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the 100 au: minty’s always been a thing (even back in season 1)

Hey @mywaay I love your Road to El Dorado AU


“Lincoln and Reedus were behind McBride and Lincoln started laughing and was unable to maintain any actor composure in front of photographer Dan Winters’ camera. […] Lincoln yelled for Reedus to stop and Reedus shouted, ‘Why? No one’s gonna see this!’ After a little investigating, we realized Reedus had been trying to hold Lincoln’s hand in the photos behind McBride’s back. […] I asked the trio if we could shoot them from behind, and then I told Melissa McBride to turn her head towards the camera. They all complied, and then Reedus and Lincoln gave us something a little extra—taking their bromance to a whole other level.“ || EW cover shoot

T-Minus 15 sleeps until BMAM-Mass!  In the spirit of @thepurrbutton ‘s wonderful series reminding us just how nuanced, complex and wonderful Bernie Wolfe is, I was thinking again about this piece of dialogue from Back in the Ring

“Well how about this, Serena Campbell, Occam’s Razor. For every accepted explanation of a phenomenon there are an incomprehensible number of possible and more complex alternatives.”

It seems to me, the perhaps Bernie could apply this to her relationship with Serena when she returns home. Her whole life has been dominated by difficulty with emotional choices.  But now, if she’s brave enough….

Serena Campbell. An incomprehensible, more complex alternative.

Extra Serena Campbell Bonus as illustrated with shitty, poor resolution screenshots.  This is Serena’s face in the exact moments when Bernie begins to say her name. Bernie and Serena are verbally sparring as they walk down the hall and Serena’s face is fairly neutral but the moment Bernie says her name, Serena’s face lights up in a smile that could power Holby. Tell me this ins’t the look of someone in love.


(。♥‿♥。) (。♥‿♥。) (。♥‿♥。) (。♥‿♥。) (。♥‿♥。) (。♥‿♥。) (。♥‿♥。)

5 reasons to ship Philkas

1)“I love you Lukas, Please wake up.”

2)protect each other no matter what.

3)are two in love smol beans.

4)“Because I like you idiot.”

5)know how to make make each smile/laugh.

Destiel meet au where the boys are in high school and they’re both super popular but they’re kind of rivals.

Maybe because Cas was new at the school in their last year and he’s so clumsy and he kinda shoved Dean-the-captain-of-the-WhateverSportYouLike-team without meaning to and Dean turns like ‘what’s your problem weird new guy?’ And so Cas fucking owns that shove and glares the shit outta Dean and Dean kinda loves it because *hot damn* but these guy doesn’t know him and he’s glaring like there’s no tomorrow so now they hate each other.

So they glare their way through every lunch, and through prom and through applying to the same university and through their graduation ‘cause their stubborn shits. They get into that same university and run into each other regularly and goddamn it Dean is so fucking beautiful Cas kinda times their coffee-shop run-ins without knowing Dean times their bookstore run-ins and they’re so stupid. And they both love ThisGreatBookYouAlsoLove and the author comes to that bookstore to sign copies of it and they both go.

Cas is at the end of the line with his friends when Dean comes in immersed on his phone and Cas’ heart does not skip a bit shut up because Dean is actually cutting line, like right in front of Cas wtf? And Cas cannot be ok with it and he goes “Hey, dude! Get in line!” All furious and cute and Dean is a little bit out of breath because he hadn’t realize Cas was here, that means they both like this book, that’s so awesome. But he’s so scary too and Dean goes “Woah, sorry man, I didn’t even see you there” but it comes out all wrong, it sounds like Dean suggested Cas and his friends are insignificant and Cas is now furious and his friends are dead silent because no one wants a furious Cas.

“Oh no, you did!” Cas says “You’re just expecting us to be okay with it because of your pretty face, but your gonna have to wait like all the rest of us” he’s all flirty rage and Dean’s eyes are huge with surprise but he doesn’t miss a beat and he’s like “Excuse you blue-eyes-that-shine-brighter-than-sapphires? Who are you blaming for being pretty? I’m just hoping to ask out TheAuthor, but if you go first I’ll have zero chance of doing that! Can you blame me for watching my back?” And his crooked smile is so attractive Cas can’t deny now his heart is not functioning normally, but his mouth is. “Oh c'mon! You want us to watch your back so we let you cut on account of the way your ass looks in those jeans, but it won’t work, so Get.In.Line” Cas is squinting so adorably now, glaring like he did when they met and Dean fully grins when he answers “You know what? Fine. I’ll get in line, hopefully I’ll get a look at your ass so it’s a bigger win then taking TheAuthor out to get coffee” he practically said Cas was better than TheAuthor, or at least that his ass is and that is like TheBestCompliment so Cas blushes like a virgin while Dean walks to stand behind his friends.

After they get their books signed Dean catches up with Cas and stops him before he makes it out of the bookstore after his friends. Dean has a pen in his hand and he unabashedly takes Cas’ hand and scribbles down his phone number while Cas stares at his lips without shame now. When he’s done Dean shrugs and says “Y'know I can wear these jeans whenever you like so, you just give me a call” he winks at Cas and Cas can’t help his chuckle. “Okay, then, I will” Cas says before he exits the store, leaving behind an excited and blushing Dean.

anonymous asked:

I need to watch the recent season, but I have to know. What's so significant of Bellamy and Clarke signing the other person's name? What are they signing? What's it for?

What an adorable ask! Alright, are you ready to be spoilered? Here goes: Clarke and Bellamy have maybe found a way to keep some people safe, but only about 100 out of many more, so they need to make a list of who gets to go to that safe place and who doesn’t. So they, being the dramatic self-sacrificing hoes we know them to be, both decide not to go there. But in the end, we see Clarke completing the list and, after some contemplation and gazing at Bellamy’s peacefully sleeping form (I died a little in that moment), she puts his name down for spot 99. At which point, of course, he wakes up, sees her putting down his name, and insists that she write herself on that list too bc obviously. So of course we’re all losing our shit right now. 

Slice of life Drarry?

Because we can literally pick out the cutest things but how about those normal every day stuff that everyone does?

-Harry washes the dishes while Draco dries them off next to him, and they either have the stereo playing in the living room or they just talk quietly

-Harry told Draco all about the wonders of the thing called the internet and social media and how people can connect faster and so many opportunities found online and Draco was fascinated until he learned that it had to do with muggle technology and he dropped it

-Because Drarry can’t use technology for shit

-Harry and Draco go shopping in muggle department stores and Harry gets taken by the latest new technology while Draco struggles to comprehend what a touch screen is

-Draco takes absolutely forever in changing rooms

-Harry doesn’t mind because he’s in the changing room with Draco

-In the mornings, Harry likes orange juice and Draco likes tea but when Draco’s lazy he’ll just swipe Harry’s juice out of his hand

-Draco actually really likes toast and when Harry introduced the toaster, they only had toast every breakfast for about a month

-Draco and Harry having petty quarrels on whose turn it is to cook dinner

-Harry’s in charge of all the groceries but when it comes to toiletries and house items, it’s Draco’s area.

-When they go furniture shopping Harry likes to pick out the most horrid things only to watch Draco turn pale, mentally gag, and steer them away muttering bad things about bad designs.

-Each room in their house/flat has it’s own theme and colour because Draco maintained that habit from his Manor days. 

-Harry likes bike rides and Draco prefers walks

-Draco stays up with Harry to watch the sun set and Harry watches, awake on the bed, as Draco stands on the balcony to watch the sun rise. 

-Harry repainting a room in the house and getting all messy and Draco watching in amusement and staying far far away from the paint

-Harry getting paint on Draco anyways and Draco exasperatedly goes off to change. Again.

-Draco and Harry going on vacations all around the world and looking stylish and wearing sunglasses and people always stare at them but they don’t care

-Harry forcing Draco to pose near a monument to take a picture

-Draco and Harry asking some other tourist to take a picture of the two of them in front of the Eiffel tower.

-Draco forcing Harry to try new foods and laughing whenever Harry makes a face when he doesn’t like one

-Harry fighting with Draco over how much money they’re spending on certain things and trying to emphasize that just because they’re both rich they can’t just binge buy whatever they want

-Harry teaching Draco humbleness in small things

-Draco teaching Harry the beauty of elegance in small things

-Harry and Draco doing normal every day stuff


Favourite video game pairings:
- Erron Black/Kung Jin | Mortal Kombat X (2015)
- Jesse McCree/Hanzo Shimada | Overwatch (2016)


Happy one year anniversary to these two idiots, here’s to many many more!!!