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Corner of the Coffee Shop

Prompt: ‘Soulmate’ for @just-some-drabbles ‘s writing challenge! (no summary because the prompt says it all)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2073 words

Warnings: fluff, hardly any angst. 

Notes: Thank you so much to my love @untimelyideasforstories for helping me come up with ideas for this story, you saved my ass <3 I also didn’t proofread this, it’s 10:40pm and I have a French test tomorrow argh

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Soulmates, true love, first kisses, those are all things you were told to believe. The first one was real enough, as everyone in the world was born with a permanently inked mark, somewhere on their body. Yours was plainly put into sight, right on the inside of your left wrist. From person to person, their mark differed in handwriting, but it always read the same thing; the date of your soulmate’s birth. Your soulmark was scrawled in a delicate yet slightly messy script, which didn’t really bother you. Your friend could barely read her one, it was that chaotic. But it was the actual words that bothered you, which made you lose faith in having a soulmate that was actually alive.

‘10th of March, 1917.’

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Yoonjin + baby!Jikook

Starring in a lil’ Office AU

Word count: 1.1k+

Fanart that inspired this ♥

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“Papa! Papa, look!”

Min Yoongi turns to find little Jungkookie jumping up and down, holding something between his tiny fingers.

“What is it?” he asks, following the boy’s movement.

“It’s a HAT!”

“Is it?” Yoongi says with a chuckle.

“It’s a BUNNY HAT!”

“I see.”


“You do?”




In his enthusiasm, Jungkook somehow trips on his own feet and loses his balance.

“Careful!” Yoongi exclaims, catching the kid in extremum.

The boy blinks and gets back up. As if nothing had happened, he starts jumping again.

“Papa, I need this hat!!!”

“Hm…” Yoongi lets out, an overly attentive expression on his face. “In exchange, will you clean your room?” he asks.

Jungkook stops moving. A few seconds pass.

He takes a deep breath, thoughtful. His eyes fall on the piece of clothing.

“Okay!” he says with determination, holding the hat up.



“Then… fine. It’s yours,” he says, putting the item into the shopping cart.

“YAYY!!” Jungkook exclaims, and he starts running around again.

Yoongi sighs, but he can’t help but grin.


“Stop trying to take your shirt off,” Kim Seokjin demands.

“But it’s too warm…” Jimin says with a pout.

“I know, love,” Jin replies, picking the boy up. “But it’s not warm enough to only wear one layer. Plus, this looks really cute on you.”

Jimin glances down at his chick hoodie and puffs his cheeks.

“You’re the cutest cutiepie!” Jin declares, pulling the hood on his kid’s fluffy hair.

“But Daddy, it’s too hot!”

“Shush,” Jin retorts with a half-smile. “You wouldn’t want you to catch a cold, now, would you?”

Jimin shakes the hood away and Jin sighs, giving up. Holding Jimin with his left arm, he somehow manages to get out of the house in one piece. He walks to the car.

“Good morning, boss,” the chaffeur greets him.


As he’s pulling the seatbelt across his boy’s belly, Jin notices the kid is avoiding eye contact.

You can’t be serious,” he thinks.

“Are you mad at me…?” Jin asks.





No answer.

“Ah…” Jin lets out. “I was going to bake you some cookies tonight, but since you’re mad at me…”

Jimin slowly turns his head. They stare at each other.

“With chocolate chips?” the boy asks in a small voice.

Jin smirks. “Loads of it.”

Jimin purses his lips and slowly pulls his hood up.


Jungkook hides behind Yoongi’s leg, peeking at the stranger before him.

“Is there anything we should know?” the woman asks Yoongi.

“Well,” he replies. “He’s a bit shy… And, you know, we just moved here, so he’s still a bit disoriented.”

“I can see that,” she chuckles.

They talk a bit, and already it’s time for Yoongi to leave. He carefully pushes little Jungkook towards the woman.

“I’ll be back soon, okay?”

“But…” the boy breathes, lips trembling.

Yoongi bends down to Jungkook’s level.

“Hey…” he breathes, putting a hand against the other’s cheek. “You’re gonna met new friends, and it’s going to be fun, I swear. I’ll be back before you know it. Okay?”

“Papa…” Jungkook says, his eyes watery.

Yoongi kisses his forehead.

“I have to go. I love you, and I’ll come pick you up as soon as I can.”


Yoongi’s lips curve into his cheeks. “Promise.”


The new daycare’s employee bows when Jin comes into the room. They politely chat for a minute, but Jin can tell she’s uncomfortable. It’s almost like “CEO” is written in neon letters above his head. He excuses himself.  

“Bye, Daddy!” Jimin shouts.

Jin gently pats his head. “I’ll see you in a bit, lil’ mochi.”


The fact that the coffee is still too hot doesn’t stop Yoongi from taking a long sip. The amount of social interaction a first day at work demands is truly draining.

And lunchtime hasn’t even passed yet,” he thinks as he offers a forced smile to an umptieth new colleague.


Kim Seokjin loosens his tie. It’s been a long day.

He walks towards the daycare center. Jin’s eyebrows dart up when he hears loud voices and cries. His pace quickens.

“-can’t stay here forever, Kookie!”

“Yes, I can!”

“You’ll be back tomorrow! Now, come on, take your backpack. We’re going home.”

“No, no, no!”

Jin arrives at the scene, head slightly tilted. Before him, a man is crouching next to a little boy… who appears to be holding Jimin’s hand.

“What’s the matter?” Jin questions, taking a step forward.

The daycare’s employee jumps. “Sir! I- I didn’t see you enter. We, uh- We’re having a bit of trouble…”

“I can see that,” Jin replies, and the employee blushes furiously. “No, I didn’t mean-” He pauses, internally sighing. “Jiminie, what are you doing?”

“I’m playing with my friend Kookie.”

The man who was talking to the pair turns to Jin.

“This is your kid?” he asks.

Jin blinks. Strange. People rarely even look him in the eye, and this man talks to him in such a familiar manner.

“Yup,” Jin answers.

“Then, can you help me out? They won’t stop holding hands!”


“Kookie won’t let go of your kid’s hand! He wants to… Uh- I’m not actually sure what he wants.”

“I wanna stay with Chimchim!” the boy declares, and Jimin nods with vigor.

“I already told you-”

“But I like Chimchim! I wanna be with him!”

The man turns to Seokjin, an exhausted expression upon his face. “Help,” he mouths.

Jin remains silent a few moments, taking in the absurdity of the situation.

“You wanna stay with Kookie too, Jimin?” Seokjin asks.


“How much?”

“Hmmm,” Jimin mumbles. “As much as I love you!”

A laughter escapes Jin’s lips, and he turns to the other boy’s father.

“What your name?” he inquires.

“Me? Uh- It’s Min Yoongi.”

“Yoongi…” Jin says thoughtfully. “What about dinner?”



A silence.

“We could eat out together with the kids. On me.”

Yoongi appears confused.

“Do you happen to have plans tonight?” Jin inquires.

“N-no, but-”

“Then it’s settled!” Jin says with a grin.

Yoongi is too stunned to reply. By the time he has gathered his wits, the children are uttering happy shouts. Eyes on Jungkook’s beaming face, Yoongi feels his protest die in his throat.

“Shall we?” Jin asks, already holding his son’s bag.

Yoongi hesitates. He takes a last look at Jungkook.

He’s got me wrapped around his little finger…” he thinks.

“Well?” Jin questions.

“Sure… Let’s go.”


Little Jungkook is soundly sleeping on the side of the booth. His head is leaning against Jimin, who has drool dripping from the corner of his mouth.

“They’re pretty goddam adorable, aren’t they?” Jin whispers, bringing Yoongi back to reality.

Yoongi takes a few seconds to answer, observing the kids. “They sure are…”

The children breath regularly, strands of hair falling on their foreheads.

“I could watch him sleep for hours,” Jin murmurs.

“You don’t even know how much I relate to that statement,” Yoongi says with a soft chuckle.

They remain silent, smiling.

“So…” Jin says, and Yoongi turns to him.


“Is it time to head home?”

“Oh,” Yoongi lets out flatly. “I guess it’s getting late-”

“Unless you want to chat.”

Yoongi opens his mouth. Closes it. Lightly frowns.

Jin feels his cheeks heat up. “Not that you have to, of course, I just mean that- well, I thought since you’re new and all I could uh- tell you how things are around here and- and all that… You know…”

He mentally slaps himself and thinks of what an idiot he is… But then Yoongi’s lips curl up, and Jin’s mind goes blank.

“Why not?” Yoongi lets out.

I love to write about smol!bts so much asdfghjkl :’)) Thanks to @yorlenisama for her beautiful fanarts and to @weakforjin on twitter for the basic idea ♥

Lost In The Deep End P3

I love your writing so much! Could you write a peter x reader where the Vulture kidnapped and hurt the reader to get to peter and peter gets all overprotective and worried? With fluff or cuddles at the end? Whatever you want to do really! You’re amazing! -Anon

i have an idea for ya!! something kind of along the lines of a Gwen Stacy scenario - where the reader and peter are dating and peter is desperately trying to keep her out of danger and then she ends up getting really hurt or possibly….dying?? ooooo -Anon

Summary:  Homecoming is a night to remember… but not for all the right reasons…

Requested: Yes

Word Count: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Note: I’ve comibned to requests together cause they are quite similar! So hope both you Anon’s enjoy! x

Warning(s)?: Swearing, Major fLUFFFFFFFF, angst, mentions of death

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Yes today is my birthday and I couldn’t wait to post the last part so here it is guys!! A present from me to you <3

Part 1  Part 2

Lost In The Deep End

“Don’t… don’t kill her” ‘Pete’ spoke up as he slowly made his way towards you guys. You glanced out of the corner of your eye and saw a guy in a red and blue suit make his way towards you slowly, his hands up in the air. 

“I don’t want to kill her Pete… I have to” He says as pops his finger on the trigger. Now you closed your eyes shut, letting a stream of tears fell as you shook. 

“P-please you don’t have to do thi-s-s-s” You stuttered out through the tears, unknowingly shattering Peter’s heart with these words. He was utterly torn, his own tears falling down his cheeks behind the mask. 

You heard pull the trigger, waiting for the pain to soon begin. But you felt nothing… Nothing at all. Instead you turned around with your eyes open once you saw his gun pointed in another direction. One of the pillars he shot at became unstable. 

“Pete I’ll give you a choice…” He states. Your eyes widen as you saw what was the flying piece of metal actually a set of wings with fan blades in the middle. Oh my god….

It began flying around the room, narrowly missing you as it went around in a square.

“Go after me… or save the girl” You turned around and wide eyes and stared at the guy in front of you.

“What…” You mumbled out through the tears, your bottom lip quivering. You took one last glance towards 'Pete’ and turned away as quickly as you could, beginning to run to the nearest exit. You heard another gun shot and instantly felt a shooting pain through your leg. You screamed out as you felt blood begin to ooze from your injury. You fell to the ground and barely had the strength to get back up. 

“No!” You could hear 'Pete’ scream once the shot was fired. You could hear footsteps approaching you as you tried to sit up, hearing the building was going to collapse around you at any moment. You heard the mechanical wings begin to fly, now with a body inside it. You glanced up once you noticed rubble beginning to fall from above. You tried covering your head as you screamed out in pain when one piece of rebel fell onto your leg. You clutched your leg tightly and pressed your palm against your wound causing it to sting like a bitch.

“Stay still” You could hear a voice command from above you, seeing blood rush out of your leg. He ripped apart of his suit and made a tourniquet around you leg, stopped the blood flow. Hearing the building around you crumbling you grabbed onto the strangers shoulder. He quickly reached around your back and cut you free of your restraints. He wrapped his arms around you and picked you, you whimpering at the contact. He raised his arm up and shot a web… wait a second… this guy was spiderman… 

Grabbing onto the web he flung upwards just in time as the building collapsed behind yous. He swung out into the open the stopped short at a building. going up to the roof. He landed as softly as he could and held onto you, his eyes tearing up even more behind his mask. Your began to slowly close shut.

“No! No Y/N you have to stay awake” You were tired to care how this guy knew your name. You could feel a light slap to your cheek, causing your eyes to widen a fraction. 

“Please… open your eyes Y/N…” You could hear the boy softly begin to cry as held you in his arms, rocking you slightly. You could feel a tear slip from your eye as your eyes began to close again.

Peter took of his mask and wiped away his tears, cupping your face in his hand. You opened your slightly at the sound and tilted you head. Your eyes were blurry due to the tears but you felt a thumb brush them away softly, you could feel tingles from the touch. Once your eyesight cleared a bit you could see who it was…

“P-peter?” You asked confused. What the hell was Peter doing here and why was he wearing a suit-… No way. 

“Don’t you dare close your eyes!” He yells at you in pain, shaking your head in his hands as you began to close your eyes again. Your eyelids were feeling to heavy to keep them open. 

You opened your eyes after a few seconds once you heard sobbing. 

“Why are you crying?” You ask softly, your voice beginning to grow weaker. He shook his head, tears blurring his vision. 

“I-i should take-e-e you to a hos-s-spital bu-u-t…” He trailed off with another sob. He glances down at your wound to see the tourniquet he made covered in blood. He shook his head, knowing you were losing too much blood.

“Your losing a lot of blood I won’t be able to take you there in time…” He sobbed, clutching you closely towards his body. He wanted nothing more than to grab you and swing you towards the hospital but even going super fast it would take him 15 minutes from where you guys were. At the rate you were losing blood, you had less then 5. 

“I-t-it-s okay-y-y” You stuttered out, raising a hand to cup his cheek. Your thumb lightly wiped away his tears, he lent into your touch closing his eyes, sobbing even harder.

“I-m-m so sor-r-ryy” He sobbed out, his face resting against your hand. You just smiled through your own tears, beginning to feel the pain life away slowly. 

“I’m not” you spoke up. He opened his eyes and looked at you confused.

“Peter Benjamin Parker…” You spoke out, running your thumb across his cheek. 

“Who would’ve known you would be my knight in shining armour” You finished. He shook his head at this.

“I’m not, this is all my fault” He cried out in pain. It was, he knew that it was all his fault and he will hate himself for this for the rest of his life.

“It’s okay…” you murmured, feeling the pain lift more and more. You moved your hand from his cheek and traced his bottom lip with your thumb as it quivered. He closed his eyes at your touch and brought you closer to his body, rocking you slightly.

“Your not going to die” He says determined. He wraps picks you up and stand up, shooting a web out to begin taking you towards the hospital.

“Peter…” You murmured softly, tugging on him. He turned to face you and his heart dropped. Blood began to pool at the side of your mouth, running over your side. He angrily wiped them away and sat you up so you didn’t choke.

“Your not dying on me Y/n… not now, not ever” He spoke out through clenched teeth as he began his way to the hospital, going so fast he was sure even he was going to throw up. He arrive at the er and rushed in, screaming for help. A bunch of nurses came rushing over as he placed you on the ground. Everything became a clue for him as staff beginning to run around, grabbing equipment and a bed to reel you in on. Two doctors lifted you up and sat you on the bed, nurses immediately beginning to work on you. By this time your eyes were shut. He stoped there in his blood covered suit with his mask off, tears streaming down his face. The er was empty. He tried to rush in through the doors after the nurses but he got held back, saying he wasn’t allowed beyond that point. 

“Is she going to be okay?” He asks out nervously, more tears welling up in his eyes. 

We’re going to try our best


It had been a week since homecoming. Peter was at home getting changed into a new pair of clothes. After everything that had happened he rang up his Aunt May, his Aunt May calling Y/N’s parents as they rushed to the hospital. During this time Peter went into the nearest bathroom to change out of his suit, the nurse who saw came over to loan him so clothes so he could change. He thanked her and begged her not to say anything. She smiled in response and shook her head, agreeing to keep his secret. The others were too busy with Y/N that they didn’t notice what he was wearing. 

He arrived at his destination, walking past the front desk. He made his way down the hall in his school clothes before arriving in front of a room with an open door. 

He watched with a soft smile as he saw you sitting up in your bed, playing connect four with your younger brother who sat at the end of your bed. You were hooked up to two or three different machines.

He walked into the room and smiled, enjoying the smile that crossed your face as you had made a connect 4 and your brother sighed in disappointment. Your brother was the first to turn around, he smiled and hoped off the bed, racing over to give Peter a hug. You finally glanced up and saw the interaction, smiling at the sight. You moved your leg slightly and winced when you felt some pain but ignored it, making some more space on the bed. Peter looked over to you and smiled, walking over and putting his bag down on the seat beside the bed. 

“Can you go see where mum went?” You asked your brother politely. He nodded his head in response and raced out the room, looking for your parents. 

“Since when did he take orders from you willingly?” Peter asks jokingly. You laugh lightly. 

“Since he found out just how much of an awesome sauce sister I am and how crap his life would be without me” You joked back, moving slightly for Peter to sit beside you. He sat at the end of the bed. You wriggled your way through the cords that had you connected to your machines. You turned around and scooted over towards the end of the bed, placing yourself on top of Peter as you laid your head down onto his lap. He began to run his fingers through your hair with a smile.

He had almost lost you. For a long time he thought you were dead, or were going to be. He couldn’t stop beating himself up about it. Once he saw that you were recovering he couldn’t stop crying. He just had this feeling that you were going to hate him, knowing you were in that position in the first place but you didn’t, You could never hate him. 

He let a tear fall from his eye. You saw this and reached to cup his cheek, wiping the tear away with the pad of your thumb. During the week he has came to visit you everyday, before and after school. He would’ve come during school to but both you and Aunt May said he had to go. He often brought homework back for you so you didn’t get left behind, he wanted to be useful somehow.

It broke your heart to see him cry over you. You guys hadn’t really talked about the whole spider-man thing but instead just enjoyed each other’s presence. You both knew sooner or later you were going to have to talk about it. 

“You know I don’t blame you right?” You asked softly, searching his eyes for an answer. He nods sheepishly into your hand and softly smiles.

“Yeah I know but… you should” He says in a broken voice. You shake your head that was still on his lap and smile.

“I could never hate you…” You spoke, your voice trailing off near the end. He watched you as you said this, moving a hand to begin gently stroking your cheek. His eyes widen.

“I’ve got a present for you” He says happily, wiping a tear from his cheek. You smile excitedly and nod your head, beginning to sit up and move off of him. He stopped you.

“No your not going anywhere” He spoke into your hair as he pulled you back into him, this time you were sitting in between his legs. He reached for his backpack and fiddled around for something. You just sighed and laid your head against his chest, listening to his heart.

“Okay” he says, finally finding it. You try to look but he stops you, covering your eyes with one of his hands.

Peterrrrr” You whine. He just laughs and shake his head, turning you back around so your back was against him. 

“Close your eyes” He instructed. Stubbornly you let out a sigh and did as he asked. Once he saw that your eyes were closed he placed the scrapbook in front of you. He placed it gently into your hands and you scrunched your eyebrows at the weight, it felt kind of heavy.

“Open” He whispers into your hair causing you to giggle. You open your eyes and stare at what was placed in your hands. 

“It’s blank…” You trailed off, noticing there was nothing covering the book. You looked up to him confused, he just beamed at you in return. 

“Open it” He instructed, beginning to feel nervous. What if she didn’t like it? What if it was… too much?

You did so excitedly and opened the book, your heart sopping once you saw a photo of yourself glue to the page with a caption written at the bottom. It was the beginning of grade Seven, Peter had just gotten his camera and he wanted his very first picture he took to be you. You thought it was silly but he insisted so you did. You stroke a pose near the garage door and he captured the moment, the image turning out slightly blurry. You laughed at the memory and a huge smile came across your face.

You flipped another page, seeing more and more photos scattered across the pages with little captions. Your eyes widen when you scanned over each one, reading the little captions that where next to each photo. You laughed once you saw the photo where your mouth was full of food, bits and pieces falling out and your hair up in a messy bun. 

Once a weirdo always a weirdo’ the caption said and you laughed. You bit your lip, turning more and more pages of the scrapbook, reading the captions and looking at all the photos. Most of them were just you but there ones with your family, friends and even Peter himself when he decided to take silly selfies. This was probably one of the most thoughtful gifts anyone has ever given you. The photos seemed to be in chronological order. Feeling tears coat your eyes you flipped to the last page, noticing there was a blank space. You looked up to Peter slightly confused.

He smiled and reached around you to place one last photo into the book. The photo being the one he took on the night of homecoming. You stood in your dress near the window, standing straight with your head slightly tilted, smiling into the camera. You glanced at yourself smiling. You looked at yourself one last time in the picture and noticed something… your eyes, your smile was so wide and your eyes held an emotion you’ve never seen them hold before. You could feel your heart begin to melt. 

You glanced down to notice there was no caption. You glanced at Peter again confused.

“Where’s this photo’s caption?” You ask innocently. He pulls out one last piece, debating whether or not to place it in the scrapbook. He had poured his heart and soul into this gift and you appreciated it dearly. So much so you heart wanted to beat out of your chest at the gesture. You almost felt bad for not having something for him. He obviously had spent a great deal of time working on this for you. You couldn’t help but to love him just that little bit more- wait…


He placed the final piece into the book and sighed. He nestled his head into your hair hiding his face as you put the caption into it’s little pocket underneath the photo. The pockets were all see through so you could read them without having to take them out.

“You were wearing the most gorgeous dress I have ever seen you wear, and trust me you wear alot” You let out a small laugh and continued reading aloud. That was true.

“You had spent exactly one hour and twelve minutes getting ready, I seriously can’t get over how long it takes for you to get ready.” You snort at the end of that sentence and laugh. Once you stopped laughing you smiled, turning your head to face him.

“The time?” You asked.

“You had exactly an hour and twenty three minutes to get home and it takes you roughly eleven minutes running to get there so I just did the math” he replied sarcastically. You just laughed and smiled, your heart beating faster. You couldn’t believe he rememberd that… it feels like it was ages ago…

“But it felt like time stood still, when you stood in front of your window. You smiled your big goofy smile and did a twirl, the dress flowing around you seamlessly” you smiled.

“I took photos of you, each one better than the last… until the last one. I waited for the perfect moment to capture it. You stopped, stood still and smiled into the camera, tilting your head slightly with a look on your face I had never seen you wear before. I could have sworn my heart skipped a beat” Your voice began to trail off at the end.

“You soon left, leaving your room. I glanced down at the camera and stared at the photo for what seemed like forever. I admired you, everything about you in just the one picture. In this one… captured… moment I managed to capture something truly special. You. This photo stands out the most to me. I didn’t know why at the time but all I knew was that my heart seemed to want to burst out of my chest. Maybe it was because you were wearing the most gorgeous dress or maybe…” You trailed off noticing that was the last weird. You heart was practically beating out of your chest by this point. 

“That’s it?” You asked disappointed. He shook his, a blush crawling onto his cheeks. He reached for the caption and took it out of the pocket, flipping it over. He also wrote on the other side…

“In that very moment I fell in love with you…” You read the last part, your voice growing softer near the end. You bit your lip and let out a deep breath, not realizing you had been holding your breath. You couldn’t find the words to use. You seemed to have lost your voice.

Peter was in love with you.

You couldn’t help but to let out the beam a smile, feeling your cheeks hurt out how wide your smile was. You bit your lip again and turned your head to face him. He pulled away from you looked up at you shyly, a blush coating his cheeks.

“Yeah I probably should of-” You cut him off with you lips. You placed them on top of his and held them there for a few seconds, enjoying the tingles pulsing through your body. You slowly lent away, resting your head against his with your eyes still closed. 

He was the first to lean away, fluttering his eyes open. Your eyes fluttered open moments after, a smile plastering across both of your faces.

“Can we…” He trailed off, glancing down at your lips. 

“Can we do that again?” he asks shyly. You feel your heart leap at his words so you nod your head, meeting him halfway for another kiss. He reached a hand to cup your cheek as you moved on of your to wrap around his neck to bring him closer. After a few seconds you both pulled apart, not believing how over the moon you both were feeling right now.

“Just one more thing…” He says. You bit your lip and nod, listening. 

“Will you, Y/N Y/L/N do me the honor of becoming my girlfriend?” You smiled widely and nod your head, not even needing to think about it as you lent forward and capture his lips with yours again.


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A/N: Final part for ‘Lost in the deep end!’ Hope you guys enjoyed!!!! xx

“‘Safe and scary.’ I love that you’ve chosen to put it this way because that’s exactly how I feel. As a matter of fact, I had a friend once upon a time. He told me that I scared him, and I couldn’t understand why anyone would say that, but I get it now. I’m terrified of you, and terrified of the way that I love you. I have no idea where we’re going to be in four, ten, twenty years. I don’t know if you’re always going to be the person I want to call in the morning or the smile trapped behind my mind’s eye. I don’t know how many more of my tears you’re going to have to deal with or whether or not I’ll pull any more out of you. I don’t know how many more days I’ll get to spend in your arms in our corner of the universe. And you don’t either. But I know that we have right now, and that’s all I really need.

I love you. 💜

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Hey! If you ever feel bad about taking a long time writing something just remember I've had a fanfic idea for the past 3 months and have only written have of the first chapter that will more than likely be deleted :D <3 You're amazing and I love you!!

Aaah what’s with all the amazing sweet anons tonight??? Thank you so much! And man don’t even worry about 3 months, I’ve sat on ideas for *years* before they’ve gone anywhere. And some of them are still incubating!!! 

<3 u too!!!

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"Are you flirting with me" fox!alya/turtle!Nino (I have no idea what there ship name is) love your writing!!!

I always call them JadedFox :D Oh and fox!Alya is not Rena Rouge but Firena in my mind ‘cuz I did quite a lot of research for that name and honestly am not really warming up to Rena Rouge, so you don’t get confused :P

Also, thanks for the ask and thank you so much for your praise, that really means a lot to me! ;)

Ao3 / FF.net

56 - JadedFox

“Are you flirting with me?”

Firena stilled as Carapace spoke to her, slowly turning back around to him.

“Uh-… Noooo?”, she tried but he already grinned. Damnit. He’d never let her live this one down.

“You were flirting with me!”, he grinned cheekily, propping his hands up on his hips, his shield shifting on his back.

“No, I wasn’t, shut up. We still gotta finish patrol, shelly.”

“Ohohohoh, but not so fast! What did you call me?”

Firena already felt an awkward, heated blush creeping up her neck, making her real ears that were hidden underneath her unruly hair uncomfortably warm.

“… I didn’t call you anything.”

“I heard handsome somewhere in between.”

She huffed, crossing her arms as she stared at him.

“I dunno, I think that hood of yours is making you hear bad after all.”, she tried countering but the blush that was slowly heating up her skin beneath the mask gave her away.

“I think you like me.”, he finally stated, leaning back with a smug expression. She grumbled and shook her head.

“And I think you’re delusional. Are you heating up? You should go home.”

He stepped closer to her and lifted her chin with one hand, smirking down to her. Firena’s breath hitched and she subconsciously turned a little more towards him, their hips almost touching. She could feel the warmth of his body on her stomach and neck (or was that hers?).

“I think you’re the one heating up here.”, he murmured, his grin getting wider. She gulped and tried shaking her head but found herself unable to. Instead, her eyes started fluttering and she leant towards him, one of her hands lifting up to his elbow.

“P-Probably-… Maybe-…”, she stuttered out, her breath getting shallow and quick as she felt a breeze of his scent wash over her face. Her knees felt like pudding and her free hand, the one that wasn’t touching him, was shaking like crazy. She only felt him come closer to her and her tail excitedly swished around behind her before reaching around, swirling on his leg and settling around his knee bend.

“Maybe you should go home, foxy…”, Carapace whispered and the little hairs on her neck stood straight up as a shiver shot down her spine. His voice was soft and his golden eyes sparkled behind his goggles, leaving her breathless and dizzy.

“We-… We gotta finish patrol-…”, she murmured and he chuckled.

“Damn right we gotta.”

Yet neither of them moved, staying in this incredibly close and yet so far position. Their breaths mingled with each other and their noses almost touched. They could feel the other right in front of them but neither moved.

“I say you were flirting with me.”, he suddenly said, his voice having found back to its original cheekiness but his body remained unmoving. She wettened her dry lips and watched his eyes flicker down to watch the tip of her tongue just so vanishing inside her mouth again. He subconsciously copied her, then she felt his other hand hesitatingly moving up to her hip, pulling her closer.

“I say I definitely did.”, the words slipped out before she could stop them but she had never felt more sincere or relieved in her life that she had accidently said something she hadn’t meant to say.

“Oh now you’re admitting it?”, he smirked and she nodded, slowly and uncertain, but it was certainly a nod against his hand on her chin.

“… And what if I lied?”, she finally asked, feeling some of her wittiness coming back to her mushy mind, “Foxes are pretty nifty, y’know?”

“You wouldn’t backstab me with that tone.”, he finally said, sounding a bit wavy but still teasing. She giggled and reached around him to knock against his shield.

“Can’t. There’s something protecting you.”, her hand slipped down the smooth surface of the shield to slip between his weapon and his back, her palm coming to a rest on his warm suit. He chuckled and leant even closer, their noses still not touching but their eyes closing.

Now, she also felt his warmth on her cheeks and as she briefly opened her eyes to take a look a light red shine had snuck on his skin as well.

“Well, but you know my weak spots.”, he murmured, probably referring to her hand beneath the shield but she felt that he also meant the two years of close partnership they had already behind them. Their anniversary had been last week.

“That I do…”, she whispered and tried gathering all her courage to finally close the distance between them, to finally feel his lips on hers. She moved her hand on his elbow to his chest and up to his neck, her fingertips resting on the quickly pulsing spot beneath his skin and her lower arm comfortably propped up against his chest.

She was this close to just surging forward, this close to satisfying the burning, longing fire inside her, as a voice ripped them apart from each other, making them jump in opposite directions.

“I really don’t know if the fox is supposed to be the turtle’s prey.”

She immediately missed his warmth in the rather cool night air and her ears anxiously twitched as she ripped her head around, her glare falling onto Chat Noir. He stood there with an amused expression and his hands propped up on his hips, grinning from ear to ear.

“You little-”, she began, clenching her fists. Carapace next to her also took a step forward but just a second later, it was their turn to carry the amused expression. Apparently, Chat hadn’t been the only one snooping.

“I WILL END YOU, YOU MANGEY ALLEY CAT!!”, Ladybug’s outraged cry sounded through the night and her yo-yo quickly found its painful way to his face.

(The next day, Nino and Alya asked themselves what the hell had happened to Adrien’s face and why Marinette was refusing to do so much as looking at him.)

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anonymous asked:

I wanted to point out that it seems hypocritical the way you are talking about David and Gillian’s potential relationship. When Gillian was photographed against her will with Peter, you (and others) blames her, and slut-shamed her for being out in public wit her partner. When David is photographed with a woman you blame the person who took the photograph, and are protecting David from being victimized. I just want you to think about how this is a symptom of misogyny and how we treat women.

You have no idea how much I’m tired of women calling other women misogynist only because they have different point of view and they’re blinded by their love for Gillian so much that they can’t accept she has flaws and makes mistakes. It’s beyond ridiculous and only shows your lack of argument. When you can’t use anything but insults to prove others they’re wrong, you’ll always lose the battle.

I dare you to find one post on my blog slut shaming Gillian for what happened. What I said is that this Portofino thing was staged and I stick to it. There’s a huge difference in my opinion between going to a celebrity hotspot and allowing someone to pull your underwear down in a public place and walking in a street and being stalked by fans. Gillian saw the paparazzi. This fan wasn’t supposed to take pictures and film him walking. If you can’t see the difference, then we’re going to disagree. That doesn’t make me a misogynist. Just someone with a different point of of view.

darkblades75  asked:

Hi! Do you take asks for art? If not then let me say I LOVE your art! Its a bit of an inspiration for me and I have to say that I used some of your art as reference to improve my own! (not like tracing over it but like, you know? Just inspiration?)

Thank you so much. It makes me really happy that my art inspires others!! <3

And while I can’t always satisfy everyone’s requests, I am still happy to take them and jot them down for when I need ideas! Thanks!! :)

jewish-alderaanian-princess  asked:

Is the gravedigger Sandor??? Omg

WAIT don’t tell me if I’m right I just wanted it out there that that’s what I think (super enjoying Brienne chapters in AFFC but the fact that I have no idea how to pronounce her name is tripping me up)

All I can say is that you’re faster on the uptake than I was on my first read of AFFC. :)

And Brienne’s chapters are the best, honestly. (Since you love them I’m sure you will very much enjoy the Dunk and Egg stories.) There’s so many neat callbacks, like how she meets the High Sparrow before he gets to King’s Landing, and the dwarf septon before he’s murdered and brought to Cersei, and so much local history and worldbuilding related in her chapters… and the themes, my god, the themes of knighthood and honor and duty and love and redemption… oh I love Brienne and I love her chapters.

As for pronouncing Brienne’s name… well, GRRM has said you can pronounce any name any way you want to. He himself has pronounced her name with three syllables as Bree-eh-nee (something nobody else does AFAIK) or Bree-Annie (again with the buh???). The late Roy Dotrice’s audiobooks pronounce her name Bry-een, but those have notably weird pronunciations. (Pe-tire instead of Peter for Petyr, Ar-I-ah for Arya, others like that. One of my brothers has only listened to the audiobooks, ASOIAF conversations with him are often somewhat disjointed as we try to figure out who we’re talking about.) But most people, and the show, pronounce her name as a simple two-syllable Bree-en. You choose what you like!

j4gerb0mbs  asked:

Bit of a weird one, did your mum ever have any issues with your piercings/tattoos etc? I’m only asking cause I’m 20 and I’m a huge huge fan of you and the way you look, but my mom HATES all kinds of body modification with a passion and would literally go mad and probs disown me if I got any more tattoos. I personally think you look fab and yay for being a vegan🌱❣️

I’m pretty much my mommas mini me, she was one of the ‘original’ punk kids back in the day, so honestly she fuckin’ loves my tattoos and mods

I’m genuinely so thankful I don’t have a parent that disapproves in my life rn because that shit sucks so bad lil babe I’m sorry 💩

For now maybe just get tattoos in areas you know for sure she won’t see until you can kinda warm her up more to the idea more?? 🤔

Ayyyy plant based luv 🌱💛

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Hey! I've been following your borowski legacy since the beginning (<3Kirkkkk) and I was wondering if you could say how you plan your story. Do you have a layout or anything like that? Im sorry if this is intrusive or annoying. Thx for your time, ilyy

hey sweetpea!!! omg i love you so much thank you for sticking w me and continuing to support and read my stuff!! you are seriously amazing and i can’t thank you enough. 

honestly, i don’t really plan it??? like i have a few ideas jotted down in my notes in my phone, but i kind of wing it!! i play my game and then think “hm, i’ma just take some cute screenies right now” and then i’ll edit them and add some random dialogue or something i’ve been thinking of including for a while!!! some of it’s planned, and some of it’s spontaneous!!

this isn’t intrusive or annoying at all!!! thank YOU for the lovely message and sticking with me for so long. you are the REAL mvp! love you love you love you <3

okay so first of all i have no idea how in the heck i hit another milstone i am a trash can on fire y’all should be running from. BUT I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR NOT RUNNING TBH so instead of my usual giveaway i’m just gonna do this.

if you’re following me, regardless of wether we’re mutuals or not, shmash the heart and you will get a pretty thing. i’m not setting any limit time or otherwise on this. and yes i may be slow. but if you hit that heart you will get a thing. it may be an aesthetic, a promo, maybe a playlist, it’s just a total grab bag really !! 

and again, thank you to those who’ve stuck with me, who’ve given me a chance, who’re just here because you love my trash. i’ve had the best time on margo and i plan on continuing to have a great time. thank you all so much ❤❤❤

anonymous asked:



First Impression:

- That she looked cool and I loved her design <3

Impression Now:

- Still really cool and is a complete badass 

Favorite Moment:

- “Sorry Lance, maybe we’ll meet again.” That line gets me 

Idea For A Story:

- Hmmmmm I’m thinking a spy AU 

Unpopular Opinion:

- I don’t think I have one tbh 

Favorite Relationship:

- Nyma/Rolo

Favorite Headcanon:

- She knows multiple languages 

Thank you!!!! I love Nyma so much (If you couldn’t tell)