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everyone contributing to the campaign PRESIDENCY FOR GLENN RHEE 2K15 :-DDD

let’s talk about maria hill for a second okay?

  • comes from an abusive household (not much is known about her past come on marvel give us more but we know her father blames her for her mother’s death x)
  • “Maria hill was born in Chicago on a day the Mercury was frozen at forty below. Her mother didn’t make it out of the hospital and her father never forgave her. So Maria got used to being cold. Maria got used to working alone. From West Point to shield; from Manhattan to Madripoor. Maria Hill showed everyone she ever met how cool she could be and how very little she needed them.” - Invincible Iron Man
  • she’s p young (mcu making her a day younger than cobie, who is 33) and has accomplished so much and she had her own office at the age of around 26, four for you maria
  • she blows up an entire skrull army unit after fooling them with a life model decoy of herself
  • saves thor’s life after norman osbourne launches an attack on asgard (beating the avengers to the scene)
  • this leads to steve asking her to run the avengers. yes. maria hill ran the avengers.
  • she runs shield and knows everything about you
  • despite being expected to be loyal to the united states above anything else, she ignores direct orders from the president to nuke an island the avengers were on
  • this fucking exchange
  • she risks her entire career so tony can escape a tribunal against him
  • during the dark reign she is on the run from osbourne and hammer and risks her life to get information needed by tony to overthrow hammer
  • this leaves her in a state of paranoia too
  • calls out people’s sexism  
  • she fooled natasha romanoff TWICE - making everyone believe both nick fury and coulson were dead. like that takes some skill.
  • this.
  • and so much more stuff, like she is incredible

basically maria hill is a brilliant, complex character who deserves to be treated so much better by mcu

Iwa-chan & Oikawa



THIS IS INSANE YOU GUYS. I AM BEYOND THANKFUL TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE THANK YOU. I love you all! I never thought I would ever get to even 500, let alone 10,000. I would like to thank all of you, and of course The Office because I would not be here if it weren’t for them.
In celebration, I would like you guys to tell me what more my account needs, or ask me any questions, or anything you want so just go for it and talk to me :D I LOVE YOU GUYS THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!


Dennis’ massive character development.

Wow okay so I’m gonna start with apologizing for the lazy graphic i’m sorry it’s so shitty but yOU KNOW WHAT THIS ISN’T ABOUT THE GRAPHIC! It’s about the fact that over five hundred of you have decided to join me on the wild shameless journey that is this blog in a measly two months! Honestly I did NOT expect this muse to get much attention being the tiny size of the fandom he belongs from, but obviously so many wonderful people enjoy making me emotional. Honestly if I could just hand you all the world in your hands I would, I am so so grateful to have each and every one of you here with me so thank you, sincerely. You all make this place such a positive environment for me and I can only hope that I’ve been doing the same for all of you. Today, you’re all the true mvps alright?! Each and every follower! 

                                                  ~ THE WICKED KIDS ~

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Reggsy/Roxwin social media/faking dating AU (insp)
When Roxy learns that the other recruits from Kingsman training thought both she and Eggsy had a thing together, she wonders how everyone would react if they actually began dating. They begin to fake date, trying their hardest to make it look as believable as possible on their social media (more importantly, as to piss off Rufus). But what happens when Eggsy starts to realise he might have stopped pretending? What happens to their friendship when his own doubts begin to make him withdrawn from her? 

I’ve been on this website for a year! To celebrate, I’m going to do a blog promo.

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I’d like to thank my ex-boyfriend for getting me to start this blog, dyrvs for being my first follower, and ninjajedihobbit for being my best friend. And I also thank all my followers for following me. You are more than just followers to me, I love every single one of you.

I am just in awe of the sheer amount of brilliant, thoughtful and multifaceted spn meta I have liked and read over the last couple of days. One episode aired three days ago and the collaborative, speculative, and analytical magnificence that this fandom has produced since has me floored.

This television show is a storytelling gold mine. More layers than Shrek’s proverbial onion. These writers and set designers and directors and god knows who else I need to credit are just so committed, and you can see it in a song choice or a callback line, a  bottle of beer or the particular way a cross is positioned on a shelf. And this fantastic fandom sees it and knows it and loves the show for it. There is a richness here that is just so fulfilling.

You go, Supernatural creators. You go, meta writers. I am so here for this.


i was tagged by julia in this wonderful tag she came up with. this is what she wrote about it:

“as a very nostalgic person who loves to look in photo albums, i have decided to create a new little tag all about this. i think it’s so fascinating to look back at pictures and see how much you have grown and changed over the years. also i think there’s a good comfort there, it reminds me to be kinder to myself. so hopefully someone else will find this fun to do as well!”

i’m a very nostalgic person as well and the photographs i have of my childhood are extremely dear to me, they are the one thing i’d rescue if my house were on fire. i’m always very emotional when i look through the photographs. as you can see here i was a very silly and bright spirited child, the complete opposite of what i am now. it’s comforting to think that the younger version of me is the true me, and that the optimism is only in hiding right now. i yearn and aim to be like my young self again (with a dash of maturity and wisdom ofcourse) and i’m very determined to get there. i hope it’s alright i posted a little more than 2, i got a little carried away and they all make me so happy! ✿

the rules: post a picture (or two) of your younger self, and include a picture of what you look like now. you can decide yourself if you want to post a photo from a year ago, or 20years ago.

i tag: everyone who wants to do this tag!!