i love you so much with all my soul my love i really really do i love you

@the-button-harlequin tagged me to do “10 things you love and tag 10 people” (That was a happy surprise!!) ^^

Let’s see…

1.       Friends. I love my friends so much. You beautiful dorks! <3 <3 <3

2.       Reading platonic fluff heals my soul. Seriously, I smile so much with that kind of stuff!

3.       Stories that have a nice balance of adventure, angst, and fluff. Balanced stories in general. I love to read when I have the chance!

4.       I love some of the people I’ve met on this site. You all can be the sweetest people just trying to have fun and enjoy yourselves, and I really appreciate that. It’s just really nice to see people genuinely enjoying things that they love.

5.       BNHA is definitely taking over my life in a good way. The characters are just so earnest and try so hard that I can’t help but root for them. The story and the characters are just a breath of fresh air that I really need. (Most of the time lol)

6.       I love going to the movies. I get that from my grandma, haha she owns so many movies. The movies are such a fun little getaway and I get to see stories move on their own!

7.       Watching movies with friends is 100% better than watching them alone or with family. If we’ve already seen a film we’ll take the most random thing and just start making jokes, and just have a good time laughing.

8.       I really love how I’m starting to get more motivation to learn how to draw. I have all of these ideas in my head, but I want to express them in more ways than just words. Ideally I’ll reach the point where I can make comics on my own, but right now I’m still a little art fledgling.

9.       I love seeing all of the art and creativity on this sight. You all are amazing and I’m glad I get to read and look at the stuff that’s created! <3

10.   Cats. I really miss my cats and I’m hoping I can get one after I’ve settled into my new apartment. But it’ll probably take a couple of months before I’m financially stable enough for a cat. (I miss the purring and sleepy afternoons with a cat on my lap)

Thanks for tagging me!! I’ll tag:

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