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just omg…thank you all so much!!!! ;; i recently just hit 1,000 so i scrapped up an old takukamu comic and finished it up!! i really loved their dynamic in fates. ugh otp. 

thank you guys so so much for supporting me & my art i love you all sososo much!!!! HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY THANK YOU !!!! ;;;u;;;

ok…. so.. i hit a milestone. one that i literally never thought i would hit again after the successful blog i had way back when 2012 was hippin’ and hoppin’. i’ve had multiple indie accounts; two of which i deleted when i was in the three-hundreds, another i deleted before it even had a chance. and then, in the fall of twenty fifteen, i made this one with the promise that i would not delete this blog no matter what happens. with that said, i did take a mini hiatus somewhere in twenty sixteen due to personal reasons, but since returning i’d like to think that things have been movin’ along swiftly. and as of now, i am at five hundred of you. five hundred little perfect angels follow me and my lil beans. HALF A THOUSAND PEOPLE FOLLOW ME. it’s mind blowing. anways!! enough of me rambling. im gonna go ahead & apologize now if i missed you - i love every single one of my mutuals even if we don’t talk. you all seriously mean the world to me. 

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here's the ultimate question (pls don't hate me, it's just for fun...): who would you choose between makoto and daichi? and between sosuke and iwaizumi? there. i've done it.


between sousuke and iwaizumi, i’d have to choose sousuke. im just…..weak for his smile and i just want him to be happy so bad ;;m;;

makoto or daichi…makoto or daichi…..makoto or daichi………….unnnngg

//sobs i…choose………..d-daichi

look, its sarah shamelessly doing yet another (very small) follow forever because i now follow more amazing blogs (seriously like way more than before) and they need some recognition!!

plus, i hit 3.5k so!!! you guys!! are!!! amazing!!!

mutuals in bold, blogs I cannot live without in italics.

@memecook there u go ily you mean the world to me and honestly idk what’d I’d do without you you’ve filled the hole in my hEART

this isn’t in order, just listing as I go:

@triptaech | @donewithjeon | @taeverie | @inktae | @seokvie | @kookingtae | @itsrainingmin | @tayegi | @cremesuga | @imeightout (SUCH A GOOD BLOG BYE) | @versigny | @minsuxga | @seoulscapes | @imarkson | @namjooniebun | @datyugyummy | @jackssion | @nightbts | @holyfuckmark | @jypnior | @ughtaehope | @rapmonsterlove | @rudeboywonho | @yoongguksx | @kths | @jiminfinity | @maximum-salty | @ohjiminn | @jingogi | @the95liner |

umm yeah I love all of you sososo much and I really hope your day/week/month/year is going well, and I think about you all a ton and am so glad you and your blogs exist. that’s all ♥

(btw, a lot of these blogs are writers so if you’re ever looking for some amazing people to follow who write for k-pop groups look no further!!!)

@ask-bts-stuff sarah!! i’ve been following your blog since like a week after you first made it and i come to check it so often, i’m in love with your art. you have such a unique and distinctive style, i love it sososo much ♡ you’re also such a sweetheart ily. have an amazing day xo

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I want to commission you sososo bad but I'm poor ;v; Gotta get to practicing like that other anon lol but I wanted to say you're!!! So good!!! At drawing!!! I love you and your OCs sososo much <3

thankyou sweetie!! good luck!!!

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i'm so glad anon is back bc i'm so shy but HOT DIGGITY DARN !!! UR FICS!!! I CANT!!! BBPPTOTPR UR ABO!!! SO PRECIOUS ???? PINK TEQUILA??? MURDER ME??? MURDER MEEEEEE!!!!!


Inspired by and dedicated to @joohoe-n @alwaysomewherelse @spcywolf @versigny @crescentcopse @unofficialtrashqueen @eeveedream @winnerific @repository-of-reveries @jaimebylin @sehunluyeol @misstae @studyreyna @dreamyswan @nierchi and anyone else honestly :,)  Idk about this but know that i love you guys a lot ♥(ノ´∀`)

Genres/Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Hints at Depression

The unique dial tone Hoseok set for his very best friend had roused him from his sleep; 1:54AM flashing tiny notifications—missed calls and messages with your name.

Hoseok scrolled through the contents briefly, and was very much awake now, almost tripping over his own feet to get out of his bed as quickly as he could, grabbing his phone and the very first pieces of clothing he could find on the ground before thundering down the stairs to get to the front door.

Some nights were bad, some nights were worse, and some nights were in need of somebodies to be with. Sometimes, conversations that were hard to word had to be heard if things got too quiet. Hoseok knew this.

He smooshed his feet in his sneakers and fiddled with the ankle sections until he was actually wearing his shoes properly. More than ready to dash to your place conveniently a good block away, he swung the door open.

And there stood you.

He jumped back with a screech, and your attention jolted from sending Hoseok an I’m outside your house text to the sudden movement. It was almost comical how surprised Hoseok was and you would have probably laughed at his reaction if your mood was a little better. He took a few moments to breathe before finally taking in the sight of you—post-crying puffy eyes and completely worn out, then quickly ushered you inside without questions.


Hoseok says nothing—hugs you tighter, and you continue to crumble in the arms of your best friend. Sprawled on his couch, pressed to his chest with fists in his shirt, you can only hear your own wracking sobs, and the small echos of Hoseok’s beating heart—a source of pliant comfort.

In tears and uneven breaths, you whimper, “I-I’m.. I’m really really sorry Hobi. It’s so late and I-”

“Don’t,” he hushes you, pulling you closer to him. “There’s nothing you have to be sorry about.”

“I’m just so tired,” you sigh, sniffling slowing down bit by bit, “and just so done.” Hoseok nods. You draw in a trembling breath and articulate whatever you can.

“I can’t really explain it… but everything I’m doing… just everything feels wrong?” you try.

Hoseok hums in response. His hands stroking your head with the utmost care as your clutch on him gradually slackens. 

“You’re not okay,” he whispers softly.


You curl up into Hoseok more, fidget around until your cheek is simply pressed against his chest, hands no longer in fists, and you attempt to balance out your breathing as much as possible.

Hoseok snuggles against you, gently placing his chin at the top of your forehead. “It’s not easy,” he says. “To try and keep on trying even when you don’t want to.”

“But what you’re doing is enough,” he continues. You’re working through stuff, and things are bumpy and life is shitty, and you’re doing so, so good.”

He pauses, checks to see if you’re listening before carrying on.

“It’s okay to go slow too, or to not go at all either—you move at your own pace. Some things take more time than others and that’s okay.”

“I don’t know when things will get better. I don’t know if things do get better. What I can promise you though…is that I’ll be there for you. I’ll be your support when you feel like you’re falling, and when the world’s against you and you wanna raise that white flag, I’ll raise it with you.”

“I’ll do whatever I can. Really. I really mean it.”

You look up to see Hoseok smiling down at you tenderly and you return it with your own—a little mix of sad, thankful and a feeling you can’t really put a name on at the moment.

You mumble a tiny Thank you. Hoseok repeats it back to you. As the silent clock ticks, your blinking comes to a halt and your breathing begins to steady.

You wake up with a warm and snoring weight on top of you, but things feel a little less heavy for now.

Under The Table (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Request: I know, it’s me, AGAIN, but I just had an idea when I saw a picture. Plus, you can do that with Buck or Seb (your choice). Can I request reader and him are having a dinner with the Avengers/the cast and he teases her under the table because she’s wearing a skirt/dress. She tries to not make loud moans but fails and nobody understand what she’s having. (And maybe smut at the end) Thank you SOSOSO much!! I love what you write, just keep going. I love you 😌 @fullofevanstan

“Are you ready babe?” Sebastian called out from the living room where he was looking in the mirror and fixing his tie.

“Just one minute!” You yelled back as you stuffed the hem of your flowy white blouse into your tight black pencil skirt that hugged your curves perfectly. Tonight was the final cast dinner for the Captain America franchise and even though you weren’t part of the cast, your boyfriend Sebastian Stan was and to support him you accepted his invitation to go with him. Nerves were setting in as you took one last look in the full length mirror, there was no real reason for you to worry. You knew everyone and everyone knew and liked you, plus you’ve hung out with Scarlett and Elizabeth on multiple occasions. All thoughts were cleared as you grabbed your blazer and purse off the chair as you made your way to the living room to meet Sebastian.

“You look, you look amazing babe,” Sebastian commented as he straightened his tie and turned to face you.

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” you said, still blushing at his comment. Sebastian looked great in a suit and just looking at him made your heart flutter.  He walked towards you and pulled you in for a soft kiss to which you instantly melted into. He must have somehow sensed that you were nervous about this dinner because this kiss was so soft and precious that it felt like it was his way of saying everything is going to be okay. You felt his hands roam down your body and squeeze your ass which caused you to let out a small yelp and giggle. Pulling slightly away, Sebastian looked at you lovingly in the eyes and chuckled to which you responded by giving a small peck on the lips.

“I love you,” he whispered as he went to grab the hand that wasn’t holding your accessories.

“I love you too,” you whispered back, letting him lead you out of the apartment.

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"the backbone of nekoma. our brain, and our heart..."

| HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the wonderful kozume kenma! [16.10] |

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Hey there! I wish u a wonderful day, drink at least 1 l of water, eat some fruits and veggies and allow yourself some minutes of only laying down and apprecciating the silence and calmness around u <3 I hope u have a wonderful life. xx

This is so pure omg 😭 I needed this! Thank you sweet anon I love you sososo much 💖