i love you too mike

There’s something really funny about loving someone throughout a long term relationship. Like how your love changes… you can be so mad at them one day and the next they can make you fall in love all over again (although you never really fell out)… it’s so funny to me…

it’s been 5 years and we’re preparing for our first child… it’s wild how far we’ve come and how much we’ve learned to love each other.

he’s four years old (harvey/mike) - for anon

Mike never thought he’d be back here.

Those few days he spent roaming the Harvard campus, trying to pick up tidbits of information he might need to try and validate the lie of a life he was about to live, felt like forever ago. He was a different man now. If you had’ve found Mike that day and told him that nearly a decade later he’d be married to the man that hired him and they’d have an adorable son whom Mike loved more than anything in this life, well, that Mike probably would’ve wondered if he still had some drugs lingering in his system.

To be honest he doesn’t know how he feels about being back on Harvard grounds. He can see a sense of contentment settle over Harvey, a feeling of nostalgia he doesn’t normally succumb to working its magic on him. He can see the excitement on Emmett’s face, thrilled at the newness of it all and captivated by the expanses of snow covered grounds before him. But for Mike, Harvard has always been a shadow in the corner of his mind, a reminder of how different things could’ve gone had he just been better.

But then Harvey’s fingers slide through his, and Mike turns to look at his husband, and he knows that if he’d made it here when he was meant to then he never would’ve met Harvey. And that is a scenario that is simply unacceptable.

They’re back here because Harvey has been asked to do some guest lecturing, and they decided to make a mini vacation of it. They’re using Cambridge as their base and then exploring the local area along with doing some day trips further afield. Harvey has already told him about several places he remembers from his Harvard days that he wants to show Mike, and Mike might have done some research about what other interesting places they could visit while they were here. They haven’t gotten out of Manhattan in so long, and he thinks all three of them could use this break away from everyday life.

Poor Emmett vacillated between uncontrollable excitement and utter boredom the whole drive here, but now that they’ve arrived and he can run around the snow covered quad he’s definitely back to uncontrollable excitement. Mike’s happy to let him burn off some energy. He still hasn’t decided if he’ll attend Harvey’s lectures - Harvey asked him to come along, and he’s sure Emmett could behave himself for an hour if they sat quietly in the back - but he doesn’t need to decide either way yet. For now they can just wander along the grounds, together and content.

“I’d forgotten how beautiful it was,” Mike admits.

Harvey makes a noise of assent, and when Mike follows his gaze he sees Harvey is watching Emmett, rolling around in the snow and laughing his head off. It does something to Mike, the fact that Harvey has returned to a place with which he speaks of nothing but fondness, and yet he still can’t take his eyes off their son.

“Hey,” Mike says, tugging on Harvey’s hand, and Harvey meets his eyes. Mike leans over and kisses him. “I’m glad we’re here.”

Harvey grins. “Me too,” he says, and Harvey is the one to close the gap between them this time.

They’re interrupted from what would probably be an inappropriately long make out by Emmett running into their legs. They break apart, laughing, and Emmett grabs Mike’s hand and tugs, saying, “Let’s go!”

They let Emmett lead them away, and Harvey says, “I think Emmett will like studying here.”

“He’s four years old,” Mike points out. “It’s a little too early to start planning his college future.”

“It’s never too early,” Harvey says, and Mike can’t help but roll his eyes. “Plus, he’s a legacy, with two lawyers for fathers. No way is he going to be something other than a lawyer.”

“Emmett will be whatever he wants to be and we will support him one hundred percent,” Mike says, not a little firmly. He probably wouldn’t have been so insistent if Harvey hadn’t made the two lawyers for fathers comment (and in all honestly it’s not like he himself hasn’t thought that Emmett might grow up to be a lawyer before). But Mike hasn’t been a lawyer in four years, he’ll never practice law again, and he can’t help but wonder what they’ll tell Emmett when he grows up, the truth about how they met, about Mike’s past.

“Hey, Mike, what is it?” Harvey asks, concern clear in his voice.

Mike shakes his head. “Nothing.”

“No it’s not. Talk to me.”

Mike lets out a deep sigh, takes a moment to watch Emmett as he runs ahead of them before coming back, grinning the whole time. “Emmett will be going to school soon.”

Harvey looks confused by the apparent non sequitur. “Yeah…”

“I guess I’ve just been … I can’t go back to being a lawyer, but as much as I love you and Emmett I don’t want to spend the rest of my life being a stay at home dad either. I need to get back out there, start working again. I just … I don’t know as what.”

Harvey nods thoughtfully. “You don’t have to work, Mike. No, let me finish,” he quickly adds when Mike tries to cut him off. “You don’t need to work, which means you don’t have to rush into it. Take your time, think about what you want to do, maybe even see if you want to go back to school and study for a bit. Whatever you want, I’ll support you.”

Mike smiles warmly. “I know you will.”

“Just like I’ll support our son even if he decides to give up his birthright and not come to Harvard.”

Mike chuckles. “Well, like I said, he’s only four. It’s a pretty impressionable age. Who knows, maybe this vacation will imprint on his mind and he’ll grow up wanting to come back here.”

Harvey grins. “Fingers crossed.”

Okay imagine after the plot of stranger things ends right. Then imagine El and Mike grow up and get married. So Mike is laying in bed, his back to El and he hears “I love you so much”. So he says “I love you too”. Then El says “I want to kiss you”. And Mike just smiles and turns to her, expecting to see his wife’s face, only to see her back. So he sits up and look over her to see her hugGING A BOX OF EGOS.

The Girl Is Mine (Hood Version)
  • Paul: Look Mike, we can't be fighting over no broad. You feel me?
  • Michael: Nah nigga. Wasn't nobody competing but yo bitch made ass.
  • Paul: Chill the fuck out wit allat shit cuh. All I'm saying is you don't need to be getting yo hopes up because bitch told me she love me. I think I love her too, Mike.
  • Michael: Nigga if you don't get the fuck out wit allat bullshit. You think the bitch gon come to you after MY dick? Nigga last time I hit dat, bitch couldn't walk for a week! Fuck outta here nigga.
  • Paul: Oh really? So it's like dat now?
  • Michael: Yeah you sensitive ass muhfucka.
  • Paul: ......
  • Michael: .......
  • Paul: By the way...
  • Michael: What nigga?
  • Paul: Billie Jean said hi.
  • Michael: MOTHAFUCKA!! *shoots Paul*
Flower of Innocence - Chapter 2

Vincent woke up from his  slumber the next morning. He had been having wonderful dreams of him  and Scott being together. There was even one when he and Scott were  getting married. He smiled, remembering the dreams. “Scott is so   dreamy.” He thought. He thought about what it would be like to feel   Scott’s lips again… Hear his calm voice again… He just wanted to see  him again. “Scott… No matter what happens, I will protect you.” He   said to himself. He was jerked out of his thoughts when his alarm clock rang. He put his hand on his chest where his fast beating heart was as he turned off the alarm. “Geez… That nearly gave me a heart attack!” He thought as he waited for his heartbeat to return to normal. Once his  heartbeat was back to normal, he went to his closet and put on a white  shirt with a purple flannel jacket. He put his jeans and his low heal boots on and went downstairs to make himself some breakfast. Once he was  finished with his breakfast, he got his school stuff and walked out of  the house and down the street to his school. He smiled at the thought of  seeing Scott again and he started walking at a faster pace.

Once he got to school,   he looked around for the others. Soon, he found them, hanging out at   their usual spot. He smiled and went up to them. “Hey guys.” He said.

“Hey Vincent.” They said when they saw him.

“How are you guys?” Vincent asked.

“We’re doing good.” Jeremy answered. “You?” He asked.

“I’m doing good.” Vincent replied.

“That’s good.” Fritz said.

Vincent looked at Scott and smiled. “Hey.” He said, kissing his cheek.

Scott smiled. “Hey.” He said.

“How are you?” Vincent asked.

“I’m doing great.” Scott said.

“That’s great.” Vincent said, smiling. He looked around and noticed that Mike wasn’t here. “Hey.  Where’s Mike?” He asked. Kevin looked at Vincent. “Oh, there is a new  student here. Mike is showing her around.” He said. “Oh, okay.” He said.

“It’s really nice what he’s doing.” Fritz said.

“Yeah. I wonder who this  new student is.” Vincent said. Then, Mike came back with the new   student. She had blonde hair with a curl on the ends, pink eyes and is   wearing black framed glasses. She was wearing a pink shirt with blue   jeans. “Hey guys.” Mike said, waving.

“Hi Mike.” They replied.

“This is my new friend, Mellisa Tang.” He said, turning to the girl.

“Hi everyone. You can call me Missy. It’s nice to meet you all.” She said.

Vincent smiled and waved. “Well, it’s nice to meet you, Missy.” He said.

“Thank you.” She said.

“My name’s Vincent and this is my friend, Scott.” Vincent said.

“Nice to meet you.” Scott said.

Vincent smiled. He was glad that they got a new friend, but, he can’t help but think… that something’s up with her.

Kevin noticed. “Vincent, are you okay?” He asked. “Oh. Yeah, I’m fine.” Vincent replied.

“It’s very nice meeting all of you. I hope to become great friends with you all.” Missy said with a friendly smile.

The others smiled too.

“So, what do you guys usually do around here?” Missy asked.

“Oh, we usually just hang out. Talk about stuff.” Vincent said.

“Cool. Anything going on?” She asked.

“Well, Fritz is having a sleepover at his house tonight and we’re all going, so…” Mike said.

“That’s great. I hope you all have lots of fun.” She said.

“Thanks, Missy.” Mike said.

“You’re welcome, Mike.” She said.

Vincent watched Mike and  Missy as they talked. The bad feeling he had grew stronger. He tried to  ignore it, but he just can’t help it.

Scott looked over at Vincent and saw his expression. “Is something wrong?” He whispered.

Vincent looked at Scott. “No. Nothing’s wrong.” He whispered.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

Vincent looked down at   the ground. “I-I don’t know, Scott… This girl… I just have a really bad feeling about her.” He replied.

Scott rubbed his back. “It’ll be okay. If the feeling is still with you, you can tell me.” He said.

Vincent looked at Scott and smiled. “Thank you.” He said.

“You’re welcome.” He said.

Kevin noticed Vincent and Scott talking. “What are you two talking about?” He asked.

Scott looked over at Kevin. “Oh. We can’t help but feel something isn’t right about the new girl.” He replied.

“Oh. Well, now that you mention it, I feel that something is suspicious about her.” Kevin said.

“Same here. We should probably tell this to the others later.” Scott said.

“Yeah. Good idea.” Vincent said.

They looked on at Mike and Missy silently.

“So, I was wondering… Maybe you can come with us to Fritz’s sleepover.” Mike said.

“Oh. Are you sure about that? I mean, that’s all very sudden, considering I just moved here and all.” Missy said.

Vincent put his hand on Mike’s shoulder. “I agree with Missy. It is really sudden. How about we  get to know her a little bit better before we invite her?” He asked.   “Yeah. That would probably be the best idea.” Kevin said.

“Yeah. They are right, Mikey.” Jeremy said.

Mike looked at the others. “Okay. I guess that could work.” He said.

“I agree with them. It was nice of you to try to invite me. But maybe once I get to know you better.” Missy said.

“Okay. Well, me and the others have got to get to our classes. Do you need some help getting to your class?” Vincent asked.

“That would be nice.” Missy said.

“Okay. Which class do you have first?” Vincent asked.

“History.” She replied.

“Oh cool. That’s the same class we have.” Vincent said.

“That’s neat. Looks like I will be with you guys.” She said.

“Hehe. Yup. That gives us some time to get to know you.” Mike said.

Missy smiled.

The others walked to their History class. “So, where did you live before you came here, Missy?” Mike asked.

“Georgia.” She replied.

“Ooh, that’s really nice.” Mike said.

“Sure is. Especially when you go to Savannah. It’s a neat little town with interesting history to it.” Missy said.

“Oh, me and the others   heard about it. It’s the oldest city in Georgia.” Mike said. “Me and   Anthony went to Savannah once. It’s very interesting.” Kevin said.

“It sure is. Especially when they do the ghost tours.” Missy said.

“Ooo, me and the others went on one of these ghost tours when we went to Savannah on a field   trip. The guy who ran the tour obviously knows a lot about the dark,   eerie past of the town.” Mike said. “Not to mention, he had a really   great sense of humor. Hmm… What was his name again?” Vincent asked.   “Hmm… I think his name was Nicodemus.” Kevin said.

“Interesting. Glad you guys had fun.” Missy said.

Vincent chuckled. “Yeah. We did.” He said.

Missy giggled and smiled at them.

The others smiled too. Then, the teacher came into the room. They got back to their seats as he started class.

“Okay class. We have a   new student today. Please make her feel welcome here. Would you mind   introducing yourself, Miss Tang?” The teacher said.

Vincent looked at Missy.

Missy got up in front of  the class. “Hello. I’m Melissa. But you can call me Missy. I come from  Georgia. It’s a pleasure meeting you all. I hope to get to know you   better while I’m here.” She said.

“Hello, Missy!” Everyone in the class greeted her.

Missy smiled brightly.

Vincent smiled. He had   no idea why the bad feeling was still there. I mean, she looks so nice. But, you can never be too careful.

Everyone smiled back.

“Hey friend!” Mike said, waving. Kevin sighed. Even though they just met about an hour ago. he thought.

“Hi Mike.” Missy said, waving back.

Vincent can’t help but chuckle.

Fritz and Jeremy gave a small giggle.

“Alright, thank you for introducing yourself, Miss Tang. You may take a seat now.” The teacher said.

Missy went back to where her seat was. The teacher began the lesson.

During the lesson, Scott noticed that Vincent was falling asleep.

Scott gently tapped him. “Hey, you okay?” He whispered.

“Mmm… Yeah. I’m fine.” He whispered, tired.

“Sleepy?” He asked.

Vincent nodded. “This class is boring.” He whispered.

“We’ll be out before you know it. Just try to hold out for a bit more.” Scott said.

“I’ll try.” Vincent   said, trying to keep his eyes open, but he noticed that Mike was fast   asleep. “Oh! We lost a soldier.” He whispered.

“Oh no!” Scott whispered. He looked over to the others. “The others are well. We shall avenge him.” He said playfully.

“Don’t worry, guys. We will avenge you.” Vincent said, playfully.

Scott looked to where   Anthony was sitting and noticed he was getting sleepy. “Hold on. One of our men might be in danger.” Scott pointed out.

Vincent nodded and shook Anthony. “Hold on, Anthony. You need to stay awake.” He whispered.

“Hmm, Huh?” Anthony mumbled. He looked over and saw Vincent as the one to shake him. “Oh, thanks.” He whispered.

“You’re welcome.” Vincent whispered back.

He turned back to the front and tried to listen to what was being said.

Vincent tried to listen to what was being said too, but he felt his eyelids drooping. He rubbed  his eyes and tried to listen. Kevin noticed Fritz sleeping and gently poked his cheek. “Hey. Fritz, wake up.” He whispered.

“Mmm.” Fritz moaned. He sat up and did a cute yawn and rubbed his eyes.

D'awww. Kevin   thought. “Hey Fritz. You might not want to sleep through the lesson. Mr.  Lennard might freak out if you do.” He whispered.

“Oh, um, okay.” Fritz said, a little more alert. “Thanks Kevin.” He whispered.

“You’re welcome.” Kevin whispered back.

Scott looked and saw Jeremy doing the same to Mike. “Hey, they are all saved.” He whispered to Vincent.

“Yes! You go, guys!” He whispered. “Mmm… Huh?” Mike opened his eyes and saw Jeremy.

Jeremy smiled when he saw Mike was awake. “You fell asleep, Mikey. So I woke you up.” Jeremy whispered

“Oh. Thanks Jere.” He whispered back.

“You’re welcome, Mikey.” He whispered.

Mike smiled and listened to what the teacher said.

Finally, after what felt like forever. The bell finally rang.

“WOOO!! Saved by the bell!” Mike said, pumping his fists in the air. “Calm down, Mikey.” Kevin said.

“Someone’s excited about class being over.” Missy said as she strolled over to the group.

“Hehe. Yup. That’s Mike for ya.” Vincent said.

Jeremy put a hand on Mike’s shoulder and smiled at him.

Mike smiled back at him.

“Away we go!” Anthony said as he exited the classroom.

The others exited the classroom as well.

“To English!” Fritz said.

The others went to their  English class where Mr. Jefferson was waiting. He already had the   papers graded and they all took it. Scott smiled a little bit. He got a good grade on his paper. So did Vincent and Kevin. Mike, on the other   hand… “Mr. Schmidt, I know you want to be a doctor, but that doesn’t   mean you can’t skip your other subjects. Now normally, I wouldn’t give   my students a second chance since this is an honors class, but I will   assign you with a partner to help you improve.” Mr. Jefferson said to   Mike. “Yes sir.” Mike said. Vincent looked at Mike’s paper and saw that he got a bad grade. “Now, Mr. Schmidt, you’re gonna be with Mr.   Fitzgerald. I believe he will help improve your essay.” He said, looking  at Jeremy.

Jeremy looked over at him and nodded. “Yes sir. You can count on me.” He said.

Mr. Jefferson nodded.   “Alright. Now, with that aside, today, we have a new student here. Would  you like to introduce yourself, miss?” He asked, looking at Missy.

*One introduction later*

“Thank you, Mrs. Tang. You may take a seat besides Mr. Simmons.” Mr. Jefferson said.

“Thank you, Mr. Jefferson.”  Missy said. She made her way over to the desk and sat in it.

“Alright. Now, let’s begin the lesson.” Mr. Jefferson said.

The class groaned.

Vincent looked out the window. “I don’t like this class already.” He thought.

Jeremy sat in thought, thinking of ways he could help Mike with his paper. “I  know Mike is good at doing this. He just needs that push to help him   pay attention from time to time. Sure, he may be a goofball. But I know with motivation, he can pass. I know it.” He thought. He glanced over at Mike. “I’ll help you, Mikey. I promise.”

Mike is looking at his paper, thinking about how he shouldn’t have spaced out. He sighed.

Jeremy nudged him. “Hey Mikey. Want me to help after school today? Or during lunch?” He asked.

Mike nodded. “Yeah. During lunch sounds cool.” He replied.

“Okay. Try to listen to what the teacher is saying for now.” Jeremy whispered.

Mike nodded and tried to listen to what Mr. Jefferson was saying.

The teacher was giving the lesson. But all the students could hear was blah, blah, blah, bleach, bloop, blech.

Mike was already starting to nod off, but he was awoken when Anthony gently poked his head.

“You awake, dude?” Anthony asked.

Mike nodded.

“That’s good.” He said.

“Thanks.” He whispered.

“You’re welcome.” He whispered back.

He smiled and listened to what the teacher said.

“Blah, blah, blip, bloop, blah.” Was what came out his mouth.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, the bell rang.

“I think I see why some people call him Mr. Boreson.” Missy said.

Vincent chuckled at Missy’s comment. “Yep. I definitely agree with you there.” Mike said.

“Mr. Boreson. That’s a good one.” Anthony chuckled.

Kevin can’t help but chuckle. “I haven’t heard that one before.” He said.

“Well, she’s right about him being boring.” Anthony pointed out.

“Yup. She is.” Kevin said.

“Why, thank you.” Missy said.

“You’re welcome.” Kevin said.

Scott looked at everyone and smiled.

“Now. Onwards to   Science!” Vincent said as he exited the classroom. “You guys go ahead. I  have to get something out of my locker.” Mike said.

Scott chuckled. “Oh Vincent.” He thought. The others lefty the room. Jeremy stopped and looked back at Mike. “Be careful Mikey.” He said.

Mike looked at Jeremy   and smiled. “I will.” He said. He got out of the classroom while the   others went to their next class. He made his way to Jeremy’s locker and sighed. He never told anyone this, even Jeremy, but he liked him. No,   more that liked… He loved Jeremy. He loved everything about him. His   appearance, his personality, he’s just wonderful. He wanted to confess   to him, but he always grew nervous when he tried to talk to him. He   tried to figure out a way to confess his feelings. “Maybe… I could write a secret admirer note to him. But… Jeremy might get the wrong   idea… Oh well, might as well give it a try…” He thought. He pulled out a slip of paper from his pocket and wrote on it.

“Hey. I know I’m not   very good at these notes, but I just wanted to say that I like you.   Well, actually, I love you. I have loved you since the first day we met.  When I saw your…” His hands started shaking as he wrote the next few  words. “beautiful face and heard your adorable voice, I knew I was in love with you. The question is… Do you have the same feelings for me?”  He looked at the letter and sighed. “This is so bad… I should have paid more attention to those romance movies.”  He thought. He slipped the paper in Jeremy’s locker leaned against the  wall. One question lingered in his mind. Will Jeremy accept his feelings  or will he tell him that he doesn’t have the same feelings for him?  With shaky legs, he made his way to Science class.

The others were chatting  as they waited for Mike. Jeremy sat in deep thought. Thoughts about   Mike invaded his mind. Mikey, his best friend, he was always there for   him. He remembered the first time he met him. He defended him from his   bullies and was always protective of him. He always made him happy. He   smiled. “Mikey.” He thought, a little smile on his face.

Mike eventually reached his class. He stood at the door and thought about Jeremy. “Jeremy.” He thought. A little smile appeared on his face. “No matter what happens, I will protect you.” He thought. He opened the door and stepped inside. “Mikey’s in the house!” He said.

“Hey Mike!” The group called out.

“Hey guys!” Mike said as he sat at his desk.

“Hi Mikey.” Jeremy said happily.

“Hey Jere.” Mike said, smiling.

Jeremy smiled back at him. He felt a warm happiness around him.

“So, what'cha guys talking about?” He asked the others.

“Oh, just the usual.” Scott said.

“Cool.” Mike said and leaned back in his chair.

The others went back to talking.

Vincent looked at Mike   and noticed that he was looking at Jeremy and he has a tint of pink on   his face. “Hey. You OK, Mike?” Vincent asked. “Huh? Oh yeah! I-I’m   fine!” Mike said, trying to cover the blush on his face. “Are you sure? Your face is pink.” Kevin said. “Really, I’m fine.” Mike said. Vincent looked at Jeremy and smirked. “You like Jeremy, don’t you?” He asked.   Mike flinched. “H-How did he know that I… Oh…” He thought, mentally facepalming himself. They noticed that Mike liked Jeremy simply because  he was looking at him and blushing. “…And that is why I’m not good at  Drama.” He thought.

“D'aww. Does Mikey have a crush?” Missy said in a sing song voice.

“Missy!” Mike said, his face turning a bright red.

“He does.” Missy laughed.

Mike pouted. “C'mon, Mike, admit it! You love Jeremy!” Vincent said, smiling and pinching his cheeks. “Shut up!” Mike said.

“Ohohoho~ What is this we are hearing?” Anthony said with a smirk on his face.

“Mikey over here has a little crush on Jeremy!” Vincent said, smirking. “Shut up, Vincent!” Mike shouted.

Anthony’s smirk grew bigger. “Want us to tell him?” He playfully asked.

“Be my guest!” Vincent   replied, gesturing to Jeremy. “Vin, no!” Mike said, grabbing his wrist. “What’s wrong, Mike? We’re just telling Jeremy about what you think of him.” Vincent said playfully.

“Yeah Mike. Nothing to be ashamed of.” Anthony said playfully.

Mike covered his hands   with his hands in embarrassment. “Oh, come on, Mike. There’s no need to be embarrassed. Think about it. You finally get to be with the person   you love. Isn’t that great?” Vincent asked, wrapping his arm around   Mike.

“I don’t see anything wrong with that.” Missy said.

“See? Even Missy agrees.” Kevin said. “Okay, okay, I will admit. I do love Jeremy.” Mike said.

“When do you plan on telling him?” Anthony asked.

“Uhh… I think at   around lunchtime.” Mike said, averting his eyes to Jeremy. “You sure?   You don’t sound really certain.” Vincent asked. When Mike didn’t   respond, Vincent got an idea. “Are you planning a surprise for Jeremy?   Like leaving a little secret admirer note in his locker?” He asked. Mike  froze. He had no idea that Vincent figured out that he put a note in   his locker. “Ooo, that is really romantic.” Kevin said, smirking.

Scott smiled. “Our little Mikey is growing up.” He said.

Mike blushed more.

He chuckled and patted his head.

Mike looked at Scott and smiled a little bit.

He smiled back.

Then, the teacher came into the room.

Everyone sat in their own seats.

“Hello, everyone. Today, we have a new student here. Would you like to introduce yourself?” The science teacher said to Missy.

*One introduction later*

“Thank you, Miss Tang. You may take a seat now.” The science teacher said.

Missy went to her seat as the teacher began the lesson.

During the lesson, Mike kept looking at Jeremy. He was thinking how the confession was gonna go.  But, he already wrote a secret admirer note for him. Surely, when   Jeremy gets his books out of his lockers, he will find the note and read  it. He started to get nervous. What if Jeremy thinks of Mike as a creep  after he reads it? Would he reject the note or will he tell him that  it’s really sweet? He is so confused…

Scott nudged him. “Hey, lover boy. I can tell you are nervous. But I’m sure it will turn out okay.” He whispered.

Mike looked at Scott and smiled a little. “Thanks.” He said.

“You’re welcome.” He said.

Vincent looked at Jeremy and smiled. He could tell that he loves Mike too. He hoped that he understands Mike’s feelings for him.

Jeremy looked over at Mike and back. “Mikey.” He thought.

Mike thought about what Scott said. “I’m sure it will turn out okay.” His words repeated in his  head. Hearing those words washed all the nervousness out of his body. His words made him feel more confident.

Scott looked over at Mike and saw how he looked more confident. He smiled. He was happy to help his friend.

After an hour of the teacher droning on and on with boring stuff, the bell rang.

Fritz got up and stretched, making soft mewing sounds.

Kevin resisted the urge to say ‘Awww!’ as he got up from his seat.

Fritz looked up and smiled a kitty smile.

Kevin couldn’t contain it. He had to let it out. “Awww!” He said. Vincent smiled. “Fritz, why are you so cute?” He thought.

Missy smiled. “That’s adorable.” She said.

Fritz giggled and blushed a bit. “Yeah, a lot of people call me that.” He said.

“Here we have, the adorable cinnamon roll out of the bunch.” Vincent said, smiling.

Fritz’s blush deepened.

Mike hugged Fritz. “He’s too precious for this world!” He said.

Fritz smiled.

“Alright now, onwards to  Health class so we can pursue Mike’s dream of becoming a doctor!”   Vincent said as he marched out of the classroom. “Of course. Come on,   Dr. Mike.” Kevin said.

“What do you know, my favorite subject.” Missy said.

“Ah, that’s so cool!” Mike said, smiling.

“Yep. Now go on, Dr Mike.” Missy said, gesturing to the door.

Mike smiled and walked out of Science class.

The others followed.

Soon, they got to their Health class. Vincent saw an anatomical model and shivered. “I’ll admit,  that anatomical model always freaks me out.” He said to Missy.

Missy studied it. “You could say that it’s out to get someone.” She said.

“Yup.” Vincent said, nodding.

“Who knows. It could be you.” Scott said in a spooky voice, coming up behind them.

“Eeep!” Vincent yelped and hugged Scott.

Scott hugged him back.

“Geez, Missy. Don’t scare us like that!” Kevin said.

Missy smiled sheepishly. “Sorry.” She said.

“It’s okay.” Mike said, patting her head.

Missy smiled.

“Well, we should probably get to our seats now.” Kevin said.

“Be careful not to let spooky man get you.” Missy joked.

“We will.” Mike said, laughing.

They made their way to their seats. Teacher came in. Another introduction by Missy. Lesson begin.

Unlike the other classes  Mike usually sleeps at, Mike pays extra attention to what the teacher is saying. He even takes notes, which is something he doesn’t do in his  other classes. That made Vincent wonder how committed he is to his   dream.

Jeremy looked over at   Mike. He could tell by the way Mike acts in here that he is truly   committed to being a doctor. He just wished he was like that with his   other classes. Those could help him too.

After another hour of the teacher droning on, the bell rang. It was time for lunch.

“Wooo! I’m hungry.” Anthony cheered as he ran to the door. “Food!” Fritz said excitedly.

“Food! I’m starving!”   Mike said as he ran after the others. Vincent looked at Scott and   extended his hand. “So, shall we go?” He asked, smiling.

Scott smiled back and took his hand. “Yes.” He answered.

Vincent and Scott both went to the cafeteria and went to their usual table.

“Hey guys.” Missy greeted them.

“Hey Missy.” Vincent said as he and Scott sat down.

Scott looked over at Mike. “Are you going to confess to Jeremy yet?” He asked.

“Uh… Y-Yeah.” Mike said, blushing.

Anthony smiled at him. “Go on. Get the man of your dreams.” He said.

Mike looked at Anthony. “A-Alright.” Mike said. He looked at Jeremy. “Uh, h-hey Jeremy?” He asked.

Jeremy looked at him. “Yes Mikey.” He said.

“Uh, well… There’s something that I want to tell you.” Mike said.

Jeremy got curious. “What is it?” He asked.

Mike blushed. “Well,   It’s something that I have wanted to tell you for a while, but I haven’t  until now…” He took Jeremy’s hand gently. “You know what, I’m just   gonna scrap all the cliched romance stuff and say that I love you.” He   said.

Jeremy’s eyes widened as a blush spread across his face. “Y-you love me?” He said.

“Yeah… I do… I loved  you since the day I met you. You were always so sweet and kind, I couldn’t bear to think of anyone hurting you. I swore to myself that I will protect you from danger. Jeremy… I promise that I will do whatever I can to make you happy.” Mike said.

Jeremy looked at him for  a bit more and hugged him, burying his face into his chest. “I… I had  no idea that I meant so much to you.” He said.

Mike hugged back. “I love you, Jeremy. I really do. You are my best friend and I don’t want to lose you.” He said.

Jeremy smiled. “I love you too, Mikey.” He said.

Mike smiled too.The others were watching them. “They make such a cute couple.” Fritz whispered.

“I know, right?” Kevin said. Mike pulled away and brought his face closer to Jeremy, hoping that he would kiss him.

Jeremy blushed. “Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked.

“I-If you want…” Mike stuttered.

“Um, um…..” Jeremy’s face became red.

“Ah! S-Sorry! T-That was really sudden of me! I-I’m sorry!” Mike stuttered, covering his blushing face.

“I-It’s okay, M-Mikey.” Jeremy stuttered.

Mike looked at Jeremy, still blushing. He knew he screwed up. “I-I really am an idiot…” He thought.

Jeremy hugged Mike again and cuddled with him.Mike hugged him back.

Jeremy gave him a kitty smile.

“Awww!” Mike said and smiled.

He giggled. “You’re so cute, Jerebear.” Mike said and petted his head.

“D'aww. How cute.” Missy said.

Mike looked at her and blushed.

“Well, it is.” She said.

“Missy!” Mike said, blushing a little more.

“This just in. There is a new couple in town, and their names are Mike Schmidt and Jeremy Fitzgerald.” Anthony said, pretending to be a news reporter.

Kevin chuckled. “Oh, Anthony.” He said. Vincent made a heart sign with his hands and moved Mike and Jeremy inside it. “You guys!” Mike said, his face now red as a tomato.

Jeremy hid his face behind his hands. Fritz giggled.

“You guys are just too cute!” Vincent said, smiling.

Jeremy blushed even more.The others chuckled. Mike hid his face in his hands.

“Admit it. You guys are cute together.” Scott said.

Mike looked at Jeremy.

Jeremy looked at Mike.

He blushed.

Jeremy looked down.

“Uh…” Mike looked at the others.

They smiled at him.

Mike looked back at Jeremy, who was looking down. “Hey. Are you okay?” He asked.

He nodded.

Mike hugged Jeremy.

Jeremy hugged back.

“You’re so cute, Jeremy.” He said.

Jeremy giggled and smiled.

Mike smiled too.

“Aren’t you two gonna eat anything?” Fritz asked them.

“Oh! Yeah!” Mike said, scratching the back of his head.

“Good. We thought you two would make out.” Anthony joked.

Mike blushed yet again. “Anthony!” Kevin said.

Anthony laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head. “Sorry.” He said.

Kevin sighed. “It’s alright.” He said, patting his shoulder.

Anthony smiled.

Kevin smiled back.They went on like this until Lunch ended.

“So, I guess we should get going then.” Vincent said.

“Yeah. We should. See you guys.” Missy said.

“See you later, Missy.” Kevin said, waving.

She waved back and left.The others went to their classes. After a boring second half of the day, the school day was finally over.

“Freedom!” Anthony cheered as he exited school.

“Woooooo!!!!” Mike cheered along with him. They all exited the school. “Thank God it’s Friday.” Vincent said, running his hand through his hair.

“I can’t wait to have you guys over later. We’re going to have so much fun.” Fritz said happily.

“Yep. I bet it’s gonna be a lot of fun!” Kevin said, smiling.

“Yes, lots!” Fritz said.

Vincent smiled. Then, he saw Jeremy holding a piece of paper. “Hey Jeremy. What'cha have here?” He asked.

Jeremy blushed. “A love letter.” He answered.

“Hmm?” Vincent looked at it and noticed Mike’s handwriting. “Heh. Can lover boy get any more romantic?” He thought. “Aww, that’s so sweet. I wonder who it belongs to?” He asked, looking at Mike.

Jeremy blushed even more. “I-It’s M-Mikey’s handwriting.” He stuttered.

Vincent chuckled.

“D'aww! That’s so sweet of him.” Scott said.

“I know. Can Mikey the lover boy get any more romantic?” Vincent said.

“Candlelight dinner.” Scott offered.

“Yep. I’m betting that’s gonna happen.” Vincent said, nodding.

“Mike loves Jeremy very much. He’ll treat him with the best care.” Scott said.

“Mmm-Hmm!” Vincent said.

Scott smiled and ruffled Vincent’s hair.

Vincent chuckled and blushed.

“Adorable.” Scott said.

“Thanks. You’re adorable too.” Vincent said, ruffling Scott’s hair.

Scott chuckled.

“Well, I’ve gotta go get ready for Fritz’s sleepover. I’ll see you later.” Vincent said.

“Yeah. Me too. Bye.” Scott said.

“Bye.” Vincent said, waving. He walked back to his house and got ready. He packed all the necessary things for the sleepover, like his pajamas, his toothbrush, some new clothes. “Hmm… maybe I should bring a few games, too.” He thought. He picked out a few games like Mario Kart, Sonic Colors and Resident Evil 4. “Alright. I think I’m ready.” He picked up his bag and left to go to Fritz’s house.

Meanwhile, Fritz was getting everything ready for the sleepover. He had snacks, drinks, video games, and movies. “That should be it.” He thought. He sat and waited for the others to show up.

Soon, Vincent arrived at Fritz’s house. He knocked on the door.

Fritz got up and answered it. “Hi Vincent. Glad you’re here.” He said.

“Hey, Fritz. Are the others here?” Vincent asked.

“Not yet.” Fritz answered.

“Okay.” Vincent said as he went inside. “So, what'cha got here?” He asked.

“I’ve got plenty of food and drinks.” Fritz held up some chips and a bottle of soda.“ I also got movies to watch and video games to play.” He answered.

“That’s cool. I brought some video games too.” Vincent said.

“That’s great! We’re going to have a lot of fun!” Fritz said excitedly.

“Yup! Lots of fun!” Vincent cheered.

“Yay! I can’t wait!” Fritz cheered, jumping up and down.

Vincent chuckled.

Kevin and Anthony came through the door. “Anthony’s in the house.” Anthony said.

“Hey guys!” Vincent said, waving. “Hey, Vincent.” Kevin said.

“Hey guys.” Fritz said.

“Glad you can make it!” Vincent said.

“Same here.” Anthony said.

“What did you guys bring? I brought some games.” Vincent asked. “Oh, Anthony brought some games too.” Kevin said, looking at Anthony. “I think we might have brought too much games.” Vincent thought.

“Sounds like we have an abundance of video games.” Said a voice. Everyone turned to see Scott.

“Hey, Scotty!” Vincent said, kissing his cheek.

Scott smiled. “Hi Vinny.” He said.

“How are you?” Vincent asked.

“I’m good.” He said.

“That’s good.” Vincent said, holding his hand. “Awww! That’s so cute!” Kevin said.

Scott blushed.

Vincent blushed too. “Hey. Guess who’s here.” A voice said. They turned around and saw Mike, wearing a pair of shades and wearing a black glove on one of his hands. “Wow, Mike. That’s some pretty nice shades.” Kevin said. “Who are you supposed to be?” Vincent said. “I’m agent Norman Jayden, FBI.” Mike said, trying to make his voice sound like Norman.

“Ohh. Very mysterious.” Scott said.

Mike chuckled and took off the shades. “Nice Norman Jayden impression.” Vincent said. “Thank you.” Mike said.

Jeremy came in last. “Hi guys.” He said.

“Hey Jeremy!” Vincent said, waving.

“Hi Vincent.” Jeremy said, waving back.

“So, now that everyone’s here, what do you wanna do?” Kevin asked.

“Well. We brought a lot of video games. Maybe we can play one of those.” Scott suggested.

“That sounds good to me. So, what games do you have, Fritz?” Vincent asked.

“I got Super Smash Bros, Legend of Zelda, Mario, Sonic, and Kirby.” Fritz answered.

“Aw, sweet! That’s awesome!” Mike said. “So, what game are we playing first?” Kevin asked. “I wanna play Super Smash Bros!” Mike shouted playfully.

“Me too!” Anthony chimed in.

Fritz pulled out the game and put it in. They watched as the intro began to play.

When the intro was finished, they got ready to select their characters.

Mike chose Mario and Anthony chose Donkey Kong. “I’ll make sure to punch you into the next dimension.” Anthony said playfully.

“Oh, we’ll see about that.” Mike said, playfully.

“I’m a muscular monkey!” Anthony shouted.

“You’re so lucky! I’m a plumber with a red cap who eats mushrooms in order to grow bigger!” Mike shouted playfully.

“You know, there’s this thing going around on the internet that says that Mario got high off eating the mushrooms and that’s why we see all the crazy worlds he’s in.” Scott said.

“Okay. What’s it called?” Mike asked.

“I think it was called Mario mushroom theory. I can’t really remember the name.” Scott answered.

“Well, whatever it is, it sounds really interesting.” Mike said.

“Yup. Now let’s play.” Anthony said.

“Alright! Let’s do this!” Mike said as he got started.

They chose Smashville and began playing.

While the others watched, Vincent couldn’t help but chuckle at Mike’s erratic button mashing. It was a total contrast to Anthony’s level headed take on the situation.

“Eat my meaty fists, you fat plumber!” Anthony shouted playfully.

“Oh no, you don’t!!” Mike shouted playfully as he made Mario throw a fire ball at Donkey Kong.

“I’m on fire!” Anthony shouted playfully.

Mike chuckled playfully.

Fritz smiled at them.

“Oh no. You got me.” Anthony said playfully.

Mike chuckled. “Next round! Let’s see if you can beat me.” Mike said playfully.

“We’ll see.” Anthony chuckled.

They started the next round and they started to battle.

“Hey look. Bam!” Anthony said as he made Donkey Kong punch Mario multiple times.

“Aaah! Ya got me!” Mike said playfully.

Anthony chuckled.

“Are you up for another round?” Mike asked Anthony.

Anthony was about to answer when Jeremy hugged Mike from behind.

Mike was surprised, but he hugged back.

Jeremy looked up. “Can this next round be between us?” He asked.

Mike blushed. “S-Sure.” He said.

Anthony smiled, handed Jeremy the Wii remote, and went back to the others. Jeremy changed his character to Princess Peach, and they began another round.

As Mike and Jeremy fought in the game, Vincent laid his head on Scott’s shoulder.

Scott smiled and patted his head.

Vincent smiled back. “How could you, Princess Peach?! How could you betray me like this?! I saved you from Bowser many times and this is how you repay me?” Mike shouted playfully in a Mario voice.

“I’m sorry, Mario. But this is how it must be.” Jeremy said playfully in a Princess Peach voice.

“No, please! Princess, you don’t have to do this!” Mike said playfully, still in a Mario voice. Vincent sniffed. “This is the most tragic love story ever!” He said.

“I’m sorry Mario. But I can’t change fate.” Jeremy said, still using his Princess Peach voice.

“Noooooooooo!!!!” Mike shouted playfully as Jeremy made Princess Peach punch Mario off the stage.

“I’m sorry, Mario.” Jeremy said in a sad Princess Peach voice. “I will always love you.”

Vincent sniffed and wiped some tears from his eyes. Kevin started clapping. “That was beautiful, you guys.” He said.

“An amazing drama. Ten out of ten.” Anthony said.

Mike looked at the others and smiled. “Thank you.” He said.

“You’re welcome.” Fritz said.

Mike smiled and patted Jeremy’s shoulder. “You did a great job as Princess Peach, Jeremy.” He said.

Jeremy blushed and smiled.

“Yeah, no kidding, Jere. You did great!” Vincent said.

“Thanks Vincent.” Jeremy said.

“You’re welcome.” Vincent said.

“You did great as Mario.” Jeremy said.

“Oh, thanks Jeremy. But you did good as Princess Peach.” Mike said.

Jeremy smiled. “Thanks Mike.”

“You’re welcome.” Mike said, smiling back.

Fritz smiled at them. “They are so cute together.” He thought.

Mike started to pet Jeremy’s head.

Jeremy smiled a kitty smile and purred.

“Cute.” Mike said.

Jeremy nuzzled his head into his hand.

Mike chucked. “So, anyone in the mood for a movie?” Vincent asked.

“Me.” Fritz said. “Sure. I wouldn’t mind.” Scott said.

“Sure.” Kevin said. “Okay. Sounds good to me.” Mike said. “So, what movie do you guys want to watch?” Vincent asked.

“How about Honey I Shrunk the Kids?” Anthony suggested.

“Sounds good to me.” Mike said.

“Same here.” Jeremy said.

“Sure.” Vincent said, smiling. “Sounds interesting.” Kevin said.

Fritz looked through the movies he had and eventually spotted it. “Found it.” He said, pulling it out.

“Great. Let’s pop it in this bad boy.” Kevin said, patting his hand on the DVD player.

Fritz nodded and put the movie in.

“I’ll get the popcorn.” Vincent said and went to the kitchen. He grabbed the bag from the pantry and put it in the microwave. “Set it to two minutes and voila! Delicious popcorn.” He said as he set the time. He pressed the start button on the microwave and stood back.

The others patiently waited for the popcorn.

After two minutes, the popcorn is done. Vincent took the popcorn out of the microwave, being careful not to burn his hands and went to the living room. “I got the popcorn, guys!” Vincent said, smiling.

Scott went over to him and helped him carry the popcorn. “That’s great.” He said.

Vincent smiled and kissed Scott’s cheek. “Alright, love birds. Have a seat.” Mike said, pointing to the two seat cushions.

They both blushed a bit and sat down where Mike was pointing.

Vincent looked at Scott. “So… Um…”

“What is it?” He asked.

Vincent looked at Mike, who nodded. He turned to Scott. “I’m sorry if this is a dumb question, but have you seen this movie before?” Vincent asked.

“Only once.” Scott responded.

“I’ve never seen this movie before, so I think it’ll be interesting.” Vincent said.

“I bet it will too.” Scott said.

“Look, it’s starting.” Mike said, excited.

Scott chuckled.

The movie started with an animated intro that is pretty much different than the rest of the film which is live action. Vincent smiled to himself as he watched the intro. The movie started with the mailman delivering the mail and giving the mail to Quark, the dog. “Cute puppy!” Vincent said quietly.

“D'aww.” Said Fritz.

When the next shot came up, Vincent noticed steam coming out of the toaster. “Someone might wanna check on that toast, because I think it’s burning.” He thought.

The camera went to a little boy with big nerd glasses fiddling with a machine. “Hey Fritz, that kid reminds me of you.” Scott said.

“Yeah. It really does.” Mike said.

“Who knew that Fritz had a role in this movie.” Anthony joked.

Vincent and Kevin chuckled. Even though Kevin is the mature one and tends to take things seriously, he needs some humor once in a while.

Fritz giggled.

“Quark is best puppy.” Vincent said when the camera went to Quark putting the mail on the table.

“Yes. He is the most wonderful puppy.” Scott said.

“He’s got talent.” Anthony said.

“Yep. He sure does.” Mike said. Later, when the scene when the dad tests out the shrink ray on an apple came up, Kevin said to Scott. “Next time we make apple sauce, Fritz should make a machine that is meant to shrink stuff, but blows apples up.” He said.

“Not a bad idea. Although the apple could splatter everywhere.” Scott said.

“Yeah. It would be pretty difficult to clean up afterwards.” Mike said, scratching his head.

Fritz sweatdropped. “Yeah. It would be.” He said.

Further into the movie, during the conference scene, Mike gritted his teeth and mumbled, “They’re dicks.”

Jeremy held Mike’s hand.

Mike looked at Jeremy. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to cuss, but why doesn’t he bring the machine to the conference to prove that it works?” He asked. “Well then, we don’t have tiny kids exploring the backyard throughout the majority of the movie.” Vincent said.

“The little children need the attention, Mikey.” Jeremy said.

“Sorry.” Mike said. “It’s okay.” Vincent said, patting his shoulder. They watched the movie in silence. When they finished watching the scene where Russ resuscitates Amy, Mike looked at Kevin. “So, Russ says he learned CPR in French class. Hmm… I kinda have a hint on what he’s saying.” He said, looking at Vincent and Scott.

They both blushed when they got the hint.

“Come on, Mike. I think we teased the two of them enough. Let’s just watch the movie.” Kevin said. “Alright, dad.” Mike said, rolling his eyes playfully. Kevin smiled and petted his head. “That’s my boy.” He said. Mike chuckled a little at this little “father son” moment. I mean, Kevin and Mike aren’t related, but Kevin likes to treat Mike like he’s his son.

Jeremy and Anthony smiled at them.

The others continued to watch the movie. Mike smiled big when the big ant appeared on the screen. “Introducing my favorite character in the entire movie… Antie!” He said excitedly, pointing at Antie on the screen.

“Hi Antie.” Said Jeremy and Fritz.

The others chuckled.

“He’s so cute when he is excited.” Jeremy thought.

Mike watched the movie with a smile on his face as he watched Antie on the screen. However, his excited look disappeared when he watched Antie die. “Noooooooo! He was my favorite character! Why?!” He shouted, almost nearly sobbing.

Jeremy hugged Mike and rubbed his back, whispering soothing words into his ear.

Mike hugged back and wiped the tears from his eyes. “Rest in peace, Antie. You will be missed.” Vincent said, putting his hand on his chest.

The others copied Vincent.

They watched the rest of the movie in silence. When the movie was done, Vincent started clapping.

The others joined him. Anthony and Mike were cheering. “That was awesome!” Cheered Anthony.

“Yes! It was!” Mike cheered. “That was a good movie.” Vincent said.

“It sure was.” Scott said, smiling.

“So, what do you guys want to do now?” Vincent asked.

Fritz went over and took a bag of chips, and began munching on them. “Hungry anyone?” He asked.

Everyone nodded.

Fritz gestured towards the food and drinks with a smile on his face. “Feel free to have something to eat.” He said.

It was a pretty big table with a variety of food and drinks on it. There was a bowl of pretzels and bottles of soda and diet soda on the left side of the table. On the right side, there is a variety of fruit on each separate plate. What caught everyone’s attention was the chocolate fountain at the middle of the table. “Wow…” Vincent said, staring at the fountain.

“Impressive, isn’t it?” Fritz said.

Vincent nodded. Mike took a strawberry and dipped it into the chocolate. He took a bite out of it, enjoying the flavor.

Anthony did the same thing with a piece of pineapple.

“Mmm… This is so good!” Mike said to Fritz.

“Thank you.” Fritz said.

Vincent took a pretzel, dipped it in the chocolate and ate it. “Mmm…” He smiled.

Jeremy dipped a banana in chocolate and began eating it. “Yummy.” He said, smiling.

Kevin puts some apple slices, some strawberries, and some pineapple slices on the plate. “Hmm… Is apple slices good with chocolate?” He thought to himself.

Scott dipped some pretzels and strawberries, dipped them in chocolate, and began eating them.

Kevin decided to give it a try and dipped the apple slice in the chocolate and starts to eat it. “Mmm… This is so good!” He thought.

Fritz took an apple slice and copied Kevin.

Vincent looked at the two of them and smiled.

“It’s adorable how Fritz looks up to Kevin.” Scott whispered.

“Yeah. It really is.” Vincent whispered back.

Scott put a chocolate covered pretzel close to his mouth as if to feed him with it.

Vincent blushed and opened his mouth.

Scott placed it in his mouth.

Vincent ate the chocolate covered pretzel. “Mmm…” He smiled.

Scott patted his head.

Vincent blushed. Mike watched the whole thing and smiled.

“Vinny’s so cute.” Scott thought.

Vincent dipped a strawberry in the chocolate fountain and brought it close to Scott’s mouth.

Scott blushed and opened his mouth.

Vincent placed the strawberry in his mouth.

Scott ate it, enjoying the sweet taste.

Vincent smiled and petted his head.

Scott smiled.

“Scotty’s so cute.” He thought.

Mike yawned.

“Sleepy Mikey?” Jeremy asked.

“Mmm… A little.” Mike said.

Jeremy hugged Mike and stroked his hair.

Mike smiled and rested his head on his shoulder.

Jeremy hummed a tune.

Mike slowly closed his eyes. He liked listening to Jeremy humming.

Jeremy continued to hum a tune, he began to rub his back.

Mike slowly fell into a deep sleep.

“Sweet dreams, Mikey.” Jeremy whispered, kissing his head.

“Aww, that is so cute!” Vincent whispered to Scott.

“Hehe. Sure is.” Scott whispered back.

“Already getting sleepy, huh?” Kevin said, looking at Mike who was sleeping.

“I believe that would be a yes.” Anthony chuckled.

Kevin chuckled. “Well, I think we should get ready for bed. It’s getting pretty late.” He said.

Fritz yawned and rubbed his eyes.

“Alright. Let’s go.” Vincent said. The others went upstairs while Kevin helped Jeremy pick Mike up and carry him upstairs.

Kevin and Jeremy went over to Mike’s sleeping bag and carefully laid him out.

Mike snuggled his head in his pillow.

Jeremy smiled and kissed his cheek.

Mike smiled in his sleep.

Jeremy crawled into his sleeping bag, which was next to Mike. He turned over to him and watched him sleep.

Vincent and Kevin both climbed into their own sleeping bags.

Scott and Anthony did the same, their sleeping bags close to them.

Vincent smiled at Scott who was lying next to him.

Scott smiled back.

“Good night, Scott.” Vincent said.

“Good night, Vincent.” Scott said. “Night Kevin.” Said Anthony.

“Night Anthony.” Kevin said, smiling.

Fritz smiled at them and turned off the light. He went over to his bed, being careful not to step on anyone. He crawled into his bed, holding a fox plush close to him. “Night guys.” He whispered.

*The next morning*

Vincent woke up and sat up in his sleeping bag, rubbing his eyes.

Everyone else was still asleep.

Vincent looked at Scott, who was still sleeping.

He slept peacefully.

Vincent smiled. “He’s so cute when he’s sleeping.” He thought.

He began waking up.

“Good morning.” Vincent said.

“Good morning.” Scott said, stretching and rubbing his eyes.

“Did you sleep well?” Vincent asked.

“Yeah. You were in my dreams.” Scott answered.

“Awww!” Vincent said and kissed his cheek.

Scott blushed and smiled.

“You were in my dreams too.” Vincent said.

Scott hugged him.

Vincent hugged back.

Scott kissed his head.

Vincent blushed and smiled.

“Cutie~” Scott said.

Vincent chuckled and kissed Scott’s head.

“I love you, Vincent.” Scott said.

“I love you too, Scott.” Vincent said.

Scott smiled.

Vincent smiled back. He held Scott’s hand.

Scott held his hand back.

Vincent blushed before he kissed Scott.

Scott blushed and kissed back.

Vincent wrapped his arms around Scott’s neck.

Scott wrapped his arms around Vincent’s waist, pulling him closer to deepen the kiss.

Vincent ran his hand through Scott’s hair.

Scott moaned and trailed his hand down Vincent’s back.

Vincent shivered and licked Scott’s bottom lip for access.

Scott opened his mouth and the two fought for dominance.

Scott won and he felt him explore his his mouth.

Scott explored every inch of Vincent’s mouth, smirking as he heard him moan.

The two men broke away, a string of saliva connecting their mouths and Vincent smiled. “You’re a good kisser.” He said.

“Thanks. So are you.” Said Scott.

Vincent blushed and chuckled.

Scott smiled and patted his head.

Vincent purred like a cat. Then, he smelled a delicious smell. “Is that waffles I smell?” He asked.

Scott smelled it too. “I believe it is.” He responded.

“Yay!” Vincent said, smiling.

Scott chuckled.

Vincent got up and offered Scott his hand. “Shall we get going?” He asked.

Scott took his hand and nodded.

Vincent and Scott went downstairs to the kitchen where Kevin was making some waffles. “Hey guys. You’re up early.” Kevin said. “Yup.” Vincent said.

“How did you sleep?” Scott asked him.

“I slept good. Anthony was in my dreams.” Kevin said, blushing a little.

Scott smiled. “You love him, don’t you?” He said.

Kevin chuckled. “Well, is it that obvious?” He asked. “Well, a little. But hey, that’s okay.” Vincent said.

“Yeah, we’re your friends. We won’t judge you.” Said Scott.

Kevin smiled at them. “Thank you.” He said.

“You’re welcome, Kevin.” Said Scott.

“Morning, everyone!” Mike said when he entered the room.

“Morning Mike.” Said the others.

“So, what’s for breakfast, Kev?” Mike asked. “I’m making waffles.” Kevin replied. “Yummy!” Mike said.

They chuckled at his response. “The others still sleeping?” Asked Vincent.

“Yep. Anthony and Fritz are still asleep. And so is Jeremy.” Kevin replied.

“Let them sleep.” Mike said. “Besides.” He blushed. “Jeremy is so cute when he sleeps.”

Vincent chuckled.

Mike blushed more, a smile forming on his face.

“Well, take a seat, guys.” Kevin said.

They sat down at the table.

Kevin put the waffles on the plate and set each of them down in front of them.

“Yay! Thanks Kevin.” Said Vincent. He began to eat the waffles happily.

Scott chuckled. “You’re so cute, Vinny.” He thought.

“This is so good.” Mike said.

“Thanks, Mike. I’m glad you like it.” Kevin said.

Scott ate his waffles and smiled.

Jeremy came into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes.

“Morning Jeremy.” Said Mike. “Sleep well?”

Jeremy nodded.

“That’s good. Kevin made some waffles.” He said.

“Mmm, sounds good!” Jeremy said as he sat down next to Mike.

Kevin got him a plate and placed it in front of him.

Jeremy got a knife and fork and started to eat the pancake happily.

Soon, Fritz and Anthony woke up.

Anthony hugged Kevin from behind. “Morning.” He whispered. “Good morning.” Fritz said happily.

Kevin blushed, but hugged back. “Morning. Did you sleep well?” He asked.

“Yes. I did.” He said, ruffling his hair.

Kevin chuckled. “These two are so cute together.” Vincent whispered to Scott.

“I know, right?” He whispered back.

“Hey… Can I tell you something, Anthony?” Kevin asked.

“Sure. You can tell me anything.” He said.

“Well… I-I’ve been feeling this way for a really long time and… I figured I should tell you. I… I love you, Anthony.” Kevin said, blushing more.

Anthony blushed at Kevin’s confession. To be honest, he felt the same way about him. “Well, funny you should say that. You see, I like, um, really like, no, I love you too.” He said, face as red as a tomato. “Ever since we first met I knew I was in love with you. From your friendly personality, to your beautiful eyes. I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

Kevin’s face was the same red color as Anthony’s. “A-Anthony… I…” He started to say. “T-Thank you.” He said, smiling.

“You’re… You’re welcome.” He said, smiling back.

Kevin held Anthony’s hand and looked at him.

Anthony looked at him back.

“Well… Are you… um…” Kevin was expecting Anthony to kiss him, but he didn’t want to rush him.

“Oh… Oh! Um.. hehe…. I didn’t know…. um…” Said a blushing Anthony.

“Oh no, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.” Kevin said quickly.

Anthony was still blushing, but nodded. “Okay.” He said.

“You hungry? I made waffles.” Kevin said, smiling.

Anthony smiled back. “Yeah. I would like some.” He responded.

Kevin put a waffle on a plate and gave it to Anthony. “Here you go.”

“Thanks Kevin.” Said Anthony. Kevin felt a tap on his shoulder and saw Fritz, pointing to the waffles.

Kevin smiled and gave a plate of waffles to Fritz.

Kevin sat next to Anthony and began eating. “So, what’s the agenda for today?” Mike asked.

“Hmm. Today’s Saturday, right?” Anthony asked.

Mike nodded.

“Maybe we could go to the arcade downtown.” Anthony suggested.

“Hmm… That sounds like a good idea.” Kevin said.

“It would be great going there.” Said Scott. “Maybe I could win a prize for Vincent.” He thought.

“Yeah. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun there.” Mike said.

Jeremy and Fritz got excited about going to the arcade.

“Alright, so it’s settled.” Vincent said, smiling.

Mike pumped his fist in the air. “Watch out, arcade! The Tick Tock gang is coming your way.” He said playfully.

Jeremy chuckled. “Alright. I’ll just wash the dishes and we’ll be ready to go.” Kevin said, gathering the dishes and putting them in the sink.

“It’s alright. Take your time.” Mike said.

After Kevin washed the dishes, Kevin turned to the others, triumphant. “There we go! I defeated the thing that is standing in our way! Now, to the arcade!” He said, pointing to the door.

“The Arcade!” Mike and Anthony exclaimed as they went out the door.

Jeremy and Kevin chuckled as the others went out the door. They all got in the car and drove off to the arcade.

Meanwhile, Missy was in her room, reading a book. She was thinking about her new friends.

They sure are nice people. I would love to get to know them more. She thought.

Missy heard a knock at the door. She went downstairs and opened it to see a young woman with long, brown hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a white short sleeved sweater, blue jeans and brown boots.

“Hello. Can I help you?” Missy asked them.

“Hey. So, I heard you’re the new girl at our school and I figured maybe I would like to get to know you.” The girl said.

“Um, who are you and how did you find my house?” Missy asked her.

“Oh! Um, I’m Vanessa. I didn’t get a chance to talk to you at school, so I… Yeah, I’m sorry.” Vanessa said.

“Well…. Vanessa…. Would you like to come inside?” Missy asked, gesturing to the inside of the house.

“Of course.” Vanessa said as she stepped inside. She looked around the house in awe. “You have a really nice house.” She said.

“Thanks.” Said Missy.

“So, did you make some new friends?” Vanessa asked, sitting on one of the chairs at the table.

“Yes.” She responded.

“That’s great. Who are they?” Vanessa asked.

“They are a group of guys. Their names are Jeremy, Mike, Fritz, Kevin, Anthony, Scott, and Vincent.” Missy answered.

Vanessa’s eyes widened. “Wait… Say their names again.” She said.

“Mike, Jeremy, Fritz, Scott, Vincent, Anthony, and Kevin.” Missy said. “Why?”

“One of the names you mentioned… Vincent… He was my ex-boyfriend…” Vanessa said.

Missy’s eyes widened. “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.” She apologized.

“Oh no, it’s fine. I’m over it. He’s dating someone else…” Vanessa said, twisting her fingers. She recalled the conversation with Vincent in her head. His confession…

Missy saw the look on Vanessa’s face. “You sure about being okay? You don’t look like it.” She said.

“Y-Yeah… I-I’m sure…” Vanessa stuttered.

“Okay…. Would you feel better if I changed the subject?” Missy asked.

“Yes!” Vanessa said, a little too quickly. She realized what she said and covered her mouth. “I mean… I don’t mind.” She said.

Missy was taken back by the sudden response, but continued anyway. “So, what do you like to do?”

“Oh, well, I like to go shopping and hang out with my friends.” Vanessa said.

“That’s great. I like reading, listening to the rain, and getting to know people.” Said Missy.

“Oh, that’s great.” Vanessa said, smiling.

Missy smiled back. She was glad her new friend was happy.

“So, do you have someone you like?” Vanessa asked.

“Not at the moment. I did just move here after all.” Missy answered.

“Oh. Well…” Vanessa started thinking.

Missy watched her curiously.

“I was thinking maybe we could go to the mall and buy you some new clothes.” Vanessa finally said.

“Oh, um, I’m not sure. Would you really want to do that?” Missy asked, averting her eyes to the ground.

“I mean, if you want to…” Vanessa said.

“Well…. I guess I could take a look and see what’s there.” Missy said.

“Okay.” Vanessa said, smiling.

“I gave away some of my clothes I didn’t want before moving here, so I guess what I can see what is offered here.” Missy said.

“Cool. I’ll be waiting outside.” Vanessa said, walking out of the kitchen.

Missy stayed in there for a few minutes and went outside.

Vanessa was leaning against the hood of her car. “Ready to go?” Vanessa asked.

Missy nodded.

Vanessa smiled and got in the driver seat of the car.

Missy got into the passengers seat of the car.

“Alright, let’s go!” Vanessa said as she started the car and drove the street.

Meanwhile, the Tick Tock gang finally arrived at the arcade. “Woohoo! Arcade!” Mike said as he got out of the car.

Jeremy giggled at Mike’s reaction, as he and the others got out.

“Alright guys. Let’s go.” Kevin said as the others got in. They both paid for the arcade tokens and they got in.

The arcade was bustling with activity. Vincent could hear the beeping of the arcade machines and the blaring music. “Which game do you guys want to do first?” Kevin yelled through the music.

“Do you want to see if Pacman is open?” Scott yelled back

“Sure!” Kevin yelled back. They weaved through the crowds to the Pacman arcade machine.

After they went through the crowds, they found the Pacman arcade machine, and some people that have recently played walking away to find another game to play.

“Who wants to go first?” Vincent asked the others. “Me!” Mike and Anthony said as they raised their hands

Kevin chuckled. “Go ahead, you two.”

Mike went first. He put his token in the machine and smiled as the title screen appeared.

The others watched him as he played.

Mike actually did pretty good on the game. That is, until he missed a turn and the red ghost killed him. “Dang it!” Mike said.

Jeremy patted his back while Anthony went up after Mike.

“Let’s see how well Anthony does at this game.” Mike said.

Anthony was doing good, just like Mike, However, he actually managed to beat the game.

“Good job, Anthony!” Mike said, raising his hand to high five him.

Anthony raised his hand and high fived Mike.

Vincent and the others applauded.

Anthony chuckled. “Thanks guys.”

“You’re welcome, Anthony.” Kevin said, smiling.

Anthony smiled back and patted his head.

Kevin chuckled and blushed.

The others smiled at them. Then Fritz tried to lead them over to an air hockey game.

The others followed him.

Fritz put in a token and grabbed a mallat.

Vincent went to the other side of the table and grabbed the second mallet.

Fritz grabbed the puck from the slot and placed it in the middle.

Vincent smirked and hit the puck first.

Fritz hit the puck back. The two battling it out to see who could get in it the other’s goal.

The others watched intently as the two continued to battle. Vincent hit the puck and it got in Fritz’s goal.

“Score!” Vincent cheered.

“Good job, Vincent!” Scott said, clapping his hands.

“Thanks.” Said Vincent. “Fritz did great too.”

Fritz chuckled. “Thank you, Vince.” Fritz said.

“You’re welcome, Fritz.” Said Vincent.

“So, what game are we playing next?” Kevin asked.

“Skee ball.” Scott said, pointing over to the machines.

Vincent chuckled. “Good choice, Scott.” Vincent said.

Scott chuckled. The group made their way over.

Vincent put his token inside the machine and grabbed a Skee Ball.

Scott did the same with the other machine.

Vincent looked at Scott and winked at him.

Scott smiled and threw the ball.

Vincent watched as the ball went in the middle hole. “Good job, Scott!” He said.

“Thanks, Vincent.” Said Scott. “You’re doing great as well.”

Vincent chuckled and blushed. “Thank you.” He said. He concentrated on the game and threw the ball.

He almost got it in the middle, but it fell in the hole below it. He tried it again and made it in the middle this time.

“Yes!” Vincent said, pumping his fists in the air.

“Great Job, Vincent.” Said Jeremy.

“You’re welcome, guys.” Vincent said, smiling.

They smiled back.

“What game do you guys want to play now?” Kevin asked.

“Hmm. How about that dancing game?” Jeremy suggested.

“Sounds good to me.” Mike said, smiling at Jeremy.

Jeremy smiled back at him.

“So, who’s going first?” Vincent asked. “I’m going first!” Mike said, raising his hand.

“Good luck, Mike.” Jeremy said to him.

“Thanks, Jere.” He said as he got on the dance platform.

The others watched Mike dance, especially Jeremy, who had his eyes on him the entire time he was there.

Soon, Mike got a high score. The others started clapping.

“You did great, Mikey.” Said Jeremy, a little blush on his face.

Mike smiled. “Thank you, Jeremy.” He said, kissing his forehead.

Jeremy blushed. “Y-Your welcome, M-Mikey.” He stuttered.

“Aww, this is so cute!” Vincent said.

This made Mike and Jeremy blush.

Vincent chuckled. “My turn!” Anthony said as he got on the dancing platform.

“Go Anthony!” Cheered Kevin.

The others cheered as Anthony danced.

“Alright!”, “Woohoo!”, And “Yeah!” Were among the cheers.

Soon, Anthony’s score was close to Mike’s.

“You can do it. Anthony!” Kevin cheered.

After hitting the last arrow, Anthony passed Mike’s high score. “Woohoo! Yeah!!” Anthony cheered.

Kevin pulled Anthony into a hug. “You did awesome, Anthony.” Mike said.

Anthony hugged back, smiling brightly. “Thanks, Mike!” He said.

“You’re welcome.” Said Mike.

Anthony kissed Kevin’s forehead.

Kevin blushed and smiled.

“Scott? Do you want to go next?” Vincent asked Scott.

“Sure.” Said Scott. He got onto the machine as Anthony got off and put in a token.

“Woohoo! You can do it, Scott!” Vincent cheered.

Scott continued to dance as the others cheered him on.

Vincent clapped to the beat of the song.

The others joined in.

Soon, Scott finished the song. He jumped off the platform as Vincent hugged him. “That was so awesome, Scott!” Vincent said.

Scott hugged back and smiled.

“You guys rock at this game!” Mike said.

“Thanks Mike.” Scott said.

“You’re welcome, Scott.” Mike said. “So, what game are we playing next?” Kevin asked.

Both Jeremy and Fritz pointed over to a crane machine that was filled with plushies.

“You guys want one?” Kevin asked.

They both nodded, looking at him with puppy eyes.

Kevin chuckled. “Alright. I’ll get you guys one.” He said, pulling his token out of his pocket.

“Yay!” They cheered.

Kevin put the token in the machine and controlled the crane. “What do you want to get, Fritz?” He asked.

Fritz spotted a cat plushie and pointed to it.

“Alright. Let’s go.” Kevin said and moved the crane to the cat plushie. He pushed a button that moved the crane down and snagged a firm grip on the cat plushie. He moved it to the chute and the claw dropped the cat plushie down it. “Alright. Here you go.” Kevin said, taking the cat plushie out and giving it to Fritz.

Fritz hugged the plushie and made a kitty cat face.

“D'awwww!” Anthony said.

“Meow.” Said Fritz, imitating a cat.

“Awwww!” Kevin said and petted his head.

“Purrr~” Fritz purred. “That’s so adorable.” Jeremy whispered to Mike.

“I know, right?” Mike said in agreement.

Jeremy looked into the crane machine and saw a Teddy bear. He tugged on Mike’s arm and pointed at it.

Mike looked to where Jeremy was pointing and saw the teddy bear. “Alright, Jerebear. I’ll get you one.” He said, kissing Jeremy’s forehead. He put the token into the machine and started controlling the claw.

Jeremy blushed and watched Mike get the bear.

“Alright. Here you go.” Mike said, giving Jeremy the bear.

Jeremy smiled. “Thank you, Mikey.” He said. He brought the Teddy bear up to Mike’s cheek and made it look as if it were kissing his cheek.

Mike chuckled.

Jeremy hugged the bear.

“What else do you guys wanna do?” Kevin asked.

“Hmm.” Mike hummed, thinking.

Vincent put his finger on his chin and started clicking his tongue.

Scott did the same and looked around.

Vincent kept looking around the arcade to see if there is any more games they’d like to play.

Anthony spotted a racing game and pointed over to it.

Kevin chuckled. “Good choice, Anthony.” He said. “Wooo! Fast and Furious!” Mike said, pumping his fist in the air.

Jeremy chuckled. “Oh Mike. I always loved that goofy side of yours.” He thought.

“Who wants to go first?” Vincent asked.

Mike’s hand shot up in the air.

Vincent chuckled. “Okay. You go first.” He said.

“Yay!” Mike said. He gleefully got on and put in a token.

Kevin chuckled.

“I am speed racer!” Mike shouted playfully.

“Woohoo! Go, Mike!” Anthony cheered.

“You can do it!” Jeremy cheered.

Vincent and the others cheered too.

“Hey guys! I think I might make it!” Mike shouted.

“Wooo! Go, Mike!” Anthony cheered.

“Go Mikey!” Jeremy cheered.

Soon, Mike finished the race. “Woohoo! Yeah!” Mike cheered.

“Congratulations.” Said Scott.

Mike smiled. “Thanks Scott.” He said.

“Your welcome, Mike.” Said Scott. Jeremy went up to Mike and hugged him.

Mike hugged back.

Jeremy nuzzled his head in Mike’s chest.

Mike petted Jeremy’s head.

Jeremy purred.

“Cute~” Mike thought.

Jeremy looked at him and smiled a kitty smile.

“Awww!” Mike said.

Jeremy blushed.

Mike kissed Jeremy’s cheek.

Jeremy blushed even more and giggled.

“Aww, this is too cute!” Vincent said.

“I agree. This is very cute.” Said Anthony.

Vincent nodded in agreement. “So, who’s going next?” Kevin asked.

Fritz placed the cat plushie on his head as he went up and put in a token.

Kevin chuckled at how cute Fritz is.

“Hehe. That’s adorable.” Anthony chuckled.

“I know.” Kevin said, smiling.

Anthony smiled back. “You’re cute too.” He said.

Kevin blushed.

Anthony smiled and hugged him. “Cutie.” He said.

Kevin hugged back.

Scott looked at them and smiled.

The others watched Fritz as he played the game.

Fritz continued to play while making sure his cat plushie stayed on his head.

“Woohoo! Go Fritz!” Vincent cheered.

“Yeah, Fritz. You’re awesome!” Cheered Scott.

Vincent was clapping.

Jeremy and Mike joined in on the clapping.

Soon, everyone else joined in the clapping.


Mike: I’m pleading guilty, I’m gonna take the reduced sentence, I’m gonna do the time, and all of this is gonna go away once and for all. Because no matter what I’m not turning on you.

Harvey: No you’re not, Mike we are team and we will fix this, I promise.

Mike: I’m tired of running and hiding all the time Harvey.. and I LOVE YOU 

Harvey:… I love you too mike. and we are going to fix this togather, just like we always do.


That’s how I heard it, I don’t care!!!