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“Something about it felt like home somehow….”  

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can you do a blog rec for each letter of the alphabet? (like one blog per letter) p.s.: i love your blog xx

Oh I’m not sure if I know a blog for every letter but I’m gonna try ! (also, for some letters it will be very hard, so i’m really sorry if you are my mutual and are not mentioned here) ~~ (as it turns out there were letters with too many blogs to mention so this is what i could do) 

A @akilahthegreat & @alphalester @amistakeprobably & @autumnleavesphan // B @beetender & @bagueddy // C @celestihals & @crisshowell & @chemicxlphxn & @corgisocks // D @deathclassic & @domesticbanting & @danielbear // E @eaglephil & @eclipsemyheart // F @fireworksphil // G @galaxydun & @golddustphan // H @huwull // I @ignorance // J @justphantastic & @juliaisabuttercup & @jen-syx // K @kickthepjappreciationblog // L @latenightdork // M @misterphilly & @moonshine-lester // N @numberonetrashcan // O @oops-phan // P @philscurls & @pajamas-linguine // Q  @quizzicalhowell // R @rippedjeansphil & @radtinyplanetexplorer & @rainbow-ponny & @rollerbladingphan // S @squarehairdan & @spacedan-n-philclouds & @spookydads & @spookybakingvideo & @softestboyes & @spoopysporks & @spooky-scary-skeledan // T @toasterboasterrr & @theirforeverhome & @thatweirdodiv // U @unhugme // V @vampiredan // W @wildflowerhowell // X @x-filer // Y @yaysatan // Z @zoemozelle

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Hi my amazing Assassins :) first i want say to you all thank you so much for your Support and for your many lovely words under my Edits 😍 thank you so much for follow me 😍 and now to the Info ;) i get so many requests for Lockscreens 😊 can you write under this text your requests for Lockscreens or reblogg this with your requests and i choose 9 requests and make a Collection with this 😊 thank you so much my amazing followers for everything 🤗💗



This is a prediction for Kiri’s future.

“Have I told you before that I’m sorry? I feel like I’ve said it a lot of times but this time feels a bit more real. I just feel like I’m supposed to be different. Aren’t I? Shouldn’t I see things in a different way? Because the problem here is that it’s not you. It’s me. It’s not about you or anything you’re doing. It’s about me and the dent I’m making in your universe. There’s a reason why I shy away from that. I just don’t feel like I could. Would things change much if I wasn’t a part of your world? It doesn’t always feel like it. Would things change much if you weren’t in mine? I wouldn’t exist, and in more ways than one. So I have to wonder why I’m here in the first place, why you’d want to have me beside you when you seem to be so self-sufficient. What’s so wonderful about it being me and not someone else? Or I guess I should just ask what would be so bad about it being someone else in the gap of space next to you? Would you even notice?”

Because I didn’t know how to say it. 🖤

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Hey. Everybody gonna hate me 4 this, but was big they do Take his eyes, bit the team replace with these robots ones. While they do help lance feel like he lost a part of home

Lance steps out of his shower gingerly, habit making him tense up in anticipation of pain despite the healing pod sweeping away all evidence of his time at the druids’ hands.

Well, not all evidence.

A heavy curtain of fog covers the mirror from the heat of his shower. Too much time spent under the spray trying to scrub away the feel of Galra instruments, needles in his skin, druid claws…  Lance shivers. Even through the layer of mist, he can pick out two dots of blue light in his smothered reflection.

Lance wraps a towel around his waist shakily, the fluffy material clenched between trembling fingers. This is better, better than the horrifying blackness. The not-knowing, the un-seeing. The team did the best they could replacing what the druids stole. He should be grateful.

Steeling himself, Lance swipes a palm across the mirror to clear away the fog over his reflection’s face. The sharp glow still takes him by surprise. He wonders if he’ll ever get used to the digital neon staring out from his otherwise familiar face. Will he eventually forget what his reflection used to look like back on Earth? He certainly doesn’t have any pictures from home to compare…

The homesickness is familiar in a way his reflection no longer is. He has no photos of home, of his family. All Lance has are memories, and one in particular floats to mind as he stares into his artificial optics. His abuela smiling up at him as his father digs around for the camera after dinner.

“Oh Lance. You really do have your mother’s eyes.”

Someone take away Lau’s nya hands

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