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They’re on a road. A winding ribbon of highway never ending in the soft pitch of night. 

Great evergreen trees are silhouetted on either side of them, blowing past with every mile the Impala swallows, hulking and ominous in the night. 

They can see the moon out the windshield, a silvery Cheshire smile hanging in the sky, surrounded by thousands of tiny stars, glittering. 

They’re on a road, and Castiel takes Dean’s hand. A practiced slide of fingers finding the spaces they belong between one another. It’s easy, and it’s subtle, and it’s normal. Dean smiles.

They’re at a diner. It’s the third day of a hunt. The smell of grease and old vinyl hangs heavy around them, and the menus are laminated and sticky. Sam is boxed up against the window - though he doesn’t seem to mind - and Cas is settled in next to him. 

Sam’s on the phone. His hazel eyes grazing the menu as he listens to Charlie prattle on about a lead she found. He finds a corner of the menu where the lamination is beginning to weaken and picks at it. Dean watches him absently.

They’re at a diner, and Cas’ eyes find Dean’s across the table like they have so many times before. They’re soft, and endless, and nestled comfortably between deepening laugh lines. 

“They have fresh cherry pie.” Castiel points out. 

Dean’s chest feels tight. Even after all this time. “Yeah,” he says. And Cas smiles. 

They’re in a scant motel room. Dean’s situated on the toilet seat while Cas busies himself with the first aid kit. The collar of Dean’s shirt is slick with blood, his or the vamp’s he isn’t sure, but if the concerned vee Cas’ brows have fallen into is anything to go by, Dean can probably wager a pretty educated guess. 

The light hums overhead, dim and yellow, and the sharp smell of antiseptic fills the air as Castiel readies a cotton ball. He turns to Dean. Takes Dean’s chin between his fingers and tilts Dean’s head back.

“This may sting.” He states, unnecessarily. Dean nods, and Cas dabs at the wound just over Dean’s eye with his nose scrunched in concern, and fingers trembling. 

When the wound is clean, and stitched, Castiel tapes gauze over it. 

They’re in a scant motel room, and Cas cups Dean’s face in his hands. Brushes their lips together. 

“I don’t like to see you hurt.” Cas mutters, thumbs stroking up and down Dean’s cheeks.

Dean shrugs. Casts a weak smile up at Castiel. “All part of the job, remember?”

Cas’ eyes go soft. “Perhaps we should consider alternative career paths.”  

They’re at the bunker. Their room is dark, the sheets cool against their bare skin. Dean lays, melting into the memory foam, with his eyelids falling heavy, and Cas a warm line against his back. 

Cas finds Dean’s neck with his lips, and Dean shudders.

They’re at the bunker, and Cas noses at the hairline along Dean’s neck, his arms curling tighter around Dean’s waist. “I love you, Dean Winchester.” He mutters into Dean’s skin.

Dean’s lips twitch at the corners, his brain clouding over with sleep. “I love you, Castiel Winchester.” He garbles back. And then he’s asleep.

anonymous asked:

I always imagine sloth pair just normally walking down the street, when Mahiru starts smiling at Kuro for some reason I haven't thought of yet and Kuro being so captivated that he walks into a lamppost.

Just… yes. I was going to just answer this screaming buT THIS is me we’re talking about. All I do is write lmfao. Tbqh anon I might love you? Like yOU HAVE nO IDea Im YELLING…..

Pairing: Kuro/Mahiru
Fandom: Servamp
Rating: SFW

Notes: This is a little short piece for you friend!

     “…and then he asked me to do that as well! Can you believe it Kuro?” Mahiru raged.

Walking a step behind Mahiru, Kuro sunk his hands into his pockets and grunted along placatingly. To open and mouth and actually answer would only prolong the suffering Kuro was going through. It wasn’t fair. He was just a cute, docile vampire. Why did he have to have such an energetic eve? 

    “…but I guess it’s fine.” Mahiru sighed and Kuro looked up just in time to catch Mahiru stop and wait until they were side by side before he began walking again. “Since all I need to worry about now is my really lazy cat.”

Slightly surprised, Kuro looked down to see Mahiru was watching the floor. His eyes were narrow but soft and his lips were pressed together in a small, stretched smile. For how much Mahiru had been raging, he was now…happy… because…of Kuro? Because he spoke about him, Kuro?

He didn’t want that responsibility but he took it on anyway. Collected every image of this smile that he could until Mahiru must have felt him watching and looked up to him. Their gazes clashed and Kuro’s heart twisted in his chest, vines twisting tightly at his stomach and he splashed his hand on his face, turning away.

     “Annoying…I can’t deal…”

     “Haaah?” Mahiru questioned, but let it slide. Clearly chalking it up to Kuro’s weird sensibilities. 

The walk carried on in moderate silence with Kuro making a point not to risk that romantic, shoujo manga moment happening again. Mahiru’s smile was too bright; it was blinding. And that was just way to troublesome for him. Yet, contradicting himself at a point where he thought it must be safe to see why Mahiru had gone so silent, he shut down his defenses and glanced at Mahiru again.

                                  Regret. Severe amounts of regret.

He immediately wished he hadn’t done anything. Because that smile hadn’t left Mahiru’s face and those eyes had definitely kept glancing to him. Kuro might not have noticed if not for the blink that followed a quick glance away and the uncomfortable shift to hide the embarrassment. Kuro knew the feeling only too well.

This time however instead of looking away immediately, he make the dual mistake of keeping his eyes trained on Mahiru. He had seen enough of it that it had ensnared him into being unable to look away until it was too late. Mahiru’s lips parted, ready to speak and the spell was broken but just as Kuro whipped his head forward again– 


There was nothing but pain and far too loud for him, yelling.

magical-mirio  asked:

☾? ^.^

Yay! \o/

☾: Do you prefer otokoyaku fashion or musumeyaku fashion? If you could put any five otokoyaku in a boy band together, who would you choose? Who are your three favorite musumeyaku?

-Otokoyaku fashion is more like how I’d personally dress, but musumeyaku fashion all the way because all that effort!! All that variety!! I admire them so very much.

-Kai, Shou, Mayupon, Reiko, Maitii. And later they would add another two members, Aasa and Sao

-Currently it’s Miyu, Chapi and Mirion if we’re talking tops, Kiichan, Umi and Arisa if we’re talking non-tops

“That’s Yamamoto Takeshi.”

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HI BOO. :3 You're amazing as everyone you play, tbqh but I honestly love your Billie so much, you're the best Billie I've seen, actually. I love how much chemistry you and Maggie's Peyton have, it's so wonderful to see the Iconic Duo being played out so well! I think you have her character down to a tee, don't change a thing. I LOVE YOU. <33

ooc; thank you so much, bby ;-; i needed that reassurance 💞

Ok, so I just hit 5K followers, and that’s crazy! Thank you so much for following me, you’re all so amazing. I’m happy you’re all part of my online existence ;)

peace-out-little-munchkins-Han, I love you so much and you’re always so sweet to me. Also, I admire your self-promo skills (hopefully everyone reading this is subscribed to your channel *smirky emoji*)

thirstyfortroylerPuja honestly your blog is amazing! And I’m still beyond excited that Tyler followed you, you deserve it! You’re amazing ily

troylerseyesMARIA!! You’re the best. I’m so glad we’ve gotten to start talking to each other. You’re really funny and I adore you. I mean, you write me smut, so like what more could i ask for in a friend? <3 ily

troylerhart & linxtteI love you guys and we HAVE to meet one day!! 

erhabori8- Serenity (I always want to call you Ren, but your full name is kinda fun to type tbh), I’m pretty sure you’re aware of my love and admiration for you, but I’ll tell you anyway. You’re one of the sweetest and most talented people I’ve ever met. And you’re really great to talk to! I’m just really glad that I can annoy you all the time on skype ily <3 


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