i love you takizawa

So if you become the same, IT'S NOT SCARY.
Killers, monsters...GHOULS.
If you become what you're afraid of, FEAR WILL FADE.

You guys I just love the fucking dynamics in this series. First time Ayato and Kaneki meet our favorite suicidal hero half fucking kills the child. Now he’s his first pick for a top secret mission. Last time Haise and Takizawa interacted Taki was two seconds from killing him until Hinami stepped in. Now Taki is begging him to let him help. Don’t even get me started with Tsukiyama, how many times has their relationship shifted?? The dude wanted to eat baby Kaneki while baby Kaneki was eating someone else, then they were nearly forced to fight to the death on a rooftop, now he’s the second-in-command and calling him “My King”. I’m really fucked up over this.