE FUCKING GORGEOUS BOY? (I mean .. no offence. Emo boy is a handsome boy too but lance argh I love him)

They both look so tired aw they deserve everything in the world.

Up top you can see the “were boyfriends we already look confused the same way” look. I very much enjoy this.

Other than this, while sliding down this tunnel thing you can (again) see my only two personalities:

mr darkmcdark dark “im too cool to scream fuck off I’m not scared this ain’t even scary”


Mr “oh no no no no no WERE ALL GOING TO DIEEEEEEE no help.. we’re gonna die I don’t wanna die I’m too handsome to die”

No inbetween.

EXTRA: Hunk and coran coran the gorgeous man SAVED THE DAY YEY

SUPER DOOPER EXTRA: Allura and Shiro (aka spacemom and spacedad) kinda holding hands you’re welcome (I don’t even ship it that much but that warmed my heart.)

ok im a dumbass and i have finals in two days but i canNOt stop thinking about queenie goldstein being the BIGgest and most impatient newt/tina shipper in the history of the world???

-she’s so empathetic and literally just wants the best for her sister and picks up on their chemistry immediately

-queenie loves that tina’s her big, strong career-focused sister but she thinks she needs her eyes checked because newt’s been staring at you for the last half hour tina get ur head outta your ass jfc

-she feels newt’s pain for leta strongly but, even more strongly, she feels his confusingly unstoppable affection for this headstrong, intelligent, beautiful american witch

-she also hears tina’s hesitant “oh he looks handsome today” or “he’s so gentle with his creatures”, and also, amusingly “HE DID THE ROLLED-UP SLEEVES THING im gonna die okay” and she almost spits out her coffee

-and queenie’s so done???? because her sister and newt are being ridic because. like. she and jacob pretty much are masters of Flirting and Love and she doesn’t think she can take this pining anymore

-she hears ”does she feel about me the way i feel about her??” on repeat forEVER and it takes everything in queenie to not be like “YES SHE DOES NEWTON, get it together and the two of you make a niece or nephew for me already”

-don’t even get me started on how impatient she is when newt is about to ask tina to marry him


Kise appreciation day! (18/6)

i’m so late to the party i’m almost on time for next year’s orz.

only two things i managed to do this week. \o/

At the end of the day, the shitty part of Kise’s personality is also my favorite.