i love you tard

[Pinklike Dreams]

Happy Birthday! @pitukel


No hay nada mejor que estar en cama, observando como las gotas de lluvia resbalan sobre mi ventana… muy diminutas y apresuradas.
Pienso en ti, en la distancia que nos separa… y de la nada se me ocurre que somos como dos gotas de lluvia; llenas de emociones y sentimientos, cada una por su lado, de repente caen y se enlazan haciendo de esos sentidos la unificación de un amor, un deseo… Un: Te quiero.

Gracias por la tarjeta, mejor tarde que nunca. I love you hablamos mas tarde. Tu mama.

Thank you for the card, better late than never, I love you we will talk later. Mom

Last voicemail I got from my mom before she died. She left me a VM and I had called her back that day, it took almost a month and a half to send her a Mother’s Day card but I did. She was so happy, I don’t remember why I missed her call but when I called her back she was so delighted and felt so happy. I had sent her a picture card it was pictures of us and dad. That message was on a Monday, same night she was rushed to the emergency room. I called and called couldn’t talk to her, two days later after I went up there she was on life support, she battled cancer. She died on Fourth of July. Never got to see her conscious, couldn’t kiss her and get kissed back, couldn’t touch her and feel her touch. I miss her everyday and quite often I replay her voicemail to hear her voice. It’s been a battle for me since she’s passed.


America’s sweetheart