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2x01 // 2x09: who’s calling the shots (feat. a very satisfying hair evolution)

I've simplified Mass Effect romance types

Reyes: “I’m going to fuck you”

Jaal: “I’m going to make love to you”

Gil: *finger guns, voice cracking* have- raise- ??? My baby??? You and me??? Yes?

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Hey, not sure if you are still doing requests, but will you pretty please do #2 for Nicky and Erik. Like maybe early on during the exchange program maybe?... I really love your writing sooooo much.

(This was sent a million years ago but I loved writing them and I hope you like it too!! You’re too goddamn kind wth)

02: “I think I’m in love with you and that scares the hell out of me.” nicky/erik

Their routine is pretty simple, now that he’s settled in. Make breakfast with Erik’s mom (the only morning person in the house), try not to burn things when Erik walks in with the sun on the hem of his smile. Go to the airy Stuttgart high school and text Erik under the desks, feel German in his mouth like something God put there directly, something his parents never touched. Wander home past palace square and pretend it’s the fresh, sunny air making him feel untouchable, not Erik’s fingers brushing his knuckles.

They sleep in the same room, three feet apart, until the house takes soft breaths and the clock is the loudest sound on the air. The hardwood is cool when Nicky climbs out of bed and Erik lifts his duvet for him.

The whole thing is indescribable. The way coming to Germany felt like breaking out of prison, and Erik Klose at the arrival gate had felt like instantly stumbling upon a five star hotel with his name on the guest list.

Every day he spends watching Erik get teased about his sexuality by his mother with a pat on the cheek and a shared laugh, every time their now mutual friends nudge him and Erik together, every church service he spends staring at the rainbow flag peeking innocently out from the decor, is another day that he can’t stop gulping in the freshness of the air.

He dreams about the conversion camp, and he wakes up in his maybe boyfriend’s arms. He falls in love with how easy it is and cries when he thinks of how easy it wasn’t and can’t always be. English rusts in his mouth.

Erik doesn’t label the thing they have, but sometimes they sit in the family’s garage on their sixth or seventh beer (eighteen Nicky. You’re legal. Stop trying to smuggle six packs past my mother like she doesn’t know what we’re doing) and they bet on how many cars will go by. Erik holds Nicky’s hand to his own heart and counts off all the verses in the bible that preach unconditional love.

“You know that whole ‘love is patient, love is kind’ thing? That’s for you too,” Erik says, tugging the hair out from behind Nicky’s ear so it curls around his face.

“Mmm. I don’t think my love would be patient. My love would get shit done.”

Erik laughs, leaning back and cradling his beer to his chest. “I don’t doubt it.”

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They’re on a road. A winding ribbon of highway never ending in the soft pitch of night. 

Great evergreen trees are silhouetted on either side of them, blowing past with every mile the Impala swallows, hulking and ominous in the night. 

They can see the moon out the windshield, a silvery Cheshire smile hanging in the sky, surrounded by thousands of tiny stars, glittering. 

They’re on a road, and Castiel takes Dean’s hand. A practiced slide of fingers finding the spaces they belong between one another. It’s easy, and it’s subtle, and it’s normal. Dean smiles.

They’re at a diner. It’s the third day of a hunt. The smell of grease and old vinyl hangs heavy around them, and the menus are laminated and sticky. Sam is boxed up against the window - though he doesn’t seem to mind - and Cas is settled in next to him. 

Sam’s on the phone. His hazel eyes grazing the menu as he listens to Charlie prattle on about a lead she found. He finds a corner of the menu where the lamination is beginning to weaken and picks at it. Dean watches him absently.

They’re at a diner, and Cas’ eyes find Dean’s across the table like they have so many times before. They’re soft, and endless, and nestled comfortably between deepening laugh lines. 

“They have fresh cherry pie.” Castiel points out. 

Dean’s chest feels tight. Even after all this time. “Yeah,” he says. And Cas smiles. 

They’re in a scant motel room. Dean’s situated on the toilet seat while Cas busies himself with the first aid kit. The collar of Dean’s shirt is slick with blood, his or the vamp’s he isn’t sure, but if the concerned vee Cas’ brows have fallen into is anything to go by, Dean can probably wager a pretty educated guess. 

The light hums overhead, dim and yellow, and the sharp smell of antiseptic fills the air as Castiel readies a cotton ball. He turns to Dean. Takes Dean’s chin between his fingers and tilts Dean’s head back.

“This may sting.” He states, unnecessarily. Dean nods, and Cas dabs at the wound just over Dean’s eye with his nose scrunched in concern, and fingers trembling. 

When the wound is clean, and stitched, Castiel tapes gauze over it. 

They’re in a scant motel room, and Cas cups Dean’s face in his hands. Brushes their lips together. 

“I don’t like to see you hurt.” Cas mutters, thumbs stroking up and down Dean’s cheeks.

Dean shrugs. Casts a weak smile up at Castiel. “All part of the job, remember?”

Cas’ eyes go soft. “Perhaps we should consider alternative career paths.”  

They’re at the bunker. Their room is dark, the sheets cool against their bare skin. Dean lays, melting into the memory foam, with his eyelids falling heavy, and Cas a warm line against his back. 

Cas finds Dean’s neck with his lips, and Dean shudders.

They’re at the bunker, and Cas noses at the hairline along Dean’s neck, his arms curling tighter around Dean’s waist. “I love you, Dean Winchester.” He mutters into Dean’s skin.

Dean’s lips twitch at the corners, his brain clouding over with sleep. “I love you, Castiel Winchester.” He garbles back. And then he’s asleep.


                                                                    ❝ He keeps his promise. I can’t get enough of his lips, his kisses, his hands, his touch, everywhere.

                                      And I finally know what it means to be worshipped.❞

person: [points at grisha paperbacks on shelf] so what’s the main love interest like??
me: a disease
me: no really his name is malaria

Sometimes I’ll come up with random equations then solve for the derivative. It’s honestly A LOT of fun especially when I’m waiting somewhere. 

For the first 3 years after initially learning calculus I’d come up with something that had a bunch of sin/cos/tan and log and e functions and whatnot and just keep going down to figure out the 2nd/3rd/4th derivatives. 

So, this is going to sound like highkey projecting and sue me if it is BUT

I do headcanon that Ford has done the same throughout all his life. Progressing from long division when he was really small and up to high level physics and theory-based equations throughout and well past college. 

This habit was probably especially big during his college years when he’d be in a class that was so easy for him that he’d get bored and end up just littering his notes with tons of equations and drawings. 

Featured above: Some in-canon support. Check out that page there. Doodles AND seriously complicated equations. 

Which, even for a highly advanced child, that’s not homework that would ever be assigned to him at that age. Brief personal experience mention in tags if you don’t trust me on that.

Granted, the creators could have put those equations to paint Ford as a genius child (while still intending it to be his classwork), but they could have easily put down Calc work which would have been at least semi-believable homework assigned to him. 

Also considering that a generic high school course doesn’t require calculus classes, it would have achieved the same effect for most people watching the show. The assumed effect being ‘holy moses he was SUCH a smart nerd child.’

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speaking as a lesbian i think youre super cute and super nice and i live to see other lesbians live fulfilling lives while also tossing gatekeeping assholes into hell with the mere flick of a wrist. you're an icon

me @ those anons: don’t fuck with me! i have the power of god AND shitty 2012 memes on my side!!!! [gay screaming]

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Ninette week is here and I have a confession to make. I love one sided Ninette, where Nino is crushing so hard on Marinette but she is too into Adrien to notice. Also I read one story where she was getting married to Adrien and Nino was heartbroken... I love me angst. Unrequited Love!

can’t relate tbqh

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What are some of Leviathan's lesser-known traits?

-she’s super into fashion and very knowledgeable about a bunch of different designers; she’s honestly super knowledge-driven in general, she knows a ton of facts and trivia about the things she likes, but it’s just difficult to get her to open up about it 

-she feels really deeply uncomfortable when she’s away from the sea for too long. she tries to live in places on the coast, or with easy access to the coast. at the end of the day she is a being of the sea and that tie is not very easily broken 

-levi seems angry most of that time, but at least half of that is just frustration and guilt from a long series of really stupid mistakes. she’s terrible at forgiving past mistakes, by herself or by others, and tends to dwell on… literally everything 

-she actually has a sense of humor! it’s so dry it’s sometimes hard to tell, and even people who know her well really have to take a moment to decide if she’s kidding or not. typically bael (her girlfriend) is quite good at picking up on her jokes

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Question about your military au, which I love💕 and it's probably one of the reasons I'm still using Tumblr. Does Hunk has a lowkey Dwayne Johnson type body where he's big but like is a muscular way?


TBQH, i think Shiro has the Dwayne Johnson body type. Especially from his role in the Fast Furious series. I was watching one of the movies (i don’t remember which lmao) and when Luke Hobbs showed up i was suddenly inspired to doodle Shiro 😂  The Rock definitely has that small waist but large chest build that Shiro has. 

Hunk is definitely much more built in military au, but still large. I can’t find a specific example but maybe his papa Rocky Johnson??

most of the heavyweight wrestlers i tried to look for as an example are heavy set but don’t really have the big strong arms

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1, 3, 4, 14 kintsugi!!!

1: What inspired you to write the fic this way?

I was wondering if this was a technical question or not—its fairly ambiguous lmao, so I’m going to assume it is. Writing in third person limited is my favorite way to write any story and I think is one of the best ways to write suspense fiction. It gives a real sense of claustrophobia to the story, because the reader only knows as much as the main character—and if it’s a good suspense story then that means they don’t know that much, or know the wrong things at the wrong time. ;)

3: What’s your favorite line of narration?

“His anger, since faded into a dull roar as the miles stretched between his two lives, surged with renewed force.” (Chapter 4)

This is really random but this was the first one I thought of! I’m curious now though—if any of you have a favorite line from this fic, lmk!

4: What’s your favorite line of dialogue?

“It’s not so easy to replace a son, but sometimes even a dog will do.” (Chapter 7)

:’)) I love to suffer and I love writing evil character, tbqh.

14: Is there anything you wanted readers to learn from reading this fic?

lmao not really. I don’t really know what you’d pick up from this fic aside from a suspicious amount of knowledge about international crime and drug trafficking. I definitely did  👀

(Original image by Hiro Mashima ofc)

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