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"You look so pretty sat there,you really have no idea how much I love you" Nice quote.... I'm going with a slightly drunk Robert to Aaron. And nobody's going to tell me any different!!! Well not til the scene airs. Lol

Roberts had a bit too much champagne at the wedding and he just showers Aaron with love


You deserve to be really happy.


Nerve (2016)

‘Welcome to Nerve, a game like truth or dare, minus the truth. Watchers pay to watch. Players play to win cash and glory. Are you a watcher or a player? Are you a watcher or a player? Are you a watcher or a player? Watch? Play?’


“In a way Robert and Aaron have been married since february 2015 because Robert said the ‘till death do us part’ line of his vows to Aaron and that’s amazing." 


What’s lost from there may not grow here,
But comes the sun,
Look what they’ve done:
They’ve built themselves a home.


Well it’s said that do you love someone enough to give you your last rolo?! So says it all.

I love Robert Sugden so much??? Like he’s such a complicated and complex character but emmerdale really lets you understand his motivations and he’s got such rich character development?

Like young Robert went out and befriended this boy, Andy, and brought him home, brought him into his life, and then his family decides to adopt him. And suddenly they love Andy so much, and Robert, no matter what, can never achieve their love. They ignore and overlook every bad thing Andy does, love him unconditionally, and support him, while everything Robert does is criticized and scrutinized. He never gets forgiveness. He doesn’t feel unconditionally loved - he doesn’t feel loved at all. And suddenly he begins to feel like maybe Andy was the son they wanted all along. They adopted him to replace Robert, because Robert wasn’t, and could never be, enough.

And then he catches his father cheating on Sarah, the only mother figure he’s ever known. And then Sarah cheats on Jack, and when Sarah leaves with Victoria, the courts force Robert to stay with Jack. Robert can’t help but feel that it was more about sticking one to Sarah than genuinely wanting him. And then Sarah dies, and Jack almost goes to prison for it, when it was really Andy that caused the fire, and killed the only loving parent he had known. And how could it be that Andy had done such an awful thing, yet Jack still loved him? And then Robert starts exploring this new and exciting thing - his interest in boys. And his father catches him and beats him. His father goes from feeling dislike to non-acknowledgment. And to Robert that’s almost worse. He’s so low that his father can’t even muster the energy to criticize him, and it confirms what he had feared: he will never be enough. There was something fundamentally wrong with him, inside, that his father saw and hated. So he hid that part away from the world. 

Despite everything his father said and did to him, Robert idolized him. He wanted his father to love him, and couldn’t understand why he didn’t. Because aren’t your parents supposed to love you unconditionally? He was desperate to earn that love, because how could anyone ever love him if his own father couldn’t? He became obsessed with becoming who his father would be proud of and love. He would be straight. He had to be. He starts dating all these women, multiple at a time, modeling after his father, because Jack cheated on Sarah and Robert caught him. And Andy, despite everything he had done, has the audacity to get at Robert for never being in a relationship and that TERRIFIES Robert. He sets out to prove him wrong at all costs, and he starts manipulating people for the first time, to get revenge on Andy for Sarah’s death. He wants Andy to hurt like Robert hurts, at the loss of his mother, at never having his father’s love, and for this thing inside of him, this interest in men.

He manipulates and cons and threatens for the first time with Katie by his side. He cheats and womanizes. Yet still his father doesn’t love him. Finally, his father disowns Andy for accidentally shooting him, and Robert proposes to Katie, and things are finally looking up. Then Andy ruins his relationship with Katie, and Robert is not only disowned by his dad but also called a traitor. And at this point, in my opinion, Robert locks away his emotions and feelings of love forever (or so he thinks). He dates Debbie and tries to run away with her purely to get back at Andy for killing Sarah. The accident happens where Max King dies, and even after Robert saves Andy, his father disowns him and sends him away with his car and the clothes on his back. Robert leaves the village on his own.

Then there’s whatever happened in the dead period, which we may never know. All we know is Robert headed to London, penniless with no employment. Somehow, during that time, he meets Lawrence, and gets offered a job. And he’s rising in the ranks, and finally making it, and meets the White sisters, and pursues relationships with both of them, to see which one will go the farthest. He’s finally making something of himself. All of Robert’s internalized homophobia and biphobia turns outwards towards Lawrence. But then, they return to the village. And part of Robert is thrilled to show off all that he’s accomplished. He’s ready to rub it in the face of Andy and the ghost of his father what he’s made of himself. But the other part of him is terrified of it all. The memories, and the feelings that will no doubt struggle to break through the wall he’d carefully constructed.

Robert had finally done it - created a version of Robert Sugden that was fiercely heterosexual, homophobic, wealthy and successful, and engaged to be married to a gorgeous woman. He had resigned himself to the fact that he could never truly be himself and be genuinely happy. And sure, all of it felt fake and hollow, but he had done it. He had created someone his father could love and be proud of. Yet still, Andy was hurting him. Andy was getting married to Katie, and Andy got his father’s wedding band. And, to steal from my previous post about this, Robert was marrying Chrissie for his father, to build the life his father might have been proud of, and finally not be a disappointment. That ring symbolized so much more than a wedding band to robert: it was everything he was sacrificing, every piece of himself he was burying, and the very heterosexual marriage he was entering into, all for his dad.

And then Robert meets Aaron. And everything changes. And Robert was right, the village did bring back those old feelings, because all of a sudden he just can’t help himself, and he’s kissing and sleeping with a man. But he justifies it to himself, because it’s just sex, and it’s just cheating again, isn’t it? His father cheated. He’s doing things right. And he just keeps coming back to Aaron, and learning more about him, and all of a sudden he can’t help it. He genuinely cares for Aaron. He cares if Aaron is happy, he cares if Aaron is struggling, and he cares if Aaron lives or dies. Katie dies, and I believe it was genuinely an accident. There was no way he could know that the floor was going to fall through. And then Robert is scared out of his mind, and all he can think is he loves me, and I want him in this with me. I don’t want to be alone. And his mind is reeling and Aaron loves him and Katie’s dead and I have to marry Chrissie and suddenly his whole world is in a slow free fall and he’s trying to right it but he can’t. And suddenly even Robert himself isn’t sure what’s true and what’s manipulation anymore. He tells Aaron he loves him and it’s to keep him from telling everyone about Katie’s death but part of it is also true and does he love him? All he knows is he’s feeling things he’s never felt before.

In the cabin scene, Aaron accuses Robert of only caring about money and power and Robert’s telling the truth when he says “I wish that was all I cared about.” Robert is at his lowest and he doesn’t know what to do and all he can do is cry and be honest, finally, with himself and with Aaron. He can’t bring himself to kill Aaron. He can’t bring himself to follow through, and save the life he’s made. He’s not a killer, he’s not a murderer, no matter what his persona may pretend. Aaron lies, and tells Robert he never loved him, and Robert believes Aaron. And feels his heartbreak at that. Surely, that should be enough anger and outrage to act on his persona and shoot? But he can’t. I meant it, I love you.

Then they break up, thank fuck. Because they were a fucking mess to be honest. Robert was a fucking mess. Then six months pass or more pass, and that’s a long time in soap operas. A lot happens. If Robert’s story was a hero journey, the cabin would be his abyss, and the next section his transformation. Robert comes clean to Andy, fully, about Katie’s death. Then Robert gets shot, and faces his own death. Aaron gets arrested for it, and then Robert faces a reality that somebody who finally, finally, genuinely loved him, despite everything, had tried to kill him. And his vision of unconditional love gets shattered to pieces. But then he finds out it was Andy (which, figures, it fits the whole motif of his life) and frees Aaron from prison, but Aaron still wants nothing to do with him. But through it all, Robert still loves Aaron.

Thus begins Robert’s Atonement. Robert sees Aaron struggling, and he can’t help but need to be there for him. Not for sex, not for wealth, not for power, not for control, but for Aaron. Because he knows what he’s like, and he knows Aaron will bottle it all up and harm himself. Because Robert can’t bear to see Aaron in pain. Robert listens to Aaron, respects his wishes to the extent possible, protects and supports Aaron, keeps his confidence, the list goes on. He says all the right things, and he means them. He’s there for Aaron, unconditionally. And he starts to feel healthy unconditional love towards someone else, besides his father, who never deserved it. Aaron offers up a relationship to Robert, but Robert rejects him. He understands that Aaron is not in the right place mentally or emotionally to begin a relationship, and that nothing was more important than being able to platonically support Aaron through this time. Robert demonstrates that he understands consent fully and completely.

And now we arrive at the present. Aaron won the court case, and Robert realized that with Aaron he had the chance to be genuinely happy as his true self. He actively works against the walls he built and the persona he constructed, every single day, to make Aaron proud of him, but also Robert proud of himself. He works against every impulse to lie, cheat, manipulate, accumulate wealth and power, etc, to live with Aaron. And he’s genuinely happy, in a way he never imagined he could be. He gets to be bisexual (which throughout this whole story he was no doubt struggling with understanding and accepting), he gets to feel true unconditional love, he gets to experience family, and it’s the antithesis to everything he ever imagined as “happy” or “successful”. He’s with a man, he’s living in a crowded cruddy pub, he’s not wealthy, and he’s helping raise that man’s kid sister. Yet it’s everything to him. And as time goes on, he becomes more and more relaxed, and honest, and his heart is full of love, happiness, and family.


Robron OTP Meme → [1/7] Scenes

I decided to celebrate Christmas by drawing my favorite versions of all my beloved problematic favs! (I used one of those draw the squad things because I had no idea how to pose everyone haha) The list is ever growing and I can’t wait to see who else gets added to it! ☺️✌️️ Thank you so much for all your love, support and good vibes this year ❤️ Can’t wait for next year! (Hopefully there will be far fewer casualties 😅)