i love you so much why aren't you real

Jackson be like... #7
  • *Text Message Dialogue*
  • Jackson: Hey baby girl~
  • Me: Hi babe 😄 How are you doing?
  • Jackson: I'm good. I just wanted to check on you real quick. I miss you 😯
  • Me: Awww miss you too 💕
  • Jackson: What are you up to? ^-^
  • Me: I'm at the library, it's finals week so school has been kicking my butt 😢
  • Jackson: I see. I'm gonna let you focus on your studies then. I don't wanna distract you too much~
  • Me: Ok. I love you 😘
  • Jackson: Love you more 😘
  • *5 minutes later*
  • Jackson: Why aren't you texting me back?! Did I do something wrong? Do you hate me?!
More punny Raven
  • Raven: Come on now Yang. Aren't you happy to see your mother?
  • Yang: After 12 years of wondering where you were and not finding any real clues and nearly dying once because I was looking for you, no.
  • Raven: Why must you be so 'bittern' to me.
  • Yang: Well I...Did you just make a bird pun?
  • Raven: Maybe.
  • Yang: ...
  • Raven: What? You don't think you got your love of puns from no where? 'Owl' let that slide for now since your father and uncle probably did not tell you much about me.
  • Yang: Omfg
  • Raven: 'Heron' out its just going to be you and me, got it.
  • Yang: ...You know 'toucan' play at this game.
  • Raven: That's my girl.

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dean and roman aren't real friends. they're friendship is fake and only kayfabe. don't cry your heart out over ambreigns so much dumbass, lol!

Keyboard gangsta. You’re back! I was afraid you left me.

Your bum ass opinion: “Their relationship is fake.”

Reality: “He’s still my best friend, my buddy, and travelling partner. Me and Roman are tight. We’ve had on our differences on TV and we get into each our faces because we’re two alpha males so we’ll butt heads, but that’s why we love each other. We’re brothers and push each other and still got each other’s back.”

- Dean Ambrose.

Can you fake chemistry like dis:

Literally stop coming to my ask box just to get clapped lol.

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Why do you ship CrissColfer so much when they obviously aren't real?

You must be new here. I really don’t care whether they’re canon or not. I like their chemistry. I love Chris, I love Darren. And as far as I can tell as long as I respect the limits, such as tweeting them publicly about it, or sending public hate, I don’t see anything wrong with what I ship. Basically, no matter what happens, I will still ship it as hard as I goddamn please.