i love you syria

Desert, encampment
Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan
How I admire and love
You, tyranny free, unmasked
You shouldn’t live under the
Cover, afraid, no more, you’ve
Lost your children, your fathers
And mothers, this destruction
The bricks, mortar, sand and
Stone, crumbled, yet we will
Rebuild, generations, will learn
To trust, grow, explode, into the
Dawn and twilight, of a glorious
Radiant Middle-eastern sun

anonymous asked:

do you have suggestions for good Arabic movies with english subtitles

I haven’t been able to really find them outside of Netflix or Youtube. (Mostly because I don’t know where to start and I’m a beginner.) I mostly watch Lebanese movies since that is my focus. This is what I have found:

There are also plenty of shows, which is what I watch, but most have no subtitles. 

I’m sure native speakers can be of greater help since I just watch whatever I can find. :)

Marcelotwelve In the last 5 years I have continued to grow and learn, personally and professionally. In 5 years they pass many things. 5 years is exactly the time that the children of Syria have been suffering the effects of a terrible war.  #Syria5years @unicef