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ur kags r the best kags omg when u give him different hairstyles i love it so much!!! I love the you draw hair in general <3 like you give hair volume but not enough that its too exaggerated its just right~

THANKYOU ANONNNN <333 to find inspiration i just google for tatsunari kimura’s pictures adjsalkad he’s such a perfect tobio

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Hello! *shy wave* I love your art! I've thought for a little while that Credence would have a black cat as a pet, since they are traditionally the companions of witches in popular culture! In embracing his magical identity, I think he'd also be rebelling against Mary Lou by embracing all those clichés of witchcraft! :)

Oh man, Credence and black cats, my favourite ahh! It would definitely be a personal rebellion against Mary Lou’s hatred of witchcraft, and against his entire upbringing. But also, imagine this: an ink-black cat following him around throughout his entire life, as a representation of the obscurus? :’)
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i wanted to make this post for so long.

i feel like i’ve always loved david duchovny. my mom is a big the x files fan and she’s been watching it when i was in her belly. she was pretty obsessed with david and she used to tell me that he could have been my father. i was probably around 5 years old when i watched the x files with my mom and brother while we were waiting for my dad to come home from work. i kinda liked that spooky agent and his partner but to be honest, i was too young to understand anything so i simply forgot about the x files. then californication came along and i fell in love with david yet again. and only about 2 years ago i’ve started watching the x files again because my friend got obsessed with it. and i simply fell in love. but not only with the show, but with david and gillian. together and kind of apart. i’ve always been a bigger fan of david but i appreciated both of them because they are truly amazing people. 

and at some point i’ve started rebloging some stuff on tumblr. and that’s why i found out what gillovny is and how many people actually shipped them together. i just thought they look cute together but there were people who believed they were together and thanks to them i’ve started believing it myself. and i’ve always thought that shipping someone was the weakest side of me but honestly? it happened to be the best part of my life because i’ve met you guys. and it’s funny because honestly, i’ve never thought i would meet any of you. i was never a type of girl who would pack her things and go somewhere to meet strangers. 

yet here i am. after meeting a few of you. it’s been the best time of my life because i was never expecting for you to be so good. i thought you’d find me a young weirdo who didn’t get many things in life. and somehow, even if we’re so different, we’re yet the same and that’s amazing.

thanks to you i am a person who is brave enough to meet new people, is open to new things and challenges in life and who makes friends around the world. i wanted to thank you all so much for meeting me, talking to me and giving me so much. i will never forget those 2 moments in my life that i got to meet people that i knew nothing about. i didn’t even know your names. 

thanks for making me brave and curious and i hope i will meet you again one day. all of you.



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I love you're blog so much it's so amazing! Could I maybe get polyship head headcanons with Josuke and Rohan sharing an SO? thank you so much ;w; <3

of course friend!!! i love these boys!! 

- Rohan and Josuke have a friendly rivalry when it comes to s/o. It definitely started out as unfriendly, with both of them competing for their s/o’s attentions and passive aggressively scheduling dates at the same time, making their s/o make a choice between them or get nothing at all - but when they realize how sad it’s obviously making their s/o, they calm down a little. There’s still an undercurrent of competition to everything they do, but they’ve managed to bring it down to simply teasing as opposed to all-out war. 
- Both of them are quite sensitive, though, and if s/o begins to spend slightly more time with one of them the other will definitely notice and be hurt. Josuke will get quiet and withdrawn and worried that his s/o is going off him, wondering what he’s done wrong. Rohan, on the other hand, will get bratty and loud, demanding to know where HIS attention has gone. Rohan Kishibe is not used to being ignored and he will not stand for it. 
- Going out with both of them at the same time can be a little bit of a trial. Rohan wants to stop and take photographs and look at references, sometimes of trees and sometimes just of the way his s/o’s face moves when they laugh. Josuke would like to just hurry up and get going, he’s hungry and he wants his food! They might complain good-naturedly about the other’s preferences or if one of them is taking up too much of their s/o’s attentions. It’s also impossible to slip into the crowd when you’re with them - Rohan is instantly recognisable as a famous mangaka and Josuke is six foot plus with a hairstyle fifty years out of date. Not good for blending in. 
- Both of them are very protective of their s/o in different ways, and when they’re together all bases are covered. Rohan will sneer insults that they’re probably not smart enough to understand at them and Josuke will just full-on punch them in the face. 
- If they can get over their differences enough to work together, s/o will feel like the luckiest person on the planet. Josuke’s a hopeless romantic and Rohan is hopelessly in love with excess; dates, then, are often overbearingly fancy and dreamy. 

Wow, guys, I reached 100 followers!!! I don’t know what to say, I am absolutely honoured that 100 of you decided that I was worth the follow. I’d like to thank each and every one of you for making this possible, I love you all so, so much <3

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For the quote prompts, how about 30 for Nightwing/Starfire? Btw I love your work! :)

You got it, pal. Thanks so much <3

“We should run away.”

They may have been in their 20′s; full grown adults, in fact but it seemed apparently, you could never be too old for a lecture from the Batman. Probably the most unsettling thing about Bruce moaning at them was the fact he stayed stoic and didn’t even raise his voice as he verbally spanked them.

“You were reckless. You were uncalculated. You could have been seriously injured. What were you thinking?”

Nightwing sighed and rubbed the back of his neck whilst Starfire simple chewed her lip and stared at he ground. Really, being the sole vigilantes of Bludhaven should mean they could act how they wanted.

Try telling that to their den mother.

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happy birthday nozomicchi! (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) { 09.06 }


Look, I don’t care if it’s just you and me. We’ll figure out a way but I won’t let it come to that. I’ve been out recruiting other members from other packs. Trust me, plenty of wolves wanna eat at the Jade Wolf.   No they don’t.