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i promised to continue this story where keith discovers he’s half galra and becomes a spy, unknown to team voltron - so that’s what i’m doing (although “continuing” here means “starting from the very beginning”)

this story has been sitting in my head for quite some time and i’m happy to finally get it drawn

sorry for the chaotic start, i promise everything’ll make sense later

i’ll try to post at least a half of this comic before second season comes out and ruins all of our theories - but actually i’m hoping to see something like this in the actual show, because from the storytelling point of view it’s a great chance to explore the enemy from the inside and show them as more than 2-dimensional bad guys

i think the code name for this comic will be “i was born a lion”, because i love this song and because i couldn’t think of a better name (and it kinda suits the theme)

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a fever you can’t sweat out + opening lines

this is just a reminder that you, yeah YOU!! you reading this!! you are absolutely wonderful, talented, beautiful and loved. you are a special and important and valid human being and i hope you have the loveliest day today. and even if you aren’t feeling your best, things are gonna be okay, i promise promise promise <3

Bloody hell, I sincerely apologize for the lack of updates, I am terribly busy at the moment and hopefully I’ll find the time to update soon. Considering that Mun’s birthday is occurring within this upcoming Tuesday, I also have a break within that following week, I’ll try and update this blog from the best of my abilities. Man, I feel like a drongo for unexpectedly abandoning this blog, sorry folks! 

I never made any sort of contribution to the Olympics 2016 Event, however, I’m quite impressed by our fellow athletes whom contributed and gave it their fullest within the entire event, I applaud them for that. I can’t wait for what our future athletes have in stall for us within the next Olympics, watch out folks  You know what they say, don’t let your mates down, don’t let your nation down, we’ll just get stronger hahaha

Overall Jacko out!


Here’s a sappy emotional ramble because I feel happy:

I just,,,,,,,,,,, I’m so glad that I thought about cosplaying Mettaton. Im just so happy. Whenever I walk into a con and see people running towards me screaming “OMG METTATON I LOVE YOU!!!!” at me makes me so happy

At school i basically have no friends and im super shy and can barely speak in public without sweating and stuttering. But whenever I put on my Mettaton cosplay and spend good half an hour doing my make up, I feel confident as ever. I pose, I laugh, I blow kisses and everyone likes the way I act

I never have to pretend being someone else when I cosplay. It’s odd to say but it really shows my true colors, as in I don’t have to act and talk in a certain way to fit in. And the reception is amazing, I love all the hugs and pictures I take with people, I’m happier as ever when I thought about cosplaying him

So to all people who have met me at cons or reblogged/liked and commented in my Mettaton cosplay: Thank you so much for making me happy. I really appreciate all the awesome comments and love declarations I get every single con I go, and even more that I get to make other people happy as well.


for @zamian347!!!

In which UmiNico lived together for so long that they’re married but neither realize it.


Umi checks the clock.


The time flashes a neon green by the bedside table and in her heart she knows, in five minutes’ time, Nico will rise and get up from under the fluffy covers, leaving her side empty and cold. The clock will ring once, or maybe twice, before Nico moves across their tiny room in a display of agility, practice from years of being an idol.

She hears Nico’s soft breathing by her side and inches a little further, hands placed over her chest as she tries to even out her own breathing. If it wasn’t for saving up the fees spent on furniture years ago when they were students, she would definitely not be sharing a bed with Nico. It is something that she hated to admit, but over time she has gotten used to having somebody sleeping by her side. Nico never fails to warm her side of the bed.

The notion of buying a new bed seems to be put off every time, despite the fact that they had both earned enough money these few years. Too tedious, Nico says, whenever she mentions about it.

And then she got used to it.

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Pokemon Fanfic

I was going to submit an ask with @PokeAnon but your ask box isn’t appearing ? 

“I want to write a Pokemon fanfic that doesn’t follow Ash’s path”

Before we can begin though, realize the man objective of Pokemon is to beat all 8 gyms, defeat the elite four, and become champion, so to “not be like Ash” is pretty impossible, unless your MC is going to be anything but a traditional trainer!

Anyways, here’s a bulleted list of things you as a writer can do, to make your MC stray from an “Ash theme path" 

  • Do not let the MC’s main Pokemon follow him/her (obvious)
  • Do not start the story in Pallet town (obvious)
  • Do not capture all 3 starters (obvious)
  • Do not go from Brock’s gym to Giovanni’s (this is because the game and movie follow this order, there is no “weakest gym” however so the need to follow the order is kind of pointless)
  • Don’t make yourself unbeatable or the underdog in all situations (ash did win a lot but was still perceived as an underdog in the Kanto series, especially when comparedd to Gary who was always one step ahead!)
  • Perhaps nickname some of the MC’s Pokemon?

There is a lot more I could add but this seems to be the most obvious to me at least. Hope all writers find this useful!

Thank you for submitting this. It actually makes me really happy that some of you guys tried to help the Pokemon anon when I couldn’t, as well as the others who have added their ideas to other posts. That’s the great thing about the writing community!