i love you still no worries

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Ignore this if you don't want to answer something like this at this time, but I'm curious. I know that you have since quit professional cosplay, but do you think you would ever start hosting panels again? In your stream you had said that you had enjoyed hosting them, and I know people who aren't professionals still do them, but I didn't know if you would. I've been following you for a long time now, and I didn't ever get the chance to see one of your panels, and I would like to if you do again.

Oh, no worries, I’m happy to answer! Like I said in the stream, I really did love hosting panels, it was one of the few things about being a “pro cosplayer” that were 100% enjoyable. (Which, inadvertently caused me to try to host too many panels during guest weekends. Cons would ask me to host 2-3 panels and I’d usually offer to host 4-6 if they had room in the schedule or needed to fill up time blocks. Getting to share cosplay info with a group of real life people is 100 times more fun than talking to myself in front of a camera, alone in my bedroom.)

I’m not sure if cons will ever be interested in inviting me as a guest from now on (which I totally understand and am not complaining about!), so hosting 4-6 panels in a weekend may no longer be a possibility, but either way, I’d definitely like to apply to host panels again in the future! I’d love to be able to expand on some of the topics I discussed in my recent stream, and maybe explore more workshop/open-table formats that can generate more participation and conversation with the audience. I know I do want to be able to relax and enjoy cons more than I have in the past… but I also get restless if I don’t have enough to do, and hosting panels here and there would make me feel like I’m still positively contributing something to the community and the conventions I attend.

We’ll see what happens! Regardless: thank you so much for the support. The notion that you’d want to attend a future panel even if I’m not ~*Pro Cosplay Senpai Mango Sirene*~ anymore means a lot to me.

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K so quick question, cause I’m a worry wart like this, will there ever be a point where you’ll stop making the great noodle jape a free program? Cause I haven’t had a chance to download it yet and I’m super excited to.

aw no worries at all! no The Great Noodle Jape will remain free to play for however long the internet stands, heh. think of it like a big ol’ love letter from me to all of you and Undertale itself. <3

the answer is: both! <3

- i created The Great Noodle Jape (available for download currently on PC and Mac) and released it for the 2nd anniversary. it’s a visnov-style interactive game where you get to talk to a bunch of the skelebros and try to puzzle out who stole Paps’ noodles >v>

- i am also working now on a second game. i won’t release the title yet, as i’ve got some intensive work to do - i’ll make one post with a small preview when i’m close to finishing it, since that’s how i roll X) i try not to hype too much, or else i get in my own way. this game won’t be visnov, though - it’ll be an RPG style game! puzzling situations and interactions abounding, and one hell of a situation to try to navigate and escape… it’ll probably be an hour or so to play, maybe longer - haven’t finalized the script yet, and there’s a few variables in what i can pull off that’ll change the effects.

also, regarding the second game - go weigh in on my post about whether you’d prefer to work with Sans or Pap in navigating a puzzling & clue-gathering/interactive with other characters situation. the results have been fantastic so far, and i can promise that your opinion has a hell of a weight~ <3

Emergency Commissions -OPEN-

Rules and regulations will be similar to last time (as well prices), so check out HERE to know what to prepare if you happen to want a slot (which will be very limited)

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I've seen a couple people nervous that SH may break up or have broken up. What are your thoughts?

People are nervous about that? Based on what exactly? 

  • SH hanging out with Lili’s best friends alone (not to mention Lili sitting on Cole)?
  • Their weekend away together when they never left each others side and did tons of romantic shit (including a hot-air balloon ride for two hours)? 
  • Cole’s freaking softest of all time look on monday when looking at Lili while she was making fun of him but still talked in a loving teasing voice?
  • Or maybe that picture from earlier today with Lili wearing Jug’s hat and looking at Cole with the biggest heart eyes? 

SH’s relationship is solid as fuck honestly and they’re love is just growing stronger, I’m not worried about them at all. Just excited.

Only other thought I have on it is: don’t buy into people concern trolling. 

(And on the slight chance you meant BH, not SH, I’m honestly not worried about them breaking up either. They’re going to be just fine. RAS knows that BH is their biggest draw and their relationship is one of the shows biggest strengths. Breaking them up is way less interesting (not to mention destructive to the show) than having them fight to keep their relationship anyway)

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No I completely get you, Natasha intimidates me. Like she just seems so cool and I'm just so awkward. Like even when she's being awkward she still manages to look amazing and just be amazing. Her face, her whole personality is just like how does one person manage to give off this aura and I'm just a hopeless glob. I love and can't wait to meet her but at the same time she completely terrifies me

Dude don’t worry I’m also intimidated by Natasha like COME ON ITS NATASHA

“her face” LMAO, SAME BOO ~tea anon☕

Yeah that’s it.  She looks “cool” and mature and all that XD  Elise is sunshine and giggly and it puts me at peace.  It’s like she talks to you like she’s known you all her life LMAO.

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sorry I keep coming up with all these dumb concepts but like: what if you had a dog and it was still early-ish in your relationship and you were gonna stay the night but were worried about leaving your pup alone so he tells you both to pile in his car and your dog immediately falls in love with him and I’m sorry but this just murders me

It would be love at first sight.

Harry gets down on his knees, welcoming the puppy to him with lots of scratches and the biggest smile on his face, his keys jingling around his ring finger. And his voice would instantly switch into puppy mode. 

“Well hello babes, hi.”

With a soft pitch in his voice, he chuckles when your dog lays on her back, asking for more scratches and petting.

“Such a cutie, aren’t yeh?”

And when she’d start nibbling on his finger, Harry would just quickly pull back and pout, acting to be hurt and offended.

“No, m’fingers aren’t food.”

I’ll also admit that one of the reasons I’ve not been on tumblr as much lately is that all of the drama is getting to me. I love you all dearly but my anxiety has been worse lately and I can’t handle it. I applaud all the good and important discussions being had but I likely won’t contribute to a lot of it until I’m in a better frame of mind

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My ex girlfriend disappeared this summer. She vanished into thin air and we were all worried about her and her whereabouts. She’s okay now and in school but won’t talk to anyone and changed her number. She doesn’t even answer her door. She was the only one who kept me sane because in all honesty, I never fell out of love so I don’t know why I even broke up with her. I guess I just felt like she deserved better. I’m falling apart. I knew she still loved me as well. Anyways, what should I do

If I were you, I would try to contact her. Through her parents, social medias, meeting her in real life and trying to talk, maybe writing a paper letter? Try to get to know what is happening

hey @ the anon who told me i was rude: just so you know, i love fernando as a player, and as a person, and i am truly struggling to apply his mentality of “as long as the team is doing fine then i am happy” rn because i worry that the current situation either leads to:

a) him leaving atléti when he’d rather stay. again.

b) him retiring at the end of the season, after having played so few minutes that we won’t even remember he still belonged to the squad.

so yeah, i am suffering, i am actually in pain every time i read a comment by a colchonero saying that now he should just be a fan since he’s not good enough anymore etc etc

and it’s even harder to focus on atléti’s potential good results when c*rrea is now cholo’s fave, when we’re welcoming costa back, who yes can score, but also has a behaviour on the pitch that will make me unable to enjoy the games.

so, do i make sarcastic answer to asks as a way to cope? yes. if you have a problem with that you can unfollow.


Amazing show, amazing stages, amazing performances and amazing voice from an amazing man, Dong Youngbae. Dope concert… congratz!!! Thank you for giving us your very best for every performances. Thank you for loving us, VIPs, unconditionally. Thank you for existing. I love you so much.

Also, shoutout to all PHVIPs who went ti the concert. Despite IME fcking up here & there, giving us worries and problems and whatever, we all still managed to show our full love abd support to Youngbae. I’m proud to be partof this fandom. Congrats to everyone!

I love you Youngbae. See you again. We will wait for all of you until whenever. ❤️😘

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Hi, sorry to bother. I was wondering about the sim in your post "Miracles: a female to male skirt conversion recolor" I was wondering if you could post him and the cc you used to make him. Again I'm sorry to bother you

Hi love! You are not bothering, no worries! ♥ It’s been an awfully long time since I made him, though, so I don’t actually have him in my game or library anymore (I checked!). I do however remember making him off of a base Sim I still own, which is a Sim I changed slightly to make Cam Engelhardt with. You could try downloading him and getting the CC I used for the model in the pictures!

From the top of my head, I do remember some of the CC I used on him:

Hair / Skintone / Tattoo #2 / Ears / Eyes / Eyelashes / Vitiligo

The other tattoo (the stripes you can see underneath the other one) is by the same CC creator, but it seems they have deleted the original post, and I’m unable to find a link to it!

I hope that helps a bit! ♥


The snow was pretty heavy last weekend (New York) *o*
Here is a quick sketchy comic ♥

Taemin Han AU (JuminxMC After End)

Also – Jumin with his hair slicked back mmMMMmMM
Don’t ignore your child you lovebirds HAHAHA

for some people who asked, no im not going to drop jinki. i didn’t make a post earlier, because the media sucks ass and i was waiting for more info and im glad i did because now more things add up. the girl was standing on a platform and jinki was SO drunk that he stumbled and grabbed her leg then quickly apologized. the girl had every right to tell the police because in a place like a club it’s probably hard to see– she had no freaking clue who was touching her. she said that she’s okay and completely understands and it was all misunderstanding. im not happy that he got so drunk like that, but screw the media for going around saying he sexually harrassed that girl with no real evidence and the people who believed it. at the end of the day im just happy and relieved that the victim is okay, because that’s what really matters. i hope jinki will heal steadily from this and i’ll be there for him like he has been for me.


as scary as change is, sometimes it’s for the better. remember this planner I bought a while back that I had no use for? well, for my first year of college, I’ve decided that using this planner as my bullet journal instead of my usual bullet journal set-up would be a little easier on my heart. don’t worry; I’m never giving up using my old bullet journal! I love it way too much. I’ll probably still use it for special spreads and journaling that I don’t want to put in my school planner. but I’ve realized that planning in my old bullet journal has become way too time-consuming as I really just want to focus on my studies at the moment. I hope you understand xxx

“Hehe hey, why are you cr- Woah- D-Diana?! H-hey! I’m perfectly fine!”