i love you so much you flawless woman

Revelation (05/01/17): Svetlana looks flawless even while she’s supposedly dead

I love how her makeup, hair and outfit was still intact and only were her arms dripping with blood… If I ever get in a car crash, I wanna look as flawless as that.

Without further ado, now onto the episode:

  • So iss ghar se Om ko nahin, mujhe jaana chahiye hai,” YES FINALLY TEJ YOU GET HOW MUCH YOUR FAM DESPISES YOU
    • Gotta love how no one except for Jhanvi stops him 
    • everyone @Tej: 

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  • Okay so now they’re targeting Tej, makes sense tbh
  • OMG DONT TELL ME, the rapists are also part of the kapoor’s plan
    • Honestly after the episode of trying to murder Annika in a fridge, I never expected this track to turn out good, but I’ve go to admit, it’s surpassing my expectations
  • Gotta love Svetlana’s yellow eyeliner that matches completely with her sari
    • I love how this woman’s makeup is always flawless
  • Shivaay, are you actually an idiot? “Yeh kaanch apne aap gir gaya…” Honestly, did you not do basic science in school, how did the kaanch break without any force or just with the gust of wind? Sometimes the logics in this show is2g
  • Annika, kyun thak rahi hai? Like if he doesn’t give two shits, why are you
    • And also why not tell him about confrontation with Tia, that would make more sense at this moment of time 
  • @Ofam, Tej is a 50+ year old adult man (although, he doesn’t act like it), I assure you he can look after himself
    • And as if he’s never left the house in rage before
    • I have many times, and none of the times my parents even bothered to call me like, “we know she’ll be back for food,”
  • I don’t know how I feel about Svetlana’s sarees, like sometimes they’re flawless and sometimes they look so shitty but the colours are always really nice on her
  • AAHAHAHHA I CAN’T EVEN, ARE THEY REALLY GOING TO DO THIS EVERY TIME BEFORE EXECUTING A PLAN “Oberois ki barbaadi har haal mein har keemat pe” with the hand gesture and everything
    • Svetlana did a casual fist, Romi went full on with the whole finger curl and everything and Tia didn’t even bother
  • As if Tej didn’t realise that the breaks were fucked before he left the house? I mean you break while turning and shit, wtf
  • Woh pata nahi kya kichdi paka rahi hai,” “aur tum mere dimaag ko dahi kar rahi ho” LELELEL
  • AWWW Rudra, *actually holds him forever*
    • I see now difference between a puppy and Rudra tbh, see:

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    • There’s no difference at all
  • Can this show let me hate one character in peace? Now I’m getting feels for Ranveer Singh Randhawa because of his double meaning lines on dard

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  • Speak of the devil and the devil arrives with a chudail in his arms
  • WTF Tej, as if you wouldn’t take her to the hopsital
    • Me to Tej:

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  • Om’s face is literally like, ‘wtf Svetlana, should’ve let him die honestly, I was quite happy without his presence for the past 2 hours’
  • Romi doesn’t even look like their sister
  • Honestly, no one even cares for Svetlana, LOOK AT YOUR FAM TEJ, THEY HONESTLY DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT HER
    • They cared wayyy more for Gayathri honeslty
  • Om’s side eyeing her is giving me life
    • Omg I missed him so much
  • Thank God, trust Om to be the most logical person in this household
  • Taking a woman to hospital causes a scandal? What a wow
  • I CAN’T EVEN “Great, ofcourse, iss ghar ki izzat ka khayal, aap se ziada kiso ho sakte. Iss ghar ki izzat badane hi aap iske paas gaye the,” Om is still my king
  • Annika looking at Shivaay like, “I told you so”
  • Precap: This is actually getting good

To My Supporters,

I fucking love you all. I see your messages, I see your questions, I see the love.. shit I even see the hate. But what I really see - regardless of what the content of the message is - I see how much you all fuck with me. I’m not your average “poet”, I’m not the stereotypical “inspirational” stainless flawless woman, I’m so much more. I’m Just like all of you. I fuck up so hard sometimes, I cuss like a sailor, I love people harder than they love me, I get crushed by my biggest crushes, I look myself in the mirror and pick my flaws before counting all the ways that I’m beautiful, I get high as fuck and listen to music that makes me feel good, I dream bigger than anyone around me then doubt myself, I go to school because society persuaded me that that’s what’s best for me, I love going out up until I’m out wishing I would’ve stayed in, I’ve sent those “I miss you” texts to someone I shouldn’t have, I’ve laid next to the person who makes me feel loneliest, I’m so normal it’s painful. But the difference between us..The difference between me and the average “poet”.. the average “uplifting” woman.. I’m not scared anymore. I’m not scared to face my fears. I’m not scared of my potential. I’m not scared to fail or succeed. I’m not scared of my scars and I’m not scared to scar. I’m not afraid of love and all of its ways.. I’m not scared of being broken or humiliated or neglected anymore. I’m not scared to show you guys that I hurt too. I bleed too. I need love and affection too. I’m not too strong or mighty to show you guys myself. I’m writing my first book at 21 and I feel so fucking good about it because I know regardless of how well it sells.. it’s going to touch someone’s heart. It’s going to inspire SOMEONE to love freely and fearlessly. I became the person and the woman that I am today by letting love break me several times. They say insanity is when you continue to do the same thing over and over expecting new results.. well I’m crazy about love. Ive been crazy enough to love with my whole heart and kiss with my whole being. And till this day I can’t say that it’s kept anyone around - I can’t say that it’s gotten anyone to love me in the same way - but I can say I’ve grown into the most beautiful version of myself. I know what to - and what not to tolerate when it comes to the way a person thinks he/she can treat me. I can say that I’m happy as fuck and my skin glows even in the moonlight. I can say that My heart is open and will remain that way. I can say I love who I’ve become and who I’m becoming. and I can say - I have already lost touch with the person I used to be - so please do not come looking for her.

—  Reyna Biddy