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Voltron Positivity Week Day 2

Voltron Positivity Week kinda hit me unprepared because I wasn’t paying any attention to the dates lol. I’ll be playing catch-up, but in the meantime here is a shoutout to my favorite blogs, all beautiful people I have had the pleasure of making friends with since the start of this ride. You guys are the ones who make this fandom completely worth it, and bring joy even in the midst of all the craziness. Friendly reminder that this is just a sideblog and I stalk follow from my main bluerobokitty. 

@mikuridaigo – one of my first Voltron friends. I forgot how we met, I think you were going crazy over writing from Keith’s POV and I jumped on your post like “bitch me too!” and then we ended up bonding over Keith’s vague personality and how much of a tree stump he actually is in the show. X3 Then you became my no1 salt-mate, helping me vent out my frustrations whenever fandom got out of hand. You have been such a wonderful source of support and inspiration and I can’t imagine being here without you.

@lynneve – a lovely person I met through miku when they came to one of my original Voltron streams. You are just incredible, and your blog is filled with such positivity. You remind us why we are a part of this fandom to begin with, a voice of reason when things get crazy. Thank you for navigating the strange of waters of Imzy with me to create safe groups for people to be a part of without all the discourse. Also, your selfies are so cute and bring a smile to my face whenever I see them. They inspire me to not be so shy with my own selfies, since I used to think I was horribly UN-photogenic.

@lowellfamilyprecepts – An old person like me! :D I met you through your funny, slighty angsty, and adorable Klance fic Imagination is Power. I was so happy when you got to join the OG streams and we got to talk a lot more! You are another lovely person and I hope we get to talk even more in the near future.

@isayvol – a new friend! I have a lot of fun telling you about all the crazy hijinks we Americans get into, especially how we celebrate Christmas. Your support, especially your tags on my art, has been incredibly overwhelming. You don’t have to do this, but you do, anyway. You spread so much love and positivity into this fandom, it has been a joy following you.

@damnspider – another wonderful blogger and amazing artist. I about died when I saw your art for Galra Companion. That piece had been on my desktop for a very long time. xD Your support has been amazing, and your art is incredibly cute with a distinctive style that I recognize immediately. I especially love your floofy Galra!Keith. I hope we get to talk more someday.

@browntiger15 – We just kind of hit the ground running when we started talking to each other, mostly through our mutual love of Kallura. Because Kallura is awesome. Your prompts and discussions have really been insightful and thought-provoking, helping flesh out this rare ship even further. You have made me seriously excited at the idea of this ship being canon endgame.

@itsdetachable – Your Klance BloodCam fic is amazing! It really, really is! It’s so sensual and detailed and I can’t get enough of it! I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time now, but sometimes I just don’t have the words? I can’t even really pick a favorite scene. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting when I first clicked the link – I started reading because I’m a weirdo who likes reading unconventional romances and kinks. Talking to you on Twitter has been a joy, and I hope we get to talk more. :D

@fonbella – The embodiment of “be kind but take no shit”. Your handling of the salt that goes down in this fandom has been nothing less than perfection. It’s been inspiring watching you handle all the bs while at the same time still maintaining a positive presence, especially in regards to multi-shipping. You’re amazing!

@flavordays – Your art is just incredibly stunning – never give up on it even if the payout isn’t always great. I definitely relate to the art salt you sometimes post on a very spiritual level. We artists just have it rough sometimes. But I’m in love with your work, and it’s been wonderful following and chatting with you on Twitter. I definitely look forward to talking more with you if ever the chance comes up.

@biblicacelestia – We’ve never talked but I’ve been following your art for a long time now so I wanted to mention you. Your style is so floofy! So bara. ;D Keep up the wonderful work and I can’t wait to see what else you create for this fandom.

@autumn-sacura – One of the first artists I followed when I got into this fandom. I have no words to describe your art. None. Gorgeous? Detailed? Stunning? These words don’t do your work justice at all. And your NSFW… heehee… hee… :3 I know your on a kind of hiatus right now, but I really hope you see this at some point because your work is incredible and deserving of all the love it gets. Also, you were the one who got me considering shipping Kallura seriously before fandom imploded over it. I hope we have a chance to talk and stuff whenever you come back.

@ace-pidge – You’ve been one of the big names in fandom since the beginning. You were all over my dash even when I wasn’t following you yet lol. To see such wonderful support from you when I post my art has been a tremendous honor. You are too sweet and I hope you continue to be a positive impact on this fandom.

@zillabean – Another amazing artist I’ve been following for a long time now. Got some amazing premium beef, mmmhm~ Also, your Robeast is so CUTE I cannot and I really hope that bab wins I’ve been voting for that cutie every day! I want ten of them. TEN. Continue being awesome! :D

@donutsteele – the Pidge to my Lance. You shake your head even as you continue to support my work when it falls a bit on the weird side and for that I am immensely grateful. You get a special mention because much of my inspiration for Galra Companion comes from you (my later chapters will be dedicated to you because of the ideas you have given me).

To all my other prawns: @nowerewolves, @vir-ghilani, @istibaethoriel, @averagesparrow, @ridethefrostback, @destinyapostasy, @krysknife you guys are a constant source of companionship and support even if you may not technically go here. You listen to my salt and put up with my obsession anyway, and I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends. I love you. I love you so much, I have no words. God, I’m even tearing up a bit, why do I do these things?

To everyone who has ever liked, reblogged, commented, tagged, or kudo’d my work: no matter how small your feedback, it matters. You matter. Whether you are part of the fandom or whether you just like what I make, I could not have gotten this far without you. It is all of you, everyone mentioned and not mentioned in this post, who has made this fandom worth it for me even when things got crazy. I will try to give back to everyone as much as I can. Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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You know what would be awful?

Edward’s brain cancer returning, after the destruction of the Lazarus Pits on Batman’s behalf. Jonathan is by him the entire time he’s in the hospital. Jonathan witnesses as his closest friends mind, once brilliant and sharp, begins to deteriorate. He watches as Edward sleeps for days on end, as Edward slowly ceases to understand the conversations of great poets or riddles they once held together, as Edward’s memories of all the times they spent (their first meeting, their first crime together,) fade into a blur. He watches as Edward goes through seizure after seizure, headaches, and mood changes where one moment he’s happy and the next he’s screaming how this is all Jonathan’s fault somehow, and he’s dying because of Jonathan. He watches as Edward’s eyes become glazed and unfocused, how his voice fades to a faint whisper, until the only words whispered between them are ‘I’m so sorry’, and the noise of a heart monitor beeping is the sound that fills the dry and heavy air.

Jonathan watches it all, and knows he can do nothing.


Clementine von Radics
      for @piratesails


fanCLOWNS continue. 

OC KISSING WEEK 2K16 ❤ / Théia Lavellan & Feean Tabris

“She gasped and turned to him fully, her hands clutching onto Feeans shoulders as if she was dizzy and searching for security. But only a moment later, she pressed her lips onto Feeans and leaned into him.”   [ x // @redcliffes ]

… but there were always a handful of sheep at this place now. Strays would turn up there, and lambs would find their way to it what they’d lost their mothers.

This was a magic place.

There wasn’t much to see now, just the iron wheels sinking into the turf and the pot-bellied stove with its short chimney …

Terry Pratchett  -  “The Wee Free Men”

Illustration: Alda Rana