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how alive are you after the newest hq chapter?


Ok this is less analysis than helpless flailing but SPOILERS for HQ Ch 224 are involved 


Look, I’ll be super honest, I saw a lot of posts after last week’s chapter about how worried people were about Kageyama going back to his “old ways”. And I was REALLY truly nervous about posting my thoughts about Ch 223 when asked but I also really wanted to say how I felt about Kageyama and how far he’s come and how I didn’t think it was possible for him to regress back and just

Are you kidding me Furudate? Do they even know what a great writer they are (they probably do). But what a beautiful, unrelentingly uplifting story they have crafted, in this manga about a bunch of kids who play volleyball.

Even in that one moment when Kageyama snaps a little bit, he does not regress. He just is TRYING so HARD to be what everyone needs him to be (kind of the direct opposite of how he was in middle school, where he wanted everyone ELSE to be what he needed them to be), that it’s killing him when it still isn’t good enough, when mistakes happen, when he sees “that could have been better”. 

But the INSTANT after he snaps, what does he do? He remembers that this is not who he wants to be anymore.

(Notice the “Keep up with me”)

I don’t think anything has ever broken my heart more than his absolute fear in the moment right after he shouts, fear that he’s done something irrevocable, that he’s broken the trust and bond he has worked so hard to build all these months, the bond he was never able to have with his teammates in middle school. And right when he’s probably about to lose it completely (tellingly, he doesn’t snap at Tsukki calling him a king, he starts trying to apologize) what fucking happens? 

Hinata Shouyou is there, just like he always, always will be. 

And the rest of Karasuno steps up so. Fucking. Hard in this scene. Kageyama has had to do a lot of growing, for sure. Some of it, he did on his own, immediately after he realized how bad he fucked up in middle school. But a lot of his issues in middle school, I think, are inherent to his personality. They even say that nothing he’d said in the Date Tech game so far was wrong - he just has a manner of speaking that is heavily abrasive, and doesn’t understand the nuances between saying something and saying it in a socially acceptable way. 

And you can’t really unlearn personality flaws in a bubble. You need other people to teach you where you’re going wrong and how to interact in a more acceptable manner, and that is what Karasuno has been essentially dedicated to doing for him right from the start, because not only are these kids his teammates, but they are also his friends. And that means they are there for him, even when he’s being difficult, or demanding, or not very nice, because they understand he’s not a mean person. He’s just Kageyama. He needs a little more help than most. 

Karasuno gets that he is far above the skill of the rest. They get that it’s frustrating for him, having to come down to other people’s level (this is so true of anyone who is really gifted in a particular area). So that’s why they don’t try to make him. They know he is doing his best, and they’re going to do theirs, and they’ll make it work that way - they understand it may be frustrating, but Kageyama, in turn, understands that he can’t expect everyone to always keep up with him. He can’t get angry about that now, because he knows it’s simply not always going to be possible. I think his anger is directed inward, more than anything else. I think he’s got it in his head that he needs to make up for the shortcomings of his teammates. But that’s just not how a team functions. Everyone supports everyone else. And he’s learning that, with Karasuno.

I love what Suga says in this chapter. That Kageyama, now, is open to the possibility that he might be wrong. And you can see that change in the way he interacts with all his teammates, how even as he’s trying to make them better, he’s still learning from them. And he is always and ever aware of that line he crossed in middle school, that chasm he could never seal up - and he will never go there again. 

I also really loved that the goody two shoes line from Miya really came back around in this chapter - Kageyama still wants to be the best, and most supportive setter for his teammates - but that doesn’t mean giving them the exact toss they want if he feels they can jump higher, play harder, go bigger. It’s all about finding a balance, and I think he has found his now (or has at least come very, very close).

And a final thought….. Hinata. Of course, Hinata.  

Hinata Shouyou, reminding Kageyama of his own egotistical words, his own pride - and telling Kageyama to own up to it, to be the fucking champion he is meant to be. To stand on the court and rule it. Hinata Shouyou, openly embracing Kageyama’s nature, king or not.

To take that hurtful, toxic nickname - that Kageyama has truly suffered under the weight of, but that Hinata has always thought is badass - to yank it back from the recesses of Kageyama’s fears and reclaim it and crown him a king again. 

Because that’s what Hinata believes his friend is, and he sees nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with that.

How alive am I after this? 

I’m so fucking alive I’ve ascended into Haikyuu fucking heaven, to live at the right hand of Furudate-sensei, in all of their wonder and glory. 

Bless them, bless this chapter, bless this fucking ship. 

Sans Confession
  • Sans Confession

awwww Sans

This is a little Collab i did with @bunny-king 

I love her work, i mean, that’s why i started dubbing it in the first place. But to have them asked me if i wanted to dub this before they released it. I’m honored! 

Oh m y god? This is impossible?? I never imagined any blog of mine would hit such a number of followers and I’m honestly freaking o ut

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR ALL OF THIS SUPPORT. When I first made this blog 3-4 months ago, I thought it’d go horribly. I was so sure that people wouldn’t like my designs or my interpretation of these two dorks and this blog would die out in a few weeks tops.

But now, here we are, 3-4 months later and all of you guys are here and you all support this blog and its headcanons and story and honestly, this has moved me in a way I’ve never felt before. It’s hard to believe 100 people care so much about something I created, let alone 4000. I’m actually getting super emotional as I type this– omg my eyes are literally burning with tears–

Thank you all so, so very much! We love you and appreciate every single one of you for being here at all and having the interest of reading our stories.

Anyway, as a celebration for this wonderful surprise, I’d like to invite every single one of you to a fun little event!

My brother and I decided we’d get back together for another round of Undertale to celebrate what we experienced together when we bought this game for the first time! Come join us as we take a stroll down memory lane through the Underground and enjoy the Pacifist story once more! The goal of this playthrough is to have fun and not die a single time! (which I’m sure we can do… maybe… who knows)

Information on the stream below!

Where: Taidatenshi Picarto Stream

When: Friday, September 30th at 3pm (PST) / 6pm (EST)

With Who: Taida (Mod of the blog) and her bro, Tatsu

I hope you all enjoy! I can’t thank you guys enough for being here and I hope we can continue enjoying our time together and having a good time on this blog! <3



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i'm so head canoning now that Dia's and Ruby's father is actually a massive pink haired dork who would take his young daughters to idol performances and hang out with them looking at all the latest toys. And the real reason why Dia is probably so nervous about him finding out they are school idols is because she knows he'd find away to sneak in a six foot cardboard sign and cover himself in glow sticks then try to dance along with them.

I had to take a seat real quick because of how great this is. I mean, I was already sitting, but I needed to get up and sit again because dang you blew me back. Dorky pink-haired Papa Kurosawa is real okay, it’s real.

Because of his job, he feels as though he needs to maintain a more traditional image, which directly opposes his personality. As a result, he gets kinda shy about his interest in idols, and whenever Dia and Ruby are watching idol shows/performances or reading idol magazines, he kinda just lingers in the doorway. He peeks around the corner until one of his daughters is like “dad you can come in it’s fine.” 

He never had an interest in idols until he saw how happy they made his daughters. He loves using their love of idols as an opportunity to bond with them, and a lot of his opinions on idols are formed from Ruby n Dia’s opinions. “You best believe Eli the best idol in Muse.” “Yeah Hanayo is a severely underappreciated asset in Muse.” “What do you mean people don’t like Nico? They can’t actually have taste that bad, right?” Their mother comes in sometimes to see them sitting side-by-side on the couch, hands raised and clenched in front of them, while they watch idol news on the tv.

Though his daughters are a bit shy when it comes to his loud support of them when they join Aqours, they really appreciate it. During their performances, he’s in the crowd, in tears. He’s grabbing the random person next to him and pointing at the stage like “Those are my daughters! Look at them, there they are!” He’s got pink glowsticks hanging from his neck like a necklace and red glowsticks sticking out of a headband. And he doesn’t just try to dance with them; he knows all the steps to all of their dances.

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So what if when Kuroo and Kenma start living together they have separate bedrooms because even though they've been dating for awhile Kenma still needs his own space. And sometimes they sleep apart. Kuroo doesn't love it but he understands. Really gradually Kenma realises that he actually sleeps better with Kuroo and he doesn't need his own bed anymore. And Kuroo comes home one day to find Kenma has moved all of his stuff into their room.

I love this, honestly. I think I’ve even implied such an arrangement in some of my fics! I very much think Kenma would need his own space, but company is always comforting. I’m of the firm belief that Kenma likes to be alone, but doesn’t like being lonely (who does honestly?), and so while at first Kuro’s constant presence might feel stifling (not because he doesn’t love spending time with him, but because before he always had his own space and now Kuro is everywhere), I think over time Kenma would grow to find it reassuring and comforting and would tear down the last of those walls. :)

(but sometimes he’ll still go to his old room to calm down/pout after an argument or if he needs some alone time … Kuro is always welcome to join him after a couple hours, though, and Kuro’s always sensitive to these moods and doesn’t push until it’s the right time)


I just got home from my grandmother, and my present from @vorchagirl was waiting for me on my desk! I’m so in love with them! (๑♡⌓♡๑)


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Really off topic, but do you have any advise on how to become more grown up/well spoken and be calm when not fandom drama happens? I'm currently looking for a fitting therapist for my anxiety but i'm not sure if they also help you to become a decend adult.

Did you see me six weeks ago? I was the very definition of “not calm”. I let fandom drama get to me and I reacted. The solution was to step away so I could regain perspective. 

Empathy is key, whether it’s fandom drama or not. If I can understand why the person is upset, and how I contributed to it, I feel a sense of calm. Once I know the cause of the conflict, maybe I can’t fix it, but I can keep from making it worse. At that point, I feel more in control of the situation.

I’m not naturally prone to anger, but I am very susceptible to the feeling of panic and hurt when someone is upset with me and I don’t know why. 

It’s hard, right? Because to see another person’s viewpoint means letting go of your own hurt and anger and focusing on theirs. Really focusing on it. Even if they are wrong, their feelings are real and need to be acknowledged. Then at some point you have do decide, do I want to prove myself right, or do I want to resolve the situation and get along. 

I hope you find a good therapist. If your anxiety is causing you problems in social situations, a good therapist will help you learn your personal triggers, how to anticipate and deal with them while they are still manageable. Therapy is hard work but if you stick with it, it can be life changing. I wish you every luck with that.