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INFINITE attempting to sing along to ‘Stand By Me’. 

Infinite: He Finds You Touching Yourself

Requested By: sabrinaswagg08 ~ Infinite gif+text when he finds you touching yourself

Sunggyu: “Well well look what we have here”

Dongwoo: “OH SHIT!”

Hoya: “I would love to come home everyday to you doing this”

Sungyeol: “Couldn’t wait till I got home”

Woohyun: “Oh damn Y/N wow”

L: “Keep going sweetie I’ll be your audience”

Sungjong: “So much for my innocence”

Infinite Reaction - Their girlfriend confesses to him in front of the other members.

Sorry for the wait emmyisbestemmy. Hope you like it.

L - *Brings her close into a hug, his smile so bright. He does send a warning look at his members so they don’t embarrass her.*

Sunggyu - *Smiles wide, ignoring the younger members’ teasing noises*

Woohyun - *Starts to grin cockily, because of his image in front of the members, but the grin slips into a genuine, sweet smile, and he whispers back* “I love you too.”

Sungyeol - *Is a little embarrassed, but he’s certainly pleased to hear it.*

Dongwoo - *Breaks out into joyous whoops and cheers of happiness.*

Sungjong - *Bursting with pride because she wasn’t afraid or ashamed of her feelings to care that there were others around.*

Hoya - *So happy that he starts doing a little celebratory dance*

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Sometimes I wonder why he is even holding a microphone. Sometimes I wonder how he even got in Infinite. Is it because of his face, or because Myungsoo needed him? But then I think again, there must be a reason that he is in Infinite. One day, he will shine. One day, he will be singing a solo part, and everyone would be stunned. Maybe woollliment is hiding something. Maybe they want to leave the best until last. Maybe Sungyeol is practicing and getting better. One day, he will become the center of attention. One day people will regret saying “Infinite doesn’t need Sungyeol.” That day will come. And I will be waiting for it to come. 

Have you ever considered writing Pinkfinite scenarios?

(Somebody asked this, and I answered it. But being the idiot that I am, I accidentally deleted it ><)

Well, no actually o.o

I have a lot of random Pinkfinite plot bunnies that run through my head at night when I’m about to sleep, but none of them are really that good to be written out..?

I might try though, one day! ^^ In the meantime, why don’t you wait for Admin JH’s Great Story Selections? She occasionally writes posts where she chooses a good fanfic she found of AFF. Fanfics are not the same as scenarios, but it’s close enough ^^

Some samples are here: 

Enjoy :D

- Admin SA