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Tyler and Jenna + Food

Happy Anniversary to these adorable dorks ❤❤

I hope you both eat lots of yummy food today 3.28.17
HVFF Chicago 2017 Wrap Up

What an amazing weekend! First, I got to spend it with my dear friend @triciaolicity​. She generously let me stay at her house, which gave us ample more time to talk about Arrow and our lives as wives & mothers. We are two Irish ladies who love to sit around a kitchen table and share stories. She is such a blessing in my life. I love you!

Second, HVFF Chicago was AWESOME. Seriously great. I tweeted out as much information as I could, but I do have a few more details that cannot fit in a 144 character limit.

This was my third convention, not including SDCC. I realize there are so many of you who would love to go, but may never get the chance to for a variety of reasons. So, all the goodies I picked up at the convention I will be giving away.  It’s just my small way of trying to bring HVFF to you. The giveaways will start the week before 5x20 airs. I’ll give away something each week (5x20-5x23). I thought it’d be a fun way to wrap up the season together.

Back to HVFF though. Let’s dig in!

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anonymous asked:

I just want to say that yours headcanons and interactions with everyone here just crack me up so fcking much, honestly, you guys are a true blessing. And, if it's okay, could I request the RFA+V+ Saeran falling hard for MC but they just don't notice, like, at all, and, God help them, they are trying their very best, what the actual fuck MC (it's okay if you don't wanna do the request, I hope you guys have a great day!)

A/N: omg you’re such a cutie thank you <3 ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ”and did you mean like mc doesnt notice that they’re completely in love with them??? (soRRY im so exhausted lmao) but dude i’m completely mc in that case ripperoni  ~Admin 404


               - I thought…losing his eye was like… enough to show how much he cares about you

               -He’s always making you food and snacks in cute little shapes (especially hearts)

               -When the two of you play LOLOL he’s always giving you the best loot and diving in front of your character to make sure you don’t die

               -Always joining new clubs that either you’re in, or they cover a topic you’re interested in

               -That way, he can spend more time with you and enjoy some of the same things!

               -Not to mention it he actually really enjoys it all and learns something new about you every time

               -He’s even managed to hug you close for long periods of time without turning red or stuttering!

               -But you still! Don’t! See it!

               -You always think he’s just being really nice and a great friend! Sure you secretly like him but you don’t want to ruin the friendship if he doesn’t like you back!

               -Saeyoung’s made it his personal mission to get the two of you together because Yoosung just won’t take initiative and you’re just oblivious as hell


               -He’s always hanging off of you, how are you not even suspicious?

               -Always has an arm around you, hand on your shoulder, even on your knee when the two of you are sitting

               -For fucks sake MC, he kisses your cheek and holds your hand when the two of you walk anywhere are you DENSE??

               -Always bringing you flowers, chocolates, you name it


               -He’s so dramatic about everything. Every time you don’t react to his romantic gesture, he’s practically throwing himself to the floor in a sobbing fit

               -He’s even held you by the shoulders, looked you in the eyes, and told you how much he really likes you

               -You just responded with a tilt of your head, innocently asking, “Like…. you like-like me?”

               - hoW HAVE YOU NOT NOTICED BY NOW?????

               -EVEN AFTER THAT, YOU’RE STILL OBLIVIOUS. MC, why. Just, why. He loves you but wOW


               -She’s not exactly surprised that you don’t realize her feelings

               -More subtle with her emotions than the rest of them

               - even jumin is more open about his feelings for you, who would have guessed

               -She’s always inviting you to attend new cafes, or to show you her favourite ones!

               -Also makes you a lot of coffee/tea and cakes!

               -The two of you spend a lot of time discussing books the two of you have read, and theorize about those that abruptly ended

               -Always looking you straight in the eyes, smiling, and will constantly turn a light shade of red

               -But you don’t get it?? Is she getting a fever? Is it even hot enough in here to make her red like that? Is she alright?

               -You’re always putting your hands on her cheeks, trying to see if she’s ill and it just makes her blush 10x more

               -Dammit MC she’s gonna pass out at this rate, get your hands off of her, just notice that she likes you so the two of you can cuddle and she can get over turning as red as she does!


               -You’d think it’d be really obvious

               -I mean the man has next to no emotions but when you come around he’s practically a puddle on the floor- how in the world don’t you notice?

               -Always making sure you’re comfortable with anything the two of you do

               -If he invites you to lunch and you don’t like the restaurant, he’ll cancel his reservations and find a new place immediately

               -AND HE DOES EVERYTHING HIMSELF. Not once does he ask Jaehee or another employee of his to set up plans or grab something for you

               -Listens to your opinion more than anyone else’s. He’ll take it to heart and do whatever you suggested (that is if it isn’t drastic)


               -The dude tried to move you into his house almost immediately, seriously MC how can you not tell

               -Completely showers you in gifts all the time. If you aren’t there to physically receive them, he’s telling you what he got you and sends you pictures

               -He thinks it’s absolutely adorable that you have no idea, but at the same time it lowkey drives him crazy because he juST WANTS TO KISS YOU, MC. PLEASE. JUST, P L E A S E



               -This lil brat tries to hide that he’s completely in love with you until he just can’t take it anymore

               -Come on he’s built you Robo-cat, gone over personally to protect you, and a lot more, what do you waNT FROM HIM

               -Sends you memes in the middle of the night because he thinks you’ll find them funny

               -Calls you at night just to talk until he can hear you fall asleep on the other end of the phone

               -He’s also buying you a lot of little things because he thought of you when he saw it, and couldn’t bring himself to just leave it

               -You’re the only one he’ll let drive his babies. HIS. BABIES. MC, COME ON

               -Always looking at you like a love-sick puppy. Whenever you do something completely adorable he gets as red as his hair

               -He’ll lightly brush his hand against yours when the two of you are walking close together, and watch to see if he can actually grab your hand

               -Gives you the Flynn Rider smoulder more times than you can count but all you do is giggle because it’s your favourite movie. Your giggle is like heaven but MC whY CAN’T YOU SEE HE LIKES YOU

               -HE EVEN SINGS THE LITTLE MERMAID SONG “KISS THE GIRL”(or he changes the lyrics to boy, depending) TO GET THE POINT ACROSS BUT ALL YOU DO IS JUMP IN ON HIS MUSICAL NUMBER. One day MC, one day.


               -He’s gentle with everyone, but you??

               -Well, he’s gentle but he plays around a LOT more

               -Playfully pushes you, pinches your cheeks, he even does gross shit like lick your cheek okay but i do the same

               -Leans close to you all the time. When the two of you talk, he’s leaning into you, staring into your eyes

               -Y'all even spend the night at each other’s houses watching movies or just talking about life

               -How the hell can you not tell that this giraffe loves you??

               -Always taking beautiful photos of you! Well…almost always

               -His favourite photo album is full of pictures of you being goofy, and packed which terrible candid’s of you, but he lOVES THEM SO MUCH MC LOOK AT HOW AMAZING YOU ARE

               -He plans trips for just the two of you so he can take pictures and you can see the sights! Takes you to romantic dinners! Y'all even go to festivals and carnivals together.

               -He’s always holding your hand because he doesn’t want to lose you in a crowd. Or that’s what you think. In reality he just wants to hold your hand; MC please he’s so cute just kiss him already


               -He just plain sucks at sharing emotions

               -But he thought he was pretty obvious?

               -Like there are times that you’re the only one he’ll even acknowledge? That’s pretty self-explanatory there MC

               -He takes you out for ice cream all the time, walks around town, whatever you want. He hates people, he doesn’t willingly go out for that. Unless you want to

               -Always invites you over to just hang out and play some games, watch some movies, or sometimes just to nap

               -Even asks you to teach him how to cook/bake, so he can spend a lot more time with you!

               -Sometimes you give him this dazzling smile that just makes his heart flutter and he can’t even look at you

               -You also like to hug him and he practically passes out every time. It scares you a little bit because you can’t figure out why?? Is he okay??? Are you dead??

               -But he steps out of his comfort zone and hugs you back?? You’re so happy and you absolutely love it! You think that maybe he’s finally becoming more social! You have no idea that he only hugs you because??? It’s you

               -Please just admit you like this man so he can get comfortable MC, he’s too awkward to ask you out himself

Matching Marks Part 2

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Words: 2517

Prompts: Soulmate AU, and “This is a mandatory partner project and since everybody else is taken I have to have you as my partner.”

Read Matching Marks Part 1 here!

This is part 2 of my entry’s for @jared-padaloveme‘s Fluff Birthday Challenge!! :) I’m glad you all loved these two parts so much! Enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

The one ask that was comparing the two stydia kisses was so right! Stiles becomes so calm and just at peace when they kiss. his whole face looks concentrated on the kiss but not because of nerves but cuz he's just like yes this feels so right. And Lydia was so frantic and showing so much more emotion than normal in both of their kisses. She becomes so passionate, a lot more than we've seen when she kisses other guys. She is finally feeling what real love feels like and she can't get enough!

I think you really hit the nail on the head with your last line– figuring out what love feels like, real life, made Lydia incredibly eager to discover it more. She wants it. It’s new and she’s… well… thirsty for it, so to speak. Stiles makes her burst into feeling. 

Whereas Stiles has known what it’s like to love like he’s on fire, so when she kisses him, in a way, he’s experiencing this intense calm of being right, being loved, being satisfied. I think you and nonnie are both right that they have these opposite reactions to each other, but it’s exactly what they need, you know? 

Lydia gets woken up by Stiles after she tried to tuck her feelings in a box for so long. And Stiles, who is always antsy and nervous and moving, just lets his brain shut off and his word slow down. 

My kids. 

Something just like this

Originally posted by caps-bucky

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2193

Warnings: Angst, Smut!, Fluffy in the end

A/N: This oneshot is based on the song “Something Just like This” by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay. I love so much this song, it’s like a drug!

If you want be tagged in my stories, just ask me!
Feedback is always appreciated.

Will come back.
I take a deep breath, and in the meantime, I take the bottle of water, and I drink. By now, it’s been two weeks since Bucky left for a mission in Russia, along with Steve and Tony. I remained at the base of the Avengers, until my boyfriend, Bucky Barnes, not back. I hate staying at home alone; It reminds me every fucking minute that he’s not there, and the silence overwhelms me. So for now I sleep in the room next to Natasha; At least I try. I miss Bucky. I miss my boyfriend. I miss his voice, his contagious laugh, his eyes staring at me, his soft and sweet lips on mine, his arms around my waist. It’s horrible to be so far away from him, and not having news of him.
I drain the anger and frustration pulling punches in punching bag, but doesn’t help much; I hear the gym door open, and enters Natasha smiling.
“Y/n, dinner is almost ready.”
“Thanks Nat.”
Without another word, Natasha comes out, and I remain alone again. I sigh; she and Sam are the fantastic friends, and in all this time that Bucky is not there, did everything they could to distract me; we went to the movies, to eat a pizza, at Luna Park. But they’re not my Bucky.
I return to my room, and after a quick shower, I go into the kitchen. Natasha and Sam are already there, sitting on the couch watching a movie; after greeting Sam, I sit down beside him, and I watch the film with them. Just when it’s late, I greet you both, and silently I go back in the room. This is my daily routine, for two long weeks.
I want my Bucky.

Will come back.
And another day began; after breakfast, Sam and I have made a run, and we bet about who was faster; when there is no Steve to run with him, Sam is always happy, because it’s easier to win for him.
When we returned to base, I’m back in the gym, and I started to give again to punch the punching bag; it’s the only thing that calms me. After a while I stop and support the forehead of the punching bag, and I close my eyes; Bucky is my life, since I was back to being himself. The first time I met him, he was still the Winter Soldier, and I have done nothing but fight him; he was strong, and he put me to the mat in a few moves. At that moment I thought that I hated him. I am a proud person, and I hate to lose; in spite of everything, I felt a shiver when our eyes met. I didn’t pay much attention, but when Bucky is back to being.. Bucky, everything changed.
He’s fantastic, sweet, and kind, and even broken. And since we attend us, he makes me feel alive. For him it wasn’t easy to get back to ‘normal’ life, what the HYDRA did to him.. after all this time, sometimes he wakes up at night, because of a nightmare, and I try to comfort the more likely. I am still absorbed in my thoughts, when I hear the door open; without looking, I sigh.
“Yeah, Nat. Lunch is ready. ”
“Can I be your food?”
I open my eyes when I hear his voice; I quickly turn to the door to be sure I recogniz the voice of my boyfriend, or if it’s just a dream; but he’s there. Bucky, in his combat uniform, half dirt, but all his glory. Instinctively, I run towards him, and in a few seconds I throw myself into his arms, my legs around his waist. We remain silent for a while, enjoying this intimate moment between us; I inhale his scent, I brush his skin with the fingers.
“I missed you so much.”
“I’ve noticed.”
I blush, and having stretched the legs and resting my feet on the ground, I look in his eyes.
Bucky smiles, and laying his hands cupped my cheeks, he grabs my lips with his, and pulls me to his chest. How much he missed me..
I try to deepen the kiss, but then I remember that we are in the gym, and that someone can come suddenly.
“I missed you too.” he says when we move away, his arms still around my waist.
“When did you come back?”
“I have just returned. Natasha had told me you were here, and then I’m over here right away.”
I smile. He tries to get close, but jokingly I run him by me.
“Calm down, big boy. You need a shower, and long. ”
He laughs; I’m so happy that he is here with me, and his laugh is so contagious, that I begin laughing too.
“Why are you crying?” he suddenly asked; I frown, and I touch my face with the hand. I feel it’s wet, and I smile.
“I’m just glad you’re here.”
Bucky pulls me to him, and kisses my forehead.
“How about if we go back to our home?” he asks me as grazes my ear with his lips, making me shiver, “Take a shower, we have dinner, and we’re together.”
I swallow hard when I hear the last words; now that he’s finally back, I want him all to myself.
“Let’s go back to our home.”

After entering the house, me and Bucky we head both in the bathroom. I open the valve of the tap, and while the tub fills with hot water, I undress. I remain alone with the bra and panties, and suddenly I feel the Bucky’s eyes fixed on me. I smile, and satisfied with the effect that I do to him, I glance over my shoulder.
“Like what you see, James?”
I call him by his first name, knowing what causes in him when he hears my voice say it; he’s approaching menacingly at me, his hands touching my hips, and I feel a shiver along my spine when his metal fingers brush my bare skin. My back touch his bare chest, and Bucky leaves wet kisses in the hollow of my neck.
“After all this time, hell, of course I like it, doll.”
I turn to him, and I wrap my arms around his neck, I brush his lips, and I shrink, trying to provoke him.
“Will you do me the honour, James, to take my clothes off?”
“I’m the one just returned from a mission. You should undress me. ”
I bite my lip, and not make me say it twice, I lower the zipper of his pants, and I lower them along with the boxer; he does the same with me, and when we are both naked, we enter into the tub, facing each other. We relax both in contact with the hot water, that loosens our tense muscles. I look at Bucky, and only now I notice a tinge of sadness in his face; I was so glad to see him again, I didn’t ask him how was your mission. When I ask him, with a sad look tries to divert the issue. If he doesn’t want to talk, it means that something went wrong. I get close to him, and sat down on his legs, I obliged him to look at me.
“What’s wrong, Buck?”
He swallows, and then look at me; he touches my cheek with his metal arm, and a sad smile appears on his face.
“Why me?”
“I don’t understand.”
“Why did you choose me? Why are you with me? ”
I remain surprised by his words; I thought he knew why I’m with him. We talked about it a lot of times.
“Because I love you, Bucky.”
“Are you sure?”
I feel the tears fill my eyes, and I am speechless. Why he thinks I don’t love him?
“Bucky what happened during the mission?”
Bucky continues to look helpless, and after a while he sighs, and looks down.
“We saved the civilians by.. a bomb, I think. And when at last they were safe, people have approached us to thank us. They were so happy to see Captain America and Iron Man. But when they saw me.. I think they were afraid. I know it’s a stupid thing, but.. I’m not a hero, Y/n. Steve and Tony are. I’m just a horrible experiment, which kill.. ”
Bucky doesn’t finish the sentence because of me. My lips are placed on his, and I kiss him hard; my tongue makes contact with his, and my teeth biting his bottom lip, making him moan. I feel his erection touching my leg, but I try not to pay attention; I just want him to understand that I didn’t need a hero.

I’m not looking for somebody
With some superhuman gifts
Some superhero
Some fairytale bliss
Just something I can turn to
Somebody I can kiss

We finish the kiss, but my lips brush even those of Bucky, while his arms leaning on my waist. I look into his eyes, trying not to cry.
“Those people are idiots, they don’t know what they missed. If they got to you, they would know that you are a wonderful, sweet, kind, and selfless. I love you, Bucky.”
“I was a monster before.” Bucky says, the trembling voice. Tears streaming down his face, and I push off with the thumbs. I put my lips on his again, then on the cheeks, then on the eyes, then on the forehead; I wrap my arms around his neck and I hug him.
“It wasn’t your fault. You were under the control of HYDRA, but now you are free. You have your life again, you have your best friend, and other friends who love you. You have me. I don’t need a superhero.”

I’m not looking for somebody
With some superhuman gifts
Some superhero
Some fairytale bliss
Just something I can turn to
Somebody I can miss

The Bucky’s metal arm is laying on my back, massaging it up and down.
My eyes met his, and he slings on my lips, and kisses me. I put my hands cupped over his face, and I closer and closer to me; my body in contact with his drives me crazy, and makes the same effect on Bucky. He begins to torture the hollow’s neck, then the collarbone, up to fall on my breasts; he leaves me deep marks, making me moan. His erection pushes more towards me, and I just want to feel him inside of me, to make him feel how much I love him.
“I know doll, I know..”
Bucky pushes me away from him on the other side of the tub, and ranks on me; our movements they drop the water on the floor, but none of us matter at this time. My hands are on his shoulders, while he brushes my entry without preamble, and in a moment his cock inside me. I yell, while Bucky fills me more and more; he begins to push, and I cling closer to him, my legs around his waist. Our skin slamming against each other, and the water that moves around our bodies, it causes weird sounds.
“I love you, Y/n.”
My eyes met his, and Bucky pushes more and more inside of me. I arch my back, and I try to still get closer to him.
“I love you too, Bucky. I love you so much.. ”
It’s true. I love him. Despite the things that he did, in spite of the horrors he lived, I love him. I feel my body tremble, and then I come, continuing to repeat his name, and that I love him. Bucky groans, and with one final push he comes too. I don’t care if for the others he’s not a superhero; I don’t love the Winter Soldier. I love Bucky Barnes.

Oh I want something just like this
Oh I want something just like this

After our intimate moment, and putting in order the bathroom, me and Bucky we put in the kitchen to cook something. We laughed and joked, and almost burned the kitchen. Now we’re both lying on the couch, me in his arms, with the TV on. Bucky caresses my hair, and suddenly I feel him smile.
“You know you’re beautiful with this shirt on?”
I smile, realizing that the shirt is talking about is his. I lifted my face to look at him, and my eyes meet his.
“I have to thank the owner of the shirt.”
His lips brush my temple, and I feel a shiver down my spine; it always happens when he touches me.
“Now you know.” I say suddenly, losing myself in his grey eyes. He furrows his eyebrows, not understanding what I’m talking about.
“That I’m with you for who you are, not for what you do.”
“I love you, Y/n.”
“And I love you, Bucky Barnes.”

Oh I want something just like this
Oh I want something just like this

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Fine pt-2

Originally posted by pjkook

based on fine by Taeyeon

words: 2.2k

summary: Your in love with Jimin, your best friend, who’s also a player and you don’t know how to tell him about how you feel.

before your read: yes i had posted a part two to this but i didn’t like it so instead i completely RE DID IT. I am sososo much happier with this part! Anyways I hope you like it!

part 1

You almost feel lightheaded at Taehyung answer, you didn’t believe he would actually do this to you. You trusted him, despite him only being Jimin’s friend and not really yours, you truly had put your trust into him.

“What?” Jimin asks dumbfounded as if it was hard to believe it.

“What the fuck Taehyung?” you whisper almost slightly pushing him and he averts his eyes towards you.

“I’m doing this for your best” he reassures and you laugh at him, how dare he be the one to tell him when you were waiting for the right moment?

“No Taehyung, you’re not. You did this to mess with me! I told you I didn’t want him to know and you went right ahead and told him! What rights did you have to do this?” you feel the tears wanting to escape your eyes but instead, you look down at the floor, hoping they would disappear somehow.

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anonymous asked:

I'm trying to like the episode but I just can't get over the fact that Regina will always be only half a person. That's horrific. And the EQ will always be separated from her son and her family. I can't even enjoy the scenes where Regina accepts herself because of that. I feel like a character I loved so much basically no longer exists.

I don’t see it as horrific. And I don’t see why you see her as no longer existing. No instead we have TWO of the character we loved. Regina and the Queen are still the same person just as they were when they were split before. They’re just not exactly the same, again, just as they weren’t after the split.

The way I see it, they are both on a path of soul searching away from each other and discovering what makes each side who they are. Whether they come together in the end, I don’t know (I hope so), but I don’t see anything wrong with the Queen trying to find herself and find her place in the world.

“Do you remember how much we were happy?”

((OOC: let’s take a moment to look at my bae and his best-childhood-friend: two guys who are, inside and out, so much Remus and Sirius they could kill me. They are the living representation of my otp but they’re also so boringly straight they refuse to take some fanservice pictures, like pretty nohomo hugs, kisses and—
(Stef, what are you talking about? That Remus is your boy-sssht, shut up, it doesn’t really matter. It would be for the greatest reason.)
… but I know they will. One day they will.))

anonymous asked:

Every time I see someone insulting Zack Snyder and questioning (negatively) his love for DC characters, I feel like Clark in Man of Steel: YOU. THINK. YOU. CAN. THREATEN. MY. MOTHER?

Heh. I feel you my mans. Like… I fancy myself a huge fucking superman fan/10. Like he’s second to fucking none… But I don’t think I love him as much as Zack does. Because he fucking GETS it, and so clearly in everything he does - he fucking loves him. I doubted Zack for a minute or two when BvS was announced and TDKR was thrown around a lot… I was like oh fuck come on don’t do that to supes… but here we are.

and that love extends to all other DC characters. From Bats to Lois, to Perry and Alfred… etc etc

He fucking loves that shit

minnie-mcgoogles  asked:

Hi! Could you do a short muggle Jily au where they have neighboring apartments or something? I love your blog so much by the way :)

  • “GO TO HELL”
  • Lily can’t stop screaming at her new neighbors. Two STUPID boys who blast rock music at ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT. now it isn’t even good music mind you, it’s the kind that people listen to so they can say “I liked rock before you knew how to walk”. Really it just makes any sane person want to invent a time machine and murder the man who created rock music because it led to this exact moment.
  • She’s armed with a broom and is banging on her ceiling.
  • When her neighbors first moved in, she was excited. Most of the people in the complex either have kids or have grandkids and it has been difficult to make friends around. However, once she met them, everything changed.
  • First she tried to tell them, politely, that she works. All the time. When she isn’t working she’s at medical school, and she also happens to be a crazy light sleeper. Maybe she was more lonely before they moved in, but at least she was well-rested. 
  • Sirius. If only he lived up to his name. and his roommate James Potter. Little did she know they would be the bane of her existence.
  • So after a long night of studying at the library, she was a little bitter. First off, she started her day getting yelled at by her boss because her crummy coworker Peter took her shift, then bailed. However, she was running a study group and couldn’t get away, especially since she had technically worked way overtime this week. Then, the library was packed full of students and no one in the group was prepared for the discussion. It was exhausting and frustrating and when she walked up the 4 flights of stairs (the elevator was broken) to get to her door, the last thing she wanted to hear was Sirius Black screaming incoherent words to music with a cringe-worthy beat. 
  • Banging on the ceiling only seemed to aggravate him, because even though it seemed an impossible feat, the music only got louder. 
  • “fuck it” she muttered
  • she stormed up the stairs (quietly fuming because she was not going to disturb the other neighbors,) and didn’t even notice she was behind a messy haired boy.
  • “SOrry! sorry, bollocks! I didn’t see you there” James sputtered as she ran into him.
  • Lily probably should have said something but in all of her anger she was not expecting an apology, especially one from an awkward, nervous boy who was shoving his glasses up his nose. 
  • “Hey, I know we haven’t formally met, do you live here too?” he asked while leaning up against the hallway. 
  • “Yes, I’m Lily, also known as the girl with the broom who can’t stand your music” she said pointedly. Overall yes she should have been nicer, but it was a bad day. 
  • “Ha. Yeah I’ve been meaning to come down and apologize, I’ve told him to stop but Sirius has some anger issues, some pride issues, and overall just some issues. I promise we’ll try to keep it down.”
  • “oh. well. okay I guess. just you better keep it down.” She said and turned around in a bit of a daze. He walked into the room and yelled some profanity, and miraculously, the music went down. 
  • maybe this wasn’t so bad. one stupid boy with one, cute, messy haired boy? maybe she can handle this after all.

Okay, but like, Power Rangers.

I did not expect to like this movie as much as I did. I watched some of the original series sometimes, but I was put off by how fucking cheesy and nonsensical it could be. And even this movie had shades of that.

But holy fuck, holy fuck, did I love the first two-thirds. And even though the last third was kind of weak, it made up for it with the bonds we made with these characters.

Billy Cranston? Now, I’m not autistic. But thank you for not just coding him. I’ve read so many things about how important this character is for so many people. Not only is he autistic, not only does he openly stim and info-dump and not get humour, not only is his autism never “cured”, but it’s used for comedy in a respectful way! Sometimes, autistic traits can be humorous if not mocked for it! And Billy is important! He’s integral to the plot. He’s the heart of the story!

And Trinni? Yes, it was just one scene. But I think it’s more of a set-up for her story in the sequels, rather than a token effort of representation. God, I hope we see more of her. (pleasepairherwithkimberly)

Each of these characters have a story, have depth. Honestly, fuck the power rangers theme, I wanted more of their stories. But for what we got? 

It was a nice, earnest movie. Cheesy as fuck, but real with it’s characters. 

thank you, power rangers.

you have no idea how much this will mean to peeople.


Dexter’s Laboratory: The Hip-Hop Experiment

When Cartoon Network rebooted Dexter’s Lab in 2001, they wanted hype up the reboot/show with new hip songs. You remember these songs as CN Groovies and their music videos that played during ad breaks. They actually recorded a full album with six different rap artists, all hip hop songs about Dexter’s Lab. They also released two of these tracks (the two tracks that were made into CN Groovies) on a green 7″ vinyl! 

When I found out about this release, I knew I had to get my hands on it ASAP, being that Dexter’s Lab is one of my favorite shows and I loved the two songs on the 7″ so much as a kid. It was hard to come across for a decent price because I don’t think it’s a record many people want to give up, so I had to order one off Discogs from like the UK. Sadly, when it arrived 2 weeks later, it had been smashed in the mail  and I couldn’t find another copy online ANYWHERE. Then the night before Black Friday, I found out that my local record shop, plus the one I would be waiting outside of on Black Friday just received a copy of it in used! It’s weird how these things work out but I’m just glad I have this weird little 7″.

clichecanidae  asked:

Yo I know you probably get alot of people coming in saying "I like you art!" or something like that. But I also want to say that I really love your art style. Like it's somewhat realistic but still has that cartoon aspect to it and that's why I love it so much. Also I love dragons. Hope you have a nice day Kyler! :3

Awe, thank you! I could never get a really cartoonish style because I wanted realistic features, but I also hated trying to make every single picture realistic. So I mashed the two together!

Art and fanfic trades

I am very much open for a few art or fanfic trades for any of these:

• Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
• Wuthering Heights
• Star Wars - Aftermath book series

For the first two: I enjoy literally ALL of the characters, so for your half of the trade I think it’d be quite easy to arrange a topic you’d enjoy making.

(For Aftermath, I am actually most fond of the villains and would love to get that, but I can make something for you about any of the characters.)

I will try my best to make something fresh and neat and enjoyable for you, so don’t be shy and do come say hi to me. (We can also arrange a later trade if you are busy right now.)

Feel free to spread this around if you know any folks from these smallish fandoms! Thank you!

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I don't know if anyone's asked this before (and I'm sorry if they have), but may I have your opinions on Endverse (characters and world respectively)? If not, it's good, hope you have a good day :)

Hi, good morning! Sorry for the delay, this was too involved to answer on mobile.

I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT ENDVERSE, OKAY?????? One, because I love all the potential for Samifer (in this instance meaning Sam!Lucifer, but the other as well, I suppose). Like, Sam eventually going darkside and the two of their minds working together to be evil, because that is horrifying and fabulous, and I have no idea why we as a fandom always love when characters go dark, but it’s SO MUCH FUN!!!! Also, on the flip side, Sam holding influence over Lucifer and coaxing him to basically start rebuilding the world and creating life rather than destroying it, and like the overflowing gardens and orchards just ending up wherever they go, like Elsa, but with plants and animals and insects.

This is a thing.

On the flip side, I am currently reading through the Down to Agincourt series, WHICH IS AMAZING AND GIVES ME ALL THE FEELS, OKAY??? Seriously, it’s great. Lucifer isn’t actually involved very much. He’s in the first book, but only mentioned since then as Dean and Cas work hard to completely revamp the way they’ve been going about this whole apocalypse, and basically ‘what’s the point in fighting if we’ve forgotten how to live?’ And in the fic, right after S5 Dean leaves, and endverse!Dean dies, S7!Dean gets thrown into that verse- with no idea how or why, but the whole thing is fabulous.

I like this take on the endverse, where Castiel is all barbed wire and broken glass, and he and Endverse!Dean have a completely toxic and unhealthy relationship, yet are so fiercely protective of each other, so that it take S7!Dean and Cas a lot of time and effort to become friends, like it takes the entire first book, and then they end up this fabulous BFF team with Dean as the Commander and Castiel as his Second and they’re just like “I know it’s the apocalypse but we aren’t giving up on LIVING! Mow the damn grass! Make that cabin LIVEABLE, dammit! We are not a refugee camp! We have STANDARDS!” And they’re kind of hysterical and adorable.

I also like the way it originally struck me is that endverse!Dean and Cas are actually together in the alt future, and S5!Dean lands there in the middle of them having a huge fight in which they are using sex with other people to lash out at the other one, and to which Dean finally realized it when they were at the table in the cabin talking, and then very carefully repressed the shit out of it because he has way to much other crap to deal with to even try to think about that, like that was just one step too far for him. I think he repressed that whole visit, since it never got mentioned ever again.

I loved it, there’s so much you could do with it, plus the multiverse is confirmed canon, so basically ANY of it could happen across multiple universes, so every interpretation is therefore valid! And I am here for ALL of them!!! ^_^

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Friends, I am here to tell you that Grace and Frankie Season 3 is very beautiful and very gay. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed so much, or had so many feels so quickly, because they are literally shipping the hell out of these two women and either they are eventually definitely going to kiss and be together or it’s the biggest queerbaiting bullshit that’s ever gone down. But whether it ends up being romantic or not, these women are clearly in love with each other and the most important people in each other’s lives, and we see them showing and telling each other that over and over again. Highly recommend. I feel the fic flowing through me. It’s coming!

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Your latest chapter. All of it. Seriously, probably one of my most favorite things ever. Perfection. I don't know how you do it, but it's just so "them". I LOVE their easy banter, the subtext of their dialogues, the knowing looks they exchange... Your Sam and Cait are everything! I've always wondered... Is that how you really see them IRL or are they just two characters with these particular names to you now? Your writing is so vivid, raw (in a good way!) and passionate! I love it! Thank you! ❤

Thank you, love! So much.

That’s a tough question to answer. I think my perception of them is coloured by a number of things:

1) My relationship with my husband, who is Welsh. I take a lot of his typically “British” mannerisms or traits, and I incorporate them into the fic, along with impressions from my years spent living in England and Wales.

2) The fact that I have written so many stories about them, and it’s now difficult for me to separate my fic interpretations of their personalities, with who they ‘appear’ to be in public. For instance, when Caitriona quoted Neruda via RT, I almost died, as I’ve had her quote / think about poetry (and Neruda) so many times. It’s always a thrill when we get a peek into who they truly are.

3) Lastly, I don’t think we can really ever know Sam and Caitriona, and that’s the way it should be. They should have their private lives. They are both so fiercely intimate with themselves in that way. What I’m writing about is inspired by them, but I would never claim to know them.